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Dimensions of ironing board when folded

Classic and modern models

Ironing boards, which are now sold in stores, are divided into classic and modern. Both types fit standard sizes: classic versions have dimensions of 110×30 cm and 120×38 cm, and modern versions have dimensions of 140×40 cm and 148×45 cm. The classic ironing board is most often purchased, with a folded size of about 1554012 cm. It is very convenient to use such a model.

dimensions, ironing, board, folded

If you plan to assemble it every time, you need to find a place where it will fit well and where the ironing board will not interfere. Dimensions when folded are virtually the same for all variants: 140-160 cm long and 40-50 cm wide. The thickness is small: about 10-20 cm. Drawer, folding and table ironing boards have approximately the same dimensions when folded as when unfolded.

Ironing board size when folded

There are no unnecessary things in life, and ironing board is another confirmation of this fact. This is an important and necessary purchase, so when buying it, you need to make the right choice. Which one is better to buy: a big one or a small one, a simple one or a fancy one? To answer these questions you need to understand the classification of ironing boards, as well as what material can be used to make an ironing board, the size in the folded state of such a device and many other subtleties.

Types and sizes

We have two types of boards in our catalog:

  • Desktops are small-sized products, which are suitable for students and for people on a low budget. Height is 6 cm, length is 86 cm and height is 30 cm. They require installation on any flat surface. Are considered the most stable type of ironing board.
  • Floor-type. dimensions may differ depending on the size: mini and standard. The “mini” category includes boards with a length of 105-112 cm and a width of 29-34,5 cm. In the standard there are models with length 107-123,5 cm and width 29-46 cm.

Ironing board length depends on the conditions of use: models from “mini” category will be ideal for small size apartments, small dressing rooms. For big families, where the most various things. from bedclothes to pants. are to be ironed, it’s better to choose the “standard” type.

Other parameters are chosen according to the user’s preferences. The small width is enough for ironing clothes, while for curtains, bedclothes it is better to choose models starting from 40 cm, to speed up and simplify the ironing process. The height of the board is chosen based on the height of the user. Each model has height adjustment. step and flowing. The step has a maximum of 3 levels set, while the smooth allows a better adaptation to the user.

Types of ironing boards

New technology is penetrating into every area of modern life, and household appliances are not spared from innovation.

A few of the most common models:

Brabantia Ironing Board. Size D with Heat Resistant Iron Zone and Linen Rack | Brabantia

  • With drawers for linen. ironing chest. It has two roles at once: the surface for ironing and the storage space. Ironing surface folds up, which contributes to the compactness of the model. In the drawer of the dresser you can put the iron, the surface for ironing is equipped with a special stand, which provides safety in case of strong heat. The disadvantages are the difficulty of repositioning and the fact that the cover on the ironing board can not be changed.
  • Table. Similar to a dresser, but more compact. It consists of three doors which, when unfolded, open the ironing surface, simulating shelves for laundry and a stand for the iron. It is made of wood, and you can change the cover if you want. But the ironing surface itself is small, and this can cause discomfort.
  • Desktop. It is lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry wherever you want. Some models are equipped with a mount, which allows you to hang them on the wall. By placing this ironing board in the closet, you hide it from prying eyes. Quick to set up and remove. However, if heavily stressed, the surface can sag.
  • Ironing system. Combines the surface and the iron. Yet the cord is very conveniently located and does not get tangled or twisted, allowing you to achieve maximum usefulness. Such systems are equipped with a special fan that blows air in and out. This function is a salvation when it is necessary to iron very delicate fabrics. The inflatability of the product prevents creases, and with a little heating of the ironing surface, a good result is achieved. Blowing air fixes the product, used, for example, when ironing arrows. Specially shaped edges of ironing surface are designed in such a way that it was convenient and quick to iron the shirts. Some models have a function of heating the working surface. Inexpedient purchase for a small amount of linen.
  • With mirror. The mirror is a necessary accessory for any woman, it is especially nice when it also serves as an ironing board. It is hard to imagine such an unusual device, but it exists. Visually, to a person who doesn’t know, it looks like the mirror is just hanging on the wall. In its unfolded state the construction can bear up to 20 kg. The cover is removed from the surface. However, the heavy weight of the construction requires reinforced fasteners.
  • Stepladder. The combination of stepladder and ironing board allows you to store things and iron them at the same time. Of the pluses, there is a good stability of the design, the ability to replace the cover. However, it has a lot of weight and takes a lot of space.
  • With a wide ironing surface. Especially necessary if a woman carefully irons the bedclothes. These models are available in widths up to 48 cm. However, due to their size the constructions can be heavy, which complicates the process of moving.
  • Wall. Particularly necessary model if the apartment is small. Requires an empty area on the wall for installation. Takes up minimal space when folded. Looks stylish, especially in modern interiors. But it’s not mobile and you can’t adjust the settings you made when mounting it.
  • Folding. The peculiarity of these models is that they do not simply unfold by reclining, and this model is a built-in ironing board in the closet. The doors of the design open to either side.
  • Transformer. Distinctive feature. the design unfolds into other items. As a rule, such models include boards that slide out of the furniture. They slide out quickly and are not visible to outsiders. Thus, the board slides out of the tabletop, which can later be used to fold laundry and put the iron.


The dimensions of products of different versions differ. Understanding the dimensions of the ironing board the drawing will help more than a simple description. Let’s consider three kinds (hinged, retractable and regular), t.к. The tabletop version differs from the regular one only in dimensions.

Thanks to the picture it becomes clear how to fold the legs of an ordinary board, and how it looks in most manufacturers, differing only in size.

Retractable board can also be folding, as shown in the drawing, or it can be completely sliding into the drawer, but then it must be of large size.

dimensions, ironing, board, folded

Types of covers for ironing board

Variety of covers

There are several options for covering boards of different price, quality and texture. How to choose the right cover so it can be replaced as it wears, and how to choose a quality cover so it lasts for years? We should remember:

  • Cotton fabric covers are the most inexpensive and widely available. These are quality covers that are easy to change, hand-wash or wash in a washing machine. Natural fabrics can withstand high temperatures, are very breathable and have excellent steam permeability. Crumpled fabrics wear out quickly, but cotton, calico and linen can last a long time. An ironing pad of soft foam or felt would improve the quality of ironing.
  • Slightly more expensive are covers made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester. They are moisture resistant and durable, but not heat resistant. High temperatures can cause the sole of the iron to stick to the cover and burn a hole in it.
  • Products with metallic threads (50% cotton and 50% metal) have excellent heat-reflecting characteristics. When a hot iron interacts with the metal the fabric heats up on both sides, which improves the quality of ironing. This coating has a high degree of heat resistance, so an iron left on the board can last about four hours without burning.
  • Cotton cover with silicone impregnation helps to keep things from sticking and yellow stains on light-coloured fabrics. These covers provide a double ironing process.
  • With a cover that has a Teflon coating, you can forget about the temperature settings of the iron, t. к. You can iron all ironable fabrics.
  • Flame retardant covers are new on the market. They won’t cause a fire hazard even if the hot iron stays on them for a long time. These covers don’t need to be washed, t. к. Simply wipe with a damp sponge.

100% cotton, 100% polyester or 50% cotton and polyester. This allows you to diversify the pattern on the material.

What ironing board to choose

Students and people who are constantly on the road, will suit the table ironing board with a plastic or aluminum table top. compact, mobile and very light.

For a spacious cabin or dressing room, you can buy a transforming board, cabinet, or chest of drawers. save space and money. You should choose a model with absorbent cotton padding and durable synthetic or canvas cover so the board won’t have to be pulled over after a year.

For a small apartment is suitable built-in board. It can, for example, be placed in a hallway or even in the living room and decorated as a mirror (panel, picture). But when choosing, give preference to lightweight materials like thermoplastic or aluminum, so that the mount will withstand the weight of the console table top.

For a large family in a private house or spacious apartment, it is better to buy a full-size floor board with a metal or plastic top 150×40 cm. It’s ideal if it has a heat-resistant stand for the iron and a shelf for clothes. The same board is worth choosing for those who use a steam station instead of a regular iron.

Ironing board sizes

Ironing board is an essential attribute of every home. It is necessary for comfortable and practical ironing. Modern manufacturers offer consumers the choice of devices of various modifications. But ironing boards differ not only in their functionality, but also in their size parameters. Today we will take a detailed look at what varieties of ironing boards exist, and what sizes they have.

How to choose an ironing board for the steam generator

A large number of modern models of ironing boards for steam generators creates some difficulties for buyers. How to choose the best and not to make a mistake in the purchase, the visitors ponder. No one wants to spend money on a beautiful, modern, but incomprehensible thing. Let’s find out what you need to pay attention to first of all?

  • The feet are wide apart at the firm and stable base of the board. Check if the construction is not wobbly and if the feet are equipped with protective anti-slip inserts.
  • Reliable stand under the steam generator provides stability of the device. A steam generator that slips or tends to fall would hardly make ironing any easier.
  • The right ironing board has a special cord holder. Cord that is constantly tangled and gets under the iron makes it difficult to work.
  • There are 2 types of height adjustment: smooth and stepped. Smooth use is convenient, but risky. Adjustment mechanism loosens quickly and stops holding the board in one position. Fixed step adjustment is more stable.

A review of the MIE Gamma ironing boards can be seen here

Ironing boards are usually chosen after you have bought a steam generator. The smart thing to do is to buy a functional system at once. One company’s board and steam generator are perfectly compatible with each other. They were created with the expectation of sharing.



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