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Designations on the dishes for the microwave oven

Is it possible to heat food in a plastic bowl in a microwave

The microwave has long taken a place in modern kitchens. The food in it is heated quickly, there is no need to additionally use pots and pans. And often, without hesitation, we put dishes from plastic in microwave dishes.

But food plastic, which is used for packaging products and production of dishes, is safe only if the operating rules are followed. If you pour an alcohol.containing drink into a plastic dish, formaldehyde poison is released, and when heated, a dangerous connection of styrene appears. About how to avoid such dangerous consequences, let’s talk in the article.

What dishes can be used in the microwave

The microwave sign is most often placed on a plastic bowl. But there are a number of materials in which to warm food is possible longer and safer. These include:

Heat.resistant glass denser than usual. Distinguish it by the inscriptions on the packaging, as well as in special digesters. Uses ordinary glass, but in this case the heating time should not exceed 2-3 minutes. If a pattern is knocked out on the glass or there are chips, you can’t put such dishes in a microwave: the walls will warm up unevenly and the product will burst.

It is easy to distinguish heat.resistant glass in the store: it has thick walls and a smooth surface without patterns. Such dishes costs two times more, so the manufacturer selects this information in large and bright print.

Crystal dishes are very similar to glass. But it is categorically not recommended to put in a microwave. Crystal contains interspersed lead and silver. Microwaves are reflected from metals, which leads to breakdown of technology and corruption of crystal capacity.

Most of the usual plates and mugs are made from the earthenware. In such a container, food is allowed to warm. Particular attention is paid to the drawing: in the microwave, they put dishes without “gilding” and “post-sustained”: these colors contain metals.

FAOR. fragile material, thin.walled products, so from heating in a microwave, they can crack. Children’s Faor has thicker walls. thanks to them, dishes do not break when falling. This property allows you to place containers in a microwave, although with prolonged exposure to the microwaves such a material also bursts, therefore it is used only for heating.

Advice. To check whether the container for microwave ovens is suitable, conduct a little experience. Put it half into the dishes and put in the microwave for 1 minute. In a suitable copy of the walls will be warm and the water is hot. In the wrong. the sides are heated stronger than the water.

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What else to pay attention to?

Sometimes the material of the dishes is completely safe for the dishwasher, and its details are not. A striking example of this. stainless steel covers with a thermostat or pans with wooden handles.

Before you load the plastic container into the machine, you should make sure that it does not contain:

Not only do such items will not survive the sink. they can clog the nozzles of sprayers and the drain filter. It should also be borne in mind that food containers are light, a stream of water can easily knock them during washing. If you can’t reliably install the tray, use the jerk for fixing for fixation.

Marking of plastic dishes

The icons on the dishes give the user detailed information on how to use this or that product correctly.

Icons meant preparation methods

Marking of plastic containers can also depend on the method of its use. This is often a small icon at the bottom or from the end.

For microwaves

Marking of plastic containers, which means that the container can be used in a microwave oven must be present on the product itself. Usually it is a miniature image of the microwave.

If the container shows a triangle of three arrow inside which the number 6 is entered and the letters PS are located from below, this means that the material of the capacity is polystyrene manufacturing. It is forbidden to heat the container of this material in the microwave and use it to invest hot products. Even with minimal heating, polystyrene emits very dangerous substances for health.

For safe heating of dishes in a microwave oven, you should use special dishes. At the lid or at the bottom of such utensils there is a stigma of the letters PP and PC, as well as a small icon in the form of waves or an image of a microwave itself.

So that plastic containers for microwaves serve for a long and safe health, you should not subject it to sharp temperature differences. Getting a cold container from the refrigerator, do not immediately warm it up, it is necessary to let the dishes warm up to room temperature.

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Signs that indicate the nuances of operation

Not all icons depicted on a plastic container are familiar to an ordinary buyer.

A sign depicting a green point reports that the manufacturer of these products is included in the ECO Emballage disposal system. Brands included in this system finance the German plastic processing project. However, many manufacturers mislead customers and put markings on their products, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with this system.

The icon in the form of a triangle formed by three arrows means that the capacity was made of re.processed plastic. Inside the triangle, numbers can be depicted, which indicate the type of processing:

    from 1 to 19. processing of plastic products;

designations, dishes, microwave, oven

A crossed microwave oven means a ban on the use of containers in microwaves. It is also worth noting that all one.time dishes are prohibited to heated in the microwave and re.use. The permit code for re.use of such containers is noted on the product itself. These include only containers with labeling 2 (HDPE) and 5 (PP).

A sign in the form of snowflakes marks the dishes that can be used to freeze products. Also often manufacturers indicate the temperature range that can withstand the capacity.

Containers, which depict a conditional sign in the form of dishes under the shower, can be washed in a dishwasher.

Deviations from the rules

There is always some kind of “but”. And in the case of the microwave, there are a number of situations in which the use of prohibited containers can be circumvented.

  • A small aluminum plate can be put in the microwave if it is small and has low sides. It is important that it does not have a lid.
  • Microwave dishes cannot be with defects, for example, glass should not contain cracks or chips. Such negligence will lead to the creation of a dangerous situation in which the dishes can burst.
  • Many complain that the microwave warms up dishes, not cooked food. This is especially true for thick paor plates.

Never use a container for a microwave oven, which is closed by a cling film or a dense lid. This can contribute not just a breakdown, but a local explosion of technology.

If you want to warm up a piece product, such as a roll, then the use of specialized utensils is not necessary. You can put it on the inner plate of the microwave.

How to choose dishes for microwaves

If the microwave is frequent, it makes sense to choose a special container for it that meets all the requirements. When buying you need to look:

  • For manufacturing material. glass, ceramics with glaze, heat.resistant plastic or FAOR are suitable for furnaces;
  • to the thickness of the walls, the weighty the product, the better it will transfer high temperatures;
  • on the homogeneity of the surface, for the microwave, it is advisable to take smooth containers without decorative elements, patterns, bulges and depressions.

You also need to take into account the dimensions of the products and special marking.

What sign should be on the dishes for use in the microwave

On the packages of modern plates, you can find designations explaining whether it is possible to put the container in the oven. There are several types of icons:

  • wavy lines located parallel over each other;
  • conditioned image of the microwave;
  • Pictogram of a microwave with a ajar door;
  • The letter inscription Micro.

Any of these designations on a plastic bowl for microwaves and on glass plates shows that they can be put without fears in the microwave.

On plastic containers, allowing icons are often applied directly to the bottom

Sometimes on the product you can see the microwave icon crossed out by a red or black line. Such an icon, like the inscription in the English “Not Recromended Microwave” means that it is better not to place it in the microwave of the container.

Form and size of the dishes

When choosing containers for a microwave oven, you need to pay attention to their shape. The best option is oval or cylindrical plates, they provide uniform heating of food. Square or rectangular capacities for microwaves are worse, food often requires more long preparation and as a result is overdried.

The choice of form depends on which dishes will be warmed up in the furnace. For example, baking dishes in the microwave should have high sides that will not allow the poured over the pouring. And for porridge or pasta it is better to buy containers with expansion in the upper part.

A warning! Plates with irregular shape and oblique edges look stylish in the interior, but the food in the microwave in them warms up unevenly.

As for the size, the selected container should freely enter the microwave camera and not touch the walls during rotation. You can use both large and small containers in the furnace, although in the latter food warms up faster.

Marking safe for water plastic

For these purposes, PEVP or English HD PE is used. The material will cope with the storage of liquids and will not harm the owner. But it should be remembered that it is not desirable to warm it, as well as pouring excessively hot substances. You can provoke the allocation of unnecessary compounds.

The main thing is not to buy copies with a pattern similar to a drop. D2W is inscribed in it, this is an oxygrated variety that is not suitable for processing and is able to distinguish toxic chemical elements. It is better not to buy or use it at all.

Combinations of programs

Manufacturers Gorenje, Korting, Whirlpool, Zigmund Shtain, Kaiser and others allow us to combine existing options. Consider the main combinations: their English.language designations, purpose and possibilities.

Microwave with grill

Foreign marking of this combination: Combi, Micro Grill, MW Grill and T.D.

If the power of the microwaves prevails over the grill, it takes less time, but the quality of cooking meat is worsening. And vice versa: if you strengthen the work of the grill, with minimal radiation, you can achieve a familiar taste, donating time. it will need more.

designations, dishes, microwave, oven

Combinations also differ in the method of exposure: it can be the simultaneous work of waves with heating elements or their consistent switching. Simultaneous work is suitable for frying meat and fish, baking in large volumes. In the second case, you can quickly cook the dish using microwaves, and the grill will only give it a “blush”.

In the configuration, you can often find grilles of various heights: low for large products and high for small dishes and weight. They significantly enhance the effect.

Important! Manufacturers insist on the use of exclusively standard gratings: their geometry is thought out to the smallest detail for certain camera parameters of each individual model.

Also remember that pallets and metal plates are not suitable for cooking. Stripping fat can be detained with a special ceramic pallet. It is worth it to take care of it when washing and cleaning. when riding the enamel, the pallet will become unusable.

Microwave and convection

Standard international designation: MW Conv. Great cycle for a large list of dishes, including baking. The time spent is minimal, the surface of the dish is with a crust.

Convection can give out from 40 to 250 degrees: nothing will be borne and bake perfectly. What can we say that the smell and juiciness of the products will be impeccable.

Convection with the grill

Serves for rapid frying of products and additional rosy crust. Pizza, fatty meat, poultry. all this is fast, tasty and beautiful.

Business solutions

The figure fits into the marker. the code that says what can be made from the pack. Under the triangular part, the type is prescribed: plastic, paper, glass. We offer to consider this in more detail.

PTE (Pete)

The full name of the abbreviation is polyethyleneterftalat. From this variety create bottles for oils, shampoos, drinks and disposable containers. They can be processed and something new from it can be made from this. Additionally, the number 01 is worth the inside.

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Otherwise called polyethylene produced under the influence of low pressure. Different canists, caps, packaging for household chemicals are modeled from it. It is also allowed to be sent to processing. This is not the most harmless appearance, but they do not eat from it, so it does not cause harm. Described as 02.


Full name. polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is not advisable to store food in it, window frames are made from it, pills and cosmetics are packaged, a heat.shrink film is produced, so there is usually no contact with food. This is dangerous material, we do not recommend connecting food or drinks with it. The number in the center is 03.


Polyethylene is produced under high pressure. Marking is on plastic products such as packages, packages and film. Successfully submitted for disposal and overproduction. Described as 04.

It will be completely called polypropylene, sometimes they write in abbreviation in Russian. PP. It is used in the creation of glasses for yogurt, lens packages, put on the stream the formation of buckets, covers and one type of rustling pack. Perfectly processed. In the center. 05.

This is a polystyrene that exists in two varieties. foamed and ordinary, is often found in life. Found in substrates for meat and eggs, in packaged semi.finished products.

If you study plastic marking in a triangle for processing, then this one refers to dangerous. It can be handed over to the sorting center to give a second life and do not litter the world.

Ordinary subspecies goes to the production of packages for CDs and yogurt. Another distinguishing feature. inscribed inside 06.


Is a mixture of plastic varieties. Backs are made from it for cheese, coffee and animal food. They just throw it away, creating something new from it will not work out. The number 07 is drawn or knocked out.



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