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Depilation strips kapous how to use

Depilation strips are a small piece of paper or cloth, on which the wax is applied. The most common manufacturer of Weet strips. This company produces a wide range of products for depilation. The strips are of very high quality, well remove unwanted vegetation. The wax contains vitamin E, which promotes fast regeneration of the epidermis.

The strips can be distinguished by different criteria: by material, by the presence of wax, by size.


Inexpensive and very common, these strips are made of a piece of paper about 5 centimeters long and 1 centimeter wide. They are made of paper, usually sold with wax already applied. They have a coating on both sides so that the wax retains its qualities. But you can only use these strips once.


This is a more expensive option, they do not have wax on them. Therefore they can be used repeatedly. They are made of dense fabric. It does not stretch or tear during the procedure.

These strips may be sold in slices or rolls. Therefore, a woman can cut them herself and use them to remove hair in different areas, not just on the face.


Polymer strips can be used during depilation with wax or sugar paste. Suitable for multiple applications.

Shugaring the feet of the cartridge yourself. convenient and fast!

Have a special composition that gives them a good bond with the skin. The hairs are removed quickly and painlessly, even the smallest ones are captured. After application, the remnants of wax can be easily washed off with warm water. After that they should be well dried and treated with degreasing compound. Immediately before another application, they will need to be degreased again.


Also stripping strips can differ in terms of the presence of wax on them. Depending on this, they can be of two types:

  • Waxed. They already have a sticky base, which facilitates the depilation process.
  • Unwaxed. In this case, it must be applied to the skin and a little on the strip, then fix it over the lip, tear off sharply.

The size of the strips can be long and short, wide and narrow. The most convenient option for removing unwanted vegetation above the lip is long and narrow.

Common mistakes with waxing strips

Hair removal with wax strips can cause ingrown hairs and other unwanted consequences. Sometimes ladies complain that not all hair is pulled out and this procedure is accompanied by blood loss. So that everything went well, without complications and in the future:

  • Do not forget to decontaminate and degrease.
  • Do not wait too long after gluing the strip. The wax will melt and the hair will not be removed from the hair follicles.
  • Do not reuse used strips. This is only allowed if they are clean.
  • Smooth the strip thoroughly after gluing.
  • Be sure to tighten the skin before tearing off the strip. Those who do not, suffer from pain and bruising.
  • Don’t forget to remove any wax residue from the body.
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Wax in waxing discs

Hot wax in discs for depilation based on high-quality plant resin and beeswax. At high working temperatures, the wax softens the top layer of the epidermis, causing the application to easily remove the hair. When working with hot wax, the client experiences minimal discomfort to the skin.

Recommended for application to small areas of skin, sensitive areas (bikini, armpits, face). Apply the hot wax on the discs with a spatula in small applications. Remove by hand, without strips or with a spatula. Curing time on the skin 3-4 seconds. Suitable for all hair and skin types.

Elastic wax in discs with natural resin for depilation

The wax is ideal for work on small areas of the body with thick and stiff hair (bikini, armpits, face). Curing time of the application on the skin 5-6 seconds. Suitable for all hair and skin types. The client experiences minimal discomfort for the skin when working with elastic wax.

Working temperature 50-55°C. Heating time 15-20 minutes in the jar wax melter in the extra bucket. Perfect for small, sensitive areas (underarms, bikini, face). Method of application application: spatula; removal: by hand, without strips, spatula.

Gel wax

Gel wax is transparent and lightweight, and has a synthetic base. It is hypoallergenic, suitable for owners of sensitive dermis. When applied, it does not cling to the skin, but tightly wraps the hairs, which prevents trauma to the epidermis and does not cause unnecessary pain. It is applied in a thin layer, so it is economical to use.

Gel wax moisturizes, tones and tones with anti-inflammatory properties

The main advantages of the gel wax:

  • Does not cling to the skin;
  • Do not traumatize the dermis;
  • Attaches securely to hairs and easily pulls them out;
  • Does not cause unnecessary pain sensations;
  • is economical to use.

Choose gel wax for hair removal better known manufacturers. So, one of the most popular Kapous offers a good selection of gel waxes in a cartridge for all skin types. Depending on the additives, waxes come in different colors (red, green, white).

Elastic film wax in granules

In addition, for the depilation of hard shaved hair, the novelty of 2019 film wax in pellets Blue Film Wax from CERA ELASTICA series, which can be applied with a spatula to large surfaces, both along the hair growth, and in the opposite direction.

An innovative product that combines the best features of previous waxes. Melts at a low temperature, which prevents the possibility of burns on the body. Very plastic, well covers even the thinnest hairs. Removes in one stroke, does not tear or deform, so it does not require reapplication.

The waxing of unwanted hair has long been popular with women and men. It takes a lot of effort to make the products competitive among similar products. Kapus waxes are characterized by such positive qualities:

  • The color of the brush is easy and convenient to use;
  • high efficiency;
  • absence of complications;
  • long preservation of the effect (depends on individual differences)
  • affordability.

Among the reviews of users there are complaints about:

  • Poor quality of the procedure wrong choice of the product (the structure of the hair was not taken into account).
  • The appearance of negative consequences (irritation, bruising) violation of depilation technique.
  • Difficulty removing wax residue using inappropriate products.
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Seventh place. Elfa, Lady Caramel

Elfa Group is one of the largest cosmetic holdings in Ukraine. The brand’s products are widespread in its home country and in Russia.

  • Skin smoothness up to 4 weeks
  • Optimal texture
  • Removes hairs well
  • Total of 12 pcs. in a package
  • Fast consumption
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Characteristics from the manufacturer

The modern formula ensures fast and effective hair removal. The elastic base of the wax allows the strips to adhere perfectly to the skin, repeating the shape of the body.


  • 2 points for the absence of hair for 4 weeks;
  • 1 point for optimal consistency;
  • 1 point for the unobtrusive smell;
  • 1 point for easy application and removal;
  • 0 points for additional features: there are complaints of dry skin after use;
  • 1 point for the natural composition;
  • 1 point for the absence of allergy complaints;
  • 1 point for the cost;
  • 1 point for popularity.

As a result, Elf strips receive 9 points.

Top 10 best depilation waxes

Beautiful, soft and, most importantly, perfectly smooth skin is a woman’s dream. Unwanted hair is uncomfortable and not very attractive-looking. One way to quickly, effectively and long enough to get rid of this problem is the use of a special wax mixture for hair removal. These products come in a variety of forms. So, to choose the right composition, you need to have at least a basic knowledge in this field. A detailed description of the top 10 best compositions for waxing will help you in this, as well as a detailed description of the main characteristics of the wax for waxing.

Veet SupremEssence with Velvet Rose fragrance and essential oils

Not everybody likes facial fuzz, especially if it’s thick and dark. The solution is wax strips, with which it is easy and pleasant to wax. Quick grasp of the hairs makes the procedure painless and effective. The oils are designed to soften the skin so that removal is as gentle as possible.

Shary “aloe”

This professional brand will not only help get rid of unwanted hair, but also take care of the skin. The oils in the composition (shea butter, almond oil) will restore the integrity of tissues. Handy wipes remove wax residue, and a special cooling formula lets you enjoy smooth, clean skin without any redness or cracking. Suitable for all skin types.

Floresan with aloe vera

A good option for those who want to have smooth skin, but do not pay a lot of money for procedures in a beauty salon. The company has been developing original formulas for a long time. Products created by them are characterized by safety and ease of use. The company offers a wide range of strips. There are quite a few in a pack, so there is enough for several times. In order to remove the wax, there is a special gel included.


The Italian firm offers a variety of products. The wax here can be applied using a cartridge, and it is also available in the form of tiles and pellets. In this case, it should be melted in a water bath. The result of the action is amazing perfect smoothness for more than a month. The effect is due to a combination of quality wax and extracts. There is pine resin in the composition, so you should make an initial sample and see the reaction.



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