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Connection of the refrigerator Bosch No Frost is two -chamber

Samsung No Frost refrigerator. operating instructions and malfunctions

Samsung refrigerators have long and deservedly are in high demand among consumers around the world, including in and other CIS countries. Such popularity of this type of household appliances was possible thanks to the combination of modern design, the latest technologies used by developers, simplicity of service and reasonable cost. Among the most popular technical finds used in Samsung refrigerators is the No Frost system, which eliminates the need to regularly defrost cameras. Long.term trouble.free operation of the device can be ensured by compliance with the simple rules of its operation.

If you purchased a two.chamber refrigerator Samsung No Frost, then, according to the instruction manual, before the first turning on it, you must wipe it with a damp cloth outside and inside, and then let it stand at least an hour. Then you can connect the device to the network and after 2-3 hours put products in it.

Important! The refrigerator should be installed so that it does not swing and stand firmly on the floor surface. In this case, a strict horizontal that is obtained using a level is not required. Just by adjusting wheels in the lower part of the case, it is necessary to give the unit a stable position.

The method of connecting the refrigerator to the mains deserves attention. Despite the evidence of the actions when the plug in the outlet, the manufacturer of the equipment in the warranty coupon warns that the incorrect connection leads to the loss of the right to warranty service. Such a warning, as a rule, forces to find in the instructions a point where it is said that:

  • The refrigerator must be connected to a separate outlet;
  • The outlet should have a grounding circuit if it is provided for by the design of this model;
  • The outlet should be near the unit and coincide with the type of device fork;
  • It is unacceptable to use teles, extension cords, adapters, etc. D.

During the operation of the Samsung refrigerator, it should be borne in mind that:

  • You can not turn on the device immediately after it is disconnected. This is due to a certain inertiality of the system, which requires 10-15 minutes to prepare for a new inclusion. Modern models of Samsung refrigerators are equipped with a function of protection against re.inclusion after a short.term voltage drop in the network;
  • In some models of this household appliances, side walls may heat up in the process. This is due to the fact that in the lateral walls of such units there is a capacitor, which is warming up when an artificial cold is obtained. T. e. the walls of the walls in this case are not a sign of a malfunction.

When storing products in the Samsung refrigerator, you should know that:

  • Hot and warm foods cannot be placed in the refrigerator;
  • Products should be stored in packages or food containers;
  • Do not lay the products too tightly so as not to violate air circulation;
  • Before sending wet products to the refrigerator, you should let them dry.

How to use a refrigerator, preparation for work, temperature control


Before connecting the refrigerator, remove all foam packaging

materials and carefully install the shelf.

Peel the refrigerator with a soft rag with the addition of a small amount

Before connecting the refrigerator to the network, install the temperature controller in

middle position, let it dry for 1 hour, then connect its network cord to the outlet (products can be loaded into the refrigerator 2-3 hours later).

Glass shelves are removable and heavy. Do not allow children to take them out of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is installed on an insufficiently stable surface, it can make noise. When you turned on the refrigerator for the first time, it takes from 3 to 6 hours in order for the temperature in the chambers

When using a freezer, do not forget to push the drawer into place before

Before you turn on the refrigerator in the network, check whether the network voltage corresponds to permissible

limits. The permissible voltage is in the range of 187-242 in. If the network voltage does not meet these requirements, you will need an automatic voltage regulator (with a capacity of at least 500 W).

To adjust the temperature in the internal chambers

refrigerator, turn the temperature control handle, remembering that the divisions on the temperature scale do not correspond to degrees. At the same room temperature, the closer the regulator to about, the lower the temperature in the chambers, and the closer it is to about, the higher the temperature in the chambers. If the regulator is installed on O o, this means turning off the refrigerator. In general, when the regulator is in the “medium.cooling” position, its movement to the oral temperature in the chambers, in to o. increase the temperature in the chambers. At high temperatures in the room, install the regulator between O and “medium cooling”, while at a low temperature in the room, install it between O and “weak cooling”.

Set the switch to the ON position (.) at a temperature in the room below 16

Temperature compensation switch

If the temperature in the room is below 16 ° C, set the switch

temperature compensation to the ON position (.). When the temperature is above 16 ° C, set the switch to the OFF position (off.) to save electricity.

User manual

Installation of refrigerators does not take much time. In addition, his legs can be adjusted. In order to verify the performance of the device, it should be connected to the 220 in network. You can always check the temperature in the chamber according to the indication system. Modern models are made with mechanical and electronic control. If we consider the first option, then you can configure climate control using a regulator.

Many electronic control models are made with the display. In this case, the temperature is tuned on the central panel. Defrosting systems in devices are used static. Thus, in servicing the model is quite simple. If necessary, the power of freezing products in the chamber can be increased.

General rules for operating refrigerators

Instructions for Bosch refrigerators:

  • https: // Rembitteh.ru/manaals/krupnaya-byitovaya-tehnika/Holodilniki/Bosch/
  • https: // www.Moyo.UA/Instructions/Holodilniky/Bosch/
  • https: // mnogo-dok.ru/Instrukci/Sendwalues/Type/Largebyby/refrigerators/Bosch/

You can find instructions for an interest in a two-chamber model here-https: // bs-rus.ru/bosch/

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Storage zones

Experts say that the optimum temperature in the refrigerator is from 4 to 6 OS, in the freezer. before.18 OS.

Even if you set the standard value of 4 OS, then in different parts of the refrigerator it will be different:

  • The upper zonal for food with a small shelf life: chilled meat, milk, cakes and cakes. Due to the close location of the compressor, the average temperature here is 2-3 degrees.
  • The average wen retires soups, eggs. Soup, eggs, semi.finished products, fruits and drinks are well stored on these shelves.Heat level 2-5 degrees.
  • Lower Levels with drawers supports the temperature of 5-6 ° C.
  • The zone is freshly used in the value of 0 ° C.Perishable products are well preserved here.
  • The door is most exposed to warm air when opening the device. The heat here is 10 degrees.
  • Freeze freezer for storing frozen products. The cold varies from.18 to.24 ° C.

Usually, if the refrigerator is not opened for a long time, then the temperature inside the chamber is aligned.

Factors such as the temperature in the room and the number of stored products affect the average value in the device. When opening the door, heat gets inside, and the void on the shelves negatively affects work.

Digital designation on the regulator

On an electronic board 1 pressing the button corresponds to an increase or decrease in temperature by 1 degree. You can only set the number of degrees provided by manufacturers. For example, without even knowing the correct temperature for products, you cannot install 10ºС, the factory settings of the refrigerator allow you to put from 2 to 8ºС. The current temperature in the refrigerator is indicated on the scoreboard.

With a mechanical type of regulation around the disk there are also digital designations, but they indicate not the number of degrees, but the mode. The higher the number, the stronger the refrigerator engine works.

But you should not put the regulator in the maximum position, because the work of the motor at full power will create too much cold in the chamber, electricity consumption will grow. In addition, there will be more engine wear, which is why the refrigerator can last less proper term.


Installation of refrigeration equipment involves the following algorithm:

Choosing and preparing the installation site

Typically, refrigerators are installed in the kitchen, but its modest area in small apartments and large dimensions of equipment can require a more free room.

Except for the kitchen, it can be a living room, a spacious pantry or a balcony.

  • It is necessary to provide for the proximity of an electric socket and if you need to prepare an extension cord with a stabilizer.
  • Exclude the effects of external heat sources. heating batteries, kitchen plate or heater.
  • Do not place the window.
  • Replace a faulty outlet. If possible, change the domestic model to European in accordance with the plug.
  • Select a flat place that will not create problems for horizontal and vertical leveling.
  • Prepare special stickers on the floor, excluding arbitrary displacement with a slippery surface.
  • Check the sexual coating for strength and hardness. It should not be much bend under the weight of the loaded device. If necessary. strengthen the base with a sheet of plywood with a thickness of at least 2 mm.

There are many heat sources in the kitchen, which create an elevated temperature harmful to technology. To reduce its influence, it is necessary to take into account the recommended distance to the refrigerator:


Когда вопрос о том, как установить холодильник решен, а место его будущего расположения тщательно подготовлено можно перейти к установке. It is important to prevent careless actions that will lead to damage to the unit.

You need to transport the device in an upright position, and if this is not possible, then horizontally the back wall down.

The most vulnerable external part is the power cord, which during installation should be fixed on the condenser using a plastic clamp. So it will be possible to avoid dangerous damage to the shell, winding or core.

It is very important to provide air circulation. To do this, leave a sufficient distance between the wall and the back of 7 to 10 cm. Following this rule will prevent the compressor overheating, power loss, premature wear of mechanisms.

Alignment in level

After the main installation, it is necessary to align the device by level. Subject to a flat surface, this can be made by simple twisting the legs into the thread. In the same way, you can adjust the height of the refrigerator cabinet.

Alignment control is carried out by the construction level. And if it is not, then the accuracy of adjustment can be checked with a saucer with water.

How To: Bosch/Thermador/Gaggenau Sump Assembly 00668102

For a tight and arbitrary closure of the door, it is possible to place under a slope in the back of 1-2 °. But in this case, you must first see the rules for the permissibility of such a deviation in the instructions, as well as take into account the recommendations of the masters.


When connecting to the network, the power cord must be placed without excessive bends and sprains. They will accelerate metal fatigue and failure of the entire device. And connecting the device to the network can directly cause problems due to voltage drops.

To ensure durability, prevent failure, maintain the possibility of warranty service use voltage stabilizer. Even the simplest. single.phase electromechanical is suitable for this.

Холодильник Bosch не запускається. Ремонт холодильника стандартний

Read more about this in the article how to choose a stabilizer for the refrigerator.

If an extension cord is used to connect, pay attention to the compliance of its socket with the refrigerator plug. You cannot overload the extension cord with another technique. It should also be fixed in one place, excluding arbitrary movement.

Stages of connecting the refrigerator in level

How to properly set the refrigerator by level? A competent location affects the life of work and safety. Installation of the refrigerator in level will provide a long service of the refrigerator.

So how should the refrigerator stand? Under the slope or evenly? Almost every refrigerator is equipped with legs that regulate its position. Changing the height of the legs, put the device with a light slope back so that the door under its weight can close itself.

Permissible tilt of the refrigerator equipment. no more than 15 °. The device in no case should be tilted by more than 40 ° degrees, as this will lead to a compressor breakdown.

We put the refrigerator on a flat surface. So that the equipment does not slip, you can purchase special stickers for the legs. The device should be stable and not stagger when opening the door. Adjust the legs with a special key or manually.

How to adjust the refrigerator:

To connect the device by level, you need to prepare the following materials:

How to align the refrigerator:

  • pour water into the container and dissolve ink in it;
  • put the contents to the bottom of the refrigerator;
  • align with the tool, focusing on the liquid.

If there is a building level, we put it parallel to the front wall of the refrigeration equipment. We twist the screws (legs) to level the position of the device. In this case, we align the side slope.

Then we put the level parallel to the side wall to level the tilt in front and back. We check it again to remove inconsistencies, if any. After completion of work, the air bubble of the construction level should be in the middle in both positions.

Attention! The front legs should be slightly higher than the rear. In this case, the door will close tightly.

General rules for setting temperature in refrigerators

To find out what optimum temperature in the refrigerator and freezer should be exhibited, firstly, refer to the technical passport, where the boundary parameters of the working mode of the device are indicated, and secondly, you need to focus on the type of product and their placement inside the cavity. The entire internal volume of the household refrigerator is divided into zones: freezer, freshness zone and other compartments. The difference between them is in the level of temperature: in the freezer it is a minus, and in the area of ​​freshness and other compartments. low, but with a plus sign.

Temperature setting in the freezer

The freezer is designed for long.term storage of products, so a negative temperature is maintained. For each type of refrigerators, it may differ, but, as a rule, the range is.6ºС24ºС. What temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator will be the most suitable determine the purpose of frost.

Most models have the ability to adjust the temperature in the freezer with a step of six degrees, as evidenced by the marking applied in the form of asterisks: each star corresponds to.6ºС. Most often the limit value reaches.18ºС, but there are such refrigerators in which it is possible to set the temperature in the chamber.24ºС for instant freezing. The low temperature in the refrigerator refrigerator contributes to the longest storage of fresh meat, fish, semi.finished products, delicate fruits and food, which underwent thermal treatment.

Temperature setting in the freshness zone

The freshness zone is part of the internal volume where the recommended temperature in the refrigerator is 0ºС. 1ºС. It is located, as a rule, in the upper part of the refrigerator under the freezer. The regime created at this place best contributes to the preservation of meat, fish and dairy products, preventing the development of bacteria.

At the optimum temperature in the refrigerator, food does not have time to freeze and perfectly retains its appearance and organoleptic qualities. This temperature in the refrigerator in some cases is favorable for the rapid cooling of drinks, such as vodka, juices or champagne, but cannot be considered suitable for storing wines.

Temperature setting in other departments

All compartments of the refrigerator located below the freshness zone have a different temperature regime. So, for example, already on the second shelf the average temperature in the refrigerator is 2ºС. 4ºС. In such conditions, processed products perfectly retain their nutritional properties: semi.finished products, confectionery, meat and fish finished products, cheeses and sausages, eggs. However, users must remember that confectionery products containing dairy products and animal fats are not designed for long.term storage. no more than 36 hours. The same restriction is superimposed on boiled sausages and fish products.

The temperature in the refrigerator in the next sector should be within 3ºС. 6ºС. This department is intended for the food that has undergone high.temperature processing, that is, for soups, sauces, stewed vegetables, boiled pasta and cereals, fresh vegetables and Bukhankaa.

In the lower part of the refrigerator there are drawers: it is convenient to use them to store fresh fruits. In this part, the temperature in the refrigerator should be higher than 5, but below 10ºС, since it is precisely such conditions that are favorable for cooling and preserving fruit and vegetable products.

On the door, in accordance with the zonal division of most of the refrigerator, there are shelves on which it is convenient to arrange packaged products, drinks, eggs, dairy products, canned goods, cheese and meat cuts, some types of drugs (if such a requirement exists in the annotation).

Samsung refrigerator operating temperature

The temperature in the refrigerator should be from 2 to 5 degrees, but it all depends on the products. Norm for the freezer:.18-24 degrees.

The optimum temperature in the refrigerator for storing different types of products:

  • The meat is perfectly stored at a temperature of 1 to 3 degrees. So it does not freeze and does not deteriorate so quickly. If you make the temperature higher, it will disappear faster, and if below, it freezes and after defrosting it will become less juicy.
  • Sausage and sausage products prefer temperature from 2 to 5 degrees.
  • Ready.made culinary dishes are more optimal to store at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees. Soups or other dishes on water should be stored at 4. 5 degrees. With lower indicators, they can freeze.
  • Vegetables prefer higher temperatures, from 4 to 6 degrees. It is better to store boiled vegetables at a temperature of 3. 5 so that they do not lose their nutritional value.
  • In order to preserve dairy products, such as kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk and oil, a temperature of 1 to 5 degrees should be set in the refrigerator.
  • Eggs are stored in the same temperature range, with the exception of quail. from 0 to 3 degrees.
  • Seafood and fish. Fresh fish loves a temperature of 0 to 2 degrees, cooked to 4. Fresh seafood. from 4 to 6, prepared. up to 6.
  • Fruit. Exotic fruits should not be kept in the refrigerator because they love warmth. The remaining fruits are stored in temperature conditions from 4 to 8 degrees.
  • Ideal conditions for storing cheeses. from 3 to 5 degrees, depending on the variety, fat content and hardness.
  • Bukhankaya and confectionery. It is better to keep them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 to 5 degrees. When the frame is reduced, the loaf runs out, with an increase in moldy. Products with condensed milk, creams, cream or cottage cheese can be stored for a long time from.1 up to 3 degrees.
  • Mayonnaise, ketchups, mustard can be stored from 0 to 6 degrees in a closed package, and after opening. from 1 to 4 degrees.

What temperature should be in the freshness zone in the refrigerator Samsung

This department can not be found in every refrigerator, but nevertheless, manufacturers put it in their models more and more often. The peculiarity of this department is that the temperature here ranges from 0 to 1 degree. This allows you to stop the propagation of microorganisms, while the products do not freeze and retain their beneficial properties, taste, smell and color. This camera is great for storing products such as:

  • fresh meat
  • fish (red and black caviar. exception)
  • sausages
  • Meat semi.finished products
  • milk products
  • cheeses
  • vegetables
  • greens
  • fruit

All products should be in hermetic packaging.

The temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius, next from the zero zone of the shelf. Femobabrics, meat, sausages, fish, milk, confectionery, eggs, eggs are stored here for a long time. On the door of the refrigerator opposite this shelf, eggs for eggs are arranged.

In the middle of the refrigerator chamber, the temperature is maintained from 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. These are optimal conditions for storing soups, vegetables, sauces, loaf and other products.

In the lower part of the refrigerator are boxes or shelves for vegetables and fruits, root crops. The temperature here should be about 8 degrees Celsius. This is the maximum temperature regime for the refrigeration chamber.

What temperature should be on medium shelves in the refrigerator Samsung

What are the indicators at this level? Maximum: 6 degrees, minimum: 3. You can put ready.made dishes: borsch, porridge, sauces.

What temperature should be in containers for vegetables and fruits in the Samsung refrigerator

They are at the very bottom, so the indicators there are 8 degrees.

What temperature should be on the shelves on the door in the refrigerator Samsung

This place is the warmest: 5-10 ° C. When the door is opened, a constant transition from the cold environment is created to warm. Therefore, it is not recommended to place eggs and dairy products on the door. It is better to put sauces, oils, seasonings.

Distribution of cold in a double.chamber refrigerator Samsung

It must be remembered that the temperature in different places of the refrigerator may vary.

At a total temperature of 4 degrees, this will look as follows:

  • As a rule, the coldest place near the wall in the upper part of the camera (if you have a freezer from above). There will be from 2 to 3. Here you should store meat, fish and semi.finished products from them, as well as other perishable products;
  • on medium regiments will be in the region from 3 to 5 degrees. It is recommended to store “milk”, meat cuts, sausages, cheeses, some fruits, loaf, etc.P.;
  • At the same time, the warmest place in the refrigerator are shelves on the door. Depending on the frequency of opening the refrigerator, the temperature in this place can fluctuate from 5 to 10 degrees. It is best to put ketchup, mustard, sauces, as well as drinks in the doorway.
  • In the “Freshness zone” the temperature on average is from 5 to 8 degrees and, one might might say, its microclimate. This creates the best conditions for storing greens, fruits and vegetables.

If the refrigerator did not open for a long time, then the temperature inside it is aligned as much as possible.

What temperature should be in the freezer of the refrigerator Samsung

As for the freezer, here you need to proceed from how intensively (tightly) it is clogged.

If in your freezer, as a rule, there are few products and you do not use it too often, then you should not put the temperature above.14 degrees.

In the case when the freezer is used often, it is loaded by more than half, and among the products most of the meat is, it will not be superfluous to lower the temperature to.twenty.24 degrees.

The optimum temperature that should be in the freezer is.18 degrees.

The option “Fast frost” or “Super-carbonation” is used to quickly freeze fresh products. As a rule, this happens with.24.30 degrees for several hours.

It is believed that this process allows you to better preserve the taste of vegetables, berries, greens.

Replacing the drainage

Some models have a very poor quality drainage. In case of violation of the temperature regime, they fail. In this case, the repair of Bosch refrigerators should begin with unscrewing the rear cover. The next step is the inspection of the capacitor of the model. If there is no moisture on it, it’s good. Directless is located behind the compressor lid. You can remove it with a wrench.

Disconnecting the detail, carefully inspect it: there may be various defects. If there is no external damage, then the problem lies in the breakdown of the relay itself. In this case, the drainage is easier to completely replace. The marking of the device is always indicated by the manufacturer on the back panel.

Controls, electrical connection, ventilation

After shipment, general performance (rice.one)

Connect the device to the AC network 220-240 V (SN/N), 220-230 V (ST) 50 Hz and only to the outlet, which is installed according to the relevant norms. The outlet must be protected by a referennator by 10 A or more. (see data plate rice.16

Warm air should have a free outflow behind the refrigerator. If there is no free outflow, then the condenser will have to work more intensively, as a result of which the consumption of electricity increases. Therefore, in no case do not close the ventilation valves and gratings.

Before turning on for the first time, let the device stand up in turn for about half an hour.

Before reading, please expand the pages in the back of this leadership showing the illustration.

This operating instructions are addressed to various models. It is possible that some details of the illustrations do not coincide exactly with the specific characteristics of the device.

Ventilation air hole11 Inner light12 Air flow system

Regiment14 Box for cardboard boxes for yogurt15 Fruit and plant container16 “Chiller” compartment. for freezing17 tray for small cans, tubes18 compartment for oil and cheese19 stand for the eggs for eggs21 Bottle.butles22 Mrhoster Remoire24 Container Freezing25 Korozho

Section of the refrigeratorb section of the freezer

How often the refrigerator compressor should turn on

It is important to understand that the incidence of inclusion does not depend directly on the time of the compressor operation. For example, in one refrigerator it turns on 4 times per hour and works 10 minutes. This does not mean that in another compressor will turn on 8 times per hour and work for 5 minutes.

Calculate how well your refrigerator works, is easy. To do this, use the formula:

Normal value K = 2. The larger it is, the higher the probability of problems in the refrigerator. If less, possibly:

  • You have a refrigerator with a high COP (transformation coefficient);
  • In the chambers, an overestimated temperature is set;
  • The unit is located in a cold room.

The incidence of inclusion depends on the loss of cold. The faster the heat gets into the cameras, the more often the refrigerator will turn on. The reasons are divided into two types. features of the model and malfunction. Let’s analyze them.

Loss of cold

If heat quickly gets into the refrigerator, the products heat up faster. The temperature sensor will work more often and start the compressor. Heat can fall for several reasons:

  • The doors close the doors;
  • The walls of the refrigerator are poorly thermal insulated;
  • Put hot foods and dishes in the camera;
  • Often open the refrigerator door.

Temperature sensor settings

The temperature sensor in the refrigerator has a power limit. For example, if you put up 4, then one sensor will work when the camera heats up to 4.2, and the second at 4.5 degrees. The smaller this difference, the more often the compressor will turn on.

If the compressor began to turn on more often, perhaps the sensor began to work incorrectly. Determining this yourself will not work. The specialist should be engaged in diagnostics.

Failure of thermal protective relay

During operation, the compressor of the refrigerator heats up. Each model has a maximum operating temperature. To protect the compressor from overheating, a thermal protective relay is installed in the refrigerators. It automatically turns off the compressor when overheating.

If the relay fails, it will incorrectly measure the temperature. That is, when there is a supply and the refrigerator can still work, the relay will turn it off. As soon as the compressor has cooled a little, it will turn on immediately. After all, the refrigerator did not have time to cool to the desired temperature.

Operation of the freezer

Consider each stage separately in more detail.

Installation and connection

Install the freezer in a dry room that is well ventilated. Make sure that there are no thermal sources near the device. But in what sense “near”? Consider:

  • The distance between the camera and the electric stove should be three centimeters.
  • Heating devices should be at a distance of five centimeters.
  • Furniture should be located at a distance of two centimeters.
  • Eliminate direct sunlight on the freezer.
  • Ventilation holes should constantly be affordable.
  • You can’t use the device in the open air.
  • After you have completed the installation of the freezer, it cannot be connected to electricity for 2-3 hours.
  • As an electric power, use a socket that has grounding. Before connecting, conduct a check. The voltage in the network should coincide with the voltage, which is recommended by the manufacturer of this device.
  • Before the first connection, the surface of the device should be wiped with warm water. In this case, warm water should be divorced with acetic acid. If moisture remains, then it can be eliminated using an ordinary napkin.

Next, consider the rules for freezing and storage of products.

Rules for defrosting

  • If the removal of hoarrul occurs manually, then it should be carried out using a plastic scraper. Ice should not have a thickness of more than three millimeters. A plastic scraper is included in the overall set of the apparatus.
  • If the ice has a thickness of six millimeters, then defrosting is carried out.
  • To carry out manual defrosting, carefully read the instructions.
  • The freezer chamber, which has the above defrosting function, only needs to be washed once a year.

Properly configured freezer. the key to its excellent functioning.

Temperature and regimes regulation

The temperature in this equipment is set depending on the temperature of the external environment, the number of products that are stored inside it. Also, the temperature depends on the frequency of opening the device of the device.

To adjust the temperature, a regulator is used, which is located under the mask of the apparatus. The video must be set on the required division. “Division 1” is the highest temperature, “division 7” is the lowest.

There is a “storage” mode, which is intended for freezing and storing products, the mass of which does not exceed four kilograms. To achieve high.quality freezing of a much larger amount of products, it is necessary to use another mode. “freezing”. This mode must be turned on in advance a day before the loading of products.

Rules for freezing and storage of products

  • If you develop fresh products, exclude its contact with the already frozen.
  • Fresh products should have a daily norm.
  • To ensure the safety of products, monitor the boot level. It should be three centimeters below the edges of the equipment.
  • Often to open the freezer is not worth it.
  • Control the deadlines for frozen products.

Compliance with precautions

  • Do not use extension cords as an electric power supply. Use a start.up relay.
  • Do not allow children to equip children.
  • If you have wet hands, in no case do not touch a stamp outlet.
  • Carbonated drinks or drinks located in glass bottles are not subject to freezing.

Installation, change of door opening

Do not put your fingers into the opening of the dispenser. danger

If the refrigerator is operated at a temperature above

32’s, leave on the sides and on top of the refrigerator a prolapse of 13 mm in size for the circulation of cooling air.

Depending on the “climatic category” (see. a plate with given), the device can be used at the next surrounding temperatures. (A plate with data can be found inside the device, on the lower left side.Rice. 16 ).

SN NST T10 ° C to 32 ° C 16 ° C to 32 ° C 18 ° C to 38 ° C 18 ° C to 43 ° C

If the temperature drops below the surrounding temperature range, the refrigerator compartment will become too cold. If the temperature exceeds the surrounding temperature range, the detachment of the freezer will become too warm. If the surrounding temperature drops below the temperature set in the refrigerator, the latter will decrease to the surrounding temperature. At the surrounding temperature below 10 ° C, functional non-serviceability can occur during the automatically plunder of the inside of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is recommended to be installed in a dry and well-veilized place. Should not be exposed to sunlight or placed near heat sources (plates, heaters, etc.P.). If you still need to live near the heat source, install the appropriate heat-insulating plate or withstand the correct spread from the heat source:

For liquid or coal heaters. 30 cm.

If the refrigerator must be installed next to another cold diller or freezer, it is necessary to leave the gap 2 cm necessary to prevent the formation of water vapor between them.

Before the first use, the inside of the refrigerator should be completely cleaned. (cm. section “Cleaning the refrigerator”).

The device must be stable and leveled. To compensate for the irregularity of the floor, use two legs adjustable in height on the front side of the device, rice. 17

Two videos in the back of the device facilitate the installation in the proceedings.

Follow the sequence on the rice.eighteen

Replacing the drainage

Some models have a very poor quality drainage. In case of violation of the temperature regime, they fail. In this case, the repair of Bosch refrigerators should begin with unscrewing the rear cover. The next step is the inspection of the capacitor of the model. If there is no moisture on it, it’s good. Directless is located behind the compressor lid. You can remove it with a wrench.

Disconnecting the detail, carefully inspect it: there may be various defects. If there is no external damage, then the problem lies in the breakdown of the relay itself. In this case, the drainage is easier to completely replace. The marking of the device is always indicated by the manufacturer on the back panel.

The variety of household appliances for storing your products

Two.chamber. The freezer is located in the upper part, and the refrigerator is below. This type is produced the longest models. Combined. Combi class models are equipped with two autonomous chambers with separate cooling, while the large freezer compartment is located below, unlike the previous type.

Side-by-Side. Separate cameras are equipped with their own doors. And the appearance of the household appliance resembles an impressive cabinet.

Installation of a bottle with a drink

Using a water supply system (not in all models)

Click on the latch lever. Then raise and instill a removable water tank.Unscrew the device for supplying water from the tank and combine the internal thread of the device with a slice on a standard bottle for drinking water inaver the device until it stops.Turn the bottle and completely insert the device

for supplying water to the lock opening.

When water spills out of a standard bottle of drinking water or a bottle with a drink,

gurgling sounds can be heard (when air enters the bottle).

Thread on standard bottles for spring water or other drinks produced

Some firms may not approach the device for water supply.

If the water does not spill even after pressing the “Push” mark, press this button again. Do not use carbonated drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Cydr or Cream-Sode. At

pressing the button drink can pour a strong stream due to pressure of carbon dioxide, which accumulates in the upper part of the bottle with a drink.

Use mineral water (non.carbonated) or cold boiled water, which

Water carriage care

Pull up and disconnect the latches on both skens of a large cover cover for water.Unscrew the device for supplying water, turning it in the direction indicated arrow, disconnect it.Wash the large lid of the water tank and yourself

tank with warm water and detergent, then use and wipe them. Take the lid. Pull it up and disconnect it.

Peel the lid and the vessel attached to the lid for

sediment filtration using a soft brush.

After you clean the device for the feeder with a soft brush, click on the pressure levers and rinse it with water under the tap.BUT

When you pour tea or similar drinks into the tank, clean it as possible

more often. Pour tea into the tank only filtering it from the tea leaves. By hygienic

considerations, if possible, do not pour into the tank drinks containing a lot of sugar (juice, non.alcoholic drinks).

The plaque that appears on the surface of the tank can be cleaned with a rag moistened in vinegar or salted water. Make sure that the rubber sealing of the device for supplying water does not slip and

so as not to damage it with objects with sharp edges. This can lead to a leak of water.

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