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Connecting pipes to a wall boiler

Installation of a heating boiler in a private house: important rules, installation instructions

It is impossible to violate the rules, since the aggregates operating on gas belong to the category of potentially dangerous devices, which is why they need to be operated with maximum caution. The boiler room must meet the following requirements:

  • The minimum permissible ceiling height is 2.5 m.
  • The presence of natural light.
  • The minimum width of the doorway is 85 cm.
  • Installation of a gas analyzer, which binds to an automatic valve, so that in the case of fuel leakage, immediately stop supplying gas.
  • The degree of resistance to open fire should be at least 0.75 hours.
  • Ventilation equipment.
  • Unhindered access to heating and auxiliary equipment.

When installing a boiler with a closed camera closed, the area of ​​the furnace room does not matter, and the requirements for ventilation are less strict, since the boiler takes air from the street for work.

Setting a single.circuit model for a two.story house

Choosing pipes

To insert a gas boiler and the wiring, it is recommended to use metal-plastic or PP-pipe. In terms of their characteristics, they are not inferior to copper or galvanized, installation is quite simple, the cost below.

Heating batteries are carried out by metal-plastic pipes using press-fings or polypropylene, with aluminum reinforcement. Lack of press fitting-sensitivity to installation quality: with the slightest inaccuracy of placement, leaks occur. Polypropylene pipeline under the influence of temperature above 50 ° C lengthens. Both metal.plastic and polyethylene pipes are suitable for the installation of the “warm floor”.

How to choose the right place for installation?

Depending on the design, the requirements for the installation of hinged gas boilers are slightly different. If a heating device with a closed combustion chamber is installed, then it can be placed in almost any room of the house. For gas boilers with an open combustion chamber, the requirements are more stringent and for them a properly equipped boiler room should be provided. General requirements for regulatory documents (SP 42-101-2003, SNiP 42-01, SNiP 31-02-2001, MDS 41.2-2000) and controlled by gas services are as follows:

  • When installing household mounted gas heat generators with a capacity of up to 60 kW, the volume of the room in which the installation should be at least 15 m³. Hinged boilers with an open combustion chamber must be placed in a separate room on any floor of the building. Turbocharged heater, with a capacity of up to 35 kW, it is allowed to install in the kitchen.
  • The room in which the installation is planned to have a ceiling height of at least 2.5 m. If a model with an open combustion chamber is used, you need to equip it with a chimney for a stainless steel gas boiler or other suitable material.
  • The boiler room or kitchen, where the installation of a hinged boiler is made, should have a window with an area of ​​at least 0.03 m² for each cubic meter of room.
  • When installing wall gas boilers with an open combustion chamber, it is important to ensure proper ventilation. The hood should produce three times the air exchange in the room within an hour, and the supply ventilation fill the volume consumed by the extract plus the air to supply air necessary for normal operation of the burner.
  • The external gas pipeline is brought directly into the room where the boiler is installed. The pipe section of the premises must comply with the requirements that SNiP 2 are presented.04.08 to gas highways of low pressure.
  • It is necessary to provide a point of connection to the power grid with grounding and artificial lighting. The temperature in the boiler room should be in the range from 5 to 35 ° C with air humidity not more than 80%.

For more detailed familiarization, you should turn directly to the regulatory documents above. They regulate the installation of hinged gas boilers in detail and in them you can find answers to all the questions arising during the design.

What to choose

It is believed that the choice of PN25 pipes should correspond to the cost of boiler equipment. For cheap firebox on wood, you can use Chinese pipes. But not the first arm, but those which are produced by China under the license of one of the countries of the European Union made from imported raw materials on original equipment. For example, brands “Blue Ocean”.

connecting, pipes, wall, boiler

For a binding of a dual.circuit boiler, polypropylene can be used by the products of German companies “Wefatherm”, “Banninger” or Italian pipes from “Valtec”. Of the cheaper ones, you can advise high.quality polypropylene from Ekoplastik. They are not capricious, during installation, they perfectly tolerate low temperatures. “Vesbo” is suitable from Turkish pipes for strapping.

And you yourself chose pipes for strapping the boiler?

Binding of gas boilers

Modern gas boilers have good automation, which controls all the parameters of the equipment: gas pressure, the presence of flame on the burner, the pressure level and the temperature of the coolant in the heating system. There is even an automation that can adjust the work under weather data. In addition, wall.mounted gas boilers in most cases contain such necessary devices as:

The parameters of all these devices are indicated in the technical data of gas cats. When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to them and choose a model not only by power, but also in terms of expansion tank and the maximum volume of coolant.

Winding gas boiler strapping diagram

In the simplest case, the cauldron of the boiler contains only cutting taps at the entrance to the boiler. so that if necessary it could be carried out repair work. Even on a reverse pipeline coming from the heating system, they put a filter-gryazevik-to remove possible pollution. That’s the whole strapping.

An example of a strapping of a wall gas boiler (double.circuit)

In the photo above are corner ball valves, but this, as you know, is not necessary. it is quite possible to put ordinary models, and the pipes are turned closer to the wall with the help of corners. Also note that there are taps on both sides of the mud. this is so that it is possible to remove it and clean it without draining the system.

In the case of connecting a single.circuit wall.mounted gas boiler, it is still simpler. only gas is summed up (gas workers are connected), the supply of hot water to the radiators or water warm floor and the return from them.

Strapping schemes of floor gas boilers

Floor models of gas heating boilers are also equipped with automation, but they have neither a security group, nor an expansion tank, nor a circulation pump. All these devices have to be installed additionally. The strapping scheme because of this looks a little more complicated.

Floor gas caught schemes

An additional jumper is installed on two schemes of the classic binding of the boiler. This is the so.called “anti.condensation” loop. It is needed in large systems if the temperature of the water in the reverse pipeline is too low, it can cause condensation formation. To eliminate this phenomenon and arrange this jumper. With its help, hot water is mixed to the opposite pipeline from the supply, lifting the temperature above the dew (usually 40 ° C). There are two main methods of implementation:

  • with the installation in the jumper of the circulation pump with a remote temperature sensor (and the photo above);
  • using a three.way valve (in the photo below left).

In the circuit with a circulation on a jumper (condensation pump), it is made by a pipe one step by a smaller diameter than a highway. The sensor is attached to the return pipe. When the temperature decreases below the given, the power circuit is turned on, hot water is added. When the temperature becomes higher than the threshold, the pump is turned off. The second pump. the actual heating system works all the time while the boiler works.

In the second scheme with a three.way valve, it opens the subway of hot water when the temperature drops (set on the valve). The pump in this case stands on the reverse pipeline.

I love push fit fittings.

Connection to the heating system of solid fuel boilers

In country houses where there is no way to connect to the gas line, and the cost of electric heating is high, the system is often connected to a solid fuel source.

Such boilers are produced only in floor, so they require preliminary preparation of the base, as a rule, the device of a durable foundation.

It must be borne in mind that such equipment requires a lot of space, while it is advisable to allocate a separate room for it with good ventilation. In addition, one of the mandatory requirements is the installation of a chimney, the upper part of which should be equipped with a spark.

  • energy.dependent (classic models) used in systems with natural circulation of the coolant; In this case, connecting the heating circuit to the device does not provide a problem, t.to. It is only required to properly combine the feed and return, but such schemes are used less and less;
  • energy.dependent (pellet, pyrolysis and other long.burning models) used in compulsory circulation systems requiring installation on the return of the expansion tank and pump; Often, such a heating scheme involves the use of safety devices that need to be installed on the presentation. In such a system, you can provide an automatic supply of fuel, for which you need to mount the storage bunker and a special conveyor.

Figure 8. solid fuel boiler for heating system

connecting, pipes, wall, boiler

When is it better to use polyethylene pipes?

If it is planned to put the gas pipeline in the soil, then in this case you can not do without polyethylene pipes. Steel pipes in this case are not the best option, since, laid in the ground, they are vulnerable to corrosion processes.

In theory, both stitched and ordinary polyethylene can be used to perform gas eyeliner. Nevertheless, stitched polyethylene is practically not used, since there is no benefit from the fact that it is more durable and thermal resistant. But its price is higher, if you compare it with the usual low pressure polyethylene.

In the store, determine polyethylene pipes that can be used for gas eyeds is quite simple. A yellow fishing line for a trimmer is applied along all their lengths.

It is worth noting that on gas eyeliners do not use compression fittings made of polyethylene. Their mechanical strength is limited, and completely excluding the likelihood that no external influences will have any external influences on the gas pipe.

Hill compounds are not suitable for which either rubber seals or glue are used either. Most often, a similar method is used when it is necessary to combine PVC pipe intended for sewage. They are not suitable for gas, because they do not guarantee complete tightness.

It remains only to use three types of fittings:

  • brass, which provide tightness and mechanical strength;
  • Fitings for welding, which are connected by a soldering iron at low temperatures (it is recommended to set a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius);
  • electric welding, which are already applied to spirals designed to mourn the contact surfaces. They are expensive, but can guarantee a high.quality connection.
connecting, pipes, wall, boiler

Gas boilers connection schemes

The scheme differs in single.circuit and double.circuit boilers.


Such a device has one heat exchanger used to heat the coolant.

With it, it is impossible to prepare water for hot water supply (household needs). They are intended only for heating the dwelling.

Units differ in wall and flooring on the principle of installation. The difference lies in power.

The former in it is limited. 100 kW, for the floor limit there is practically no.


Attaching is carried out using special brackets.

Important! There must be a gap between the unit and a wall size from 30 to 50 cm

  • Checking the presence of traction in the output pipe of the unit is carried out before connecting with the chimney. The diameter of the input should correspond to the diameter of the pipe in the chimney. Compounds must be sealed.
  • To prevent a heat exchanger blockage on the boiler pipe, a water softening system is installed.
  • Before connecting to the heating system, it is necessary to put back the aggregate.
  • Using a flexible hose and paronite gaskets, connecting to the gas line.

The connection diagram of a single.circuit wall boiler to the heating system with a circulation pump and a water heater.

connecting, pipes, wall, boiler


  • Installation of the device occurs on a specially prepared and cleared place.
  • A hole for the chimney is made (if it is not) and the coincidence of the size of the diameters of both exits is checked (both chimney and chimney).
  • A filter is installed to soften water.
  • The boiler joins the heating system and the gas line.

Attention! Due to the possible danger of work, the connection of wall and floor units to the gas line is recommended to be entrusted to the specialist. The tightness of the joints is relevant for both types of devices

The tightness of the joints is relevant for both types of devices.


Double.circuit devices are distinguished by the presence of 2 highways. The second line for a trimmer is designed for heating water for household needs, which allows you to abandon the use of a boiler.


The connection diagram of wall.circuit boilers is not very different from single.circuit. However, here there are already four (and not two) pipes, a pair of which is involved in heating water for asshole.

Connection diagram of a wall.circuit boiler of a heating system for a private two.story house.


Connection of a floor double.circuit type is similar to a single.circuit, again taking into account the presence and connection of the second pair of pipes.

Gas line connection

The process of connecting the gas pipeline gas pipeline should be carried out exclusively by qualified specialists from the gas service or another organization of a license to carry out this type of work. Independent accession to the gas line illegally and at best threatens the owner of the premises with a considerable fine, and in the worst can lead to tragedy.

The first stage in the process of gasification of the object is an appeal to the gas service. After the submission of all the necessary documents, individual technical conditions (TU) will be developed for you, the implementation of which is necessary to connect to the gas line.

After you have in your hands, you can safely start looking for a certified specialist who, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, will perform the design of the gas pipeline and connect your heating boiler to it.

Photo 5: Connection of a wall boiler to a gas line

How to make the pipe connections easier on the Baxi 600 and 800 range of boilers

Gasification of the room can be carried out by the underground and aboveground method. For the underground section, polyethylene pipes are used resistant to corrosion, and the aboveground part is made of steel pipes, which are included in the room directly at the place of placement of the gas boiler, at a distance of 1.2-1.5 m from the floor.

Attention! When using several heating devices, gas supply to each of them is carried out separately. The laying of gas mains indoors is strictly prohibited.

When accepting installation work, special attention should be paid to the fact that the sealing of all compounds should be performed using pack or paint. The use of the sealing tape or FUM is not allowed due to the low degree of tightness of the connection. A gas filter must be installed on a cutting crane that protects the heating boiler from fine debris and condensate. Connection of a gas boiler directly to shut.off valves is recommended to be produced using steel pipes. It is allowed to use a special corrugated stainless steel hose, but the pipes are still preferable, since during their use there is no reduction in the cross section of the gas channel.

For more information about the connection and strapping of wall gas boilers, see the following

The life of its service, the efficiency of work, as well as the safety of its owner depends on how correctly connected is connected. We hope that our small overview of the main stages of connection and binding was useful to you.



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