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Connecting air conditioning fan directly without a condenser

Connection of the air conditioning electric motor: diagram and stages of connecting the external and internal unit

Classic household (split) air conditioning system has several electric motors. Plus, manufacturers of this kind of equipment in advance provide for the execution of the connections of all electric motors that are part of the design. Therefore, the final users remain only a small part of work with the electrical circuit.

In this article, we will consider in more detail what and how to do the potential owner of the equipment in order to correctly connect the air conditioning electric motor and start the equipment into operation. We will also talk about the features of the split system, we will give visual photos and useful video materials.

errors when installing and connecting the air conditioner in the apartment.

How to install and connect air conditioner yourself? Let’s be honest with ourselves and answer this question directly, even if we are talking about a low.power household version. no way.

If you do not have special equipment (roller, dynamometric keys, vacuum pump and much more), skills in working with them, then do this for the first time with your own hands, you will be unlikely to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how many useful tips and instructions from A to I will read, you can still miss some inconspicuous detail, or do work due to lack of experience is not high quality.

As a result, after a certain period of time, you still have to call specialists and redo everything.

Why then this article? In order to inviting the installer or a team of air conditioners, you can independently control the quality of work in the process of their implementation, and be sure that your air conditioner will work for a long time and without any problems.

Compressor relay connection with capacitor in Urdu/Hindi

How does work begin? First of all, select a place for installing the air conditioner and mark the hole for laying interchange communications.

Next, proceed to the drilling of the through opening on the street. For this, a boat is used at least 800 mm long and with a diameter of 45mm.

For powerful air conditioners over 2.5 kW, a 80mm drill may be needed.

In order to avoid the formation of dust in the room, with an economical version, a plastic bag is hung under the place of drilling.

Professional installers have long been using a construction vacuum cleaner for this case.

However, with wet drilling strong concrete walls, no protection and vacuum cleaners will save you.

This hole after laying through it all communications is subsequently disconnected.

Please note that for the normal drain of condensate, it is necessary to drill at a slight angle towards the street.

In this case, the condensate will be excreted unhindered, and the water will not accumulate and does not mold in the drainage.

It is not right. The fact is that when drilling in a pre.intended place, you can accidentally get to the armature.

As a result, the hole will have to be transferred. Because of which the air conditioner itself inside the room will shift a few centimeters.

When choosing a place under the through hole and the location of the outer block from the side of the window, it is necessary to drill so that the hole in the end turns out almost along the upper level of the outer block.

This will create the maximum bias for trunk pipes, and will help to avoid oil entering the evaporator.

Put on the installation plate strictly in level.

In this case, the distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner should be at least 10cm. This provides a good fence of air and free installation-demonstration of the internal unit.

For reliable fixation, use high-quality dowel-grooves 640mm or 832mm.

Next, you can proceed to the installation of the outer unit. Mark the mounting points of the bracket.

A 12mm bror with a 12mm brown. Then fix the bracket dowel with nails 1280mm.

Fasten reliably, especially if the condo hangs from the side of the house where the passing part or sidewalks are located.

The distance from the rear wall of the outer block to the wall of the building should be at least 10-20cm. Although much here will depend on the performance of the fan.

Where to place an external block, under a window or side. a matter of aesthetics and ease of operation.

Many people do not like unnecessary meters of a dangling cable and the tubes hanging along the wall. In this case, the lateral location is selected.

Although competent installers and cable and a freonenth, they can lay it very beautifully. Much already depends on the level of professionalism of performers.

connecting, conditioning, directly, condenser

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Divine launcher capacitor

Delted trigger capacitors are made specifically for external uncertain air conditioners.

Especially often, such capacitors are installed in LG air conditioners.

This is not the best solution, since the compressor capacitor is very often out of order, and the fan remains the worker, but you still have to change it completely.

Another “minus” of such capacitors is difficult to find on sale.

Delted trigger device

In his case, he has two phase.drive capacitors. for the working winding of the compressor and the fan engine.

Dometic AC Compressor won’t start. How to replace a start capacitor-Rv Tech Tips

There are three groups of contact conclusions on the case of such capacitors:

Selection of an analogue

This capacitor is a working or phase.

For these purposes, non.polar film capacitors are used.

They can be purchased at any radio market or in a store trading in radio components.

Typically, such capacitors are called “launch” and produces their many manufacturers.

The voltage is chosen 400-450 V, but the greater the operating voltage, the longer the capacitor will work.

How to replace the “double” capacitor with two single

Very often, the craftsmen for the repair of air conditioning have difficulties with the replacement of such capacitors, they cannot find “original” capacitors.

In fact, this is not fundamentally, it is quite possible to replace them with individual capacitors. over, this will be more reliable, especially if you replace reliable manufacturers with components of reliable manufacturers, for example, EPCOS, DUCATTI, NICHICON, etc. Instead of original.

So, let’s consider for example a double capacitor 1.5MKF25MKF400V

We will need to replace:

  • Capacitor 25 μF400 in
  • Small length connecting wires
  • terminal block, for connecting 4 wires
  • If the capacitors with pin are pissed off, then the terminal for them

The methodology for replacing the capacitor

  • Disconnect the wires from the old capacitor in turn
  • On the block, we connect the wires from the fan capacitor from the compressor capacitor (any conclusion, the capacitors are non.polar), from the compressor working winding (from.common), from the working winding of the fan, from the power pad (L or N, depends on the circuit)
  • We connect the wires from the compressor and the fan to the corresponding capacitors.

It is possible not to remove the old capacitor, since there is enough space in the case, but to use its overall conclusion as a block, connecting the conclusion from two capacitors to it.

Leave two other conclusions (FAN, HERM) freely, throwing the wires from these pads to new capacitors.

How to connect a single.phase asynchronous engine through the capacitor?

At industrial facilities, special problems, how to connect an electric motor, do not experience, a three.phase network is brought up there. Asynchronous electric motors work with three connected windings located around the perimeter of a cylindrical stator. A separate phase is included on each winding of the connected engine, the electric motor connection diagram provides a shift in the phase of alternating current, creates a torque, and the engines are successfully rotated.

In the case of domestic conditions at residential facilities in private houses and apartments of three.phase electric lines, single.phase networks are laid, where a voltage of 220 volts are laid. Therefore, a single.phase asynchronous engine is connected according to another scheme, a device with a launch winding is required.

Design and principle of operation

Connect the electric motor through the capacitor due to the fact that one winding on the 220 V electric motor status creates a magnetic field that compensates for its impulses due to the change in polarity with a frequency of 50 Hz. In this case, the engine is buzzing, the rotor remains in place. To create a torque, make additional connection of launch windings, where an electric shift in phase will be 90 ° in relation to the working winding.

The design of an asynchronous single.phase electric motor

Do not confuse the geometric concepts of the angle of location with an electric phase shift. In the geometric measurement, the winding in the stature is placed opposite each other.

To implement this technically, the design of the electric motor provides a large number of mechanical parts and the components of the electrical circuit:

  • stator with the main and additional winding;
  • short.closed rotor;
  • Born with a group of contacts on the panel;
  • capacitors;
  • centrifugal switch and many other elements shown above in the figure.

Consider how to connect a single.phase engine. In order to display the phases, the capacitor is consistent in the launch winding, when connecting a single.phase asynchronous electric motor, the circular magnetic field leads in the rotor of the current. The totality of the strength of fields and currents create a rotating impulse attached to the rotor, it begins to rotate.

Connection schemes

Model connection options via the capacitor:

connecting, conditioning, directly, condenser
  • a single.phase engine connection diagram using a starting capacitor;
  • connecting the electric motor using the capacitor in working mode;
  • Connecting a single.phase electric motor with launch and working capacitors.

All these schemes are successfully used in the operation of asynchronous single.phase engines. In each case there are advantages and disadvantages, consider each option in more detail.

Scheme with a start.up capacitor

The idea is that the capacitor is included in the circuit only when starting, a starting button is used that open the contacts after promoting the rotor, it begins to rotate by inertia. The magnetic field of the main winding supports rotation for a long time. As a short.term switch, buttons with a group of contacts or relay are placed.

Starting condenser connection diagram

Since the short.term connection of a single.phase engine through the capacitor provides a button on the spring, which when release open the contacts, this makes it possible to save, the wires of the starting winding are made thinner.

To exclude an interval short circuit, use the thermallane, which when a critical temperature is reached, it turns off an additional winding.

In some designs, a centrifugal switch is placed, which, when a certain speed of rotation is reached, opens the contacts.

Connections, centrifugal switch to the rotor shaft

Diagrams and design of the speed of rotation and preventing overload of the electric motor on the machine can be different. Sometimes a centrifugal switch is installed on the rotor shaft or on other elements rotating from it with a direct connection, or through a gearbox.

Under the influence of centrifugal forces, the load pulls the springs with the contact plate, when the installed rotation speed reaches the contacts, the relay switch is de.energized or gives a signal to another control mechanism.

There are options when a thermal relay and a centrifugal switch are installed in one structure. In this case, the thermal relay turns off the engine when exposed to a critical temperature or the efforts of the extending cargo of the centrifugal switch.

Options for condenser connection scheme

Due to the features of the characteristics of the asynchronous engine, the capacitor in a circuit of an additional coil distorts the magnetic field lines, from a round shape to elliptical, as a result of this, power loss increases, the efficiency is reduced. Starting characteristics remain good.

Scheme with a working capacitor

The difference between this scheme is that the capacitor after starting does not turn off, and the secondary winding throughout the work with the pulses of its magnetic field unwinds the rotor. The power of the electric motor in this case increases significantly, the shape of the electromagnetic field can be tried to bring closer from the elliptical shape to a round selection of capacitor capacitance. But in this case, the moment of starting is longer in time, and the starting currents are greater.

The complexity of the circuit is that the capacitance of the capacitor for aligning the magnetic field is selected taking into account current loads. If they change, then all the parameters will not be constant, for the stability of the shape of the magnetic field lines, several capacitors with various containers can be installed.

If you include the corresponding container when the load changes, this will improve the working characteristics, but significantly complicates the scheme and operation process.

Combined circuit with two capacitors

The best option for offering working characteristics is a scheme with two capacitors. launch and working.

The working capacitor is constantly connected in the circuit of the windings, the starting through the start switch is closed for a short time

Installation and selection of components

The capacitors have considerable dimensions, so they are not always placed in the inside of the boron (the camshaft on the electric motor body).

Conclusions and useful videos

This video was shot by specialists and can become useful for those who are eager to repair the compressor split systems that have serious damage.

The operation of modern split systems shows quite long.term work without the need to repair. over, when it comes to serious defects similar to inter.turn circuit or mechanical wear.

Simple malfunctions are repaired quite simply, and in the case of complex defects. a reasonable solution is to replace the split systems of a new. Serious repairs will make you spend as many money as the purchase of a new split system requires.

If you want to share the methods of diagnosing compressor, which we have not talked about in this material? Write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, additions and recommendations in the block located below.

If you are trying to independently deal with the reason for the breakdown of your split system and are in a difficult situation-do not hesitate to ask the Council of our experts and other visitors to the site in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this article.

Air conditioning from Priora to VAZ-2110: Part 3, Working

Hello again! I continue the description of the installation of the air conditioner in the VAZ-2110, as it was with me) This time we will talk about wiring.So, we need to control from the cabin with the inclusion of air conditioning and recirculation. Everything is simple with recirculation. it is enough to submit 12V to the pneumatic cell, and its other contact is made to the ground.During the installation of the stove, he handed a double wire to control a valve and air conditioner under the hood from the cabin. One of its conductors will be submitted 12V from the power button.I bought the button itself from Europeanel/Four. I remind you of the rolling: 1 and 2 contacts. closed by the Contact and B button and B. backlight on the button, minus on AC and D. backlight of the inclusion indicator, minus on C.If you suddenly get an old button with bulbs instead of diodes, it will not be important where the plus is, and where is the minus.The cutting is common for all buttons of the sample 2114, so you can use it and vast cases)) True, I came across a button without an indicator of turning on (instead of a diode a dull window!).

I think to replace with the same, but with the indicator. At least the inclined recirculation and is well determined by ear. In this case, the stove is noisy) still, because the air is sucked out from under the glove compartment in the cabin.12V took the ignition from the castle, the blue wire in the connector. This is a plus after the ignition, what you need. The current of the valve is small, so she did without an additional relay.The tumor valve itself is attached under the heater engine. There is a hairpin near the base of the hood, I took a minus from it.

Plus. from the wire that is extended from the cabin.The vacuum hose is connected to the drinked fitting on the receiver.

I drew a simple diagram of connecting recirculation management:

It remains to start the car and make sure that the recirculation turns on and turns off. And it really turns on and turns off!) Well, the first additional function of the new stove is connected and works) you can start building air conditioning wiring.Everything is more complicated with her. The air conditioner should turn on when the ECU allows us to turn it on, the stove fan works, while the air conditioning system has pressure and it is not excessive, and the temperature of the evaporator is above zero.The first thing to find is 12V when the stove fan is turned on. Usually they are taken from the wires of the first fan speed. I did not invent anything and did the same. This is a white-red wire in a short block of the Sauo block.These 12V set the air conditioner button. Then they need to be submitted to the input of the ECU “Request for the inclusion of air conditioner”. In the “tenth” sub.flood wiring from the plant there is a double unconnected chip with green and pink wires. This is a block for connecting air conditioning. Air conditioning for 2110-12 was provided from the very beginning, but was very rare. Green wire. request, pink. resolution. By pressing the air conditioner button, 12 volts are submitted for a request. The computer in response slightly increases idle speed and turns on the radiator fan, and also sets permission for the pink wire. Pink wire is a control minus. That is, when solving the inclusion, this contact closes the mass. We will use it to control the relay of turning on the air conditioning compressor coupling and an additional condenser fan. I connected the permit output to the second wire wire 2×0.75, who extended from the cabin under the hood. First, I recall, recirculation management.Next, it is necessary to ensure the control of the freezing of the evaporator. The Panasonic stove has a special sensor, but its indications are read by the Sauo block from Priora, which is too difficult to introduce. Therefore, another thermostat was needed.On AliExpress I found such a wonderful W1209 device.

Works both for heating and for cooling, temperature range from.50 to 110 degrees, a 10-ampere relay was installed. You can flexibly set the relay on/off temperature, as well as a hysteresis (the difference between turning on and disconnecting in degrees). The sensor is waterproof, which is just right for a wet evaporator. There was only 170 on the action, arrived in three weeks. By the way, I recently saw in radio components on the window this very W1209. Guess how much it is sold there?) 1200. I thought about opening a business for the resale of Chinese thermostats))) Just in case, I bought a DC-DC converter to feed the device with honest stabilized 12 volts. Still, in the car, the voltage is above 12 volts, plus swims back and forth. How loyal to this W1209, I don’t know. I decided not to take risks.

A thermostat is needed so as not to allow the air conditioner to freeze. When its temperature approaches zero, the thermostat breaks the control circuit of the compressor relay and turns off the compressor. The evaporator heats up a little, and the compressor is connected again.

Air conditioner button. Again a green indicator, which is almost invisible in the afternoon. But there are buttons with orange, which is visible anyway

Report with the evaporator) outside the window 30, and on the evaporator 1.7 degrees. At 1.5 degrees the chain will be opened. The diode next to the numbers displays the state of the chain. Burns. the chain is closed

And now 4.5 degrees. With the current setup, the shutdown occurs at 1.5 degrees, turning on. at 4 degrees. All this can be quickly reconfigured

I met two schemes where to connect a timer regulator. You can either break the request for the inclusion of the air conditioner, or already in the gap of permission. First, I connected the reserve in the rupture of permission, although I wanted to vice versa)) the pluses. when the scorrence sensor is triggered, the main radiator fan does not turn off. Cons. when the compressor is turned on, when heated by the evaporator, there is a light push, which the brains are compensated for by a slight increase in speed when the request is received. Therefore, I want to try to break the request for inclusion by the thermostat. This scheme is more common. And there we’ll see what work more like with) the sensor itself stuffed between the honeycomb, and the wire cut. Part with the connector soldered to the wire 2×0.5 from the side of the cabin, and part with the sensor. under the hood. over, the sensor from the side of the salon filter started. It would be more correct to install it in the same place as his native. at the exit from the evaporator. But between the installation of the stove and the one, while the parcel arrived from China, passed almost a month. I didn’t want to postpone the installation of the stove for so long, and it is very difficult to cut the installed stove. So I stuffed the sensor into the evaporator deeper)

Selection of an analogue

This capacitor is a working or phase.

connecting, conditioning, directly, condenser

For these purposes, non.polar film capacitors are used.

They can be purchased at any radio market or in a store trading in radio components.

Typically, such capacitors call “launch” and produces many manufacturers.

The voltage is chosen 400-450 V, but the greater the operating voltage, the longer the capacitor will work.

Calculation of the capacitance and voltage of the working capacitor

The calculation is reduced to the selection of such a capacity that with a nominal load, a circular magnetic field is provided, since with a value below or higher than the nominal magnetic field changes the shape to the elliptical, and this worsens the engine characteristics and reduces the starting moment. The engineering reference books include a formula for calculating the capacitor capacitance:

CP = ISINR/2πf u n 2

I and sinφ —To and phase shift between the voltage and the current in the circuit with a rotating magnetic field without a capacitor

N- coefficient of transformation of windings. defined as the ratio of turns of windings with a capacitor and without it.

The voltage on the condenser is calculated by the formula

Uc = uival (1n 2)

From the formula it is clear that the operating voltage of the phase.engine capacitor above the engine power supply.

In the calculation manual, approximate calculation is given-70-80 μF of the capacitor capacitance of 1 kW of the electric motor power, and the capacitor value values ​​for the 220 V network are usually put. 450 c.

connecting, conditioning, directly, condenser

Also, in parallel to the working capacitor, the start.up capacitor is connected for the time of launch, for about three seconds, after which the relay is triggered and the start.up capacitor is turned off. Currently, the air conditioners with an additional start.up capacitor are not used.

powerful air conditioners use compressors with three.phase asynchronous engines, launch and working capacitors for such engines are not required.

The company’s managers will answer all your questions, select the necessary equipment and prepare a commercial offer.

The company’s managers will answer all your questions, select the necessary equipment and prepare a commercial offer.



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