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Condensing gas boiler on liquefied gas

Rating of the best gas condensing boilers

Nomination place product name price
The best wall hung gas boilers of condensing type 1 Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU INT IV 386/5-5 35 kW single-circuit 12 640 ₽
2 Viessmann Vitodens 100-W B1HC042 26 kW single circuit 105 470 ₽
3 Buderus Logamax plus GB172-20 i K 20 kW double-circuit 103 431 ₽
4 Baxi LUNA Platinum 1.24 26.1 kW single-circuit 83 654 ₽
5 Viessmann Vitodens 050-W BPJC 24 kW two-circuit 76 752 ₽
6 Ariston GENUS PREMIUM EVO 24 FF 22 kW two-circuit 63 465 ₽
7 Protherm Lynx condensing 30 MKO 30 kW single-circuit 66 000 ₽
The best floor standing gas condensing boilers 1 Vaillant ecoCOMPACT VSC 306/4-5 150 30 kW two-circuit 315 900 ₽
2 Viessmann Vitocrossal 300 CU3A038 19 kW single circuit 340 100 ₽
3 Fondital Giava KRB 12 11.6 kW double-circuit 309 690 ₽
4 Buderus Logano plus GB102-16 17 kW single-circuit 159 890 ₽
5 Vaillant ecoVIT VKK INT 186/5 17.2 kW single circuit 158 600 ₽

LPG condensing gas boiler

for condensing gas boilers are not low. But as a rule, the equipment is not purchased for one decade. Therefore, it makes sense to give preference to manufacturers who practice innovative technology, increase the comfort of operation and guarantee trouble-free operation throughout the life of. This is the general rule for brand selection. As for the characteristics of the boiler itself, you need to pay attention to several points and take into account the features of the house to be heated:

  • Power. power does not mean better. On the contrary, excessive power is detrimental, and half-powered operation leads to accelerated wear and tear of the equipment. In order to calculate the optimal value, you need to consider the area of the house and the height of the ceilings, as well as the quality of its insulation. The height of reasonableness, according to experts, will be a survey of the house with the help of special devices. It will help to identify sources of heat loss, and at the same time. to buy the right condensing gas boiler. Recommended capacity of boilers differ in different climatic zones. So, for Moscow the average value is from 1 to 1,5 kW per 10 sq.m. meters of premises. That is, to heat a cottage with an area of 250 sq. km. meters, a boiler with power not less than 25 kW is needed.
  • Number of loops.In two-circuit boilers in one heat exchanger is heated coolant for heating, in the other. for hot water. And the latter is a priority, that is, when you turn the hot tap, the system automatically switches to water heating. Only coolant is heated in the single-circuit. Many people think that it is inconvenient. However, in order to organize the hot water supply, it is sufficient to install a boiler of indirect heating. It is also recommended to put it on the two-circuit boiler, if the occupants of the house intensively consume hot water. There is no definite opinion on what kind of condensing gas boiler is better. single-circuit or double-circuit. Power of equipment with two circuits usually does not exceed 24 W. Such boilers can be installed in small houses with good insulation or in apartments with independent heating. In other cases a single circuit is optimal.
  • Fuel consumption.Directly depending on the power of the equipment, the efficiency and the load entrusted to the heating system. Fuel consumption depending on the boiler power is presented in Table 1.

Table 1. Gas consumption in gas boilers of various capacities

Natural gas consumption, m3 /h

  • Heat exchanger material.In the heat exchanger, the combustion energy of the fuel is transferred to the heat exchanger. On the material from which it is made, depends on the speed of response of the system to external conditions:
  • Silumin. aluminum alloy with silicon. It is used in the heat exchangers of condensing boilers to resist chemically aggressive condensate. The heat exchanger is cast as the seams reduce the corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel is generally less expensive than silumin. Resistant to corrosion, not inert, not susceptible to thermal shocks. This material is the most commonly used in the production of heat exchangers for gas condensing boilers.

Table 2. Efficiency of a condensing boiler depending on the temperature of the water in the forward and return circuit

Direct/return water temperature, °C

Obviously, the temperature pair 40/30 ° C is the best mode. All floor units and low-temperature panel heating systems have it. Condensation of the steam occurs continuously.

  • Automation and control system.In modern boilers the control is automatic. The only difference is the breadth of function. Electronics with sensors monitor the temperature in the circuits, pressure, fuel consumption, etc.д. complicated models allow tuning of different operation scenarios. For example, reducing the temperature at night, keeping the room at a minimum level when the hosts are absent, etc.д. The most advanced models can be controlled with a special program on a cell phone.
  • Installation options.There are two options: wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Floor standing boilers, as a rule, are single circuit and have a large capacity. over 100 kW. They can be easily combined with other boiler systems with the help of circulation pumps. Such boiler is the best solution for rooms with high hot water consumption. When it comes to a small house for one or two families, it is preferable to buy a wall mounted dual circuit condensing gas boiler. It is compact and does not usually exceed 100 kW. It is easy to install. These boilers do not require a full-fledged chimney, it is enough to take the pipe out through the wall.
  • for condensing gas boilers.Most manufacturers offer a wide range of gas condensing boilers. Conventionally, all models can be divided into premium, medium or economy class:
  • Premium. These include, for example, German brands. Equipment of such brands is user-friendly, safe, has a stylish design, is quiet, made of high quality materials, efficient in operation and meets European environmental standards. The only disadvantage. a very high price.
  • Medium price category. The most well-known representative. the Baxi brand. offers consumers comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly units, one- and two-circuit, wall-mounted and floor-mounted. At the same time, the equipment meets all requirements and provides high performance typical of condensing technology.
  • Economy class. Korean and Slovak manufacturers confidently hold their positions in this segment. The price is two or more times lower than the price of premium condensing boilers. The peculiarity of such equipment is adaptability of economical models to Russian operating conditions. Inexpensive boilers have a simple functionality and a minimum of “intelligent” options, and therefore calmly tolerate differences in pressure and failures in power supply, do not shut down, where expensive automation stops working.

When choosing a boiler, experts advise to consider not only your needs and characteristics of the product, but also the possibility of rapid repair, the availability of spare parts for units of this type on sale. Products of medium price category are leaders in this sense.

Belonogova Narcissa Nikolaevna Responsible editor

When choosing a condensing gas boiler, you should not rely only on your knowledge. even if you had an “excellent” grade in physics at school. The work of this equipment has a lot of technical nuances regarding installation and operating conditions, so you should not buy it on non-specialized trading platforms. You must be sure that the consultants of the company-seller will give you comprehensive expert advice and help you decide on the unit that best meets your needs and capabilities.



Popular models of condensing boilers

One of the most popular, wall-mounted model Baxi Duo-tec Compact 24. Double-circuit with a heat output of 3.4. 20 kW. Operates on both natural and liquefied gas. The coolant temperature of 25 to 80 degrees, hot water of 35 to 60 degrees. Electronic control system with display. Has overheat protection, safety valve, gas control and protection against pump blocking. Dimensions 400700299 mm, weight 34 kg.

Floor standing single boiler Baksi POWER HT 1.450 has a heat output of 11.8. 45 kW. Will work on natural gas and propane in cylinders. Burner made of stainless steel AISI3 16L with premixed gas and air. It is possible to connect the sensor street temperature for built-in weather-dependent automatic.

condensing, boiler, liquefied

Gas boiler Baxi Power HT 1.450

Heating temperature from 25 to 90 degrees. Has a pressostat in the heating system, which activates in case of lack of water pressure. Contains all the basic security devices, the control panel is electronic with a handy LCD display. Includes room thermostat. Dimensions 458562,1 cm, weight 60 kg.


One of the most popular models of Buderus, this wall mounted boiler Logamax Plus Gb172i. Several variations are available, depending on the maximum heat output in heating mode from 30 to 42 kW. The exterior has a modern design with a black and white Titanium Glass front panel.

When installing an electronic control system Logamatic RC300 improves energy efficiency of the equipment to class A. Has the ability to install the module Logamatic web KM200 for remote control with a tablet or smartphone.

Boiler Buderus Logamax Plus Gb172i

Equipped with a Grundfos A-class energy-saving pump. WB5 heat exchanger made of aluminium and silicon alloy. Dimensions 440840350 mm, weight 46 kg. Floor standing single boiler Buderus Logano plus GB102 is available with capacities from 17 to 40 kW. Heat exchanger made of aluminium alloy with high silicon content for additional corrosion resistance.

When the optional outdoor temperature sensor is connected, it operates in weather-dependent mode. By installing the control module Logamatic RC200, you get a number of additional features, such as a timer with a weekly program. Closed combustion chamber, works only with natural gas. Dimensions 39.49346.6 cm, weight 54 kg.


Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU INT IV 306 is mounted on a wall and has one circuit, the heat output from 5,2 to 25 kW. Fuel is either natural gas or liquefied gas. Heating medium temperature range of 30 to 80 degrees. Protection against pump blocking, overheating and freezing is installed. External control and display connectivity. Dimensions 440720338 mm, weight 34.5 kg.

Vailant ecoVIT VKK INT appliance installed on the floor. Model range from 22 to 47 kW. Equipped with a multi-sensor system for controlling the combustion quality and the digital information and analysis system DIA-System. Has the Aqua-Kondens system for using the condensation system for cooking hot water.

Boiler Vaillant Ecovit VKK Int

Has the ability to organize a system of oxygen supply and exhaust through the wall coaxial chimney. Adjustable burner with a capacity range of 20 to 100%. The size 5701257691 mm, weight 110 kg.


The Viessmann Vitodens 100-W single-circuit and two-circuit wall-mounted unit with a heating output of 26 to 35 kW has very compact dimensions. Inox Radial heat exchanger made of high quality stainless steel with self-cleaning effect.

Wiesman apparatus is equipped with a boiler circuit regulator, adjustable to a constant temperature or linked to the weather outside. Has a modulating cylindrical stainless steel MatriX burner. Dimensions 400725360 mm and weighs 36 kg.

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W boiler

Vitocrossal 300 single circuit condensing boiler. Floor standing installation. Condensing surface manufactured by Inox-Crossal technology, which ensures high reliability as well as intensified heat exchange and high speed of condensation process. Power 45 kW, both natural gas and liquefied gas can be used. The maximum temperature of the heating medium is 95 degrees. Width 660, height 1562, depth 801 mm, weight 155 kg.

Wolf CGB, the popular single-circuit wall-mounted model. Combustion chamber is closed, it is possible to take the air from the room as well as from the street. Natural and LP gas are also suitable. Stainless steel heat exchanger with pull-out plate. This makes it possible to clean the equipment without draining the water. The line is available in capacities from 35 to 50 kW. Height 85.5 cm, width 44 cm, depth 39.3 cm. Weight 45 kg.

Wolf CGB boiler

Wolf CSZ ComfortLine floor standing system. The boiler is two-circuit, also the complex includes a boiler of indirect heating to 310 liters with enamel coating and magnesium anode. The standard package includes an expansion tank and boiler pump class A. Work together with solar collector system.

Bosch Condens 3000 W wall mounted dual-circuit with a capacity of 21.8 kW. Equipped with the Heatronic 3 module, a multifunctional LED display and a new high-tech bus for HT-Bus communication. The heat exchanger of a Bosch boiler with a large heat transfer area, is made of siluminous alloy.

Built-in weather modulator capability. Coaxial flue with built-in revision system. The burner is made of stainless steel. Width 40 cm, depth 37 cm, height 85 cm, weight 44.4 kg.


Ariston GENUS PREMIUM EVO HP 65, single-circuit wall-mounted. Adapted to Russia: stable operation even when water and gas pressure is low, resistant to pressure fluctuations and low outdoor temperatures.

Control panel of condensing boiler GENUS PREMIUM EVO HP 65

Equipped with multifunctional control panel and dot matrix display with a russified menu. The heat exchanger and premix burner are made of stainless steel. Economy class A, compatible with the solar system. Closed combustion chamber, capacity 58 kW. Height 75,4 cm, width 44 cm, depth 51,6 cm, weight 50 kg.


DAEWOO DGB-350MES, two-circuit, wall mounted. Power 38.4 kW, closed combustion chamber. Equipped with an adapted ignition system MICOM. Infrared electronic sensor detects flame conditions and regulates the air flow. Comes with remote control. Dimensions 490626365 mm, weight 38 kg.

How to calculate the volume and number of cylinders for the boiler

As practice shows, for a house of 100 m², the consumption of gas will be about 2 cylinders per week. Correspondingly, for a house of 200 m² the consumption will increase to 4 units. In a month the gas heating boiler consumes 9 (100 m²).18 (200 m²) propane tanks, depending on the total heated area. Calculation of the required number of tanks is carried out taking into account this factor.

So, the installation of a gas boiler in the house on propane tanks on 100 m², will require at least 4 cylinders (2 working and 2 reserve) to connect at the same time, for 200 m² 8-10. To ensure maximum ease of operation, the connection kit should include a ramp.

Accurately calculate the needs of the boiler, working on cylinder gas, you can use the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer. At least the European concerns in the instructions of the equipment indicate the consumption of LPG, after converting the unit.

The difference between boilers for natural gas and LPG

The principle of operation of the heating boiler on liquefied gas, differs from the classic units, several features:

    Less pressure. the supply of gas-air mixture, is carried out at a head no higher than 3-4 mbar. Supply of main gas is carried out with a pressure of about 0.8-1 bar or 6-12 atm.

Working principle of the condensing boiler

Condensing boiler is the little brother of the most common gas-fuel convection boiler. The principle of the latter is extremely simple, and therefore understandable even to people who are poorly versed in physics and technology. Fuel for the gas boiler, as its name suggests, is a natural (main) or liquefied (cylinder) gas. When burning blue fuel, as well as any other organics, carbon dioxide and water are formed and a lot of energy is released. The heat generated is used for heating the heat-transfer agent. technical water circulating in the heating system of the house.

The efficiency of a gas convection boiler is

90%. This is not too bad, at least higher than that of liquid and solid fuel heat generators. But people have always tried to get it as close as possible to the cherished 100%. This raises the question: What happens to the remaining 10%? The answer, alas, is prosaic: they go down the drain. Indeed, the products of combustion of gas leaving the system through the chimney are heated to a very high temperature (150-250°C), which means that we lose 10% of energy is spent on heating the air outside the house.

Condensing gas boiler efficiency explained and how to get more of it

Scientists and engineers had been searching for a possibility to achieve a more complete heat recovery, however the method of technologically implementing their theoretical results was found only 10 years ago when the condensing boiler was invented.

What is its fundamental difference from the traditional convection gas-fuel heat generator? After the main process of burning the fuel and releasing a large part of its heat to the heat exchanger, the condenser heats the combustion gases to 50-60°C, i.e.е. To the point where water condenses. This is enough to substantially increase the efficiency, in this case the quantity of heat transferred to the heat transfer medium. But that’s not all.

At 56°C, the so-called dew point, water changes from vapor to liquid, i.e. water vapor condenses. In this case, additional energy is released that has previously been used for the evaporation of water and is lost in conventional gas boilers along with the escaping gas-vapor mixture. The condensing boiler is able to “absorb” the heat generated by the condensation of water vapor and transfer it to the heat transfer medium.

Manufacturers of condensing heat generators invariably draw the attention of their potential customers to the unusually high efficiency of their devices. above 100%. How is this possible? In fact, there is no contradiction to the canons of classical physics. Simply in this case a different system of calculations is used.

Often, when evaluating the efficiency of heating boilers, we calculate what part of the heat emitted is transferred to the heat carrier. Heat “withdrawn” in a conventional boiler, and heat from deep cooling of flue gases will give a total of 100% efficiency. But if we add also the heat emitted during condensation of steam, we get

From the point of view of physics such calculations are not quite correct. In calculating the efficiency it is necessary to consider not the released heat, but the total energy released during combustion of a mixture of hydrocarbons of a given composition. This includes the energy spent on the transformation of water into a gaseous state (subsequently released in the process of condensation).

It follows that the coefficient of efficiency, exceeding 100%, is just a clever move by marketers, exploiting the imperfection of the outdated calculation formula. Nevertheless, we must admit that the condenser, unlike a conventional convection boiler, manages to “squeeze” everything or almost everything out of the combustion process. The positive aspects are obvious. higher efficiency and lower consumption of fossil resources.

Condensing boilers

The condensing boilers collected in this catalog are a special kind of gas-fired heating boilers, which produce additional heat by condensing water vapor inside the heating system. The use of condensing energy increases the efficiency of the installation by 10-15% and reduces fuel consumption. This is most noticeable in the low-temperature modes of operation of the device. when heating the underfloor heating.

Advantages and variety of products

In the catalogs of online stores in Moscow and other cities of Russia there are many modifications of heating equipment of this type. Many provide an efficiency of more than 100%, but the price of condensing boilers is noticeably higher, if compared with conventional atmospheric models. When choosing, pay attention to the type of device and combustion chamber. Depending on the first parameter, the device has one or two circuits. The former provide only space heating, while the latter also prepare hot water for domestic use.

Models with an open and closed combustion chamber are available on the market. In the first case, the unit takes the air necessary for combustion from the room, which requires the installation of a heating boiler in a separate room. In the second technique is equipped with a turbine chimney, thanks to which the air comes from the street. Buy a condensing boiler of the latter type can even be installed in the kitchen or bathroom.

Additional functions and options

The modern model features a number of useful features in domestic operation, such as an outdoor temperature sensor or summer mode of operation. Thus, the temperature sensor automatically adjusts the operation of the boiler depending on the weather outside.

The summer mode disables the two-circuit boiler heating for the warm period of the year, while leaving a working hot water heating system. “Underfloor heating”. a special mode for underfloor heating. Heating boilers with this function are distinguished by powerful pumps, designed for a large amount of coolant.

For a modern gas heating boiler, it is mandatory to have safety systems that automatically turn off the installation in case of unforeseen situations: loss of gas pressure or extinguishing flame. Many models are equipped from the outset with a circulation pump, necessary for the efficient operation of the heating boiler. This device maintains the correct pressure in the circuit for even heating of the house.

Important criteria for choosing

When planning the purchase of the device, you need to consider such a parameter as the base capacity. This indicator is measured in kW and indicated in the documentation that accompanies the boiler. The heated area is usually 9-10 times this value. For example, buying a unit with a capacity of 10.5-11.3 kW, it is possible to fully heat a house of about 100 square meters.м.

The efficiency of the unit is also very important. The higher this indicator, the more economically the boiler consumes fuel resources, while providing the most efficient output. In models of budget lineup, the coefficient usually ranges from 90-94%. The more advanced premium products have it up to 96-97%, but the cost of such units is much higher than the average price.

Another key position that can not be ignored is the fuel consumption. The data indicated in the accompanying documents by the manufacturer are considered indicative. How much gas propane gas boilers really consume depends on the efficiency and capacity of the units, the set temperature in the living space, the actual heat loss of the building and other factors.

Only specialized specialists can determine more accurate figures, but even their information will have an error of 10-15%.

If the plans include only the organization of the heating system, the purchase of a single-circuit boiler is suitable. When you also need to provide hot water, you will have to buy a two-circuit or condensing unit with an open or closed combustion chamber.

For a large-sized residential cottage, it is better to choose a floor unit. It has more power and can provide the room with useful heat and the desired volume of hot water. For a medium or small house, or apartment on the ground is enough to compact hinged device. When placed, it will not take up much space and will fit harmoniously into any type of interior solution.

Operating Principle

Before installing such a device is not superfluous to learn about its principle of operation. Even an approximate idea of the processes that occur in it will help to avoid mistakes in use.

As fuel for the condensing boiler is used gas. natural (main) and liquefied (in cylinders). The combustion process produces carbon dioxide and water, releasing large amounts of energy. As a consequence, the coolant (antifreeze or water) is heated liquid, which moves through the pipes of the heating system.



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