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Cleaning washing machine inside from dirt

How to clean the washing machine from dirt and smell correctly

Want to know how to clean the washing machine from dirt, mold and smell to provide it with uninterrupted work? Agree, it’s great when the washing room works like a clock: loaded underwear, poured powder, launched washing. To do this, you should remember the most important thing: any technique needs care. The range of detergents is very rich and you do not know which one can cope with the task? We will help you figure out how and how to clean the washing machine yourself from a wide variety of pollution. from scale to banal mud and ubiquitous fungus.

Regular cleaning of the washing machine helps not only to support it in the best possible way, but also to work effectively. The fact is that the washing machines have a tendency to accumulate:

  • fungus and mold in the sealing gum and, accordingly, the appearance of unpleasant odors;
  • scale on Ten;
  • the remains of powder, rinse and other additives inside the machine;
  • dirt and small things in the filter of the drain pump;
  • Rust and sand in the filter of the pouring hose.

Over time, you may notice that the clothes (especially bright) after washing stopped shining with cleanliness, as it was before. Yes, and external pollution, which quickly cover the door, the countertop and protruding parts of the car spoil the appearance of the room.

How often it is necessary to clean the washing machine from scale and dirt? Optimal-1 time in 2-3 months. If you have a pet at home or you often wash woolen things in a typewriter, then the capital cleaning should be carried out more often.

Dirt at bottom of Samsung Washing Machine

How to clean a washing machine from scale?

After all, you probably had to clean the kettle from scale with citric acid? The same principle is useful with a washing machine. heating elements, in fact, are the same. Put 100 g of acid into the powder compartment and put the longest mode at a temperature of 90 degrees.

During the washing, follow the sounds: if there are too many scraps, it disappears in pieces and sometimes clogs the drain. You will understand that this happened if the car starts to buzz and rub. Then it needs to be turned off, a piece of scale is manually, and continue the washing further.

When you finish, check so that the pieces of scale does not stay in the drum. Be sure to look under the seal and in it, check the drain again. and you can finally relax. Such preventive cleaning is recommended to do once every 5-6 months.

What else needs to be cleaned?

You can remove the top cover to study in detail the condition of the drum outside. This will conclude about the technical condition of the entire device. If plaque and dirt are visually noticeable on the drum, then there are much more on Ten.

To extend the life of the washing machine, you must clean:

After each washing, you must clean the drain filter, since a large amount of dirt accumulates in it. In addition, there may remain solid garbage, which will cause blockage and a problem with further water drain.

The cuff should also be cleaned of dirt. It often contains remains of fabric, small dirt, other solid elements. If you leave them there, then the next washing is the risk of damage to the rubber parts. Then the machine will flow.


In addition to regular and timely cleaning of the washing machine, it is very important to observe the rules of care and operation, which will significantly reduce the degree of pollution of its parts and surfaces:

  • Thoroughly wipe the internal and external surfaces of the machine. Do not leave a drop of water or moisture.
  • Try to regularly ventilate the room in which your automatic machine is located.
  • After each wash, wash the powder tray well. Wipe and dry it.
  • After washing, even if you wiped the drum, do not close the door for a while. It is better to keep the door of the washing machine ajar if it does not interfere with anyone in this position and there are no animals in the house that could climb inside.

And now we recommend watching a video in which the housewife will tell from personal experience on how to monitor the washing butter.

We whiten yellowing plastic

There are frequent cases when plastic yellow under the influence of particles of dust and dirt. It is very important that pollution does not begin to interact with the plastic case. In this case, it can be removed using household chemistry and sponge. But if the plastic is cheap, then mechanical actions with its surface can lead to deep scratches.

Outside, you can clean the washing machine using ethyl or methyl alcohol. But remember that methyl is a poison that is able to disable even an adult healthy man. Therefore, the process should be carried out in protective equipment, and the room is ventilated.

Experts recommend testing. a solution is applied to less noticeable places, and if the result satisfies, then you can continue cleaning.

In stores for the sale of household appliances, you can find special napkins. They have whitening components in their composition. And in stores where car components are sold, you can find special sprays. If you buy a cleaner, then you can not only clean it, but also apply a protective layer.

Acetone is treated yellowed plastic in the most advanced cases. In addition to the fact that acetone has an unpleasant odor, it can also ruin the appearance of household appliances. This tool is enough in a small amount to apply on a cotton pad and conduct test cleaning. When a satisfactory result is achieved, the entire surface should be cleaned.

In construction stores, you can find self.adhesive wallpaper of white color, usually they restore the surface of plastic window sills, but for washing machines they can be used well.

Another way to get rid of yellowness is paint in spray. But it should be applied last, since it is likely to get particles of paint in the inside of the washing machine, which in the end can lead to breakdown of household appliances.

Cleaning various nodes and assemblies

The main troubles with the washing machine drum are the formation of scale and the appearance of a musty swamp smell.

How to Remove Mold on Washing Machine Rubber Gasket | Baking Soda, Vinegar, Peroxide, Bleach

The first problem is caused by the presence of dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium in tap water. When heated, they break up into carbon dioxide and insoluble sediment, which gradually accumulates on the surface of the drum. Even a thin, barely noticeable plaque, interferes with the operation of the machine: due to extremely low thermal conductivity, it prevents the heating of water. The washing time and electricity consumption increases.

An unpleasant odor occurs due to microorganisms: colonies of bacteria or mold. For them, insoluble particles of powder, and villi from clothes, and ticks of food from s can be a nutrient medium.

Both problems have the same solution. You can clean the washing machine from the smell and scraps with special means that are sold in stores. Such funds are used according to the instructions on the packaging.

cleaning, washing, machine, dirt

How to clean the washing machine from dirt inside

To effectively clean the drum from silt, possible rust, experienced housewives use the following simply algorithm.

  • The machine is set to work without things, setting the maximum temperature regime and the number of revolutions. On average, it takes from 30 to 60 minutes of work for cleaning.
  • A professional or home remedy is added to the tank.
  • In the middle of the cycle, if there is such an opportunity, the device is paused for 15-20 minutes, after which the process continues.

A professional remedy for cleaning the washing machine from dirt is best selected by the type of pollution itself. There are many compositions specially designed to remove rust, scale or other problems.

cleaning, washing, machine, dirt

As for home remedies, experienced housewives have long known how to wash the washing machine from the dirt quickly. Among the most popular “folk” ingredients (the number is indicated for the standard volume of the drum):

If you need to remove the animal’s hair from clothes, from the machine, always (when washing, when cleaning the equipment itself) use the double rinse mode.

Let’s summarize

Too carried away to get involved in folk cleaning methods is a bad idea. Citric acid can gradually bring the rubber parts of the parts into unusable. It is better to trust professionals and buy ready.made proven products. The raid makes it difficult to work the drum and can cause its breakdown.

Remember that the purified heating element reduces the consumption of electricity. Means intended to soften water do not bring the desired effect. They can also cause plaque due to too soft water.

When buying any cleaning tool, carefully read his instructions. This will not only use it most efficiently, but also extend the service life of the washing machine.



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