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Cleaning the hood grate in home

How to clean the hood: folk remedies and chemistry

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. the key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. the key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.

How to clean the hood in the kitchen

The hood cleaning should be carried out by observing certain rules and sequence of actions. The work is carried out in this order:

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  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Remove the filters (if they are disposable, take care of the presence of spare ones).
  • Remove the duct if this is provided by the design features. In the case when it is impossible to disconnect it, limit yourself to cleaning the available part of the device.
  • Wash the hood filter from fat or, in the presence of disposable filters, replace them with new.
  • Clean the fan.
  • Clean the lattre grate.
  • Wait for the complete drying of washed details.
  • Install all parts in place.
  • Connect the hood to the network.

How to Clean the Range Hood. Martha Stewart

Remember that when cleaning the hood, you need to be careful and always turn off the device from the network.

A simple way to clean the hood grate

First, remove the lattices from the hood by the method indicated in the instructions for its operation.We pour the pan into our chosen pots almost to the edges, put it on the fire and wait for the liquid to boil.

Add a small amount of vinegar to the pan, approximately 150-200 ml. The more significant the volume of the dishes, the more it is necessary to mix this tool.

After that, we fill up about one tablespoon of ordinary baking soda into a pan in small portions, as this substance reacts violently with boiling water.

We lower the grilles covered with fat into a pan and withstand for some time in boiling water for 15-30 minutes.

As a result of thermal effects and added drugs, fatty deposits are partially dissolved, and, very importantly, adhesion between the material of the gratings and the resulting coating is weakened.

We are convinced visually and with the help of a brush that the fat plaque has almost disappeared, and its residues are easily removed with mechanical exposure even with a toothbrush.

After that, it remains abundantly rinse under a powerful stream of water, first warm and then cold, wipe, dry and put in place. The hood is ready for further effective work.

Cleaning folk remedies

Improvised means that are also called folk, not so harmless to the skin of the hands. so it is worth dressing rubber gloves. From caustic liquids with a pungent smell. vinegar, ammonia is cherished by the eyes. During work, they hold an open window. During the chemical reaction, a processed lattice can be placed in a plastic bag.

For a fat.absorbing filter, a flat dishes are selected in size so that it plunges into the cleaning composition completely. For example, a children’s plastic bath, a flat pallet, a baking sheet in the oven are suitable.


2 tablespoons of ammonia are dissolved in 4 liters of warm water and soaks of hoods for an hour are soaked. When the surfaces are cleaned, flushing is finished with rinsing in clean water.


You will need a suitable container, hot water and a pack of baking soda.

To clean with soda steel or aluminum hood:

  • Heated liters of 5 water to a boil and pour a glass of cleaning agent, adding gradually a spoon;
  • Place the grid in boiling water and leave for 10 minutes;
  • After smearing, the fat is washed off under a stream of warm water, removing the remaining deposits with a brush;
  • The net is wiped and left until completely dry.


An effective tool will be obtained from a solution of concentrated acetic acid in water in a ratio of 1: 7. The surface is treated with abundantly moistened with a sponge. After 10 minutes, washed off with a large amount of warm water.

Citric acid

You can use the acid in the powder, having previously dissolved it in water or take a lemon, cut in half and grate the contaminated places. As the juice absorbs, fat will dissolve. Highly greased places are wiped with lemon juice several times until complete cleansing.

Household soap

The soap is rubbed and soaked in hot water. When the chips dissolve, the net is placed there. Cooling water is heated, then it will turn out to wash away the fat faster. Когда загрязнения размокнут, останется промыть, просушить и поставить сетку на место.

Combined means

To act for sure, the means to remove dirt combine.

cleaning, hood, grate, home

The dry method of cleaning with soda and vinegar faster, without boiling:

  • on the grill laid on a flat surface, the powder is evenly scattered;
  • Acetic acid 70% for convenience is poured into a spray gun and carefully, without lifting, sprayed on top of the soda layer;
  • leave for interaction for 20-30 minutes;
  • washed with a lot of water and dried.

Another good remedy that will allow you to wash the fat extract by hand:

  • Half a glass of liquid soap, 2 tons are added to a large container of 5-6 l of hot water.l. dry citric acid and half a glass of baking soda;
  • soak the filter, preferably whole;
  • After 3-4 hours, the grid is washed with a brush, removing the remaining dirt.

Mustard powder

The powder is mixed with water in such a proportion to get a semi.liquid gruel. The grill is placed on the pallet, rubbed and covered with a film so that the mixture does not dry. After 15–20 minutes, washed in water with a sponge or brush.


The whiteness copes with pollution, but a little worse than soda. In addition, the smell fills the entire room even after washing with detergents. If you still decide to smear the grate with white, put on the goggles.

Salt solution

Food salt is dissolved in hot water. To obtain the necessary concentration, 200 g of salt per 5-6 liters will be enough. The softening of the old fat is actively at high temperature, so the container is heated or boiling.

How to clean a fat filter

The net must be cleaned regularly. If you have a large family and you often prepare a lot, once a week you need to remove it and clean it from fat. If you cook infrequently, and fry even less often, then 1-2 times a month will be enough.

Consider how and how to wash a contaminated grill.


The easiest way is to place in a dishwasher. But it is suitable only for those who follow the cleanliness of the filter at least twice a month. The dishwasher can not cope with an old sticky layer of fat.


The usual dishwashing liquid, which is in every house, can wash out not hardened fat.

  • put the filter in a container, for example, a basin, a bucket, a deep baking sheet;
  • apply a detergent;
  • pour hot water and leave for 30 minutes;
  • Peel with a sponge or brush;
  • Rinse with clean water.

If you can’t clean the first time, you can repeat. If even after the second time you do not like the result, it makes sense to move on to more serious methods.

Special tools for cleaning hoods and ovens

Stores sell special products for cleaning ovens and hoods. gels, sprays, creams. For example, Schumanit, Sanita, Anti-Father from Cinderella. Using them is easy:

  • Place the filter in the container;
  • apply the product evenly;
  • leave for the time specified in the instructions;
  • remove softened dirt with a sponge;
  • flip.

And although cleaning in this case does not require much time and effort, many housewives refuse them. But the main argument of opponents is scared away. these funds belong to aggressive chemistry. You need to be more caution when they are used: use protective gloves and a mask, make sure that the product does not get on the skin, carefully ventilate the room.

Those who prefer not to use chemistry in the kitchen can choose folk methods. But do not forget that without chemistry, only light and medium pollution can be cleansed. In the fight against old fat, which has turned into a sticky mass, they are not effective.

Consider how to wash the exhaust device without resorting to radical measures.

cleaning, hood, grate, home

Laundry soap

Laundry soap in combination with hot water will cope with most pollution.

  • Grate the half of the bar of 72%laundry soap on a coarse grater;
  • pour soap with hot water and stir until dissolved;
  • put the filter in a container and pour it with soapy solution;
  • leave for half an hour;
  • Remove fat residues with a brush and rinse the grate with water.

Take soda soda, it acts more effective than food.

  • Stir half a glass of soda in 10 liters of water;
  • Put the solution in a large container on the stove and boil;
  • Put a contaminated filter in it and boil over low heat for 30 minutes;
  • If the container is not large enough, you can hold the filter in it first on one side, then on the other;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.


If you are not scared by a specific smell, you can use ammonia alcohol.

  • ensure safety. put on a protective mask, open a window or window, close the doors to the rooms;
  • Dissolve 100 ml of ammonia in three liters of warm water;
  • apply the solution on a contaminated surface, place in a dense bag, tie it and leave it for 3 hours;
  • Wash with a brush, rinse with water.

How to clean the hood range filter! | Clean Casa


Universal way to clean fat surfaces.

  • ensure safety. open a window, put on protective gloves;
  • Put the filter in a shallow container, you can use a baking sheet;
  • Pour 9%vinegar solution and leave for half an hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.

Tip: for serious pollution, you can take 70%vinegar. Strengthen precautions, avoid hollowing skin, put on a protective mask.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains a lot of acid, which can cope with fat and soot.

Tip: For the best result, you can place the filter in a container, pour a solution of citric acid and leave it overnight.

Mustard powder

With the help of mustard with fat, our grandmothers successfully coped successfully. The method has not lost its relevance among opponents of the use of chemistry.

  • Prepare a cleaning paste of mustard. for this, mix 3 t. l. mustard powder, 2 t. l. detergent for dishes, 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of water;
  • Pug the contaminated surface on both sides by the mixture, put the grid in the bag or wrap with a film and leave for one hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.

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How to wash filters and bars of fat: best products

Currently, there are many chemicals that will help clean the household extract from accumulated contaminants. Among the best, the following can be distinguished:

  • Spray “Cinderella Anti.fat”. a rather democratic product, helps gently remove fat deposits, is suitable for any parts of the device made of stainless steel. To achieve the result, the liquid is sprayed on the surface, and after half an hour it is removed along with the plaque using a sponge. The disadvantages include too liquid consistency.

Find out more about the procedure from the video.

  • Spray “Sanita” is another inexpensive remedy that is famous for its universality. The drug literally breaks down before our eyes.
  • Synergetic. a gel.shaped drug based on exclusively natural components. Suitable not only for hoods, but also for ovens with plates. Can remove both soot, fat, soot, and rust. When used, one condition should be taken into account. this drug is not suitable for brass, aluminum and copper.
  • “Schumanite” is distinguished by the antibacterial effect and extreme efficiency in use.
  • CILIT BANG in any form. It can be either gel or spray. These funds based on surfactants are produced and do not contain abrasive elements.

Tip: The photo clearly shows that the hostess is cleaning in rubber gloves. This helps to preserve the skin from the effects of aggressive chemicals. Do not ignore the banal safety rules.

In addition to purchased funds, there are folk methods that cope quite well with a difficult coating. The main thing is to know how to wash the hood from fat in the kitchen with these agents correctly.

  • You can put in order the lattice using ordinary baking soda. For this procedure, you will need a volumetric container with high sides, into which water is poured and soda is added in a ratio of 5: 1 (5 glasses of water and 1 cup of soda). Fill the powder in boiling water carefully and gradually, because the contents begins to actively hiss. Place the lattice in the resulting solution and leave for a quarter of an hour. After turn over the other side. A hard brush will help to clean a wetzo nar.
  • You can wash the filter at home in a soap solution. Preference in this case should be given to ordinary household soap (72 percent), from which a hot solution is prepared. True, this cleaning option is not suitable for old spots.
  • How to clean a grid from an hood? You can one of the popular “grandfather” means. vinegar. In the unnecessary form, they need to water the grid, and after 15 minutes washed off with a sufficient amount of water. To replace it can come to him citric acid, two tablespoons of which are diluted in 1 liter of liquid.
  • Clean filters, if they are too clogged, ammonia will help. It is bred with the calculation: 100 ml per 5 liters of liquid, in which then metal lattices are boiled at least 60 minutes. With critical pollution, the time increases. During the use of this pharmacy, be sure to open the windows. the smell of ammonia has an extremely unfavorable effect on the mucous membrane.
  • How to clean the bars from the hood using mustard powder? You need to take 4 tablespoons of the substance and mix with 2 teaspoons shampoo. Water and vinegar (100 ml) are added to the resulting gruel in equal proportions. It is necessary to grate the surface of the grate and wrap with a mixture with a hot wet towel. After half an hour you can wash off.
  • For the most problematic areas, you can prepare a universal and fairly effective mixture. It includes: ½ piece of laundry soap, half a vanity of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and silicate glue, as well as 2 tablespoons of salt, soda, citric acid and 100 ml of table vinegar. How to clean the hood grate with it? The mixture is dissolved in 5 liters of water, in which it is necessary to soak the grid for several hours.

When cleaning, also pay attention to the ventilation pipe. For careful care of this subject, you can use a steam cleaner, which, through high temperatures and humidity, helps to dissolve fat. You will only have to wipe the soaked dirt with a rag in the future.

Important: do not clean the kitchen set located nearby with this device. Under the influence of moisture, the coating can be deformed.

Exhaust leaving rules and prevention measures

No one can argue with the fact that it is much easier to prevent the sticking of pollutants on the extract of the hoods, than then look for a tool that could have a efficiently wash. Therefore, we will consider several simple rules, when performing which ventilation will not need to be cleaned of layers of dirt:

  • It is necessary to arrange the preventive cleaning of the hood at least once every two months, with intensive use of the plate. twice as often.
  • After washing the device, you should not immediately connect it to the power supply network, you will need to wait a little time so that all the elements have time to dry.
  • You can not use to cleanse the abrasive grill, they leave microzarapins on the surface, which attract particles of dust and fat.

Experienced housewives know that washing the bars of the hoods is not so difficult at home. In the presence of certain knowledge and stock of patience, even the amateur will cope with this task.



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