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Cleaning the drain of the washing machine Siemens

Cleaning the drain of the washing machine Siemens

The minimum cost of repair work with the departure of the master 1500

If the repair of household appliances is economically impractical, the customer pays for the cost of diagnostics 1000

False call (turn on the machine, insert the cable plug into the outlet, turn the tap on the riser, fix the plum hose, etc. D.), payment 1000

The price of services does not include the price of spare parts and consumables.

The master can be called the approximate cost of the work by phone, and accurate only after inspection of the equipment and determining the malfunction.

Individual options for repairs are provided, the cost of which is not provided by the price list.

Why is a pump?

Water pump is an important element of the washing machine (SMA). It is an asynchronous engine that creates vortex streams of water. If we compare the device of the washing apparatus with the human body, then the pump is a “heart” that drives “blood”. water, according to the insides of the apparatus. The element is located in the bowels of the machine. Fasten it with plastic brackets. There is a filter delaying garbage and foreign bodies.

If you clean the unit in question in time, you can significantly extend its service life. If it breaks, then no one will repair. usually this part is simply changed. Many housewives do not even suspect that the “insides” of the machine must be periodically cleaned. To avoid breakdowns, it is recommended to clean the unit in question at least once a year.

Filters cleaning: Stages of work

To clean the filling filter, first you should turn off the machine from the network and block the water supply, then unscrew the hose and get the part with pliers.

It is recommended to regularly clean the filter. this will help improve the performance of the washing machine.

If the water is of poor quality, and a preliminary filter is not installed on the water supply, you will find small garbage, rust or sediment on the net. You can eliminate pollution using an old toothbrush and ordinary running water. Clean the net well, then rinse it under the crane. After that, you can install the filter back.

The filling filter is located on the back of the washing machine at the place of connection of the water supply hose

Cleaning the filter located in front of the drain pump should be carried out in stages:

  • Turn off the machine from power and block water.
  • Find the location of the desired part (where the filter is located in the washing machine, told above).
  • Open the hatch or remove the panel behind which the element is hidden. You can do this either by moving on yourself, or by moving the lid to the side.
  • Drain the remaining water from the machine. In the drain system, there is always a little liquid that will flow out when the filter is unscrewed. If a special tray for collecting water is not provided in the typewriter, lift a rag under the case, which quickly absorbs the liquid. Many models in the filtration compartment have an emergency hose that simplifies the drain process. you need to lower the end of the pipe into the container and unscrew the plug.
  • Extract the filter. It can consist of one whole part, so from two. plugs and filter. At the end of our article, a video is posted, which describes in detail how to remove the filter on the Indesit washing machine.
  • Clean the filter. Pull all large garbage. pile, wool, hair, small objects. Using a hard sponge, clean the part of the plaque and dirt. After all the actions, rinse the filter under the pressure of warm water.
  • Check the pump and drain compartment for the presence of contaminants. Free the pump from garbage and wipe the wall of the compartment with a damp cloth. It is also recommended to scroll the impeller to make sure that nothing prevents her from spinning freely.
  • Install the filter. This must be done extremely neatly so that the part exactly takes its place in the compartment. In some models of Zanussi washing machines, Electrolux, Whirlpool filter is fixed with a cover cover.

Noisy Siemens IQ700 washing machine Replace Drum Bearings

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Before extracting the filter from the compartment, you need to arm yourself with a rag so that the water does not spread on the floor

After you figured out how to clean the filter in the washing machine, and successfully completed the procedure, it’s time to check the equipment for leaks. To do this, start the rinse mode and watch the filter lid. If drops of water do not leak from there, then the part is installed correctly. you can close the hatch or install the panel.

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Household manufacturers advise cleaning the part at least 1 time every 2-3 months. This will avoid serious contaminants and prevent a breakdown of the drainage pump into which part of the garbage from the filter can fall.

Hose or drain pipe

The drainage flow of a spent fluid is difficult due to clogging of the cavity of the drain hose or the place of attaching it to the sewer pipe. To clean the drain of the washing machine, you will have to disconnect the hose from engineering networks and clean it. The following actions must be performed:

  • de.energize the washer;
  • Cross the water fence valve;
  • Learn access to the garbage filter, remove the element from the body;
  • through the hole that appears, drain the water remaining in the system;
  • Using the pliers, disconnect the end of the drain hose from the sewer pipe or the divorce siphon.

After you should disconnect the plum hose from the automatic machine. The process will vary slightly depending on the model of washing machine.

  • In the brands of Beko, Ariston, Samsung, Kandy, Elji, Indesite can access the place of fastening of the drainage hose only through the bottom. The washing machine is laid on the side, after which the drain hose is fixed from the pump using pliers.
  • In automatic machines, electrolyux and zanussi drainage tube are launched from the back of the case. You can get access to the mounting site only by removing the back wall. After that, lift the latches fixing the hose and disconnect the water fence hose from the valve. Then remove the top cover of the machine and light the clamp that fixes the drainage tube.
  • In brands AEG, Siemens and Bosch brands, you can get to the drain hose if you remove the front wall of the unit. To do this, you will have to weaken the clamp holding the hatch cuff, season the seal into the drum, disconnect the lower false panel, remove the dispenser for detergents from the case, remove the bolts holding the main control panel, remove the wiring from the ubble and remove the device. After preparatory actions, you need to remove the front wall and pull the plum hose from the body.

Washing the drainage tube is carried out by water. At the same time, a ruff is used, a polymeric cable cable and detergents are used. To clean the hose cavity well, it is recommended to add a little citric acid to warm water and rinse the tube with this solution.

How we are working:

Application by phone or online

Departure of a specialist to diagnose technology

The equipment is repaired and the check is performed

Documents are filled out and services are paid

Good afternoon, please tell me such information. Bought a new washing machine Siemens IQ 500 WD 14H442 a month ago. The machine is perfect, I washed perfectly. On the last wash, she sharply stopped pumping out water, before that a crunch was heard (and very loud). Waste at warranty, they called the store, the masters arrived from them and took it to diagnostics. After 20 days, we were informed that the problem was caused by the entry of four coins in the pump. The pump allegedly failed, so this is not a warranty case, and we were denied free repairs. There may be such a situation in reality, or it is a regular divorce? Typewriter is only a month, German assembly, a guarantee of 5 years. Comment on this information. Thanks.

Sergey, if you have a conclusion in your hands, where everything that you described is written, then it was so. According to the description, it really looks like a blockage of the drain system. Another thing is that the pump would hardly be broken due to a one-time hit by an extraneous object. I recommend asking them a faulty pump and do an independent examination. As for the guarantee, it usually applies only to natural damage (mechanical wear, software failure, and so on. If the washing machine stopped draining as a result of external exposure to the drain pump, then this will not be considered a warranty case. Here is a service center from the Rights store.

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Siemens WS 12×160 machine. She is 10 years old. Never repaired. It drains water as expected, but a small puddle remains below after washing. The drain program increased by 10 minutes (at the same time, it drains to the end). Tell me if there is expensive repairs, and does it make sense to repair?

Anastasia, according to the problem you described, we can give out only two assumptions.

Somewhere you have a pipe (most likely closer to the pump), so the water proceeds. If you do not clean it, sooner or later the pipe will come off, and then all the water (and this is more than 20 liters) will result in the floor at once, and will cause the problem not only to your kitchen or bathroom, but also by the engine of the washing machine.

Чистка кофемашины Siemens

If during washing you hear a strong roar (you did not indicate this), then the problem may be in the rusty bearings of the drum. If a crack has formed there, then the puddle of water after washing, there is nothing more than a harbinger of failure of a bearing node.

cleaning, drain, washing, machine, siemens

Please tell me, if the machine, then it merges, then does not merge. Almost through time, this is a problem in a pump or program?

Violetta, most likely the problem in the software failure. We recommend trying to turn on several washing cycles only in the regimen or draining of water. Also, be sure to check the drain filter. If it does not help, then you need to diagnose the control module and perform repairs.

Clean the drain pump

Cleaning the drain pump of the washing machine is that you need to clean the impeller of this pump. Therefore, the question arises of how to remove the impeller from the pump pump. Everything is quite simple to need a screwdriver. You need to unscrew a couple of screws connecting two parts of the pump body. And you will see the head (impeller), which rotates in working condition.

From the impeller, you need to remove all the garbage, as a rule, threads, hair, wool are wound on it. Act carefully. You also need to wipe the snail inside.

Further, the drain pump is assembled and installed in its place. All actions are performed in the reverse order. When the whole process of assembling the washing machine is completed, you need to start the car to the wash. If washing passes without noise, water leaks and end as usual, it means that cleaning the drain pump was done correctly.

We pay attention! If the cleaning of the pump did not give a result, then it is necessary to replace the drain pump with a new.

Causes and prevention of clogging of the drain pump

Why can a drain pump cloginate, which leads to a crash of a washing machine. Here are the main reasons:

  • hard or dirty tap water;
  • incorrectly selected detergents;
  • garbage washed off from things (hair, wool, threads, etc.P.).

To prevent clogging of the drain pump, you need to adhere to the simple rules of operation and installation of the washing machine:

  • use only powder for automatic washing;
  • If possible, wash things in a bag (grid) for linen;
  • install filters for water purification in front of a pouring hose;
  • Timely clean the drain filter.

So, the task of how to clean the pump in a washing machine is quite realistic to solve yourself. Acting according to the instructions, there should be no problems. If something seemed not entirely clear, we suggest watching a detailed video how to change the drain pump.

Malfunction reason for eliminating a detergent solution from.

The place of connection of the supply hose is undergoing.

Too many detergents were used.

Next time, dosage the detergent

The electronic control system has registered

the presence of an imbalance and tries to eliminate it by repeated pressing.

The filtering element “Cook

often you can unscrew the filter by applying a small effort. the nozzle “succumbs” and easily leaves the seat. But sometimes the spiral is so polluted that it bits to the body and is not taken out. Then it will not work to pull out the “garbage” in the standard way, you will have to act differently.

Try to unscrew the filter, picking a screwdriver, is not worth. First, this will not bring the expected result. Secondly, you can damage the nozzle and break the thread. It is better to extract the part in a safer way by partially dismantling the Siemens case. It is enough to remove the front panel, providing free access to the drainage system. We act like this:

  • Disconnect Siemens from communications;
  • we unscrew the end of the washer and remove to the side;
  • we find a drain block consisting of a snail, pump, filter and nozzles;
  • Weaken the clamps on the pipes;
  • We take out a snail with a pump and a filter;
  • We turn the snail upside down;
  • We dismantle the pump (turn until the stop clockwise, after pushing the stopped mustache and repeat the turn).

After removing the pump, the inner cavity of the snail is exposed. It must be thoroughly cleaned, and ideally, soaked in WD-40 or lemon. Next, the block is assembled back and returned to the machine. All! Cleaning is completed.



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