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Checking system check for tight

checking, system, check, tight

for servicing air conditioners (split systems)

You can order air conditioners by calling by phone:. Design, supply and maintenance of air conditioning systems in Russia. We ask you to send you a written application to email mail@airclimat.ru or through the form on the site.

Departure to the facility, equipment diagnostics and minor repairs (1st unit. equipment up to 10 kW with cold production) 7 000
Diagnostics of equipment and minor repairs (2nd and each subsequent. equipment) 2,000
Wall-type split system (2-5 kW) 3 500 rubles
Wall-type split system (over 5 kW) 3 800
Split system of cassette, ceiling type (up to 7 kW) 4,000
Split system of cassette, ceiling type (over 7 kW) 4 500 rubles
Channel-type split system (up to 10 kW) 5,000
Channel-type split system (over 10 kW) 300 /kW
Cleaning of fence filters of the split systems of wall, cassette and ceiling type 300
Cleaning of dierce filters of split channel systems 500

The cost of diagnostic services

Diagnosis of household air conditioning. 500

Services cost
System examination Individually
Thermal imaging from 10,000
Departure of a specialist 2500
Diagnostics of equipment from 1,200
Dismantling/Assembly of the internal unit of the air conditioner 600
Replacing the control sensor of the control system 900
Replacement of the fan of the external unit fan 1 500
Replacing a 3-track valve 6 000
Replacement of heating elements in an electrocalograph of the supply installation 1 650
Maintenance of the refrigeration section (KKB) of the ventilation system 1 320
Maintenance of the heat recovery system 1 980
Replacement of the frequency controller of the fan engine 1 980
Diagnostics of the work of cold equipment equipment from 2 250
CHILLER OPERATION adjustment from 3,000
Statement of the refrigeration circuit from 3,000
Cleaning the refrigerator with special actures 4 500
Replacing the bearing of the fancoyl electric motor 3,000
Dismantling/assembly and cleaning of the drainage pump Fancoil 1 125

Features of testing the air conditioner

All connections and pipelines of technology must withstand pressure at least 20 bar. Many modern models are designed for gas supply at a pressure of up to 40 bar. This information is indicated by the manufacturer of technology. Nitrogen is submitted to the system with a special fitting. It is forbidden to connect the cylinder directly to the air conditioning, because inert gas in it is under a pressure of 155 bar.

checking, system, check, tight

In the work, the masters use special gearboxes. These are devices that reduce nitrogen pressure. The gas station is carried out under pressure up to 43 bars. The gearbox is equipped with a fuse that stops supplying gas if the pressure increases to 70 bar.

The study is performed during the day. If the indicator has decreased in 24 hours, then there is a leak. It is eliminated and criminally repeated. Only if the pressure does not drop in the circuit during the day, you can refuel Freon into the air conditioner.

What you need to check the refrigerant level?

The most accurate way to determine the amount of freon in the system is to measure its pressure. This can be done using special equipment. a manometric station. The device hose must be connected to the service crane on the absorption side. After that, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner and let it work for 15 minutes, after which the correct data will be displayed on the blue manometer.

Advice! How to determine where the absorption of freon in the air conditioner? Everything is very simple: the absorption side is marked as the SUCTION SIDE, and the bumping side is DISCHARGE SIDE.

On the external unit of the device there is a table in which all the technical data of a specific model of the air conditioner are described in detail. If the measured pressure is an order of magnitude different from the working pressure in the system, then it is necessary to take measures to search and eliminate the leak. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the readings of the device will differ depending on the air temperature in the room and on the street.

We set up the air conditioner before checking

Thus, even one of the listed signs may indicate a lack of refrigerant in the split system, which will be the reason for the call of the specialist. Well, he, in turn, will make the final diagnosis after inspection or verification of the main parameters (pressure and temperature).

Subsequently, we will write an article on how to more accurately determine that the air conditioning is required. It will indicate more complex ways to check the presence of freon.

And I remind you that it is more reasonable to entrust the study of such a situation to specialists.

How to check the operability of the air conditioner before the start of the season

Before the summer season after 6. 7 months of the break, the air conditioner is being checked. You need to do this in the following order:

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  • Open the front panel and inspect the filter. if it was not cleaned before winter, they get it, washed, then dried;
  • Assess the condition of internal details may be required to clean with a vacuum cleaner;
  • close the windows and doors in the room with air conditioning and turn on at the minimum temperature;
  • After 10 minutes, check the thermometer as long as the room cooled. The difference between street temperature and rooms should be at least 8 degrees.

The compressor is checked by putting the hand on the outer device. it vibrates slightly. A weak air flow speaks of a working fan of the internal unit. If the air blows cold, then the air conditioner goes to its operating capacity.

If the parameters are normal, cooling works. you can start operating the device daily.

It happens that after winter the device works unfulfilled. First, they are looking for a problem in internal equipment, then move to the external. To check the air conditioner with your own hands, you need tools, knowledge of the principles of climate technology and the skills of working with split systems. In the absence of one of the conditions, it is better to call the master who will determine the cause of the weakening of power and eliminate the breakdown.

Reservation and vacuuming of the air defense system air conditioning: how to prevent errors? Part 1

At the stages of installation, commissioning and commissioning of refrigeration equipment there are a number of hidden work. Their peculiarity is that the errors made in them do not show themselves immediately. The system will start and will work, but after some time-it can be either a couple of months or 2-3 years-suddenly it will fail, for example, due to a freon leak or a compressor breakdown.

First of all, we are talking about processes such as crimping and vacuuming. They are critical for the reliable and long service of the system. However, it is precisely due to the fact that the consequences are delayed, they often do not apply enough responsibly.

How these works should be completed? What the customer needs to know and what he can do to verify their quality and prevent losses? We have prepared practical instructions for important points that need to be taken into account and controlled.

Today we are talking about the first of these processes. crimping.

The process of crimping

When the track is mounted, it must be checked for tightness. For this, crimping is performed: an excess pressure is created inside the route and measure it after a while. If the tightness of the circuit is disturbed, the pressure in it will fall. Thus, you can find inconspicuous visually microcracks through which the appressive material seeps (in the case of refrigerated systems. gas), and subsequently a refrigerant will be released.

If this process is carried out incorrectly, then you can skip a leak. And after the launch, the system will suddenly turn off due to a drop in pressure.

How to criminal off

Reservation is carried out according to a certain regulation for refrigeration systems. For systems with different refrigerants, it may vary. In general, the sequence of actions looks like this.

  • The circuit is filled with nitrogen. Depending on the volume of the system, this can take from 2-3 to 30 minutes.
  • After this, the system must be given 30-60 minutes to “stand up” so that the gas is evenly distributed.
  • Conduct a control measurement of readings. Its results are fixed, then the manometric station is turned off.
  • After a day, repeated measurements are performed that will show whether there is a drop in pressure.

The last item is especially important. There is a sufficient time between measurements. an average of about a day. to get reliable results. This requirement is often not observed and evidenced after an hour or two to accelerate the process.

How to avoid errors in crimping

When conducting crimping (as well as other works), it is important to comply with the technical requirements and the regulations of the procedures. But, trying to save time and resources, contractors often violate both. As a result, firstly, after a while, the technique suddenly fails. And secondly, it is difficult to find the reasons for the breakdown and responsible for it.

What to pay attention to the customer? The main control points.

Regardless of whether different work is performed by different contractors or specialists from one company. each stage should be transferred with the execution of fixing documents.

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After installation, an act is issued that the system is mounted and ready for pressure testing. The next act is on the adoption of the results of crimping and transferring for vacuuming. It must indicate residual pressure in the circuit.

Subsequently, if problems arise in the system, this will allow you to find the reason faster.

If this is not done, then the customer will only get the finished result, not knowing how the process was going on. If in the future the problems associated with the errors of crimping, he will not have any reason to make a claim. In addition, the presence of the customer in itself will reduce the likelihood of a negligent attitude.

Personal visual control is needed at both stages of crimping. When refueling the circuit, it is necessary to make sure that the procedure is carried out according to measuring devices with the desired level of pressure. When taking the testimony. check if the right time is withstanding, to control the numbers and confirm that the correct data has been entered into the criminal act.

In addition, it is useful to study the regulations in advance, according to which crimping will be carried out. In order not to disassemble the technical documentation and GOSTs, you can ask for an organization responsible for crimping to provide a memo with a brief description of the process and rates of evaluation of indicators.

Freon machines must be crimped by nitrogen of special purity, which has a minimum amount of impurities and does not contain water. Water is detrimental to oil: in the process of friction, alkali forms, which corrodes the compressor winding and leads to the closure of the windings. Plus, water cannot lubricate the compressor cylinders, which leads to jamming.

Now such equipment is available to any serious installation organization, and its use significantly improves the quality of work. Outdated mechanical devices have low accuracy. up to 5 bar, which is not enough to determine pressure indicators. Electronic stations determine it accurate to hundredths of units.

The system should be not only hermetic, but also strong, so as not to break through at high loads. Therefore, in order to check its safety margin, according to the rules, pressure testing is carried out by a pressure of 1.25 from the working. For example, if the maximum pressure in the system is 10 bar, then pressure testing is carried out by 12.5 bar. This guarantees that at the maximum pressure, the pipeline does not burst and the system will not flow.

True, there is a nuance here. If the system has non.standard working pressure (there are already systems with indicators up to 45 bar), then this rule is not always possible. In such cases, you need to focus on the recommendations for crimping from the manufacturer.

Sometimes installation organizations offer to miss the crimping as an independent stage, having carried out the so.called “testing with vacuuming”. It is assumed that if the system holds a vacuum well, this in itself confirms its tightness. However, this is fundamentally wrong.

After stopping the vacuum pump, the pressure in the system will increase due to the gradual evaporation of the gases, which are contained in oil. This process will compensate for the drop in pressure during leakage. Therefore, using vacuuming, it is impossible to assess the tightness of the contour.

Service recommendations

Chiller, like any large and complex equipment, requires constant maintenance and observation.

This allows you to introduce corrective actions that not only prevent the failure of the equipment, but also reduce wear and changes in the system. It should be noted that their record reliability is associated not so much with the perfection of the design as with permanent maintenance and warning repair. Chiller, who receives the same amount of attention and care, will work for 20 years, creating coolness in the premises, as in the first season.

checking, system, check, tight

The use of an ultrasonic lecturer

This is perhaps the most recent way to detect leaks, since such equipment began to be used in this area relatively recently. The principle of operation of such leaks is associated with the detection and fixation of sounds that the human ear cannot even perceive. Actually, they discover them and reinforce to a state that a specialist who is looking for leakage can already recognize them. Naturally, in this version it is desirable to eliminate the impact on the device of other, extraneous sounds.

The most accurate result of the work of the ultrasonic leaks show when the system is under good pressure, especially if you pre.download dry nitrogen, which will leave the components of the equipment through the damaged place much faster than the usual refrigerant.

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