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Change the heater on the Samsung washing machine

How to replace the heater in the washing machine. Samsung, Indesit, LG, Bosh

Washing automatic machines have long turned into an obligatory and even standard attribute, talking about a comfortable human life in modern society. The older generations no longer even think about remembering manual washing.

This is all good, but there are situations in which a washing machine may stop functioning. And these problems are possible. And the most important cause of breakdowns is the breakdown of the heating element, or a tubular electric heater.

We test the detail

As already mentioned, first of all, it is necessary to diagnose the heating element. It is possible that the heater is serviceable, and the water does not reach the desired temperature due to the failure of the control module. To check the heater, you will need a special device-a multimeter, differently-tester.

  • Put the multimeter into the resistance measurement mode;
  • Disconnect the wires from the contacts of the heater and thermostat (thermistor stands right on the heater). It is important to remove the wiring carefully so as not to violate the connection scheme. Before disconnecting the wires, it is recommended to photograph their position so as not to be mistaken during reverse assembly;
  • Put the probe probes to both contact outputs of the heater;
  • Evaluate the performance of the element. If a value of 25-30 Ohms is displayed on the screen of the device, then the verified part is in perfect order.

When “0” or “1” is shown on the multimeter display, it means that the heater has burned down and cannot perform its functions anymore. In such a situation, the replacement of the element is mandatory.

Signs of a malfunction

The fact that the heating device has become unusable may indicate a number of characteristic signs. The first and most obvious should be called the lack of water heating. To make sure of this, just attach a palm to the hatch after half an hour from the beginning of the washing. If the glass is warm, then the device heats the water, and if it is cold, then the heater is faulty.

The second evidence of the breakdown can serve as poorly exhausted underwear with a musty smell. Such a result of washing is obtained only if things were erased in cold water.

Many machines are equipped with a breakdown recognition system. When an error code F19 is displayed on the display, this indicates a breakdown of a tubular electric heater. So the owner of the machine knows exactly what is the cause of the machine malfunction.

Replacing the heater

If a heating fault was revealed as a result of resistance measurements, then the heating element must be replaced at the same power and size. The replacement of the heater in the Samsung washing machine is performed in the following sequence:

  • By unscrewing the small nuts on the heating contacts, it is necessary to remove the wires connected to it, as well as remove the terminals from the temperature sensor.
  • Plafers or end key, weaken the central nut, on which it is then necessary to press with any subject of an elongated form.
  • Shlitsevo toll, the heating element is subsided around the entire perimeter and is carefully removed from the tank.
  • A new heater is installed.

Before installing a new heating element, it must also be checked by a multimeter. In order to simplify the installation, as well as to ensure greater tightness, it is recommended to lubricate the rubber gasket of the heater with engine oil. All operations are performed in the reverse removal order. In this case, the highest quality connection of the wires with the heating element should be ensured. Some models can be equipped with a heater, the power of which can reach 2 kW, so the insufficient contact of the wires brought to the part can lead to their fence.


We have already said that before removing the heater in the Samsung washing machine, it is worth checking. This is fully justified: suddenly the heater will be serviceable, and it will not have to be changed (this happens when malfunctions in an electronic block).

All you need to check is a regular multimer; People know him better like a tester.

  • Set up the tester: select the resistance check mode, set the lowest value (in ox).
  • Remove all wires from contacts and temperature sensor (built into the heater). This work should be neat so as not to cut the wiring.
  • Lean one probe against one contact of the heater, the second to the second.
  • According to the value, you evaluate the situation: if it shows you in the range between 25-30 Ohms, then Ten is a worker. See 0 or 1? You will need to replace the heater in the Samsung washing machine.

How to find a malfunction?

The tubular heater is in the Samsung washing machines on the flange. The fuse is located here. In most models from this manufacturer, Ten should be sought behind the front panel. This location will require significant efforts during disassembly, however, you can replace the part with the refusal of work completely.

Understand that Ten does not work for a number of reasons.

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  • Poor quality of washing when using a high.quality washing tool and when choosing the mode.
  • When washing the glass on the door of the washing unit does not heat up. However, it is necessary to check this only after 20 minutes from the start of the process. It should also be borne in mind that in rinsing mode the machine does not heat the water.
  • During the operation of the washing machine, electricity consumption is significantly reduced. You can check this reason, but in a very difficult way. First, you need to turn off all the electric consumers, except for the washing device. Then you should record the readings of the electric meter until the machine is turned on. At the end of the complete washing cycle, compare them with the resulting values. On average, 1 kW is consumed in one washing. However, if washing was carried out without heating water, then this indicator will be from 200 to 300 watts. Upon receipt of such values, you can safely change the faulty heating element for a new.

Master’s call: repair price and ordering

If it is impossible to replace shock absorbers on their own, it is better to call a master from a company that ensures the repair of washing household appliances. When leaving the application, it is necessary to inform the dispatcher model of the automatic machine, this information is in the passport for the product. If the dampers have already been bought, then this also needs to be mentioned.

change, heater, samsung, washing, machine

(excluding the price of the part).

The duration of the master’s work is on average. up to 1.5 hours, if the along the way did not find problems that also require the attention of a specialist. Upon completion of the work, a test launch of the car is made and a guarantee for the repair is issued.

It is not desirable to call masters on random ads, since there is a risk of getting to scammers. At the same time, you can not get a quality repair at all. It is better to contact a company that deserves trust, which is not the first day in the service market.

change, heater, samsung, washing, machine

Learn more about the repair of Samsung washing machines in this section.

Replacement of details

If you managed to purchase a similar, workable heater for Samsung washing, then it’s time to replace the burned part and put the washing machine again into operation. We take the end key and unscrew the nut that is between the heating contacts. This nut is the main fastener that holds the heater, but besides the nut there is still a spacer inside, so we act like this:

  • unscrew the nut;
  • We take the contacts of the heater and slightly shake it from side to side;
  • We take a small hammer and slightly hit the hairpin with which we twisted the nut;
  • If everything is done correctly, the hairpin will partially fail inside;
  • We take a flat screwdriver and pry the heater as neatly as possible to shift it from the seat;
  • Pull the part for the contacts and pull out the heater out.

! It is necessary to pull the heater for the contacts very carefully and not even because it is a pity for the contacts of the old heating element, but because if you break them off, then close to yourself the process of extracting the burned part.

Having pulled out the old Ten, you can see in what condition it is. Almost certainly the part is covered with a layer of scale, and in some places black spots are visible, which indicate that Ten burned. We take a new heating element, check its resistance and convince of its serviceability. Lubricate its elastic band with a drop of machine oil, and then insert a new part into the tank of Samsung machines. Put in place the temperature sensor, connect the wires to the contacts, and then assemble the washing machine in the reverse order and check its operation.

Concomitant actions

During the long.term operation at the bottom of the Samsung washing machine, a rather large amount of garbage accumulates: pieces of scale, buttons from clothing, pins, knots, coins and other things. Over time, this garbage can negatively affect the operation of the washing machine, so we, changing the heating element, take the opportunity and pull out all the extra from the tank. The fact is that the hole of the heating element is quite large. Through it, you can relatively easily penetrate the tank and get everything unnecessary from there with a stick or fingers.

How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater (Samsung)

Masters advise to facilitate the task of taking a tablespoon, stick it into the hole for the heater and slowly pull out all the garbage from there. Remember, washing tank without garbage is the key to normal operation of the Samsung washing machine, so do not neglect this important concomitant action, even if the replacement of the heating element is a priority task. Good repair!

Master’s call: how to find how much work costs?

With self.doubt, to dismantle and install the heating element, as well as the absence of the necessary skills and tools, you should contact the company providing Samsung washing household repair services. The search for such a company can be carried out on the Internet.

In Moscow (in the regions, the amount may be less). If other problems with the machine that require attention will be found along the way, the price will be higher. After the end of the work, the master issues a guarantee.

If the washing machine is new, and is still under warranty, then in case of breakdown you need to contact the service center that accompanies the Samsung technique. Information about such firms is in the documents for the washing machine.

Appeal to private masters cannot give confidence as the work ongoing. In the case of an unsatisfactory result, it will be impossible to make a claim. In addition, there is a chance to run into scammers and irresponsible performers.

All the most important and useful about repairing Samsung washing machines is in this section of the site.



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