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Car wash with their own hands from a washing machine

Car wash with their own hands. How to make a car wash: tips, recommendations

Washing the car with a rag and a bucket, of course, good, but it’s somewhat outdated method. Have you ever seen at least once, that in such a grandfatherly way they cleaned cars at car washes? If so, then do not go back there again. They clearly save on quality and neglect their employees. So, in this article we will talk about how to make a car wash with their own hands. The thing is very interesting and useful.

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Carwash with their own hands

Cleanliness of the car is not only an aesthetic indicator, but also protects the product from negative environmental factors. Because the stuck and dried up dirt can contain aggressive elements that damage the paintwork. Also long and regular contamination of the body can lead to permanent damage to the metal, up to piercing corrosion on individual elements.

In this case, a regular visit to the car wash or home water procedures saves. But in the second case you need to buy a washing device or make a car wash with your own hands from improvised means. in stores mostly start at 5 thousand. The upper threshold may not stop at 20 thousand. So we’ll do it ourselves.

Design variations

Knowing the peculiarities of the technological process of assembly and completion, it is worth thinking about the design features of the future device:

  • Think in advance about what power supply will be acceptable for you. Choosing fuel, you can not worry about the possibility of transport and movement of the device. If you prefer electricity, you must have constant access to the power supply. Moving the machine freely is unlikely, but spending money on expensive gasoline is out of the question.
  • Before starting work, decide on the operational goals. Compact unit with a long hose is ideal for washing car wheels and house windows. If you aim to use the machine on a production scale, the ability to move it will not be as important, so you can immediately make the sink stationary and provide a connection to the water supply.
  • If you intend to save money, set the automatic water supply. You can afford to save money on water, but do not do it in relation to the elements of construction.

Advantages of homemade equipment

If there is no financial possibility to purchase the device, or there is a desire to assemble the equipment for a pressure washer with your own hands. the instructions below will be of interest to you. Before you do a high-pressure washer, it’s worth knowing the merits of the technique:

  • low financial costs;
  • possibility of modernization;
  • Functionality at the level of production technique;
  • fast production;
  • Operating simplicity;
  • high efficiency;
  • No need for spare parts and extra expenses.

Using the equipment one can effectively, quickly and efficiently wash away contaminants of any degree of complexity. You will be able to clean different surfaces of the car body. Self-made high pressure washer, made and operated with your own hands, excludes damage to treated surfaces. This quality advantageously characterizes the cleaning equipment in the eyes of the user.

Some features

When selecting a pump, be careful, because to use in the creation of a high-pressure miniwasher, you need to consider some characteristics:

  • Performance. minimum 15 l / min.
  • Pressure. 100-200 bar.
  • Quality of parts. in this type of mechanism there should be ceramic pistons, brass cylinder head and volumetric liners.

The electric plunger pump is ideal for all these requirements. Accordingly, the system will be powered from a conventional power outlet with a voltage of 220 volts, the recommended power of the electric motor is 2-3 kW, at a shaft speed. from 1.5, up to 2 thousand revolutions per minute. A few additional condensers provide additional protection for the motor, but you can do without them at your own risk.


Now it will not be superfluous to consider the structure of the sink and understand what constituent elements it consists of. The design of any high pressure washer will consist of 5 main and a mass of auxiliary elements.

If we talk about the basic, we are talking about:

Now we will tell a little more about them. The motor is the basis of the entire construction. Thanks to its presence, it is possible to achieve the pump operation, which can be called stable. The electric variant will be the most common, although there are also standalone solutions. If we talk about self-contained versions, then the fuel for them will be either diesel or gasoline. If we talk about the pumping unit, its main purpose will be to pump water from a special tank or centralized network.

If we are talking about a centralized version, then the sink must be completed with special hoses.

The pump itself is responsible for increasing the pressure. An important criterion for this part is resistance to wear and tear. Here it should be said that this parameter will depend on the material from which it is made. Most often these days it is made of plastic. This option is not of very high quality, because if you use the device for more than 20 minutes, its failure is almost guaranteed. There are solutions made of brass, which will be more reliable.

It should be said that the models on the market, as a rule, are equipped with exactly plastic variants. For this reason, a self-made model can be much more reliable.

The motor fuse is responsible for monitoring the operation of the entire pump. As soon as the water level reaches a critical point, the rotation of the motor becomes impossible. Usually it happens when liquid gets inside, but does not come out because the hose is blocked, and the sink of this type continues to work.

The filter. the main element of protection, which protects the sink from mechanical failure due to ingress of sand or other foreign particles of considerable size through the nozzle.

Parts list

To assemble the simplest mini car wash, we will need:

  • a pump capable of delivering pressure from 3 to 8 atmospheres;
  • a piece of hose about 5 meters long and an inner diameter of 8 millimeters to 1 centimeter
  • an extension cord to the cigarette lighter or power supply;
  • blowing gun;
  • several sturdy clamps.

Suitable pump can be purchased at a specialty store, on the Internet, or at a salvage yard. Not the worst purchase in this case will be a fuel pump from VAZ, which used version can be purchased for about 300-400. For such small money you will get a device that will efficiently pump water with a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres when connected to the onboard power grid or a regular power adapter (charger for the battery) for 12-14 volts.

Any hose will do. The main thing that its internal diameter was in the range from 8 to 10 mm. The simplest model of blowing gun you can buy on the Internet or in a specialized store at a price of 200 to 400. An extension cord to the cigarette lighter, 12 volt car socket or power supply can be made by yourself, bought at a specialized store or ordered online.

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Homemade car wash and its features

We have already figured out that it would be much cheaper to buy all the parts and assemble them yourself and get the ready equipment. But I would like to note that self-made car wash has a number of features. First, its repair is greatly simplified. In particular, it is a question of replacing faulty assemblies. Secondly, you can use any nozzle. If you need to get a concentrated jet, one kind will do, if scattered. another.

Many people make mistakes at the stage of connecting the washer to the central water supply. The fact that the length of the hose should not exceed 7 meters. This will prevent possible pressure jumps. If you neglect this requirement, nothing good will happen. In the case when the mini car wash operates from the tank, you need to choose its volume carefully. It is desirable to take a container of at least 30 liters and equip it with a check valve, so that in the process of work there was an opportunity to pressurize. If you often wash a heavily soiled car at low temperatures, you will need a homemade foam generator for the car wash. You should agree that the sum is not insignificant. It can be made from an ordinary plastic sprayer, which is then connected to the sink.

High pressure washer with your own hands

Many motorists today prefer high-pressure washers when washing a car with an ordinary rag. The fact is that the car wash provides a more gentle cleaning of the paint coating. There is no need to wash the car with a sponge or rag. Directed water jet allows not only to knock out the dust from the body, but also to remove enough strong contaminants. Given the fact that on our roads plenty of dirt at any time of year, we can safely talk about cost savings when using such devices.

Unfortunately, good washers are not cheap. Not all car owners can afford to buy them. Therefore, the creation of a high-pressure washer on their own seems to be quite an interesting option.



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