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Can we remove the towel dryer in the bathroom?


Serial Soviet coils are connected to the main line through a threaded socket or welding. The first method can be disassembled: release, screw on the lock nut up to the stop, use a gas wrench to twist the socket.

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Paint on threads hindering the operation is removed with a metal brush (trowel) or burned with a torch. The thermal method is suitable for overhaul of the bathroom, otherwise the lining is protected with a sheet of asbestos.

The welded knee is cut off with an angle grinder. Do the same with the brackets tacked to the pipes. In order not to damage the finish with flying abrasive, plywood or cardboard is placed between the knee and the wall. The latter is convenient to attach to the tiles with scotch tape.

To change a useless towel dryer, not having updated the mains in the bathroom is irrational. The chromed ladder will serve properly, and the fistulas will appear on the steel riser, supply lines, so think about plastic.

Cut the steel line near the ceiling and floor, a bad idea: the pipes tend to leak in the ceiling. It is better to agree with the neighbors to jointly replace rusty pipes with fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. If the answer is negative leave protruding 100 mm over the slab to fit the threading tool. Sometimes it is necessary to remove tiles to free up space.

If the riser is not touched, as a rule, tend to pick up a towel radiator identical in interaxial dimensions. Under the bent modification of other dimensions will need to transfer incision. Sometimes redo the plastic wiring, then do with scissors for plastic. When cutting off the existing, consider the need to install faucets, jumper.

The causes of failure of the towel radiator

The average service life of a standard towel radiator is about 10 years. In the process of using the equipment, various damages can appear on it, because of which the towel dryer begins to leak. Sometimes minor repairs are enough to fix them. If the leak occurred due to serious damage, then, most likely, it will be necessary to make a complete replacement of the towel dryer riser.

The main causes of towel rail leaks are:

  • Wear on the gasket.
  • The appearance of corrosion on the pipes.
  • Hydraulic shock.
  • Damage of a mechanical nature.
  • Manufacturing defect.

The first thing to do after finding a malfunction is to properly shut off the towel dryer in the bathroom. Otherwise, the water can pour into your neighbors and cause them material damage, which you will have to compensate.

If the installation of equipment in the riser was made in parallel, it will be easy enough to shut off the hot water in the towel dryer. The overlap is made with the help of special taps that are installed on the pipes going to the towel radiator. This way of cutting in the towel radiator allows you to keep circulation in the system of the whole house after the water in the pipes is shut off.

If the damage occurred before the stop tap, it is necessary to block the water in the basement of the house. To do this, it is recommended to contact the housing and communal services, whose employees can carry out these actions and shut off the water in the towel rail specifically in your home.

How to install or replace a towel dryer?

As already reported, such work is quite possible with your own hands, but in this case, the entire responsibility for the quality of the installation will be on you. Connecting the device in apartments is carried out by two methods:

At the height of the heating season to connect to the central CO is extremely difficult, one might even say. impossible.

The connection process consists of the following points:

But this is not all that the owner of the apartment will have to face.

Selection by manufacturer

Considering the most popular firms that produce plumbing equipment, you should pay attention to the brand Arbonia. It is a Swedish-German concern, it began its activity at the end of the century before last, when a small shop was opened at the smithy for making steel pipes.

Today the company produces artful in appearance and quality towel rails. The technical characteristics of the products are suitable for installation in bathrooms, as for other rooms tubular radiators are provided. Another distinguishing feature of the brand is the production of not only water, but also electric coil models. On sale you can also find combined models, which have no analogues among competitors.

The Italian company Margaroli has been producing such equipment for 60 years. During this time, the brand has achieved high quality products, and products are tested in several stages. They are available in a wide variety of designs, ergonomic and multifunctional. Towel rails from this company can fit into any interior. The modern solution of the brand is the production of stationary and portable towel rails.

Zehnder. The German company occupies the first places in the production of functional and ultra-modern towel rails. This position the company has achieved by producing high-quality products, which are supplied to the market in 200 different shapes and sizes.

If you want to buy the best water towel rail of domestic production, you should consider the company Terminus, which specializes in the production of heating equipment. A hobbyhorse of the brand is the fact that in the offered range you can find products made according to different technologies. For example, towel rails can have no welds and be made of high quality pipes.

This company has a lot of towel warmers from stainless steel, which are offered in different designs. These can be U-shaped models, in the form of a shelf or a ladder. The dimensions can be very different, for example, 600 x 400 mm or 496 x 532 mm.

Choose a heated towel rail made of stainless steel for different budgets. The most reasonable price. 875. but on sale you can find more expensive models, such as the cost 8600 In the latter case, we are talking about the coil in the form of a ladder with a shelf.

Removing the air lock

The need to bleed air from the towel dryer emerged as soon as the “ladder” models with several piping schemes appeared. In Soviet times, U- and M-shaped heaters were connected to the heating / hot water system directly, without a bypass, such problems did not arise in principle.

How to fix your towel rail when it stops heating

In versions “ladder” air lock is formed due to the complex configuration of the tubular structure. Therefore, manufacturers equip products with one or two manual air bleeders of the Maevsky design, hidden inside decorative caps.

With a Mayevsky cocks

Without attraction of experts the towel dryer with a Mayevsky crane allows to deflate a heating device as it is necessary.

The equipment belongs to the category of air vents, and has a primitive but effective design:

  • 1/2 or 3/8 inch cylindrical pipe threads are tapped on one side of the brass body;
  • Inside there is a through channel under the threaded adjusting screw with a needle-shaped tip;
  • outflow channel drilled into the side of the plastic swivel insert.

The screw is unscrewed with a flat screwdriver, pressurized air flows out of the system into the air duct whose spatial position (up/down or sideways) can be adjusted with the swivel insert. As soon as air-free water flows into the side channel and the characteristic hiss disappears, the screw is screwed into the working position. The needle closes the hole, the drain stops. details on the bottom

The main advantage of the needle valve of a Maevsky design is its small size combined with the cylindrical shape. The device is easily hidden inside the decorative glasses, screwed on racks of towel dryers of the form of “ladder”.

Manufacturers complete the product with a special key or a round handle to save the user, even from the search for a screwdriver.

In a private cottage with an open circuit heating air does not need to be exhausted, it goes into the tank expander itself. Automatic air vent valves are used for closed systems.

They are installed at the highest point of the system and not the heater, preventing blowing air into the circuit as a whole.

Usually uses a float-type diverter, as in the flush cistern. Only they work on the contrary. in a working condition the float is raised inside the chamber, the aperture is blocked, if the excessive amount of air gets into the chamber the level of liquid in it decreases, the float “dives”, opening the drain channel.

No air vent

If the heated towel rail is a complex shape installed without a Mayevsky faucet initially, to remove the air lock will be a bit more difficult. The general principle of operation is the same. the destruction of system tightness to squeeze the head of water air into the atmosphere. The sequence of operations is as follows:

    finding the threaded joint in the upper point of the system, the riser pipe need not be disconnected;

If you pull the plug without a rag, the water-air mixture splashes around the bathroom uncontrollably, which increases the difficulty of subsequent cleaning, and can lead to damage to furniture, interior parts.

Attention: When choking the system with bottom connection it is necessary to know the direction of flow in the riser pipe and the height of each branch pipe connection. Unscrew the thread of the outlet pipe from the towel dryer, so that the pressure can push the plug to the outside.

Towel dryer types

All towel dryers are divided into three important groups:

The final view combines the functions of the first and second.

Very often the coils in the bathroom are made M-shaped or U-shaped. These devices do not have a high heat output, which is only 0.5 kW. By giving the towel dryers a different look, the manufacturers try to achieve a greater heat output, and that is why in today’s devices it can reach 3 kW.

Scheme of the towel dryer PM-shaped combined with shelves.

Water coils, placed in the bathroom room, act as heating batteries, and therefore they are very often called design radiators. They can be used in any bathroom regardless of its design. Water dryers are made of stainless steel, their surface can be polished, brushed or painted. The range of colors of today’s water towel dryers is varied, and therefore they can be effortlessly selected to match any interior style. In addition to stainless steel in their production is often used ferrous metal, cast iron or with different colors of metal.

Electric towel dryers are great for apartments where the hot water supply is sometimes cut off. Their superiority lies in the fact that there is no need to do plumbing, and therefore you can put them virtually on any wall in the bathroom. Most of today’s models are controlled by a specialized control panel. It is also possible to program them to maintain the set temperature.

The electric coil is also used when there is no possibility to connect the water coil to the existing structure of hot water supply. The electric device makes it possible to heat the room where the bathroom is, without resorting to uncomfortable and also expensive solutions. It should be emphasized that the electrical device can be connected independently without the need for professional assistance. To do this, it is quite thorough to master the enclosed device manual and become familiar with the rules and requirements that apply to the installation of electrical equipment in rooms with eternal high moisture.

Connection diagram of a towel dryer to a hot water or heating system.

As a rule, it is best to use combined towel dryers. When there is hot water in the pipes, they are used as a water heater, and during its shutdown. of the electric.

To find a good towel dryer for your bathroom, you can consult with experts who will choose the best option for a particular case. But regardless of the option of the chosen device, you must not forget about the fact that the towel dryer provides auxiliary comfort, warmth and comfort.

Reasons why pipes must be shut off

Turning off the towel dryer is required for leaks that occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Corrosion,
  • mechanical damage to the device,
  • wear and tear,
  • depressurization,
  • factory defect.

When there are leaks, the water is shut off as quickly as possible. Failure to act in time will lead to flooding of the room, additional costs.

The situation is exacerbated in the absence of the owners of the house, the leak can lead to serious negative consequences.

Important! The device is disconnected when replacing pipes, tiles or installing a new model of towel rail.

Rules of replacement of a towel dryer

If you plan to replace the old towel dryer with a new one, then you need to be properly prepared for such a procedure. In addition, it is very important to follow the step-by-step instructions to avoid serious errors. Also, you should know the basic rules for replacing the towel radiator.


Similar to the heating registers, the towel dryers do not appear in the Technical Inventory Bureau, as they are an engineering part of the building, not an apartment. That is, to move the DC to another wall at any stage of operation, to make out coordination in local authorities (housing inspection) is not required.

On the other hand, it may be necessary to drain the water from the riser. Therefore, the work should be coordinated with the engineering service of the REU, HMO, DEZ, management organization with another name.

In a number of districts of the capital there is a practice of the simplified coordination of transfer of a towel dryer of water type. A representative of the Housing Inspectorate is invited to the apartment immediately after the repairs are completed, and signs an act of alteration.



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