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Can the humidifier be placed on the floor?

Where is the best place in your home to position this humidifier?

Excessively dry air is not only bad for your health. Spoils in an over-dry space:

If the humidity in your home or office is less than 40%, you need a humidifier.

humidifier, placed, floor

There are several types of these devices.


The devices of traditional type work on the principle of cold vaporization. Fans in the casing act as follows:

Classic devices have the following advantages:

  • automatic stop vaporization when humidity reaches a predetermined value;
  • low power consumption;
  • quiet operation;
  • the possibility of filling from the water supply.
  • Water gets dirty very quickly;
  • Dust and dirt pads need to be replaced once every 3 months.

Traditional humidifiers are additionally equipped:

  • gauges the amount of water in the tank;
  • fan speed controllers;
  • ionizers;
  • Antimicrobial filters;
  • hygrometers.

Classic devices provide a moisture level no higher than 60%, do not affect the temperature in the apartment.


Ultrasonic devices are characterized by low noise level, safety, economical power consumption.

Some models are equipped with a remote control.

The disadvantages of ultrasound machines include:

This type of humidifiers do not change the temperature regime in the premises. Therefore they are used in children’s rooms and bedrooms.


The action of the unit is based on boiling water and supply of hot steam into the environment. This way of humidification is used in apartments and houses with low temperature in the cold season.

  • heat the room;
  • They disinfect the air;
  • Automatically turn off when the tank is empty;
  • do not require additional filtration systems;
  • Will not turn on if the lid is not tightly closed;
  • can be used for aromatization, phytoinhalation.

Due to the intensity of the device does not turn on for a long time, humidifiers with hot steam are not recommended for use in children’s rooms.

air washers

Devices with a mechanical disc system atomize water in a fine mist, cleaning and humidifying the air environment.

Models with an expanded set of functions work as climate systems:

  • trap micro-particles of pollutants;
  • destroy odours;
  • ionize the air;
  • suppress germs;
  • neutralize harmful impurities;
  • neutralizes static electricity.

Air washers are good for human health, but can harm houseplants.

Choosing a location for a humidifier

The installation of a humidifier in the apartment becomes necessary with the heating season. The reason for the popularity of such climate technology is the excessive dryness of the air in the rooms. It results in drying out of mucous membranes, which causes coughing, worsens nasal breathing and disturbs sleep, especially in children.

Humidifier location is advisable in places of maximum concentration of radiators, which cause a decrease in humidity.

Children room

Pediatricians argue that putting a humidifier in the room, which is intended for a newborn, an urgent need.

To properly install the device, take into account a number of points:

  • Ultrasonic models are preferable for children. Steam technology can cause burns, especially for young, fidgety kids.
  • The device is located in a place where access is restricted to a child. If it will be a closet, the choice is better to opt for a model with tilt protection and remote control.

Option of turning on the humidifier when no children are in the room. Then you do not need a special place. a stable chair in the center of the room is enough.

The room is a teenager’s technique is better placed away from the desk so as not to damage books, notebooks, computer equipment. A suitable area would be the center of the room.


Proper work of the climatic equipment is possible only if it is placed on the stable flat surface. a bed-side table or a compact table with the height of 50-100 cm. If you place the device below, you can damage the furniture because of insufficient vapor dispersion and puddles around the humidifier.

In the bedroom and children’s room the humidifier often works at night. So when choosing, pay attention to the availability of night mode. Its peculiarity. low noise level.

Kitchen and bathroom

This room, along with the bathroom, hallway are the only rooms where the installation of humidifying equipment makes no sense. The constant contact with water, evaporation helps to maintain optimum performance. Even the opposite, if the room is poorly ventilated, the walls start to get damp. That’s why in the kitchen, bathroom, attention is paid to well-organized ventilation.

An exception is a spacious kitchen with an area of more than 20 square meters or a room in a studio apartment. With this layout humidifying air climate equipment is placed on the side that is not in contact with the stove and sink.

For the bathroom it is acceptable to choose decorative ultrasonic devices with aromatherapy function. The appliance is only switched on during the water treatment.

Living room

Planning to put a humidifier in the room, which combines the dining room, guest, relaxation zone, take into account the nuances of the furniture. When the humidifier works, the steam jet must be directed into an open space. No contact with walls, furniture (hard surfaces over time covered with a persistent scum). Optimal distance to the interior objects. 30 cm.

If there are a lot of room flowers in the living room, the device is located near the green area. Plants like irrigation and moisture, so their vicinity is allowed. The main thing is to ensure good ventilation of the room so that the moist air does not stagnate.

Where to place the humidifier in the room: the choice of optimal location for the device expert advice

Home humidifiers have long been a great way to improve the microclimate in the living room. Humidifiers have been proven to be effective in dry periods such as winter.

But the owners of the devices are often faced with all kinds of problems: then a puddle is formed, then the tables are covered with whitish deposits, then together with a new useful “occupant” in the house settles loud, disturbing sleep, noise.

The choice of location depends on the type of device, the features of the model, the characteristics. Size and capacity depend on the tank volume, this factor determines the best place to put the humidifier. on the floor or table, closer to the middle of the room or in a corner, at what distance from the bed, armchair to rest or work.

Choosing where to place the humidifier in the room also depends on the purpose of installation. whether it will be used permanently or temporarily. If you intend to move it from place to place, in another room, it is better to buy a universal model, the parameters of which can be easily adjusted.

Where to put the humidifier?

Most of the time when we buy a device and put it into operation 🙂 we think about where to put it only in terms of our own preferences and the location of outlets. But it’s not so simple with a humidifier. in order to make it useful and not uncomfortable, you need to be smart about where you place it. So, where to put the humidifier? We’ve put together some simple tips:

Let’s start with the height. Of course, you should not place it on the floor, the minimum height for a humidifier. 50 cm from the floor, but it will be better to place it at a height of one meter. Then all the water vapor will be dispersed in the air, and no puddles around the device will not appear, and the humidification will be more uniform.

The surface under the humidifier should be flat and stable. Tilting the device could interfere with proper operation, and an unstable position causes the device to tip over easily.

When deciding where best to put the humidifier, you need to remember that steam is an aggregate state of water. The distance between the humidifier and the walls or near pieces of furniture other than the one on which it stands must be at least 30 centimeters to prevent moisture from collecting on them.

Choosing the best place to put a humidifier, you need to remember about the steam jet. Steam should not come directly on books, other appliances, or upholstered furniture, as it can ruin them or leave streaks. However, the use of boiled, filtered or distilled water will help to avoid streaks on furniture, but books should not be allowed too much moisture anyway.

The battery and the breezer are not the best neighbors for a humidifier either. The radiator raises the temperature of the air, reducing its relative humidity, and condensation can form on the breezer due to the close connection with the humidifier. When choosing a place for the humidifier, it is better to move at least 30 cm away from inlets and radiators.

If you have children or overly curious pets, put the humidifier out of their reach, such as on a chest of drawers where cats are not allowed or on a shelf high enough for small children. This will be safest for both the appliance itself and those who might accidentally knock it over.

Do not move the humidifier while it is running. Unplug it and only then try it on in different corners of the house. If the humidifier tips over, unplug it and let it dry completely before turning it on again.

We hope that these simple tips, proven by experience, will help you choose the right place for your humidifier and avoid negative experiences. Have a good mood and trouble-free technology!

Can a humidifier do any harm?? All about the device

It is known that a normal level of humidity in living quarters necessary for human well-being should be in the range of 45% to 65%. Humidity is regarded as low humidity below 30% and high humidity above 70%. During the heating season the humidity can drop to 20%, which means most apartments with heating radiators are dry.

Where you can’t put a humidifier

Not all rooms need to be humidified. Humidifiers are needed in places where people spend most of their time.

So, there is no need to put a humidifier in the hallway, bathroom, hallway or toilet. A walk-in closet also does not need a humidifier: it can damage clothes due to high humidity levels.

These places are better served by a ventilation system and an extractor fan: Together with a humidifier they create a good microclimate in the house.

Rules of maintenance of the equipment

All appliances require proper maintenance. Humidifiers are easy to use, easy to install and set up, and the water tank only needs to be dismantled and rinsed daily to function. If you have filters, you need to keep them clean and replace them periodically with new ones. Compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance, specified by the manufacturer in the manual will help the device to last the declared lifetime and prevent the formation of mold and plaque. It is important to perform all cleaning operations only when disconnected from the power supply.

Do not fix the electric device yourself, if you do not have the skills. In case of a breakdown, contact a service technician.

If your home has an aquarium, during the day it evaporates a sufficient volume of water. In case of large tanks, this value can be up to 3 liters per day. The evaporating water adds moisture to the air masses, which makes the aquarium itself act as a humidifier. The purchase of additional equipment in such a case is not required.

What to know about the humidifier before buying?

Air humidifiers are often endowed with almost magical properties. Manufacturers promise immediate improvement in well-being, reduced frequency of respiratory illnesses, positive effects on facial skin, etc.д. We decided to figure out what to install a humidifier for and how to use it to make it beneficial.

It is known that the normal level of humidity in living quarters, which is necessary for human well-being, should be in the range from 45% to 65%. A low humidity level is below 30% and a high one is above 70%. During the heating season, the humidity level in the apartment can drop to 20%, which means that in most apartments, where heating radiators are installed, it is dry.



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