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Can I put parchment in the multicooker?

Place a piece of dough on a sheet of parchment paper. If the dough is very sticky, grease parchment paper with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Cover the pastry with a second sheet of parchment paper (greased if necessary). Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to the desired size and thickness.

Place parchment on the baking tray with the smooth or glossy side up. In some cases, paper sticks to baked goods, but this is not a reason to despair at all. Because there are some easy ways to remove it neatly. If this happened with puff pastry, you need to let it cool.

Shrimp in coconut-ginger marinade with rice

Put all the ingredients except the rice and shrimp in a blender, whip until a smooth sauce. In this sauce marinate the shrimp for 20-30 minutes. Boil the rice according to the instructions on the package.

On two double sheets of parchment, place cooked rice in the middle, place shrimp on top of it, you can pour 1-2 tbsp. л. Drizzle with olive oil. Seal the parchment bags and send them into a heated oven at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.

Baking in the oven

The advent of parchment quickly became widespread because of its versatile use. It can be used not only for home baking, but also for baking poultry, fish, and meat. Some housewives put a sheet of parchment on the pan while frying cutlets. This reduces the consumption of cooking oil and makes it easier to clean up.

parchment, multicooker

Before using parchment for baking in the oven, you must fit it according to the size of the baking dish. If necessary, it can be greased with any cooking fat. It is important to remember that the parchment should be laid with the glossy side up.

It’s hard to find someone who is indifferent to pastries. Cakes, cakes, buns, flavorful muffins, which many people associate with home comfort. Many housewives cook at home products made of dough, but often face the problem of sticking. This issue is easily resolved if you know how to use parchment for baking. Confectioners began to use special paper in the last century, it became especially popular in modern cooking.

Before you start cooking food in foil, turn on the “Preheat” mode for 10 minutes. Carry out further cooking in the “Baking” mode. In addition to directly baking in the bowl of the multicooker, foil can be used for steaming Foil multicooker. the perfect tandem for dietary meals.

Almost any kind of foil is a good idea, e.g. from a chocolate pack. Before using the foil, be sure to oil or margarine. Its shiny side should be directed toward the product, so that it does not stick. It can completely replace parchment paper, especially if you microwave it.

It is not a good idea to put dishes made of copper, cast iron, brass or steel in the microwave. Food will not heat up in this case, because metals will not allow microwaves to pass through, and their heating can cause sparks Do not use cookware made of faora and glass if it has a pattern on it, especially with gold paint.

Is it possible to heat food in a glass jar in the microwave? Yes, but you need to adhere to some rules so that the glass does not crack, the microwave is not damaged and everyone remains happy and full. Glassware is recommended for microwave use, as long as it’s not thin.

How to buy parchment paper for baking and wrapping on Aliexpress: links to catalogs

White and brown parchment paper

Parchment paper is not a scarce commodity. It is available for purchase in conventional and online supermarkets. Such as Aliexpress.

Go to the home page and fill in the search box with the name of the product you are looking for. Or go straight to the special sections:

Older housewives know that parchment paper saves them a lot of time cleaning up after work in the kitchen. But for beginner women, we advise to use this invention and see for yourself how useful it is.

Advantages of the material

Baking paper is an environmentally friendly, natural product. It is not confined to baking; it can also be used for freezing, or for making cold dishes (in which case it serves to preserve the shape of the product).

In baking, parchment is used repeatedly (at least 5 times), and this is a clear economic benefit. There are several kinds of baking paper. they differ in terms of the raw materials used and the quality.

Depending on the raw material used, there are 3 kinds of parchment paper for baking or preparing certain dishes.


Calico is a cheap form of baking material. It cannot be used more than once because the finished material is thin, swells quickly, and spreads out when used. This paper is not actually designed for use in baking; it’s a habit dating back to the days when baking paper was rarely available, and housewives adapted tracing paper, used mainly for making patterns for sewing, for use in cooking.

Flax is a baking material for yeast dough or shortbread. It needs to be coated with oil before baking.


Parchment paper is a special material designed for baking. It looks like wrapping paper, dense, smooth, brown in color. To make parchment paper strong, heat and humidity resistant, it is impregnated with sulfuric acid.

Use parchment repeatedly and do not lose their properties. It absorbs oil and fat very well, so it is good for baking dough with a lot of oil. In this case it is not necessary to oil the parchment additionally. If the dough is low-fat, a thin layer of butter may be used as a safety precaution.

Silicone parchment

Silicone-coated parchment is the most popular baking material. It does not swell from moisture and does not become saturated with fat, so there is no need to grease it. Suitable for absolutely all types of dough, for baking meat and fish dishes. It is the most flame retardant, will not burn or smoke in the oven.

Lay baking paper on a baking sheet and trim it so that it does not touch the sides of the oven. Whether it needs to be greased depends on the type of dough being prepared. Dough with a lot of fat does not need to be greased, but leavened dough needs extra grease, if plain parchment or tracing paper is used for baking.

Salmon with quinoa and asparagus

The ingredients can be changed according to your taste and preference, for example, instead of salmon take any other fish, change quinoa for couscous or rice, asparagus for green beans. This way you will always have different dishes, with different flavors. By the way, in large supermarkets they now sell frozen asparagus at a reasonable price and quite decent in its taste.

Can you put parchment paper in an instant pot?

  • salmon. 2 tbsp;
  • 3/4 cup quinoa;
  • hot water (for quinoa). 375 ml;
  • Asparagus (fresh or frozen). 70 g;
  • green peas (frozen). 70 g;
  • lemon. 1 pc.;
  • dill. 2 tbsp. л.;
  • parsley. 2 tbsp. л.;
  • Olive oil (vegetable). 2 tablespoons. л.;
  • salt. to taste.

Quinoa wash, pour hot water, bring to a boil, cover tightly, lower the heat (less than average) and cook for 15-20 minutes until the liquid is absorbed. Stir in cooked groats, salt to taste. Thawed asparagus and green peas mix with boiled grits. Salt and pepper the fish on both sides.

Put half of the quinoa with asparagus and peas on the parchment and place the fish fillets on top. Pour 1 tbsp of olive oil over the top. л. lemon juice. Sprinkle the fish with the chopped parsley, dill and sprinkle 1 tbsp. л. olive oil. Around the edges of the fish put a couple of slices of lemon. Do the same with the rest of the ingredients. Pack the fish tightly in parchment and bake in a heated oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes.

Rules for using baking paper

But beware of a few caveats. First, the most important thing is to read the instructions, because some manufacturers expressly forbid the use of foil, since it can provoke a breakage. But if this is not specified, you should handle the bowl carefully, as pieces of foil can easily damage it.

Parchment paper, or baking paper, is one of the commonly used attributes in the kitchen. Quality cellulose is used for making parchment, so we can say with confidence that it does not provide harm to the human body, even when exposed to high temperatures.

Bake on parchment possible without adding oil, without fear that the dish will stick. But if you want it to turn out ruddy and crusty, you can’t do without fat.

Parchment will be very necessary for easy removal of the baked goods. To do this, cut two strips, grease the bottom with vegetable oil and place the strips on it in the shape of a cross. Once cooked, the strips remain on both sides, so the baked goods will be easy to remove. Remember that the parchment must be laid with the glossy side up.



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