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Can I freeze zucchini in the freezer

Popular ways to freeze zucchini for the winter

If you have a freezer, use it to store your harvested crops. For example, zucchini can freeze for up to a year or more if you prepare them properly. There are several ways to freeze fresh zucchini in the freezer, they are not complicated, and help determine the choice of recommendations from experienced hostesses with photos and videos.

Freezing zucchinis for the winter at home: making vegetable “dough” and “just warm up” options

It’s hard to imagine a summer menu without zucchini. This product has firmly entered the diet as part of puffy fritters, delicious soup, hearty stew. You can only dream of such a menu in winter. Although, if you are clever and hoarding, no one will prevent you from enjoying zucchini dishes on snowy evenings. It is only necessary to figure out how to freeze zucchini for the winter, and do not forget to put the vegetables in the freezer in the summer.

Zucchini is one of the most undemanding fruits. It combines harmoniously with any products, can be the basis for both spicy spicy dishes and sweets. But when it comes to freezing, zucchini “requires” a few rules. Otherwise, the preparation risks turning into a rigid “shoe” or mush.

Do they need to be blanched?

Cookbooks recommend blanching before freezing. But you can skip this procedure. First of all, zucchini contains a lot of water. Second, with a neutral flavor that requires no additional preparation.

Blanching zucchini is carried out as follows.

Prepared fruit drop them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

Then cool quickly in cold water.

Place on a baking tray lined with kitchen towels or paper. Leave it to soak up excess moisture and let the zucchini dry out.

Pack it in bags and put it in the freezer.

How to freeze zucchini for the winter fresh and roasted: proven ways to freeze

How to properly freeze zucchinis for the winter at home in the freezer let’s talk about this in our article. One of the best options for preserving for the winter is freezing. This process saves time, space in the pantry, and, very importantly, allows you to maximize the preservation of useful substances in vegetables.

Zucchini is a low-calorie and dietary vegetable. It is well absorbed in the body and beneficial. It has various elements in its composition:

The medicinal properties of zucchini are recommended for use with:

The pulp stimulates the motor functions of the stomach and intestines. For zucchinis to be well preserved and not lose their properties, they must be properly frozen.

If the quantity of food to be frozen is small, the zucchini circles can be placed in layers on a dish, wrapped in clingfilm. For large amounts of zucchini, it is better to use the methods described below.

Can zucchinis be frozen?

Freezing healthy foods does not always work. For example, green lettuce is not known to be frozen in its whole form, because after defrosting it completely loses structure and looks unattractive in salads. But as for zucchinis, then there are no prohibitions. After thawing, the vegetable retains many nutrients, vitamins and taste! Such zucchinis are suitable for preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Zucchinis for freezing for the winter can be taken at any age, although the younger they are, the better. The skin should be of normal color, dense but not hard, because the flesh of such zucchinis is rough and does not keep well when frozen. Be sure to make sure that the vegetable is healthy, without rottenness or serious damage.

Frozen zucchini keep for about 9 months. If stored longer, the taste and color of the vegetable can begin to deteriorate. And in general, experts recommend using frozen zucchini on their own in the coming winter, and next year make new preparations in the freezer.

For freezing take only fresh zucchini, those with elastic flesh and dense skin

freeze, zucchini, freezer

How to freeze zucchinis correctly and for a long time? The ideal zucchini for freezing are

It is possible to live without fresh zucchini in winter. But is it worth it to deny yourself the pleasure? After all, you can freeze your favorite summer vegetable in any modern refrigerator. And in winter you can cook tasty dishes with almost fresh zucchini and show off to your friends. in general. Read it and write it down. How to freeze zucchini. To preserve their flavor. form and part of the usefulness. The most convenient ways to freeze zucchini for winter

General rules for freezing zucchinis for long term storage

Zucchinis with thin, tender skins are ideal for freezing. Dense juicy flesh and hardly perceptible seeds. From old vegetables it is better to make zucchini caviar or marinate them in slices.

So that after freezing and then thawing zucchini do not turn into an indigestible mass of something remotely resembling the sole of an old shoe. You should remove as much natural enzymes and liquid as possible from vegetables by any available means. It is these “capricious” substances at extreme temperatures that make vegetables (not just zucchini) tough. Tasteless and almost inedible. There are several “miracle” ways to eliminate the “side” effects of freezing zucchini. Blanching. filling with salt. We will definitely talk about them below.

The second unwritten rule for freezing zucchini for the winter is to remove as much air as possible from the freezing bags. So the vegetables can be stored for longer. It is impossible to expel the air from the containers without a special device. That is why it is preferable to use plastic bags. They take up less space. and after use, you can throw them away with no regrets.

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How to FREEZE ZUCCHINI and SQUASH | NO Blanching | 2020

To preserve maximum flavor and vitamins of zucchini. preferably submit it stress freezing. That is, immediately placed in a chamber with the lowest possible temperatures. If your fridge (freezer) has a compartment for quick freezing (“Super Freeze”, “Fast Freeze“), put the packed pieces of eggplant right there. And then you can transfer them to the normal compartment of the freezer.

Grated zucchini

Grated zucchini is useful for making fritters, puree soups, baby food. Algorithm of freezing the mass of grated zucchini:

  • Fruits are washed.
  • Remove the stalk and the flower’s attachment point.
  • From large vegetables remove the mature seeds, remove the skin.
  • Grate the slices on a grater (the size of the holes are chosen, focusing on the further use of the preparation).
  • The mass is squeezed, salted to taste, spices, placed in a plastic container, plastic bag.
  • The packaged mass is placed in the freezer.

Zucchini is a hypoallergenic, low-calorie product that has positive effects on many of our organs. Eat zucchinis in different forms and in quite large quantities during the summer, when they appear in the garden. Well, when the cold weather comes, we have to do without these vegetables, as their season ends.

Fortunately, there is a way to get the vitamins in zucchini even in winter. It is frozen. The peculiarities of freezing zucchini will be discussed in this article. A few recipes will be given as examples.

Is it possible to freeze zucchini in the freezer for a child. Freezing methods

You can freeze home zucchini for the winter in different ways: fresh and roasted. Let’s consider the main.

In circles

This method is suitable for lovers of fried zucchini and casseroles.

Before the final freezing, they should be pre-prepared: cover a board with plastic wrap, lay out the rings 1-1.5 cm thick. Put them in the freezer until they are frozen.

This is done to preserve the shape of the circles, so they do not freeze to each other and break.

Take out, pack in bags or containers, put back in until ready to cook.


Diced freezing is convenient to use

This method is convenient to use in winter for soup and stew.

Cut zucchini into cubes (1-2 cm). Before spreading into bags, blot the sap that comes out on the slices with a paper towel.

Pack a little bit at a time (in portions that will be enough for one time). You can put them in bags, tying them tightly, or in containers, closing them with lids. Put in freezer.

There should be no air left in the bags. Spread the bags flat. this ensures a quick cold snap.


This method of freezing zucchini requires the use of a medium grater. Grate them, drain off the liquid that has come out, distribute them in a container and put them in the chamber.

Can be mixed with grated carrots. you get a ready mass for vegetable pancakes.

With rice

In combination with the fiber of zucchini rice is able to provide the body with energy.



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