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Can I bring my hair dryer on an airplane?

Household appliances in air transport: the best way to go?

Optimal when it comes to expensive and small equipment. The most often carried in your hand luggage are: cameras, laptops and tablets, grass trimmers, electric toothbrushes, hair dryers and tongs. And phones, of course.

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  • A laptop computer, camera, or other equipment you are likely to be asked to put on the security belt separately, outside the bag. You may be asked to turn it on.
  • The size and weight of the equipment must fit within your hand luggage allowance. In most cases it is 5 kg in weight and 55 x 40 x 20 cm in size.
  • Low-cost airlines may charge extra for carrying a laptop in hand luggage.

What will be prohibited for carriage in hand luggage??

Equipment with knives and blades. Kitchen combines, blenders, electric meat grinders, manicure sets and the like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Its battery is potentially explosive.

A very controversial thing. iron. In terms of its appearance, it fits into the list of items allowed to be carried in your hand luggage. But in fact tourists have more than once encountered at airports the requirement to put the iron in their luggage. There are quite a few reports about it on travel forums. Iron. a heavy object that can be used for assault. Security service reasoning.

What is allowed to be carried in your hand luggage?

A travel iron can be carried in your hand luggage. it is small, does not have any piercing and cutting parts. As a clothes steamer. it’s allowed to take.

An electric toothbrush. feel free to put it down.

Electric hair dryer and razor. non-hazardous items, their carriage is allowed by the rules.

A hair dryer, hair straightener, electric curling iron on an airplane can be in the luggage compartment as well as in the passenger cabin.

BUT BE CAREFUL: all battery-operated products must be completely turned off and placed in their cases.

Transportation of walkie-talkies in an airplane has its own specifics. According to the law, you may carry radio sets in your hand luggage. But only if it does not use any special frequencies (aviation, military, etc.). And only if they are disassembled: the radio should be turned off, the antenna unscrewed and placed in a separate bag, the battery. similarly.

Radios operating on special frequencies are permitted for carriage only by prior approval of security service of the airport of departure.

CCTV systems, cameras may be safely transported in the passenger cabin of an aircraft if their dimensions (package dimensions) conform to the airline norms. Otherwise. agree the transportation in advance with the carrier.

Electric construction tools are only permitted for carriage in hand baggage if they have no sharp-tipped parts. Batteries must be removed and packaged separately. Laser level, spirit level can be taken into the cabin.

Airlines allow the carriage of cosmetics in hand luggage, except for certain items, classified as highly hazardous.

Basic rules for carrying cosmetics in hand baggage:

  • Make-up may be taken in any quantity up to the following limits Standards for weight or dimensions, approved by the carrier rules for hand luggage of passengers.
  • Liquid make-up may be taken in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. One passenger may carry 1 liter of liquids in the cabin baggage.
  • All cosmetics must be packed in a thick plastic bag or a special cosmetic bag.
  • Containers of liquid products must indicate the nominal volume.
  • Airlines do not allow carrying containers of liquid cosmetic compositions in bottles and jars of more than 100 ml in the cabin, even if they are only half- or half-full. The volume indicated on the product label will be taken into account.

Liquids include toiletries, creams, tonics, lotions, lip balms, deodorants, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, toothpaste, and mascara and eyeliners. Read more about how to carry liquids in your hand luggage and airplane baggage here.

What you can’t take in the cabin

You may not carry in your hand luggage as hand luggage potentially dangerous products and liquid cosmetics in bottles and jars of more than 100 ml.

What you cannot take in your hand luggage:

  • Manicure kit (contains bladed objects).
  • Deodorant sprays and hairsprays (the interior contents are pressurized).
  • Acetone for nail polish remover (flammable).

All of the above items can be carried in your checked baggage. Hairsprays, aerosols, deodorant sprays and other preparations in a pressurized container must be shipped tightly closed.

You can transport cosmetics in containers up to 0 liters in your checked baggage.5 liters (only 2 liters per person). You can also read about can you take on board deodorant, spray, aerosol.

What happens in case of violations

Before boarding all passengers without exception go through preflight security check, during which any irregularities concerning carrying of certain items in hand luggage will be revealed.

If containers of cosmetics exceeding 100 ml are found in a passenger’s travel bag, he/she will be obliged to transfer these compounds into general luggage. If a passenger travels without a suitcase, or if the weight is already at the maximum limit, the product must be thrown out or sent to the airport luggage room for a fee.

Similar requirements will be imposed to the passengers found in the hand luggage potentially dangerous cosmetics and accessories.

May I take my hair dryer as hand baggage on board?

In today’s world, flying on a plane is quite common. Although questions about luggage still worry many travelers. After all, there are things that you just need to take with you for a variety of reasons. One of the most frequently asked questions touches on the possibility of taking a hair dryer with you.

Due to the unstable political and social situation, many airlines tighten luggage rules and make changes several times a year. In order not to encounter unexpected troubles at the checkpoint and avoid problems, it is best to find out all the details in advance.

Ways to transport luggage on board

Such household appliances, and especially if they are expensive, it is best to put them in a backpack and carry them with you in the cabin. According to the rules of transportation of the Ministry of Transport, passengers can carry as hand luggage:

Can you bring a hairdryer on a plane?

  • any food, except liquids and jelly products;
  • medicines;
  • Digital and home appliances;
  • valuables, jewelry, documents;
  • cosmetics;
  • items of personal hygiene;
  • Clothes and accessories.

Since a hair dryer is specifically for household appliances, it may be taken into the cabin as carry-on baggage. You may also take curling irons or hair irons as hand luggage. It is also not forbidden to carry in the salon electric toothbrushes, razors, epilators, etc.

The only thing you should take care about, putting such things in a backpack, is that its weight and dimensions do not exceed the allowable parameters. Each company has its own rules in this regard. For example, Aeroflot allows the transportation of hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg and with dimensions of 55x40x25 cm.

May I take a hairdryer and electrical appliances as hand luggage and airplane baggage?

Travelers quite often face the problem of changing hand luggage and baggage rules, but these days, all information can easily be found out in advance. Comfort and impressions of the trip directly depend on a properly assembled suitcase. In this article we will consider what are the ways of transportation of household appliances on the plane, how to choose the appropriate in a given case, recommendations for packaging.

What items you can take as hand luggage

Of course, it will be easier if you make a special list beforehand, which includes items of use. These may include:

  • Gadgets. This category refers to all appliances that have a compact appearance. Specifically: phones, laptops and camcorders.
  • Products. It is also not forbidden to carry dry food with you. All items of liquid consistency should be processed into a secure material. It is good if you take a variety of nuts, cookies, candy.
  • It is possible to carry drinks. But here the limits (milliliters) have to be taken into account and are negotiated directly at the airport.
  • Medicines. In this aspect, it should be noted that it is allowed to take any means in a solid package. But the rule for liquids is that 100 ml is the maximum allowed.
  • Hygiene products. It’s worth mentioning the ban on items with inherent pressure (deodorant). often than not, people buy wipes, toothpaste and other.
  • Cosmetics. This is not an unimportant item for some people. All things should be packed in clear plastic packaging. If they are in liquid form. again, the aforementioned limit of 100 ml.
  • Leisure. It can be magazines, books, newspapers. The main thing. safe products, without sharp edges.
  • Coordinate your shipment with the airline and find out the packaging requirements;
  • In addition to your passport and ticket, take: 1) permission to keep and bear arms, 2) if you fly abroad. permission to export arms from Russia, 3) along with a hunting knife take a hunting ticket;
  • Arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure;
  • At the airport check-in or at check-in tell them you are bringing a gun. You will be sent to security or the gun room. Show your documents and give them to the weapon, they will seal it and take it to the plane, and you will be given a paper by which you get everything back on arrival;
  • You may not carry powder, live ammunition, gas shells, hunting capsules or ammunition for hunting in the hold. All imitation weapons. including toy guns. are prohibited in carry-on luggage.

Your carry-on baggage may include one pack of matches and a disposable gas lighter.

Petrol lighter: not allowed in hand luggage, occasionally allowed in luggage without gasoline, but better left at home. Gas turbo lighters, lighter fluid and gas are not allowed on planes.

Gas cans for travel torches, self-defense cans, gunpowder, fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, mercury, antifreeze, brake fluid cannot be carried in your hand baggage or luggage.

What you can take with you in your hand luggage?

Packing for a trip is very pleasant but hectic. What to take with you in hand luggage, not exceeding the weight limit, but make sure you don’t forget anything? You can read about baggage rules and restrictions of this service by IrAero Airlines in special sections, and also take advantage of our useful tips.

That’s the most important thing. Your passport, tickets, hotel reservation, insurance, medical documentation, etc.д. It is always better to keep. Then, in case of baggage loss (though such cases are extremely rare at IrAero) or flight delay you will not be left unprotected.

Tip: It is useful to have copies of all documents in your phone, flash drive or other electronic devices, just in case. You will need them very much in case of loss or damage of the originals.

Speaking of damage: documents in paper form should be kept only in special folders. Then they will not get crumpled and dirty.

Of course, you can’t do without material support today. Carry only liquid medications in your hand luggage. Both cash and bank cards.

Tip: To protect yourself in case your card is lost or stolen in an unfamiliar city, have several cards and accounts at different banks. Allocate money between accounts. And those who are particularly worried about carrying large sums of money should keep the funds in accounts rather than on cards. Then, through the online bank you can transfer money to the card just before you cash it out. In this case, if the card is stolen, it will simply be empty, because all the money will be stored in your account.

Drops, sprays and other liquid medications may be taken on board, but no more than 100 ml. Exception. Liquid medications necessary for life (a doctor’s note is required in this situation). Solid medications are transported without restrictions.

Tip: during descent and ascent many people get a stuffy ear. Vasoconstrictor drops help against this unpleasant sensation.

As for the first aid kit in general, experienced travelers are used to dividing it into two parts. Hand luggage is taken only for the most necessary things during the flight, and the luggage can be taken as medicine, which each of us takes on a long journey “just in case”.

It all depends on the time of flight. We always offer delicious and fresh meals on board, but if you have some special dietary preferences, you may also take some snacks with you But the candy prefer to take with them almost all: they, again, help to cope with the congestion of the ears in flight.

Tip: It is convenient to take onboard chocolates, nut mixes in packages, dried fruits and non-sweetened fruits. If you take sandwiches or other homemade food, store it in a container and take care of its selection in advance: do not take perishable products. Remember that yoghurt, butter, jam, sauce, cottage cheese, sour cream, jam, cream soup, pâté and honey are among the liquid and gel products forbidden for carriage on board.

Electronic devices are an integral part of our lives. In your hand luggage you carry comfortable equipment: cameras, notebooks, tablets and telephones. Technology can not be used on board only during take-off and landing, for the rest of the time passengers enjoy reading e-books, watching movies, reviewing travel photos, etc.д.

Tip: Take care of the comfort of your flight in advance. Remember that there is no Wi-Fi zone on board of IrAero yet. Recharge your gadgets, load your laptop computer, phone or tablet with films and games you prefer. And don’t forget your headphones: your neighbors might not be very interested in what you’re listening to or watching on your gadget while in flight.

In addition, it is advisable to keep all gadgets in their cases and together with the charger. This makes it easier for you not to lose anything on your trip.

Many people like to sleep on flights. Plaids are limited on board, so if you are very afraid of getting cold, take a wrap in your hand luggage or simply dress warmer. A sleep mask and a pillow allow you to lose yourself in the comfort of your own bed.

Tip: If you know for sure that you will need Plaid on your flight, just tell the flight attendant when you get on the plane. They may not bring you a blanket right away, but after takeoff they certainly do. A pillow can be any jacket or the same shawl, folded several times.

This point mainly applies to women. On a short flight, it is a good idea to bring wet wipes, moisturising cream and lip balm. If the flight is long and overnight, you may need makeup remover wipes, makeup, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

Tip: you can divide your personal hygiene products into two parts just like a first aid kit. Take only the essentials on the plane, you can leave the rest in your suitcase. And don’t forget that you can only take 100 ml of liquids on board! So expensive perfume and eau de toilette should be packed tightly beforehand and left in your luggage, so you don’t have to get upset at the airport.



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