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Cake bash nintendo switch. Cake Bash Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Cake Bash

Take control of your favorite pastry and compete in quirky mini games inside a cake shop.

In “Cake Bash” you are a muffin, a donut or a piece of cake and you need to compete against up to 3 other people in various mini games. You run around, collect sweets, throw objects and beat up your opponents. Rounds are relatively short and there are only a few small hints in advance, so you often have to react spontaneously. However, that’s what makes it fun.

At the end of each mini game, a winner is chosen. You will receive coins from your ranking, which you can spend on buying decorations such as chocolate drops. Bonus points are awarded for 3 matching decorations. At the end of the game, the tastiest cake wins. Besides the tournament mode, all minigames can also be selected individually.

“Cake Bash” is a mini game collection that reminds us of “Mario Party”, but it contains a lot more virtual sugar. It’s a nice little party game with charming visuals. The game is not particularly complex, which makes it suitable for children.

Supported Platforms

This game may be available on other platforms. Please check out the official website for “Cake Bash”, if your preferred platform isn’t listed. Your Linux distribution may support this game through Steam Play.

Supported Input Devices

Most couch co-op games require one gamepad per player (DualShock 4, DualSense, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller etc.), but sometimes you can share gamepads (PS5, Xbox Series X/S), use a single Joy Con (Switch) or let at least one person utilize a keyboard (PC). Please note: We can’t guarantee that your specific setup works with “Cake Bash”.

Multiplayer Options

Remote Play Together (Steam) and SharePlay (PSN) allow you to share local multiplayer games with friends over the internet. Only the host needs to own the game. Remote Play Together is free. SharePlay requires a paid PSN subscription and is limited to 60 minutes per session and a maximum of 2 players.

Download “Cake Bash”

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Cake Bash Out Now on Nintendo Switch

We are so excited to share today that the bakery is now open on Nintendo Switch. You can now purchase the full game across all regions on Nintendo Switch!

About Cake Bash

Fight to be the tastiest cake in Cake Bash! A frantic four-player party game where adorable drawn-to-life cakes beat the crumbs out of each other.

Pick your favourite cake and battle in a variety of lifelike arenas with unique goals – cover yourself in sweeties or hurl fruit into a pie, there’s plenty for everyone!

To cool down, try an assortment of minigame treats – roast perfect marshmallows, pipe the finest frosting, or be the last flan standing in Fork Knife.

Cake Bash Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Cake Bash on Nintendo Switch, we’re giving away a one of a kind Fancy plush!

If you have any questions about our Cake Bash, please send us a message on social media.

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Cake Bash Review for Nintendo Switch

Local multiplayer party games are not exactly new to the Nintendo Switch operating system, and it is slowly becoming my home of the genre. Mario Party Obvious, but like games Over-cooked And Moving out Feel at home with the switch. Cake Bash Joining that list, it offers another incredibly fun party game with a unique visual twist. This is not exactly a revolution, though Cake BashThe contrasting mini-games and beautiful visual makeup stand alone as another pillar of my party sports library.

The prototype is very simple – just select your cake type and pick up three buns in the local party game mode. There are a wide variety of cakes to choose from: delicious cupcakes, iced donuts, chocolate muffins and more. Each cake type has a choice of variations, which will open by completing some challenges in the main modes of the game. The unlock system adds a little depth to the improvement, which provides a reason to continue cake-bashing throughout the day.

Baking Decorating

The main “Get Tasty” mode acts as a promotional option for the game. It’s still multiplayer, but here you will play several round mini-games with the ultimate goal of creating the most decorative cake. Using the coins you earned during the mini game rounds, the shape will decorate two rounds and one round cake. This is repeated in three stages until the final winner is decided, and players can vote on which method and environment to play in each round. This is an ideal form where the rounds flow well and the tension increases as the final rounds exit. I like that there should be more than two options for each voting round, but generally voting ability is a welcome addition.

Then there is the “Recipe” mode, Cake BashFree Game Option. Here, choose your cake, your game mode and decide in which arena you want to fight from those who are unlocked in Get Tasty mode. This is a solid option for jumping quickly into your favorite mini game, but the way they open up is somewhat unclear. Since I have been collecting, the modes and levels will open in recipe mode as soon as you play them in Get Tasty mode. However, the mini-game choices in Get Tasty mode are random, meaning you have no real control over what you open. During my game time, I would run the same two or three modes and levels over and over again. Although Get Tasty was a blast, the recipe mode was flat as I had to grind the campaign to unlock enough options.

By Campfire

Of the modes I played and opened, most of them were the most fun. I really enjoyed the mini games that allow each player to FOCUS on their own work against the clock. For example, a campfire asks you to complete a marshmallow by putting it on a fire long before it burns. You are against three enemies, but focusing on your own work prevents things from getting too messy.

Speaking of which, some more live combat methods have become a little more exciting. For mini-games like Cookie Bash, you have to break the lucky cookies to get points and quickly get involved in all-out boxing matches. While this may seem like fun in theory, these methods can cause the cake on your screen to lose trace and turn them into button mash-y affairs. I would say that it helps somewhat by playing in chopped mode, where extra screen real estate can be very beneficial.

Beyond these two main playlists, it’s about creating your collection. You can check your overall game progress and what you have and it is not open. Again, it’s not explicitly explained how you open more mini-games, but the cake skin opening. Usually, you only need to perform one specific mini-game task, such as toasting three perfect marshmallows in a single campfire match. These challenges support the cake-bashing experience, but they will extend the life of all mini-games once you play them. Cake Bash To provide.

In the multiplayer mess

It goes without saying Cake Bash Plays better in multiplayer. Otherwise the game will be filled with bots automatically, but the only way to go is to fight it against your friends. I tried online matchmaking, but with no pre-release competition, I think it will be hard even after the launch. Cross-drama would be a good choice to turn online into a worthy feature in the future, but there are no current plans for it. Fortunately, private online lobbies are also easy to set up if you want to play with your friends remotely.

Cake Bash In a sweet and tasty all-out multiplayer mess, albeit a little shallow. There are enough variants for you to play mini-games, especially in Get Tasty mode. However, we like that the opening of the mini-games and levels in Recipe mode should be set very clearly. Things can be a little hectic and confusing on the handheld display of the Nintendo Switch, and the chopped game is definitely desirable. If you are after another frenetic and fun co-op game, Cake Bash A The best addition To your switch library.

See also Nintendo Switch. The Hori Split Pad Pro has been expanded to include adapters for use in ntower’s TV mode.

Release Date: November 19, 2020

Number of players: 1-4 players

Category: Party

Publisher: Coding Software

cake, bash, nintendo, switch

Developer: High Tea Frog

The review code was provided by the publisher.

“Avid writer. Subtly charming alcohol fanatic. Total junkie. Coffee enthusiast. Proud gamer. Web aficionado. Music advocate. Zombie lover. Reader.”

Cake Bash Trophy Guide

Game: Cake BashPeripherals: –Time to 100%: 3 – 5 hoursTrophies: 0. 0. 1. 19 Difficulty: 2/10Missable trophies: Yes, replay any opened game modeAuthor: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Cake Bash. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the Playstation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play “Get Tasty” Matches.

The main game mode is Get Tasty. These are 18-20 minute matches that you can play all solo, couch/local coop 2-4 players, and/or online matchmaking. The main objective of the Get Tasty matches are to make 1 of 4 particular cakes (Toppings that are: Creatures, Chocolate, Gummy, or Fancy Cake), decorated by buying toppings in the Topping Shopping. Each full playthrough of a Get Tasty match consists of: 5 Bash games, 4 Snack games, and 4 Topping Shopping chances. As you play through multiple times of the Get Tasty games, you will unlock all 5 of the Cake Bash games, 5 Places, and 8 Snack games. Once a Bash game, Place, and Snack game is unlocked, you can replay them in Recipe section of the main menu.

-If you are trying to unlock a certain set of Toppings in Get Tasty, you can skip cutscenes by pausing the game at the start, look to the left to see the main objective as it will tell you what Toppings you will be playing to earn.

-In any unlocked Snack game, you can restart any game if you know that you have not met the objective that you are trying to achieve. The game will notify you in the top right corner when an objective has been obtained before the trophy will pop.

-When you play a game, you will Pick-a-Cake (your character known as a Flavour). There are 7 types of Flavours to choose from at the start of the game. There are 4 of the total 6 variations of costumes unlocked at the start. The 2 other variations for each Flavours type of character. As you progress further into the game and complete trophy requirements, you will unlock all of these. In your Collection menuFlavours, you can check the requirements for the ones you need to unlock.

Collection: Flavours (Characters)

Using the above picture, the first row of characters are all given to you as soon as you first play the game. The next two rows are the variations that you need to earn.

Column 1 under Cassie:– Icie: Stack 10 ice cream scoops in Neapolitan – Casicorn: Complete 5 full matches of Get Tasty

Column 2 under Slice:– Spaice: Play 3 matches at the Birthday – Stripes: Complete the Toppings section of the Collection Menu

Column 3 under Fancy:– Yaarcy: Play 3 matches on the Beach– Dancey: Achieve 5 perfect shots in a single match of Bakewell Ballet

cake, bash, nintendo, switch

Column 4 under Clair:– Clairapillar: Catch 3 masked pieces of cake in a single match of Caterpillar– Clairoyal: Collect all 8 of the Fancy Toppings in the Collection Menu

Column 5 under Ringo:– Ringeaux: Win a match of Fondue or Die without skewering anything gross– Ringowal: Collect all 8 of the Creature Toppings in your Collection Menu

Column 6 under Chip:-Dip: Toast 3 or more perfect marshmallows in a single match of Campfire-Pip: Score 3 golden fruits in a single match of Fruity Pie

Column 7 under Minni:-Buzzi: Bash 8 or more wasps in a row in Wasp Attack (Swat game)-Gummi: Collect all 8 of the Gummy Toppings in the Collection Menu

-Your Collection menu also has 32 Toppings to collect. These are bought during the Topping Shopping of Get Tasty. The categories are: Creatures, Chocolate, Gummy, and Fancy Cakes. Use your money that you earn to buy items on the main display table. There are random items in the bubblegum machine for 2 coins. There is a 50/50 chance that you may buy good items or bad items. The bad items will negatively affect your final score if you do not pay 2 coins to throw them in the garbage on the far left. You will want to buy at least 3 of a certain item over the 4 Topping Shopping chances. Three items are 4 coins each and 1 is 6 coins. You will get a point bonus for having multiples of 3 of a certain item (50 points). Buying 3 of the 6 coin item will give an even higher bonus (100 points). In order to earn all trophies you will have to eventually buy all items at least 3 times in one match of Get Tasty.

~ When given the choice to vote for a Snack game or Place, choose any that you have not unlocked, this will permanently allow you to play/visit them under the Recipe (replay game from main menu). Also, if you are playing solo against BOTS, your vote will determine where and what you play every time, it ignores the BOTS’ votes.

~ After unlocking all the Places and Snack games, you may still need to earn Toppings and Flavours. You can see at the start of a Get Tasty which of the 4 Toppings you will be earning. If you do NOT need to earn any of these Toppings, then restart Get Tasty until you get the one needed. See the pictures below.

A suggested order for unlocking the trophies are:

Out of the OvenRisk CakerTopaholicDoughing For GoldSeafood CocktailOne Punch FlanThe Chosen BunThe Big ScoopHot CakesWeird CustomerChewy CustomerDavy Jones’ ChoccerFondue or DieWaspinatorCatcherpillarFancy CustomerCustomer Service AwardSpace CakeSwan BakeConfectionist

Stage 2 – Replay any Unlocked Games

After playing Get Tasty enough times, you will have unlocked all the Places and Snack games. In the main menu you can select to replay any particular game mode that is specifically tied to a trophy. See Stage 1 Tips and specific trophy descriptions below.


ConfectionistCompletely fill your Collection Menu

In the main menu, you will see your Progress displayed under Collection. After unlocking all the Places, Snacks, Flavours, and Toppings, you will have a completed Collection Menu. Under each of the mentioned items, you can check the ones that you have or have not collected. For the Flavours when you highlight one that you have not earned yet, it will state the criteria to be done to earn it. Some of these will come naturally by playing Get Tasty games and others require certain actions that are mentioned in specific trophy descriptions.

One Punch FlanUse only megabashes for the duration of a 4 player Get Tasty Bash, and win!

While playing any of the Bash games, you will be able to do a megabash by holding down the square button, three lines that will point in the direction you are facing with an explosion symbol at the end. Use only this type of bash for the entire game while winning it. You can dash in this Bash game.

Seafood CocktailHit a hermit crab with a cocktail umbrella

After unlocking the Place: Beach, there will be hermit crabs that will appear. Umbrellas will drop from the sky and you can grab one and then hit a hermit crab with it. Umbrellas will break after a single use.

The Big ScoopStack 10 or more ice cream scoops in Neapolitan

In Get Tasty, you will unlock the Snack game: Neapolitan. During Neapolitan, you will move your ice cream cone to under the spots that show that an ice cream scoop will fall towards. Position your ice cream cone to collect the ice cream scoop before it hits the ground. Move slowly left to right as you start to stack ice cream cones. It is better to move slightly back and forth instead of left and right as the higher the ice cream scoop stack, the more likely it will fall. Get 10 ice cream scoops stacked to earn this trophy. You can replay Neapolitan under your Snacks games in Unlocked Mini Games from the main menu.

WaspinatorBash 8 or more wasps in a row in Swat

In Get Tasty, you will eventually unlock the Snack game: Swat. It’s recommended to play this particular game with another idle player (controller) where you will have complete access to the entire playing area to swat the wasps. Position and time your individual swats so that you hit one or more. You will see the multiplier go up from 5 by two each time. DO NOT press square repeatedly as a miss or double hit will reset the multiplier. Once you have hit more than 8 wasps in a row you will see a notification in the top right of the screen, before the trophy pops. Restart the Swat game before time runs out to save time if you like.

CatcherpillarCatch 3 masked pieces of cake in a single match of Caterpillar

In Get Tasty, you will eventually unlock the Snack game: Caterpillar. It can be replayed under the Snack games from the main menu. There is a catcherpillar with multiple pieces moving together with the first one holding a mask. The masked piece cannot be obtained until after all the other pieces have been caught. The masked piece will then run around and this is when you can catch it. Therefore, you will want to quickly obtain a piece of cake and place it on the plate to score 1 point. Then wait for the other players to take the remaining pieces of cake. Once the masked piece begins to run, catch it and place it on the plate to score 3 points. Repeat this 3 times during one of these games.

Hot CakesToast 3 or more perfect marshmallows in a single match of Campfire

In the Snack game: Campfire, you will lower a marshmallow into a a fire to cook it. You are trying to get it to be a golden brown colour as shown in the video below. When you see it is the golden colour, remove it from the fire to earn 100 points if it is perfect. You can score from 0 (ruined) all the way to 100 (a perfect score). Note: The higher the flame of the campfire, the quicker it will cook the marshmallow. Do this at least 3 times in a match of Campfire to earn this trophy.

Swan BakeGet over 5 perfect shots in a single match of Bakewell Ballet

In the Snack game: Bakewell Ballet you will try to toss a cherry into the center of a moving pie. The pie will move and stop at various times. It will also enter and exit from different sides of the play area sometimes. There are patterns that you can observe in this game to determine where and when the pie will be at various locations. Try to aim for where it will be in a few seconds instead of directly always aiming for the center. Hit the center 5 times or more in one Bakewell Ballet game to earn this trophy. You can quickly restart this game if needed instead of waiting for the results screen every time. There will be a notification in the top right if you achieve this before time runs out and then the trophy will pop. See the video below.

cake, bash, nintendo, switch

Risk CakerMake a purchase from the random dispenser in the final Get Tasty shop…

While playing Get Tasty, there will be 4 times where you will be able to purchase Flavours for decorating your cake. There is a bubble gum machine to the right that costs 2 coins. During the last time you can buy decorating item in Topping Shopping, you will need to buy from the gum bubble machine when you have 3 or less coins. Since you will only have 1 coin left, you will not be able to pay the 2 coins on the left at the garbage can to remove it. Therefore, being unlucky and you will earn this trophy.

TopaholicObtain 3 or more combo toppings in a single game of Get Tasty

While playing Get Tasty, there will be 4 times where you will be able to purchase Flavours for decorating your cake. There is a main table of Flavours that you will buy items from. Over the course of the Get Tasty game you will have 4 buying sessions. Buy 3 or more of the same item. Do this for 3 different items so that you get the bonus items at least 3 times to earn this trophy.

Davy Jones’ ChoccerPlay 3 Bashes at the Beach

After playing Get Tasty many times, you will eventually be able to choose the Beach to play at for the first time to unlock it. Once the Beach is unlocked you can visit it again under Recipes in the main menu when selecting a Bash game. Play any 3 Bash games at the Beach to earn this trophy.

Space CakePlay 3 Bashes at the Birthday

After playing Get Tasty many times, you will eventually be able to unlock the Birthday location to play a Bash game at it. Once it is unlocked, you will be able to select the Birthday location to play bashes at from under the main menu Recipes section. Play at least 3 bashes at the Birthday location to earn this trophy.

Doughing For GoldScore 3 golden fruits in a single match of Fruity Pie

In the Snack game: Fruity Pie there are the regular 1 point fruits that are widely available. There will only be 3 golden fruits in any Fruity Pie game. Golden fruits are worth 10 points. The golden fruits take longer to throw and the aiming distance to you can throw them is much shorter. Therefore, you will want bash, megabash, use an environment object to hit the other players near the golden fruit to stun them if needed. Even if another player has the golden fruit you can hit them to stun them and then steal the golden fruit to score the points for yourself. Make sure you use your Dash ability to move quickly to obtain the golden fruit wherever it is on the play area.

Fondue Your BestWin a match of Fondue or Die without getting anything bad

In the Snack game: Fondue or Die, you will try to get 1, 2, or 3 berries onto your skewer. You can move around the Fondue machine. Do NOT skewer any of the berries that are green, only try to get the red and gold colour berries. Score as many points as possible while avoiding these green (rotten) berries to earn this trophy.

Out Of The OvenComplete the playable tutorial

The first time you play the game, there is a tutorial that you can play that walks you through how to play the game. You can choose not to play the first time you play the game and then select it under How to Play in the main menu. Finish this playable tutorial to earn this trophy.

The Chosen BunComplete 5 matches of Get Tasty

Play 5 matches of Get Tasty to completion to earn this trophy. Each Get Tasty match lasts about 18 – 20 minutes. You will need to play Get Tasty multiple times to earn all possible trophies. See below for 4 different Get Tasty games that focused on each type of Topping.

Chewy CustomerCollect all of the Gummy toppings in the Collection Menu

In the main menu under CollectionToppings, there is the fourth row called Gummy. These items are only available to buy from the Get Tasty game where the Gummy topping is shown at the beginning of the game. See Tips above for a pictures. During one Get Tasty game make sure that you buy at least 3 of a certain Gummy item so that you get the regular and bonus version of that item. You may have to play more than once to be able to buy all 4 different Gummy items and their bonus versions for a total of 8 Gummy items to collect.

Fancy CustomerCollect all of the Fancy toppings in the Collection Menu

In the main menu under CollectionToppings, there is the second row called Fancy. These items are only available to buy from the Get Tasty game where the Fancy topping for a wedding cake is shown at the beginning of the game. See Tips above for a pictures. During one Get Tasty game make sure that you buy at least 3 of a certain Fancy item so that you get the regular and bonus version of that item. You may have to play more than once to be able to buy all 4 different Fancy items and their bonus versions for a total of 8 Fancy items to collect.

Weird CustomerCollect all of the Creature toppings in the Collection Menu

In the main menu under CollectionToppings, there is the third row called Creatures. These items are only available to buy from the Get Tasty game where the Creature topping is shown at the beginning of the game. See Tips above for a pictures. During one Get Tasty game make sure that you buy at least 3 of a certain Creature item so that you get the regular and bonus version of that item. You may have to play more than once to be able to buy all 4 different Creature items and their bonus versions for a total of 8 Creature items to collect.

Customer Service AwardFully complete the Toppings section of your Collection

Play Get Tasty multiple times focusing on getting all of the Toppings. The Toppings are: Creatures, Chocolate, Gummy, and Fancy. In total there 32 Toppings to buy. Each Topping has a regular version (buy only 1 of it) and a bonus version (buy 3 or more of it) when playing in one Get Tasty game. Check under the main menu, CollectionToppings to see which items that you have earned and may still need. Play the Get Tasty game, check at the beginning what Toppings you are playing to earn. You can restart Get Tasty until you get the desired type of Toppings that you may still need. See the pictures under Tips above and below.



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