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Broke the heater in aikos what to do

Replacing and repairing the heating element in the IQOS

The smoking device is a complex technical system and IQOS repair becomes necessary. The reason of failure of operation at extreme temperatures. There are many problems associated with parting, but despite this, it is not difficult to understand the situations that have arisen.

Often consumers are faced with problems such as discomfort when smoking.

For example, the following difficulties arise:

  • Feeling of bitterness in the mouth. To avoid this nuisance, it is necessary to clean the device. This action is performed at least twice a week. And the decision to call a specialist will be necessary.

Cleaning is not difficult to perform both manually and mechanically.

  • The technical device switches off frequently. If the aikos is frequently disconnected, it is recommended to apply to a service shop. It may be necessary to replace the battery or repair the key designed to activate the e-cigarette. If the indicator light is giving off wrong signals, it is necessary to perform diagnostics.
  • If smoking ends quickly. If the operation of the device is short, this circumstance means that the holder must be replaced.
  • Broken lid. Is of mechanical nature, the problem is due to improper use or inappropriate attachment. The service center will repair and replace the element.
  • If the blade at the heating element is not working properly. You need to buy a new part and make a replacement. The quality of work will be ensured by experienced professionals.
  • If the cigarette has been dropped into water. For this, it is better not to hesitate for a minute: you need to pull the device out of the water, disassemble it and leave it to dry.
  • Small quantities of smoke are being emitted. The problems may be that there is no contact between the elements or the battery is low.
  • The body part is heating up. This means that the battery has failed, and this is due to the fact that the holder key is often activated and the cigarette overheats.
  • The melting of the filter. The filter is often recommended to change, otherwise aikos will constantly burn, creating discomfort to the smoker.
  • If you notice the smell of burning, then it is a problem with the manufacturer or the wrong heating of the stick.

If aikos is kept in liquid for a long time, it will affect the normal operation.

What are the malfunctions and what to do about them

Iqos is an automated device, so breakdowns are possible. If the device does not work, it is necessary to find out the cause in order to eliminate it. If the heater breaks, you should visit a service center where professionals will help you get your heater working properly. Often the problems are related to the fixing, which causes the elements not to function.

The holder discharges quickly

If the Iqos holder discharges quickly, there is no way to solve the problem other than replacing the element. The main sign of a problem is that icos smokes for 1 minute and then shuts down


If after consuming sticks it is bitter in your mouth, you should clean the device. This should be done at least twice a week for the heater to work properly. You can do it yourself, cleaning brushes are included with the device. If not, a cotton swab will do the trick. Cleaning can be done manually or automatically.

Not charging

The charging process is not accompanied by any special difficulties. Simply put the heater in the charger, close it and press the button until the light starts blinking. When the blinking stops, charging is complete and Iqos can be used as intended.

The main feature of an electronic device is that after using it, it must be put on charge for five minutes, only then it is possible to continue smoking.

Sometimes users are faced with the fact that icos does not charge and does not blink. The reasons for this are related to the owner’s actions or internal processes:

  • There is a problem with the firmware of the device.
  • Internal elements are clogged with debris due to improper maintenance.
  • Wires or card burned out. It is impossible to solve the problem on your own.
  • The user does not follow the instructions for use of the device.
  • IQOS smoked outside in subzero temperatures.

If one of these problems occurs, you should perform a diagnostic of the device to determine the cause. The user can do the following on their own:

  • Check the charge in the charger and repeat the algorithm;
  • restart and wait until the device cools down;
  • Remove debris from the holder.

If it has not helped to adjust the charging process, the breakdown is serious and should visit the service center.

What most often leads to malfunctions

Fake devices, which are sold in markets, break regularly. They can fail immediately after purchase. Original Iqos can break down if the user does not follow the recommendations for use. The device is designed to heat special tobacco sticks, which cannot be replaced by standard cigarettes.

The functionality of Aikos is also affected by the use of inadequate quality smoking cartridges. Such sticks can be found in any package. They can be detected by non-standard tobacco chips and poor fit in the device. Also, if you install the sticks incorrectly, the latch can break. If the heating element is mishandled, the rod may break.

Most users forget to clean the device from contaminants in time, it can lead if not to the product failure, then to a deterioration of the flavor during smoking. It is better to use special brushes for cleaning Iqos, which are sold at service centers.

Please contact the service center in case of any malfunction of your smoking device. Self-repair fraught with the risk of damaging the device. Let’s take a closer look at the main malfunctions of Aikos.

Why are the lights blinking??

The first thing to do when the indicator light flashes is to check the battery compartment. Often this fault is caused by a stuck button on the battery. It can be fixed by mechanical effect on the button and restarting the device.

However, if such actions do not help, you will have to turn to specialists.

Since the operating principle of Aikos is based on heating the tobacco in the device without releasing smoke, so this type of smoking is not harmful to the surrounding people, Aikos is equipped with a number of indicator lights to control the user over the process of heating the stick.

If the red light blinks rhythmically, it indicates that you are turning the device off:

  • About charger discharge. The device does not have enough battery power to smoke a single stick.
  • User inhales too often and for too long.
  • The flashing of the light after the unit is turned off indicates that the Aikos is not turned off correctly.
  • If the red light flashes in winter, it indicates that the temperature is too low and you should not use the device in winter.
  • If there are problems with the firmware of the device, the light may also flicker.
  • Prolonged absence of cleaning the device is another reason for the indicator light flashing.

The most dangerous cause of this malfunction of Aikos is the burnout of the board or contacts of the device, as well as their damage when falling.

Turning off icos while smoking may indicate a problem with its charging. This will also cause the red light to flicker. In such a situation you need to:

  • Check if the device is charging. If the charger is not charging when you connect it to the charger and the LED is blinking, it means that the problem is not with the charger.
  • If the light flashes and you cannot smoke, try taking several short puffs (up to 5 seconds) with an interval of 30-40 seconds between them.
  • Turn the Aicos on and off again. If the LED stops blinking, it means that you have unplugged the device incorrectly.
  • In the cold season it is possible to cope with this malfunction by heating the device. That means you just need to bring it inside and wait until it warms up.
  • When removing clogs from the holder of the device blinking light also often disappears.

It should be noted that these malfunctions Aikos occur infrequently, and serious breakdowns are very rare. Employees of service centers servicing these smoking devices usually cope with any problems without problems, because atypical malfunctions of Aikos are rare.

After the expiration of the warranty service period it is not possible to exchange the device or repair it for free. In some cases, appliance repair specialists will take on the task of replacing faulty Aikos parts. In this case it is important to carefully choose a repair company. Some of them, taking advantage of customers’ ignorance, impose additional services on them, or even replace non-defective parts with broken ones and say that repair is impossible and that it is necessary to buy a new Aikos.

Reputable workshops usually have no problems with replacing the heater and other Aikos parts.

The heating element (Blade) of iQOS is a fragile ceramic part of the electronic device, without which it can not perform its function. Serves for heating up the stick to the necessary temperature. There are several causes for the heating element to stop working. To the main we can refer the following:

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  • Breakage of the blade while carelessly placing the stylus in the holder or removing it. The tip may break when pressing down hard or rolling the cigarette.
  • Failure to properly clean the holder interior. When the user uses ordinary cotton swabs that are thicker than the delicate ones intended for this purpose, the sting can break by accident.
  • Water or other liquids getting inside the gadget. In this case, you should immediately dry the electronic device.
  • Failure of microcircuits. Its failure can be due to violations of the rules of charging the gadget, its overheating. Failure of the electronic component of the device can also occur due to other technical reasons, which can only be determined by a specialist of the service center.
  • Careless handling of icos. Wearing a gadget without a protective case, dropping it, leaving it in the cold, the lack of regular cleaning is not good for the electronic device.
  • The coil has reached the end of its life, it is worn out. It needs to be replaced.

Broke iQOS. My experience of exchanging the device

Once again, when I finished one of the iQOS sticks, I looked inside and saw the terrifying amount of charred tobacco residue that had accumulated over the past couple of weeks without manually cleaning the device. Since it was in the office, and a desire to make the world iQOS cleaner suddenly erupted in my soul, I decided to use a handy tool in the form of a thin ballpoint pen. The photo at the beginning of the article vividly illustrates how it all ended.

The heating element is very fragile and breaks easily. It clicks lightly and that’s it.

So, I set out to get a new iQOS kit to replace the one that broke and a week later I went to one of their “five-stations”, which is located in Yekaterinburg in the “Rainbow Park” shopping center.

When I asked if it was possible to exchange the device if I broke it, I received a pleasant answer that it was possible, but not at this point. It turns out that in case of a failure you can exchange the iQOS only at the head office. For Yekaterinburg this is the show-room in the “Greenwich” mall (near the Hyperbola hypermarket). One good thing was that the guys offered to smoke a stick while my device was getting spoiled.

The same day the desire to solve the problem brought me to the right iQOS showroom at “Greenwich” mall.

Next is my account of the events of the day.

This kind of interrogation by the nice girl in charge of this showroom puts me at a standstill. Dear Philip Morris, it seems to me that the consumer, even if he broke the device, is not worthy to be put in this position. Be gentler, or something. Exchanging the device is part of the contract, not the mercy of one of the parties.

The very “nuance” that they do not talk about during the presentation. free exchange of the device, spoiled through the fault of the consumer is possible only once. If you broke it again. prepare your money.

Then everything was simple enough. my passport, a couple of signatures. It is important that you do not give out the whole iQOS, but only the nonfunctioning part of it. I had only exchanged the heater holder (the white thing in which you insert the stick). The exchange after the questioning took no more than 10 minutes.

In principle, the process itself is not complicated. A brief instruction

What to do in case of breakage

Repair of simple IQOS breakdowns with your own hands

Before you start to repair the device yourself it is necessary to understand that you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of electricity and mechanics. If you have no knowledge even opening the device will not reveal the fault.

Therefore, if you do not have enough experience in repairing mechanisms, contact the service center to repair the device under warranty.

Use the following algorithm to repair the IQOS yourself if the failure is caused by contamination of the unit:

  • Remove the cap from the device.
  • Use a special brush and gently insert the inside of the IQOS;
  • With gentle rotating movements of the brush, clean the device from contamination;
  • Perform a cleaning of the cap;
  • If you find solid particles of dirt, use a special hook to extract it.

If your own actions do not lead to the desired result, you need to contact the service center. An experienced technician can professionally repair the IQOS heating element.

Contacting a service center

If the cause of the malfunction is not obvious, then it is impossible to avoid going to the service center, because the intervention of an experienced repair technician will be required to identify the problem. Find out the location of the IQOS repair point using the information published on the company’s website.

Repairing privately

If you know the exact cause of the device failure, but for some reason are afraid to change the components, then seek the repair of a private master. However, remember that a good specialist can be identified by positive reviews on available resources.



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