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Braun carestyle 7 steam generator blinking light

Braun CareStyle 5 IS 5042 manual

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Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS 7156 BK manual

View Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS 7156 BK manual for free. This manual is categorized under Irons, 7 people(s) gave it an average rating of 7.8. The manual is available in the following languages: English. You have a question about the Braun CareStyle 7 Pro IS 7156 BK or need help?? Ask your question here

I made a very informed decision when selecting my steam generator. I needed a powerful and versatile iron that could iron on the horizontal and steam vertically.

The choice was Braun CareStyle 7 IS7043 WH.

During my use, and it has been 1.5 years, the ironing system showed itself from the best side, such a workhorse.

  • Powerful steam blow. Linens can be ironed in multiple layers and everything is perfectly smooth.
  • Automatic steam delivery. Can be set by pressing the button on the handle twice in a row.
  • Vertical steam. Jackets steaming only so.
  • There is no need to adjust the temperature mode. Smart ICare suitable for all types of fabric. Iron and light blouses and linen dresses.
  • Eco mode saves energy.

And now about the minus, the very BUT:

  • The anti-drip system does not work correctly. Occasionally the iron leaks during operation and leaves wet spots on clothes. At least the colorless, not yellow.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the ironing system has reduced my ironing time by a factor of two or three, unlike the regular iron, the only thing that bothers me is that the water occasionally leaks.

Braun IS3157BL CareStyle 3 Pro Steam Generator Overview

We have the Braun IS3157BL CareStyle 3 Pro steam generator on the test, capable, according to the manufacturer, of delivering steam up to 6.8 bars at 125g per minute. Features a removable 2L water tank, vertical steam and steam assist, self-cleaning program, and a skateboard-shaped anodized soleplate for effortless movement in all directions. Let’s try to have fun testing this appliance.






Country of production




Steam Output

Maximum pressure

Steam power

Water tank capacity

iron soleplate

Steam Adjustment

Vertical Steam

Dry ironing

Self-cleaning function


Heating Time



System of automatic shutdown in case of inactivity

The length of the steam hose

Iron weight

Weight of the appliance

Dimensions (W×В×Г)

Length of mains cable

Retail price

CareStyle 3 Pro
steam generator
3 years
2 years
2400 W
125 gpm
6,8 bar
460 г
2 liters, removable
3D Eloxal, anodized
iCare, eco, turbo
Less than 1 minute
Heating, power on, modes of operation
automatic shutdown, ready to use
is, after 10 minutes
1,7 м
1.11 kg
3.4 kg
25×33,5×37 cm
1,8 м
1,214 thous. At the time of publication of the review

Contrary to popular misconception, this is not the time after which the device will necessarily break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


We tested the Braun CareStyle 3 Pro in a nicely designed black cardboard box. On the box is a beautiful photo of the device and lots of technical and promotional information.

Opening the box, inside we found a complete unit, a cleaning tank and a set of documentation.

The appliance is packed safely inside the box, so you don’t have to worry about its safety during transportation.

At a glance

Steam generator consists of a unit with water tank inserted and iron connected to the unit with 1.7 m long steam hose.

Stylish and uncluttered design in blue and white with grey top plate.

Iron is small, weighs 1,110 g, with easy to grip handle. Transparent platform at the back of the iron for vertical surface mounting. LED indicator on top of handle to indicate current ironing status.

3D Eloxal soleplate made of anodized iron with complexly perforated steam outlets. Patented soleplate shape based on a skateboard principle. Rounded back makes it easy to move the iron in different directions. Can be ironed both forward and backward without fear of soleplate creases or creases on fabric.

At the back, in a standard location, the iron has a joint outlet for the steam hose and power cord which are combined under a single braid.

There is a small steam button under the handle of the iron. Steam is generated continuously for as long as the appliance power is enough. Pressing and releasing this twice produces a burst of steam for 3 seconds, after which the steam flow stops.

The base of the appliance has a surface with silicone strips on top for placing the iron.

Water tank can be effortlessly removed and reinserted into the base of the appliance. The water supply is made through a special opening with a valve to which the mating part of the base is connected. No leaking valve. Removable part on top of the tank which can be detached from the main part for easy cleaning of the tank inside. Water can be poured in and out without disassembling the basin, directly through the grating which prevents any foreign objects from getting inside.

The maximum liquid level is marked on the outside of the appliance.

On the side of the base there are 2 compartments on different sides, a compartment for storing the electric cord and the steam hose.

To fix the iron on the surface, special device on the top with a retractable plastic tongue. To fix it, you press the upper button, pull out the tab and release the button. This way the iron is held by the spout and it is impossible to pull it out without removing the latch.

On the underside of the appliance is a sticker with technical information. The base is mounted on 5 small rubberized feet.

When assembled, the iron stands on its base and the cord and steam hose are stored in their compartments, taking up very little space.

Braun CareStyle 3 Pro comes with a reservoir for cleaning the iron. It is a soleplate with a container for water drainage, with silicone inserts on the sides.

When you start the cleaning program, the iron is set into the reservoir.


Comes with manual, warranty booklet and safety manual.

The user manual is printed out in 24 languages at a time and is 66 pages long. On the three pages of the front cover the main points of the device are given in drawings. They are then explained in the text part. Probably, the translation into Russian was done by an automatic translator, that’s why it’s rather difficult to understand many points of the manual. And some of the functions of the device, like automatic shutdown, removing the water tank or the steam lock, were not taken into account at all.

In general, if this is the first time you are encountering a device like this, we would recommend that you study the illustrations in the manual very carefully.


The main control panel is on the side of the appliance base, and the steam release button is on the handle on the bottom of the iron.

After plugging the appliance into the socket, you need to press the power button. The steam generator switches to iCare mode if you press nothing else, i.e. it automatically sets the optimum temperature and steam volume for most fabrics. When the mode button is pressed once, the appliance enters eco mode with normal or extra steam, depending on the selection. If you hold down mode for over 2 seconds, both LEDs (right and left of the button) will light up and the device will switch to the vertical ironing mode.

When the turbo key is pressed, the steam generator starts to run at higher soleplate temperature and increased steam generation.

For descaling, there is a program that can be activated with the clean key.

To activate steam mode, press and release the button under the handle twice. The device will emit a pulsating stream of maximum power for 3 seconds.

If the iron is left without pressing any key for 10 minutes, the appliance will automatically switch off. The iron indicator on the iron and the current program will start blinking, you will hear a beep and the iron temperature will come down. In order to start working again, you need to restart the device using the power button.


The following points were noted when working with the steam generator.

The device base is quite bulky to put it on the ironing board. Maybe on the table we wouldn’t worry about its stability, but the board, even the big one, is not meant for putting such a big device. That’s why it’s better to keep the base on the floor and the iron upright on the ironing board. So switching modes becomes not a very comfortable thing to do. But in normal cases you don’t need to switch modes very often.

The one true advantage is the very comfortable shape of the iron soleplate. You can really iron in all directions, bypass buttons and buttons, not afraid to make ironed creases by unfortunate movement. And the weight of the iron is chosen very well, lighter would not be so convenient to work, it would be harder to fatigue the hand when ironing vertically and frequent transfers.

The water intake motor is audible in normal modes, but not annoying. The steam is also accompanied by not very loud sounds, but in turbo mode the engine starts to rattle rather loudly and jerkily. According to the manufacturer, this is a normal situation, but without the habit one can take this sound as abnormal.

Automatic shutoff modes work properly.

The water hose is not very light and soft, so when ironing vertically you must add the weight of the iron to the weight of the hose.

You have to keep the button under the iron handle pressed all the time for a continuous steam feed. This is a little uncomfortable. We didn’t find any other way or a fixation for the button. Double-clicking the steam button activates the single steam stroke. When you try to use the steam beats for a long time and often, you get tired of the double click noise.

We didn’t see much difference between turbo mode and vertical steam mode. In our opinion, the amount and intensity of steam was about the same.

When working at low temperatures (eco mode), we noticed a few small splashes, but only a couple of times during a long ironing session.

The steam generator produces enough steam to smooth out the driest complex fabric.

When using it for the first time, it is recommended to iron through the fabric for a few minutes to avoid contamination by production sludge.

Regardless of the hardness of the water, the manufacturer recommends regular descaling procedure. The appliance should periodically remind you to perform the descaling procedure by using the clean. The procedure is only carried out using the cleaning tank.

Our measurements

Reaching operating temperature after plugging in takes approx. one minute. In eco mode, the soleplate of the iron heated up to 120130 C depending on the location. In turbo mode the soleplate temperature range was 134152 C.

The maximum power consumption, according to the wattmeter, was 1976 watts, which is significantly lower than the stated. During the operation the device consumes either 0,4 W or the maximum value (up to 1976 W), we didn’t see the average figure of consumption. In one hour of intensive work, the appliance consumed 1.48 kW·ч.

Printed T-shirts

We took two washed and dried T-shirts with different prints. The first case was a thermal transfer print, the second was a silkscreen print using water-based inks. Our first task was to see how the print would behave when ironed with the Braun CareStyle 3 Pro.

In the case of thermal applique, even though the design didn’t stick to the iron, we were afraid to iron it on the outer side in eco mode. So, after steaming the entire shirt quickly, we ironed the print on the back.

With silkscreen prints we didn’t notice any problems with steaming the front side of the shirt when it was in Eco mode.

A shirt made of a thin denim fabric

The shirt had been washed a long time ago and had been laying in the closet in a wrinkled state for a long time.

braun, carestyle, steam, generator, blinking

We straightened it out as much as we could and steamed it on eco mode with increased steam. The fabric smoothed out quickly, the areas near the buttons on the flap and s were steamed first, then quickly circled with the ironing spout.

Kitchen towel

With turbo and then dry ironing we were able to get the toughness of a normal washed terry towel from a starchy garment in a couple of minutes.

Linen pants

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep linen clothes neat. Sometimes it’s just impossible to get rid of the wrinkles! We decided to test our Braun CareStyle 3 Pro on summer linen pants that had failed to dry properly after washing.

Ironed on iCare, steam-punched. It didn’t take us very long to get the pants back to their normal shape, much to our delight. No wrinkles were left in the fabric after just one pass with the iron.

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro dont work | Repair and instructions for use


To test it we took an organza, washed and dried without hanging.

Ironed at minimum temperature in eco mode, but constantly used steam. Cloth is smoothed in one pass with the iron.

We liked the Braun CareStyle 3 Pro because of its high performance, the consistent weight, the great soleplate, large water tank, and the comfortable liner. All the features you need: temperature control, steam shock, vertical iron, comfortable Eloxal Plus soleplate, auto shut-off program and splash protection. The appliance makes ironing and steaming a lot of linen, linen and intricate fabrics, drapes, stage costumes, etc. much easier.

Braun CareStyle 3 Pro is much faster than a standard, reasonably priced iron. Quiet noises do not scare you, and the automatic shut-off feature saves you the trouble in the long run. But we would not call it a compact device, so we can hardly recommend it for people who iron clothes and underwear rarely and sparingly. In that case a regular small iron would be more justified.

Review: Braun CareStyle 5 IS 5043 ironing system. I expected more. I don’t like the way the steam system works. The water tank is not removable.

I thumbed through the instructions. Everything seems to make sense. I poured water (the tank has two marks min and max). Turned on the button on the stand. It seemed to me that it hums a lot and takes a long time to heat up. But soon the blue light came on, letting me know that the iron was ready for use. The first thing I decided to iron were, of course, my husband’s shirts. I iron them every day. Well, almost every day. All cotton shirts. Some are too tight, some are too thin and very hard to iron. I started with the thin ones.

The photos are before and after ironing my shirt, respectively. As it turned out, the iron itself does not have my usual switch for linen/cotton/synthetics modes. It is supposed to recognize the type of fabric and adjust to it. For some reason it didn’t adjust for the first shirt at all. If I iron without steam, there is almost no difference between the unironed and ironed shirt. If I steam it, the shirt is immediately damp, and when it dries it has a “half-ironed” appearance. Next I started ironing a tight white shirt, which ironed well with a regular iron.

and everything seemed to be going well when all of a sudden water came out of the iron along with the steam. I tried to wait thirty seconds. Then another 30. Then I put the iron on the stand. After a minute, the water still kept pouring out with the steam.

I had to “forget about the iron” for three to five minutes and then go back to ironing. After a week of using the ironing system the water in the iron along with the steam started to leak out yellowish brown. which frustrated me completely.

This kind of ironing leaves yellow spots on white things. A month after I started using the ironing system, I realized that after starting to iron with steaming, it takes about three minutes, then the water starts to come out with the steam, first in small quantities, and then in huge quantities. And I have to stop ironing for three or four minutes, because ironing without steaming during this time is also bad, t. к. The iron’s surface cools down for some reason and it does not slip on the fabric. Creases. If they are accidentally formed while ironing, the steam will immediately fix them. There’s no problem here. Although, sometimes you want to splash water, probably out of habit. but this iron doesn’t have a sprinkler. While ironing, the iron can be placed on the stand where it is stored when not in use. The stand is not slippery, it is comfortable, I have no complaints about it.Three months later I had to resort to ironing with a regular iron to avoid waking up the baby, who accidentally fell asleep in a room other than his own. was very happy with the results of the old iron. and upset that I had spent so much money on a new ironing system that did not meet my expectations.When ironing without steam the iron does not recognize the fabric type, and one often wishes to “turn up” the iron’s heating temperature, t. к. the linens are not ironed. But when you iron the capron lace on my daughter’s shirt, on the contrary, it needs to be cooler.

After 3 months, water stains began to appear on the surface of the iron, which cannot be removed in any way. I pour water as directed from the tap, occasionally diluting with boiled water from the kettle.To summarize we can say the following.Pros:. convenient stand. long cord. beautiful design. turns itself off in 10 minutes. it is not necessary to unplug from the outlet, there is a button on the stand on/off.Disadvantages:. the water tank is not removable. the temperature of the iron surface can not be regulated. water begins to leak from the iron after three minutes of steaming. water occasionally leaks yellow water and stains the clothes.I expected that the clothes would be easier to iron and the ironing result would be higher than when using a regular iron. But expectations were not met. I often use the old iron. and would probably not recommend this ironing system. This is a great value for money. If anyone has had different experiences with this appliance, it would be very interesting to know. Maybe I did something wrong.

Review: Braun CareStyle 3 IS3022 WH steam iron. Iron things. it’s just a pleasure!

Good day. I want to share my feelings about using such a great household helper as a steam generator. The choice of good steam generators is very large. The main focus was on functionality and cost. I chose the Braun CareStyle 3 steam generator! The manufacturer has established itself on the market with quality appliances.

The steam generator is made of quality plastic with anti-slip coating on the handle of the iron. The iron has adjustable temperature from minimum to maximum. One-point temperature mode is suitable for synthetic fabrics; two-point mode. For silk, wool ; with three. for cotton and linen. Indicator light on the iron lights up when it is heating up, out. Means the iron is hot.

The anti slip coating minimizes the risk of the iron slipping from your hands when ironing. Handle bar has green steam button. Press quickly twice in a row to activate the continuous steam function for a few seconds.

Iron soleplate made of anodized aluminum, glides very well, you can iron things with such elements as buttons, buttons, metal inserts and not to fear that the iron soleplate will be spoiled. The soleplate of the steam generator is also easy to clean, just wipe with a damp, clean cloth.

Reinforced steam hose, length 1.6 meters.

The iron pad is finished with heat-resistant silicone, and there is an iron lock system. You should not carry the whole steam generator by the handle of the iron.

The iron stand has an on/off button, program reset button, and a knob to adjust the steam power up to 120 grams per minute. I prefer to iron on medium power.The water tank holds 2 liters. Very nice, no need to go and fill up the water. Filling the water is also easy.

The steam generator has a valve on the housing for decalcifying. It is located behind the transparent lid. Easy to unscrew and remove.

DO NOT clean the device until it is completely cooled (2-3 hours), fraught with burns and injuries, boiler pressure 5.5 bar. Limescale removal is done about once a month, depending on the water quality. If the steam generator is left without descaling for a long time, you can ruin things with yellow stains, t. к. particles of limescale will escape through the steam holes in the iron. Before ironing light colored clothes, it is recommended to try the iron with steam on the ironing board without clothes. The manual describes in detail how to perform this procedure.

Features of this model:- Iron weight 4.It takes up much space. the water tank can not be unscrewed and wash inside.Of the pluses we would like to note :-stylish,-powerful,-anodized aluminum soleplate with the ability to self-cleaning,-the possibility of vertical steaming,-auto-off function,-water tank 2 l!).After three years of use it has shown the best side. Particularly enjoyable to use the vertical steaming, dresses of fine fabrics, curtains, tulle. No complaints in work. I like it very much!

Large water tank Convenient tank (easy to remove and pour water)

No continuous steam (even if less pressure)

The first time I ironed a mountain of shirts I was disappointed. The soleplate temperature, which is selected by the iron’s brains independently, is obviously not enough. If you only iron with steam, you won’t get perfect smoothness. There is no way to keep the ironed item perfectly stretched on the board. Otherwise, everything that is not stretched (especially when ironing in the area of seams, plackets, sleeves and folds), the steam will crumple. If you splash water and do not use steam, the temperature is not enough, you have to move this device on the fabric longer than a normal iron (and this is on a board that additionally heats the fabric underneath!). If you spritz with water and use steam, it takes a long time to iron, because the steam takes a long time to remove the moisture from the fabric.

There is no continuous steam. You have to press one of the two buttons for steam. Since the device only iron well with steam, it turns out that you have to press the button in a non-stop mode. After an hour of ironing, my finger gets tired. Efficiency of the process decreased.

I draw special attention to ironing seams. In general it irons them perfectly, better than the standard iron. But you have to get the hang of it. A perfectly smooth seam without waves is obtained if this seam is stretched by hand. But with a steam generator as powerful as this one, it’s hard to pull by hand. The steam burns your hand. Bottom line, for perfect results, you pull the seam, press it down with the iron, give it a steam blow. That 15 to 20 centimeters of seam under the iron is perfect. Next you need to repeat the action on the next seam area. So far, I haven’t gotten one that stretched the seam and ironed it out perfectly with one move of the iron. It takes a lot of movement.

The steam cord from the base to the iron gets warm. Burns your hand if you accidentally touch it.

Do not add water without unplugging.

3. Natasha Tarasova

Pros: You can pour plain water, the steam generator can be carried by the handle of the iron. And the board came as a gift with the purchase. That’s the only good thing about it.
Cons: Weak steam impact when steaming vertically, I bought it for the 500gr steam impact, to iron vertically, it did not meet expectations, I have to iron on the board, in normal mode for thick things. Wouldn’t even iron sheets like linen if folded in two layers.
Review: Conventional steam generator. Same as before. I had a Bosch Sensixx DS37 EditionRosso TDS373118P. Bosch Broke after 5 years of use, got Brown. Curtains are heavy does not iron vertically as it should, 4 folded laundry also does not iron, even on the turbo mode, the same stripes. creases remain, as well as on cheap steam generators, I have to iron in the usual way in 1 layer to be perfect, and vertically still remain creases on things.Even thin sweaters have to be put on a board instead of steaming on a hanger. The difference between the 500g in Braun and 320g in Bosch did not notice a vertical steaming, so take the cheap steam generator, there is no sense to overpay. Cheap one does exactly the same ironing as the expensive one. I wish I had a Polaris PSS 7510K. The result is the same, but it costs half as much

Somehow I have no luck with irons. I have had to throw away two irons in the last year. One iron took too long to steam, the ironing took too much time, and the second one was constantly leaking.

My husband has long wanted to buy me a steam generator, but I still did not agree, I thought it was unnecessary.

But. Not so long ago we had a baby boy in the family.

Our family got the Braun CareStyle3 steam generator.

The place of purchase is Eldorado

And then I appreciated all the advantages of this device.

The iron itself is on the platform. It is fixed with a latch, which is very convenient for storing the appliance.

I really liked that it has a large water tank, the capacity of 2 liters.

Before I start, I take it off and fill with water.

The reservoir is easy to take out and easy to put back in, too, until it clicks.

Plug the appliance in and press the on/off button.

The LED on the base unit blinks while the iron is heating up.

After reaching the required temperature, the LED lights up continuously.

The temperature can be adjusted with a knob

What I like best is the steam ironing feature.

You can also regulate the steam flow.

If you quickly press the steam button twice in a row, then steam comes on continuously for a few seconds.

I usually just iron. I press the steam button once in a while.

This steamer not only steams horizontally. but also vertically.

I really like the soleplate of the iron. I had a ceramic iron before. The soleplate would get dirty and scratch over time.

This one has an anodized aluminum soleplate.

braun, carestyle, steam, generator, blinking

The soleplate is not sticky, slides well on my clothes and doesn’t need to be cleaned often.

If cleaning is an issue, I just run a damp cloth over the slightly warm soleplate and everything is easily removed.

With this system, you can steam piles of laundry in minutes. I iron many things on one side only. Because it is easy to steam two layers at once. This saves time.

Sometimes. It goes like this. that the ironing is done. But after a while I remember I forgot to steam an item, I don’t need to wait for the system to heat up again, I can steam it right away. The system stays hot for longer.

After I finish, I put the iron back on the soleplate, securing it.

From time to time it is necessary to descale the system.

There is an LED on the block that lights up when it needs to be cleaned.

It’s easy to clean. Unscrew the valve and empty the remaining water.

Pour 500 ml of tap water into the hole and screw the valve back on. Shake the base unit. Then empty the water. The procedure can be repeated.


Buying an ironing system is not just a big money investment, but a long term investment that makes your daily chores easier and faster. And for such an investment to be really profitable, it is necessary to follow the recommendations.

  • If you purchase a steam generator for frequent home use, then you should buy more modern devices. If the device is to be used for traveling or in a cottage, then the small compact devices are quite suitable.
  • The higher power of ironing system, the faster and better it will work. But at the same time it will consume more power. So here we need to decide what is more profitable. the simplification of ironing or the saving of electricity.
  • The power of steam. the higher this index is, the more effective the device will be in your work.

It is also worth remembering that people who are forgetful, as well as those who care about their safety, should give preference to steam generators with the self-switching function. Ready for action and descaling indication are optional, but useful extras, like dry ironing.

The more often you plan to use the steam generator, the more powerful, modern and multi-functional model is worth buying.



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