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Rating of the best washing machines with steam function 2022 compiled by only the leading brands. These are well-known manufacturers that have accumulated a wealth of experience and annually develop the latest technology for a comfortable home. The steam function in the washing machine is a useful solution for every owner, because it not only disinfects things, but also prevents crumpling, fights odors. Machines with steam generators are available in every price category. from budget to premium. In the top 10 from our editorial board are representatives of all classes, you can choose an inexpensive and simple unit or a full-fledged machine-dryer with a huge capacity.

The free-standing device is not among the most compact, requiring for its dimensions 60x58x85 cm space for installation. However, its functionality is quite up to expectations. Pearl drum is not prone to breakage, deformation under frequent stress. Control of imbalance allows you to evenly place the optimal number of items inside, quality wash them regardless of the selected program and temperature mode. 5-level drying is one of the main advantages of the washing machine, as is the ability to adjust the spin speed.

In total, the manufacturer has provided 15 working washing programs, including steam cleaning. At the end of their action, you get a product free of dust and allergens, filled with fresh air. If necessary, a timer with a delayed start up to 24 hours is set before washing. The disadvantages of the technique, designed for a load of 9 kg, are increased noise, power consumption class A, weight of 80 kg.

Why do you need the steam function in a washing machine?

In recent years, leading manufacturers of household appliances have begun to actively apply the technology of steam treatment of clothes in their products. Many housewives may wonder why they need it, and whether they need it at all? According to experts, the washing machine with the steam function is able to wash any dirt without the use of special chemicals. But its main purpose is to disinfect laundry, that is, to remove various bacteria and allergens at high temperatures. Next we will tell you about the principle of the machine with steam treatment, as well as the peculiarities of its use.

How does the steam function work in the washing machine?

First of all, note that the principles of steam cleaning can be different. It depends on the brand of the device.

Some machines have a function just to freshen clothes with steam, while others are capable of dealing with stains and various contaminants.

A steam machine is designed differently than a conventional machine. Its main component is the heat exchanger (steam generator), which is located in the back of the device. It has a pouring valve on one side (through which water enters), and a rubber tube on the other side. The latter is connected directly to the tank and provides steam to the drum.

In a washing machine with steam, you can use the “freshening” function, where only steam is supplied, without water, or use it in addition for normal washing.

Thus, at a temperature of 55 degrees, steam treatment of things (freshening, washing or cleaning) takes place. It can be used for delicate fabrics and not be afraid to damage them. For this purpose, there are special programs where things are cleaned at a lower temperature.

Undoubtedly, the machine with steam is a useful technique, which not only washes your laundry, but also removes dust and allergens, which is especially important for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies.

Advantages and disadvantages

To determine whether or not you need a washing machine with a steam generator, consider the positive and negative aspects of its operation.

Let’s start with the advantages, which are more than enough in the device.

  • Economy. Firstly, the device can do an excellent job of cleaning clothes without the use of powder. Secondly, water consumption is significantly reduced because there is no rinse function. And thirdly, energy consumption during the steam cycle is reduced compared to a conventional washing program. This is due to the fact that steam is generated faster than water is heated, so less energy is used.
  • Versatility. With a washing machine with a generator, you can wash clothes of any fabric without worrying about their condition after cleaning. Modes are available to produce steam at a low temperature. Even pre-soaking and boiling can be replaced by a steam cycle, making your clothes look much better.
  • Easy care. The steam function not only removes stains, but also easily freshens up stale items or removes unpleasant odors. Lightly damp clothes dry faster after using this function, saving you time.
  • No creasing. Steam Refreshes keep your clothes neat and crease-free. It can also be used for very dry clothes, making ironing much easier.
  • Two types of compatibility. Washing machines can be simply steam or combined, where there is also a standard wash with water.
  • Disinfection. The technology allows you to disinfect things and not waste extra time washing them. And the drum itself is also disinfected, which prevents dirt from accumulating in it.
  • Small range of products. This can be explained by the fact that the steam in washing machines. a relatively new option, so not all companies implement it in production. You have to choose mainly from models of such brands as Bosch. LG. Ariston. Electrolux and Whirlpool.
  • .
  • According to users, not all steam-assisted devices are capable of removing tough stains. They still need to be washed beforehand.
  • It is not a substitute for ironing. It only makes it easier, i.e. it makes creases on things less deep.

Now you know all the pros and cons of washing machines with the steam option. It is up to you to decide how useful it will be for your family.

Steam ranking

If you have decided to buy a machine with steam, it will be useful to read more about the best of them, according to users. Below you will find descriptions of steam washing machines, their specifications, as well as additional useful programs and options.

LG F-14B3PDS7 washing machine

General characteristics
Installation free-standing
Control electronic (intelligent)
Display digital, backlit
Type of loading front
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxHxV), cm 60x46x85
Maximum load, kg 8
The function of the dryer no
Type of drying
Number of drying programs
Additional features and functions
Washing temperature selection, ° C cold/30/40/60/95
Delayed start timer available
Tank material plastic
Number of programs 14
Quick Washing it is
Special Programs Cotton, eco cotton, comforter, dark fabrics, sportswear, silent washing, intensive 60
Additional Features TrueSteam steam function, smart washing system, Smart Diagnosis, 6 care movements
Efficiency and energy classes
Washing class А
Spin class А
Power Consumption Class A
Energy Consumption, kWh/kg 0,13
Water consumption per cycle, l 56
Child protection there is
Leak-free water protection full
Control of imbalance Yes
Defoamer control there is
Maximum speed per minute 1400
The possibility of selecting the spin speed 1400/1000/800/400
Turning off the spin it is
Noise level when washing/washing, dB 56/74

LG F-14B3PDS7LG. roomy model with a pleasant design. Has a high power class. The presence of a large hatch facilitates loading of laundry. Users also note the low noise, easy operation, many useful programs, including steam treatment.

If we talk about the disadvantages, we should immediately note the lack of “freshening things” program. Buyers agree on the overpriced. Some note loud water intake and noisy pump operation when draining.

Hotpoint-Ariston RST 702 ST S

Common Features
Setup freestanding
Control mechanical/electronic
Display digital
Type of loading front
Direct drive there is
Dimensions (WxHxV), cm 6044,585
Maximum load, kg 7
Clothes drying function no
Type of drying
Number of drying programs
Additional functions and features
Washing temperature selection is
Delayed start timer is available (up to 24 hours)
Tank Material plastic
Number of programs 16
Quick washing there is
Special programs Washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, down clothes, washing baby clothes, super rinse, prewash, remove stains program, steam
Additional Features Super Silent washing system, anti-allergy
Efficiency and energy classes
Washing class А
Spin class С
Power Consumption Class А
Energy Consumption, kWh/kg 1,05
Water consumption per cycle, l 50
Child lockout available at
Water leakage protection partial (case)
Unbalance control there is
Foam control it has
Maximum speed per minute 1000
The ability to select the spin speed is
Spin-off switch off there is
Noise level when washing/washing, dB 64/82

“Ariston” RST 702 ST S. a narrow machine, but still roomy enough. The reviews of the owners speak of the advantages of the device:

  • whistling when wringing;
  • long standard programs;
  • The power cord is too short;
  • Problems with the timer (does not correctly display the time to the end of the cycle).

You can read more details about the buyer’s opinion on the YM pages.

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

General characteristics
Installing freestanding
Control touch (smart)
Display there is a symbolic, backlit
Type of loading front
Direct drive is
Size (WxHxV), cm 60x60x85
Maximum load, kg 9
Laundry drying function is (to 6 kg)
Drying type by residual moisture
Number of drying programs 3
Additional functions and features
Washing temperature selection available
Timer delayed start is (up to 20 hours)
Tank material plastic
Number of programs 10
Fast washing is
Special programs Super rinse, steam, prewash, anti-crease program, washing delicates, wash down clothes, express laundry
Extra features WOOLMARK BLUE WASHDRY, 60 minute washing and drying programme, Time Manager, smart washing management
Efficiency and energy classes
Washing class А
Spin class А
Energy Consumption Class А
Energy consumption, kWh/kg 0,12
Water consumption per cycle, l 57
Child lock yes
Water safety device partial (body)
Control of imbalance is
Foam control there is
Maximum rpm 1600
Spin speed selection is
Spin-off switch off is
Noise level when washing/washing, dB 51/77

“Electrolux” EWW 51696 SWD. roomy automatic machine with drying, in which you can easily wash and dry large blankets, pillows, outerwear. Users note the easy operation, pleasing appearance, good quality washing, a lot of programs.

The disadvantages were found in the following points:

Comprehensive user feedback awaits you on this page.

bosch, washing, machine, steam

Bosch WVH 28442

General Features
Installation free-standing
Control touch (intellectual)
Display There is a symbolic, backlit
Type of loading front
Direct drive no
Dimensions (WxHxV), cm 60x59x85
Maximum loading capacity in kg 7
Function of clothes drying is (up to 4 kg)
Type of drying by residual moisture
Number of drying programs 4
Extra functions and options
Washing temperature selection is
Timer delayed start is available (up to 24 hours)
Tank material plastic
Number of programs 15
Fast washing Yes
Special programs direct injection, delicate fabrics, economy wash, wool, crease prevention, baby clothes, super rinse, soak, prewash, stain remover, steam
Extra features Mixed, anti-allergenic, SpeedPerfect, EcoPerfect; VarioSoft drum, EcoSilence Drive, 180° door opening; possibility of refill laundry, Fuzzy Logic
Efficiency and energy classes
Washing class А
Spin class В
Energy class А
Energy consumption, kWh/kg 0,16
Water consumption per cycle, l 73
Child lock there is
Water leakage protection is (AquaStop)
Control of imbalances there is
Control of foaming there is
Maximum rpm 1400
Spin speed selectable available at
Spin-off switch there is
Noise level when washing/washing, dB 48/74

The owners of the Bosch WVH 28442 noted the following benefits:

bosch, washing, machine, steam

The disadvantage of the machine was a lot of noise during operation, as well as the inability to use the drain without spinning. Opinions on the steam option differ. Some are satisfied with it, others are disappointed.

The user’s opinion can be tracked here.

let us add that most users still note the usefulness of steam technology in practice. And whether you need such an option in your washing machine is up to you to decide.


  • Installation: free-standing
  • WxHxV: 60x47x85 cm
  • reloading of laundry: through the main door
  • loading: 8.5 Kg
  • Spin speed: 1200 rpm
  • energy class: A
  • protection: against leaks
  • washing class: A
  • spin class: B
  • control: touch control

LG F2V3GS6W washing machine with 47 cm depth of steam and dry cloths loading up to 8 kg takes the honourable place. This is a real boon. Not only will this model withstand a lot of washing, but it won’t take up extra meters of bathroom space. The smart assistant knows 20 thousand combinations of fabric types, easily detects them and sets the washing program by itself. It will save fabrics from damage by 18% when washing. The weight of the washing machine is 56 kg. The manufacturers have also designed an advanced shock absorption system that reduces vibration during operation. The device is very stable and at maximum speed. 1200 rpm. it won’t bounce, it stands still. The washing machine has 14 modes in its arsenal. It excellently copes with delicate fabrics, baby items, removes dirt from down clothes and sportswear.

LG SteamTM system is a gift for allergy sufferers, as it eliminates 99% of all allergens, viruses and bacteria from the fibres of the fabric. Innovative and stylish design. an option for those who appreciate aesthetics in home appliances. Unique technologies. Smart Diagnosis, AI DD. independently conduct a thorough diagnosis and inform about all malfunctions.

To begin with, the modern market offers consumers more than 1,000 different models of automatic machines, and only a little more than half a hundred of them are equipped with steam function.

The main purpose of a steam washing machine is disinfection. The steam cloud penetrates deep into the fabric fibers and through high temperature it kills fungi, bacteria, germs and allergens, unpleasant odors. Such a washer will be ideal for families with small children, allergic people, and people with sensitive skin types.

What this mode is and how it works? The heated air enters the drum through a special flexible rubber tube during the washing process. The end of this tube is above the loading hatch. In the back corner of the washing machine there is a steam generator. It generates steam. Then, through special electromagnetic valves, hot air enters the inside of the machine. Steam can be produced both during the washing itself and when the “freshening” function is on. In the latter case, no water is drawn in; the cloths do not get wet, but are simply steamed up. Heated air delivers the powder precisely “in the target”, and then releases it.

Rating of washing machines with steam: top cheap models according to owners’ reviews

Automatic devices for washing things have long been popular with housewives. This is due to the fact that with their operation a lot of time is freed, which can be usefully spent on some other things. The appliance will put things in order by itself, and upon completion of washing will notify its owner.

Every year their design, functionality, ease of use get better, and steam washing machines started to appear in the markets. The advantages of these models are that they have different cost, washing without using any detergents, steaming at once, smoothing all things, filling with freshness, disinfecting, economical use of water and electricity.

Steam washing machines: pros and cons

Technical progress does not stand still and every year in the market of washing machines appear models with new features, which are designed to facilitate the household and make the washing process more efficient and easy. Steam mode is more and more often used by different manufacturers and although it is very tempting, it is necessary to understand what advantages it gives and what are the pitfalls of using it.

What is a steam washing mode and why it is needed??

This function is actively promoted by manufacturers as one of the most convenient, effective and economical. There are entire categories of clothing items that require special cleaning conditions and in this case steam is ideal.

The main consumer features of steam washing machines include:

  • Efficient and economical dry cleaning right at home;
  • The ability to remove even stubborn or persistent dirt without the use of aggressive detergents;
  • Can be used to disinfect laundry, the mode kills up to 90% of pathogens, germs and bacteria;
  • Not suitable for fabrics that cannot be washed at high temperatures.

Thus, the steam washing function is very attractive and effective. Steaming allows you to get rid of dirt (stains from fruits, berries and vegetables, blood, fatty foods, streaks) and odors quickly and easily, without damaging the texture and hues of the fabric. Suitable for many types of natural and synthetic fibers. On average, this mode takes 30-40 minutes.

How Steam Powered Washing Machines Work?

In modern models of the new generation, the steam generator is usually located on top of the machine, and when the mode is activated, it converts water into a gaseous state and feeds it into the drum with the laundry. Thanks to the fine-tuning, you can choose an intensive washing mode or just lightly freshen your clothes.

Garments placed in the drum are not in direct contact with the liquid medium, so they do not get wet, which is especially important for some types of fibers. There are models of washing machines that do not rotate the drum when washing with steam, but the effectiveness of such static treatment is high.

Are Steam Washers Worth it?

The principle of operation is simple. The steam softens impurities and removes them from the fiber structure. Detergents can be used for this wash, which will only increase the impact of the gaseous environment and provide better results. Some manufacturers claim that the steam treatment kills germs and bacteria. This is not exactly true. These microorganisms are killed by boiling. But products of their vital activity: mites, pollen, and other kinds of allergens are really neutralized, that is why it is recommended to buy a steam washer first of all for allergy sufferers.

There are models on the market that are equipped with a steam ironing function. It is really very effective, but one should consider that in this mode it is inadmissible to fill the drum to the brim, as in such conditions it is physically and technically impossible to iron the items after washing. If you need to quickly smooth out 2 or 3 items of clothing urgently, while the user is busy with other things, this feature is a real wand. You can put them on at once without any additional ironing.

Advantages and disadvantages of steam washing machines

Before you dare to purchase a new household washing machine, you need to understand if this function is necessary for you, what benefits it provides, and what you should expect from the use of the mode. Although manufacturers vied with one another in praising the appliances, you should know that in addition to the undeniable pros, there are also cons, so before making a purchase, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

  • Economical consumption of energy resources and detergents;
  • The result without pre-soaking, even if the dirt is strong;
  • Clothing treated with steam dries faster;
  • Stubborn unpleasant odors are eliminated;
  • Clothes are not deformed, creases do not appear, the intensity of color shades is not lost;
  • The possibility of washing things made of natural fabrics that require special care, such as silk or wool;

To the disadvantages of household steam appliances include:

  • The cost of a washing machine with steam treatment is higher than those with a standard set of functions. Even in models with similar technical characteristics the price can vary greatly depending on the novelty, brand, prestige and other factors that do not determine the functionality of the device;
  • Such devices are produced by a limited number of manufacturers, so sometimes the choice of models may be insufficient.

Thus, the pluses of washing machines with the steam mode are more, but the choice is always determined by the customer individually.

Types of steam in washing machines

Different technologies are used to generate steam in washing machines. The main types of steam Full Steam and Steam, which are characterized by reliability, efficiency and safety, both for the user and the things being processed.

The most popular steam generation technology in Steam washing machines. It is installed in the vast majority of models, regardless of the manufacturer. The technology was developed in Japan and was installed in microwave ovens and ovens. LG later decided to add steam cleaning mode to its washing machines, and the experience was soon adopted by other brands. Today the market has many models of washing machines with the additional function of washing with steam.

Steam provides a water temperature of about 75 oC to destroy almost all bacteria, germs and viruses. It provides improved washing quality while being completely safe for the fabric fibers, as the generator provides even distribution of steam to the clothes and is instantly cooled. The high velocity of the hot steam molecules provides low friction, safely affecting delicate silk or wool fabrics and other fibers for which steam cleaning in the dry cleaner is recommended. In appliances with Steam, steam can only be added as an additional function to some machine modes.

Full Steam technology produces different types of steam and controls temperature and flow rate. Heating water reaches a temperature of about 100 o C. This provides optimal conditions for effective and easy soiling removal. The function can be chosen as a basic option for washing or combine it with conventional modes. This algorithm is recommended for caring for the clothes of small children, where it is important to destroy possible pathogenic microflora.

Today, steam technology is used in various types of household appliances from a large number of manufacturers such as LG, Electrolux, Bosch, etc. They come in a variety of colors and per kilo loads.

How steam affects energy efficiency and water consumption?

Steam cleaning not only gives the best result, but also, according to the manufacturers, is more efficient and reasonable consumption of resources. In fact, the amount of water and electricity consumption to operate a washing machine in steam mode is not much different from conventional models. However, the unique features it provides, without a doubt, make the appliance very attractive for people with allergies or parents of small children.

Since the market offers a large selection of washing machines with the steam function, it is important to choose a device that is suitable according to all parameters. As with conventional machines, the technical characteristics, resource consumption class, the quality of steam treatment depends on the specific brand and model. But this innovative technology deserves close attention.

Thus, washing machines with steam have a higher price, but having additional functionality for gentle washing and allergen removal is the preferred option. They do not consume more electricity or water than conventional machines, but have advanced technical features. The decision whether or not to overpay for this additional function of your washing machine is always up to the buyer.

In our online store you can choose a washing machine with steam function at a bargain price and with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Washing machines with steam function

Among modern washing machines, the models that have the function of steam treatment are gaining popularity. According to manufacturers, laundry after washing in a machine like this will be completely free from germs and allergens.

LG F1296CDS3

Next in our top list is LG F1296CDS3 washing machine that, in addition to the steam treatment function for removing various microorganisms and allergens from fabrics, can also be used for drying. It is designed for a maximum load of 6 kg in washing and up to 3 kg in drying mode, while it is quite compact. It is only 44 cm deep. So that a lot of space in the bathroom or other room it will not take. As for functionality, this model has 13 automatic programs and 4 washing modes, as well as 4 drying modes that allow to remove excess moisture from different types of fabrics. Also worth noting, the foam suppression function and the drum cleaning function. By the way, the drum of this washing machine has 6 types of movement, maximally adapted to the different types of fabric and the degree of pollution of the laundry. Among other advantages of this appliance are low noise level, reliability and long life, which are provided by the inverter motor and the absence of easily worn-out parts. Well, if any problems occur, you can use the self-diagnostic function to find out the cause of failure and contact a specialist. In general, if you need a multifunctional washing machine, and you are satisfied with the maximum load of 6 kg, then I recommend to pay attention to this model.

  • Spinning speed: up to 1200 rpm.
  • Max. loading: 6 and 3 kg.
  • 13 programs.
  • Noise level while washing: 54 dB.
  • noise level when wringing: 69dB.
  • Water consumption: 56 л.
  • Power consumption: 1.02 kWh.
  • Timer.
  • Child lock.
  • Mobile diagnostics.
  • Steam treatment.
  • Dimensions: 850 x 600 x 440 mm.
  • Weight: 60 Kg.



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