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Bosch washing machine where to fill the powder

Bosch Maxx 5 Speed ​​Edition where to pour powder

Figure out where to fill the powder in the Bosch washing machine in order to achieve the highest quality washing is easy. Many housewives, even without any bothering to read the instructions, begin to fall asleep the product on a hunch, and then it turns out that they poured it in the wrong compartment. We decided to remove this issue once and for all, telling in the framework of a small publication about what compartment the Bosch washing is in the front and vertical loading to pour this or that tool for washing. Without tightening further, let’s start.

What will happen if you put the wrong way?

If you fall asleep the washing powder in the wrong compartment of the Bosch washing machine, then nothing critical will happen. The device will not fail, washing will start in normal mode.

However, this should not be done, due to the mistake of the housewife, first of all, her things will suffer-they will be worse washed out and rinked worse. Time and detergents will be spent in vain, and linen will have to be transferred.

The manufacturer not just divided the powder receiver into sections, the composition in each of them enters at a certain time. If the detergent is filled in the wrong compartment, then it will fall into the drum only at the stage of the main washing or even rinse. Therefore, when introducing the powder, you need to follow the instructions.

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What will happen if you pour out the wrong way?

It is not without reason that the division of the powder receiver is provided into compartments. The thing is, the car in stages chooses the required amount of detergent in accordance with the given program. Gradual mixing of water powder provides the highest quality and safe washing.

Is it worth expecting serious problems if the powder is poured out of the wrong place? Not. The only thing that can happen is in a situation where the powder is filled in the wrong cell that is needed is the quality of washing.

What are the means for washing and why are they needed?

The assortment of household chemical stores is wide and diverse, and the shelves with washing products are full of a huge number of bright boxes and bottles. How to figure it out? You can highlight the main types of compositions for washing:

  • powders (designed for the main washing);
  • compositions in the form of liquids (washing gel, rinse aid, stain.coir and air conditioning);
  • tablets and capsules (contain a concentrated washing product in compressed form or gel).

Whatever the means you use, pay attention to the number of foams. If there is too much of it, this suggests that the dose is exceeded and it must be adjusted. As a rule, these recommendations can be found on the packaging of powder or gel.

It is also important to choose a product with a note “automatic” for machine washing and fill or fill up the selected composition only into the corresponding compartment of the tray.

Types of devices: where to pour powder in a washing machine

In any washing machine, there is a container in the form of a retractable tray, in which the powder, bleach or other types of detergents are immersed.

Where the detachment department is located in the typewriter depends on the device model:

  • If the model with horizontal loading, then the tray is placed on top, above the place where the lamp is located.
  • In devices with vertical loading, the tray is located vertically inside the hatch. To be more precise, then under the lid.
  • In some cases, it is possible to pour the detergent directly into the drum cavity.

You can pour powder both from the packaging and using a special spoon

Basically, all the trays for the powder are divided into three compartments. Unfortunately, the mistake of many people is that before operation they do not understand what each of the openings is intended for, which sometimes becomes the cause of the breakdown of washing equipment and clogging of the bends for the supply of funds. That is why it is advisable to study the instructions in order to avoid serious consequences.

A small tray, on which the snowflake, asterisk or flower is most often located, is used to add an air conditioner that can soften linen when rinsing after washing.

In the middle compartment, powder is laid if preliminary or delicate washing is required, as well as to soak things. The larger compartment is intended directly for the powder or any other means for washing underwear. In some machines, compartments for liquids and powder can be the same in size, but with special designations in the form of numbers, letters and other characters. In case there are a marking or there are simply no labeling, that is, a method of checking the purpose of each compartment.

The washing machine is turned on without loaded linen, preliminary washing is selected and you need not to push the container with the compartments completely. Thus, due to a small hole, you can detect where the water will pour primarily and determine the compartment for preliminary washing and soaking, as well as subsequent trays. The option is simple and completely safe, unable to harm the washing machine or reduce the life.

Having dealt with the basic questions about where the powder and other means for washing and what their features are in the washing machine, you will better navigate in a large assortment of household chemicals. The synthetic composition for washing must be selected depending on the type of fabric and purpose (for adult or children’s clothing). Dosage of each species has its own. Before use, it is important to carefully read the recommendations on the packaging.

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Most often, modern aggregates use powdered means that have a different composition.

They can be fully or partially synthetic, concentrated, made of soap or extracts of herbs, however, the inscription “for automatic washing” must be applied on their packaging.

Where should be poured for washing?

It is strictly not recommended to be used for manual laundry treatment: they cause severe foaming, which can lead to clogging the hose and, as a result, to leaks.

The powder falls asleep in different types of washing devices in different ways. Pooleums machines usually do not have a separate cuvette for detergents, the powder is poured into the tank along with the laundry.

In machine guns with vertical loading of the cell for powder, air conditioning, bleach are placed on the inside of the hatch located at the top.

The front washing is the compartment for detergents, as a rule, is in the left corner from above. Depending on the brand, its design may vary.

Consider in more detail the design of the powder tray. Drawn.out cuvette intended for the receipt of the detergent into the drum has a well.thought.out device.

As a rule, it is made of plastic: the front panel has the color of the case, and the inner surface. white or gray tone.

bosch, washing, machine, fill

The device is divided into three, less often into four compartments, which are marked with letter designations, symbols, Roman or Arabic numerals.

  • In the largest module, indicated by numbers II, 2 or literature, the remedy necessary for the main washing cycle is filled up.
  • Compartment of medium sizes, numbers I, 1 or letter A are applied to it, designed to fill up the washing powder, which is used for preliminary laundry. Here you can add a bleach or stain.
  • The most miniature compartment that is usually located on the left is designed to fill flavorings, air conditioners. This part can be marked with numbers III, 3, in the word Softener, image of a flower (sprockets).

To adjust the amount of softening substance to the department for the air conditioner, a limiting strip with the inscription MAX is often applied, denoting the maximum boundary.

In some cases, this compartment is divided by a partition into two parts, and a removable module may also be used.

One of them is provided for by the air conditioner, the second. for diluted starch, flavor or other additional substance.

Detting loading rules

The powder in the cuvette falls asleep randomly, it is not at all necessary to distribute it evenly throughout the container: the main thing is that it does not spill through the edges. After the manipulation of the compartment, the compartment must be tightly closed, and only then run the car.

Some washbasins have levels in the cells that allow you to control the amount of frightened detergent. However, often housewives pour powder on the eye, remembering the amount according to previous washing.

The design features of the machine contribute to the fact that the means for washing (powder, air conditioning) fall into the drum along with the flow of water supplied through the tray.

Each department has holes that create conditions for dissolving these agents with a stream of water and transferring them to the tank.

The complete transportation of substances contributes to both the high pressure under which the water is supplied and the smooth walls of the powder receiver, which facilitate the release of the dissolved agent.


Owners of washing equipment most often use the following varieties of detergents:

  • Washing powder. This detergent is used more often than others.
  • Liquids. This category includes stain carriers, gels, rinses and softeners.
  • Capsules, tablets, compressed cubes.

These funds need to be loaded immediately to the drum machine. Otherwise, they do not completely dissolve from the cell cells, as a result of which the required amount of foam is not created.

If you have a washing machine, it is better to use washing powders that form a smaller amount of foam. The packages of such powders contain the designation “automatic”.

bosch, washing, machine, fill

Sometimes when washing appears an excessive amount of foam, which is not completely washed out when washing things. As a result, white stains can form on things. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to calculate the amount of linen powder located in the drum of the machine.

As a rule, the norm is one tablespoon of washing powder per kilogram of linen. You can find out the recommended consumption of the washing tool on its packaging.

Washing modes

The selection of the necessary washing program is carried out by turning the handle located on the control panel.

The Bosch Maxx 4 model contains the following wash modes:

  • White underwear.Suitable for washing high.pinching cotton products.
  • Intensive wash.This mode is used when you need to remove very dirty things.
  • Washing colored linen with preliminary soaking.The linen soaking cycle occurs at a water temperature 60 0.
  • Colored linen.This regime is used to wash things from cotton and linen. The previous program differs in that there is no soaks of things.
  • Synthetics.This program is suitable for cleaning mixed fabrics.
  • Wool.Wojing item washing program.
  • Thin linen.Used in washing delicate fabrics (silk, tulle, etc.D.).

Program selector also allows you to choose the pushing, rinsing and drain function.


On the control panel there is a button with which you can select the following additional functions:

  • Fast washing mode;
  • Additional rinse;
  • Reduction in speed speed;
  • Stop execution of the selected program without draining water from the drum. In other words, with the help of this button, the squeezes are disconnected.

About technical characteristics

The Bosch WLG 2426 Sportline washing machine is a German or Polish assembly belongs to economical units. It consumes a minimum of electricity without loading the family budget with excessive expenses. Squeezing linen is carried out at maximum speeds of 1200 per minute. This means that after washing things will be semi.dry. The hostess will not have to spend much time on the final drying of things.

By type of loading, the machine refers to the classical variation. frontal. This is convenient for most housewives. The user does not have to look for a suitable place to place the unit. Another necessary parameter of Bosch WLG 2426 SOE is the dimensions. Its dimensions are 60 cm84.8 cm40 cm. Thanks to this, the compact machine will not take a large area in the apartment.

Users do not have problems with management. The device is equipped with an understandable and convenient intensity. All necessary information is displayed on the display, which allows the user to control the process. Another advantage of the Bosch WLG 2426 German assembly machine is the high quality of the boot tank. This part of the design is made of composite material. Polonox. This is durable and practical material.

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