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Bosch refrigerator two -chamber upper door opens

How to outweigh the doors on the refrigerator Hotpoint Ariston

In most cases, the question of how to outweigh the refrigerator door arises when redevelopment of the kitchen is required and the equipment should be rearranged to a new place.

If the position of the refrigerator does not allow the door to open properly, there is a need to outweigh it in the opposite direction for more convenience. How to do it correctly and what you should know, so as not to damage the door?

We will analyze these questions in our article. For a better understanding of the outrage process, we give step.by.step briefing, equipped with visual photos.

When the door is required?

Sometimes such a need appears if one of the owners is left-handed, and he wants to install everything in his kitchen at will.

This is also done if the refrigerator door is poorly closed because the rubber seal has worn out from the handle side. In this case, the door adjacent to the body loosely, and the device loses its tightness.

It is not difficult to check this. it is enough to cover the refrigerator, pressing the door with a sheet of plain paper, and then pull the sheet.

If it slows easily, then the gap between the body and the seal is quite large. And this means that the tightness is broken, and you should either change the entire seal around the perimeter, or outweigh the door.

In some models of refrigerators, this can be done without much difficulty, because there are already holes for handles and loops from the opposite side of the door.

Before proceeding to this work, we advise you to verify the availability of spare openings in your refrigerator.

Как Перевесить Дверь Холодильника Самостоятельно? BOSCH. Видео Инструкция

If you do not find them, then you will not be able to outweigh the refrigerator door yourself. the factory design of the device does not provide for this, you should not even try!

Some stores include the door of the door torturing the warranty package, so it is more advisable to contact their service center.

If the warranty period of your refrigerator has expired and its factory assembly provides for the possibility of independent outburst of the door, then it will be not difficult to do it yourself, it is enough to follow the safety rules.

List of necessary tools

Here is the optimal set of tools that will be needed for work:

  • A set of finding keys. for different models of refrigerators, different keys may be required;
  • flat and cross.shaped screwdrivers or electric screwdriver;
  • scotch;
  • Instructions.

If you have preserved instructions for the refrigerator, then it will be in handy. it may contain a good guide to independently outweighing the door. But if there is no one, then this does not matter. work can be done without it.

It will also be good to enlist by someone’s help, because the process requires some dexterity and it will be difficult to cope alone alone.

Phased process of changing the position of the door

Before outplaying the refrigerator door with your own hands, you should turn it off from the network. Then you need to remove all the products from the shelves located on the inside of the door, and a variety of magnets on the outside. Work carefully, trying not to scratch glossy surfaces.

Step 1. Dismantle the upper door

The vast majority of refrigerators are two.chamber, with a freezer located above/under the main compartment. We talked more about the varieties of two.chamber refrigerators in the next article.

Therefore, in such models of refrigerators, it is better to start outlet from the upper door. It is necessary to attach the door to the body with tape so that it does not fall when disassembling. This must be done in several places.

As a rule, the door is attached to the body with loops that are screwed by two bolts. They need to be removed first, having previously removed plastic plugs from the same holes on the opposite side of the door, where we are going to screw the removed loop.

The plugs should be removed carefully so as not to scratch the surface, using a flat screwdriver. If decorative panels are screwed on the front part, then they can be removed using a crucible screwdriver.

Some models of modern refrigerators are arranged so that to dismantle the door in order to gain access to the upper loop, the upper cover of the device should be removed.

Dismant it and put it aside. It is better to put all the removed details in a separate container.

Unscrew the bolts of the upper loop, dismantle the loop. Then remove the upper handle, after removing decorative plugs. If the pen does not screw with bolts, then it is not necessary to touch it, the possibility of reinstalling the door is already laid down in its design.

After all the screws are unscrewed with the help of the wrench, and the loops are removed, you can remove the tape and remove the upper door, lifting it for separation from the middle loop. We put the door to the side.

We rearrange the previously removed plugs on the opposite side in empty nests. For greater convenience, they can not be removed before dismantling, but rearranged with the door removed.

Step 2. Remove the lower door

We move on to the next stage: we repeat all the actions with tape. we attach the lower door to the body. Using a wrench, remove the middle loop, first removing the gasket from the pin.

Then you can remove the tape and, slightly raising the door from the lower pin, remove it and also set aside aside.

Remove the plugs from the holes in the middle of the refrigerator for the subsequent installation of the dismantled middle loop and rearrange them into the formed holes.

The refrigerator stopped closing: what to check the ordinary user before calling the master?

Before he trumpet the alarm and call a specialist, you can inspect the refrigerator yourself, maybe everything is in order with the device and you do not have to repair the unit. Check the following:

  • Maybe the refrigerator stopped closing because something inside the cameras interferes with him? Forgot to push the salad bowl or turned the bucket with a handle to the door and please!. the door will not close, no matter how you try. All that can protrude, pushing into the camera or get out of the refrigerator.
  • How exactly your refrigerator is on the floor? Have you moved it recently? If you have a level, then with its help you can check if you have installed the refrigerator exactly. If there is no construction line, use a glass of water. it is not so accurately, but still shows whether the device is crooked or evenly installed (glasses with a painted horizontal rim are especially successful. you need to pour water on it exactly according to the rims). What is the danger of a slope? In fact, it is not dangerous, but if the refrigerator is inclined a little forward, then the door according to the laws of gravity will open itself. If everything is just that, then after regulating the legs, everything will fall into place.

If two of the above troubles are not your case, then a breakdown could arise, which prevents the unit doors of the unit tightly fit to the body of the device.

At the request of our customers, we will tell in detail about all the most common reasons because of which the refrigerator door cannot close.

We test the door

This test was invented ten years ago and is called “Test with a probe”. An ordinary sheet of paper acts as a probe (the thinner the paper, the better). The strip should be 5cm in width. This paper is laid across the sealing gum, the door is closed, and they try to get the paper. If everything is fine, then it is problematic to extract paper. You need to walk with this “probe” throughout the door. If there are areas in which rubber adjacent to the refrigerator body is weak, then the paper is easily extracted. After simply a test, you narrow the circle of possible reasons for the failure of the refrigerator.

And now about the reasons weak and bad or not at all closing the refrigerator door:

The cause of the malfunction and methods of elimination

After conducting a “test with a probe”, you determined that the paper cannot be fixed at all.

The fasteners of the door were ill, and the density of its fit to the perimeter of the refrigerator was weakened. You will need an accurate adjustment of the door loops. produced by the master.

You cannot close the refrigerator door, and during the test it turned out that in different places the door does not close equally tightly.

Symptom one, and two reasons: 1. Could serve his term seal, especially if he was not often pleased with the departure, and the door was clapped with heroic force. Over the years of operation, rubber loses the functions of elasticity, becomes less elastic, violating the tightness of the compartments. This consumable needs to replace.

If the device is only from the store or it serves for many years, but literally after moving or rearrangements, then the door could accidentally be damaged in it. If the deformation is not serious, then you can do with adjustment, but if fatal changes in the design of the door occur, then you will need to replace the entire door.

In the old refrigerator, the door seems to be “departing” from the closet itself.

In the design of the “grandmother’s” devices there is a special sparkle detail, which is a small element of plastic, which is located at the base of the door. with its assistance, the door opens and closes smoothly. If the door is clapping, the plastic is deformed over time, and the door ceases to close normally. The spacer part must be replaced by a new.

The door does not close in the refrigerators of the Ariston brand or Indesite, it seems to be springy from the refrigerator case.

In some models of the units of these brands, the rod of the inclusion and shutdown of light is located according to the idea of ​​manufacturers is not entirely correct. often it interferes with the closure of the door. This stem must be moved deep into the camera.

Having tested the density of closing the doors, the probe showed that the door is closed everywhere equally tightly, but at the same time the signal warning about the open door does not stop.

The refrigerator is just an electrical appliance stuffed with sensors, nodes and systems. And often the sensors are the first to suffer. In this case, the sensor reacting to the closure of the door could break. It is subject to urgent replacement.

If you don’t have a refrigerator, freezer or refrigerator, the refrigerator door breaks, a new or old refrigerator does not close, or any other nuisance associated with the door happened, then, of course, a qualified specialist will come to the rescue.

But do not forget that a lot depends on you. Remember that slamming the refrigerator door, whatever it is. old or new, only from the store, you can’t. No need to play with the refrigerator in the game “Closed-opened”. If you noticed, then opening the device immediately after its closure, the door is difficult. This can be explained by the pressure difference in the refrigerator and in the room itself. If you forgot to take something from the refrigerator, then wait only for a minute and then open it-so you extend the service life of the elastic band and the refrigerator itself. As for the sealing material, it also needs to be careful. From time to time you need to wash it using a weak soap solution. and then be sure to dry. Do not smear the elastic with lubricant or oils. these substances destroy the rubber environment.

If you are guided by simple rules, the refrigerator will serve you for a long time and without problems for many years. And if the refrigerator has already broken, then you should not be upset. contact professional craftsmen and they will cope with a breakdown quickly and efficiently.

The correct and long.term work of the refrigerator depends on several reasons. One of them is the tightness of household appliances. As a result of depressurization, warm air penetrates into the inner compartment, which leads to ice. The load on the cooling system, which is forced to constantly drive Freon, increases to maintain the desired temperature in the space of the refrigerator. And this leads to the premature wear of the unit and the subsequent purchase of a new refrigerator.

How to turn off the refrigerator

The question of the correct disconnection of the refrigerator becomes relevant when moving, defrosting or before leaving for a long time. Turning off the device for the absence of owners will help to avoid the following problems:

Extraneous smells in the chamber caused by damage to products;

Equipment malfunction due to voltage drops in the mains;

Leaks of the refrigerator and freezer, which lead to the appearance of puddles and floods;

Irrational electricity costs.

To disconnect the device without prejudice to the resource and functionality, it is not enough to remove the cord from the outlet. The process of turning off the refrigerator is a whole range of measures that must be performed in the prescribed manner.

bosch, refrigerator, chamber, upper

How to turn off the refrigerator correctly?

The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

one.Turning off the device from the mains. In a passive state, the refrigerator will defrost, stop making noise, the backlight will disappear inside the chamber, and the wiring will not be subject to fire when interrupted on the network.

2.Devastation of the camera. Remove all food products from the refrigerator and freezer. Otherwise, an unpleasant odor will inevitably appear in the cell, possibly combining “aromas” of different types of spoiled products.

3.Hygienic cleaning. Wipe the walls of the camera, shelves, containers and removable elements with a clean rag moistened in warm water. If there are no pollution, you can limit yourself to wiping with a dry towel.

4.Protection from the flood. In the lower part of household appliances, put a tray for accumulating melt water. Lifting a rag under the refrigerator, which will bring water into itself and prevent the flooding of the neighbors.

Before leaving, turn off the refrigerator and leave the door in the open position to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors.

The “Vacation” mode in the refrigerator

This option is provided in many modern models of household apparatus. It provides safe operation of equipment at a temperature of 15 degrees in the refrigerator compartment. This avoids the appearance of unpleasant odors inside the camera and reduce electricity consumption. If you leave for a long time, it is better to pre.extract products from the compartments or leave only the main.

Each brand has a “vacation” mode has its own characteristics.

In the South Korean manufacturer, the function is called “Holid”, it retains the temperature in the refrigerator at 12 degrees. Electricity costs are small, and fungi and harmful microorganisms are not formed on the walls of the camera that cause unpleasant odors.

The latest models are equipped with an intellectual system that turns off the refrigerator and leaves the freezer in working condition.

With one click of the button, the device goes into an economical mode that reduces energy consumption by 40%. In different models, you can configure the temperature in the range from 10 to 15 degrees.

This system is present only in new manufacturer models. If there is no vacation mode in your device, before leaving, set the optimal mode manually.

Turning off the refrigerator with an ice generator

If your device model is equipped with an ice agenter, transfer it to cleaning mode. When this option is turned on, the ice storage container turns down and melt water flows from there. This will avoid the development of fungi and mold.

After the generator is set to the cleaning position, disconnect the device from the mains and block the water tap if the device is connected to a stationary water supply. Do not forget to clean the camera and ice agenter. Upon returning from vacation, turn on the refrigerator, but the first three batches of ice cubes should be thrown away.

How to disable freezer in refrigerators of different brands?

The household appliances of the Atlant brand are available with two types of control panel. mechanical and electronic (located inside, outside or on the door).

To turn off the freezer with the mechanical system, you need to smoothly bring the temperature control video to position 1 (minimum value), then make a little effort and turn in the same direction to completely turn off the cooling in the chamber.

Disconnecting the freezer in the refrigerator Atlant is also not difficult. To turn off the freezer, click on the extreme left button on an electronic board. After this action is performed, indicators notifying the work of the freezer and temperature changes in the departments will go out. Repeated pressing this button will lead to the camera in 5 minutes.

How to disable the freezer in the LG and Samsung refrigerator?

The devices of these South Korean brands do not provide for the possibility of local disconnecting the freezer, t.e. The technique is completely turned off. Each model may have a sequence, but the principle is unified for all.

In devices with one compress, the air flow moves from the freezer in the direction of the refrigerator and returns back. Therefore, when the motor is turned off, a comprehensive shutdown of the equipment occurs.

Devices equipped with a mechanical temperature control system are turned off by pulling the cord from the outlet. If you need to operate, you first need to reduce the temperature to the limit value, and then de.energize the device.

In the latest generation technology, the compressor shutdown button is located on the instrument panel. This excludes the need to remove the cord from the outlet.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it possible to turn off the refrigerator for a long time?

It is possible, but it is advisable at least once every 1-2 months to turn on for a short time to maintain tightness and extend the compressor service life. Before leaving, leave the door open to avoid the formation of mold and unpleasant odor.

Is it possible to disconnect the refrigerator often?

Regular on and disconnecting the device (for example, at night) can lead to a breakdown of the starting relay. When working in economical mode, electricity costs will be several times less than subsequent repairs with constant shutdown. If there is no frequent need for the refrigerator, buy a device with a small chamber.

How to outweigh the refrigerator door: the required tool set and detailed instructions

The need to outweigh the refrigerator door may occur, for example, if you moved or made a rearrangement. Either bought a new refrigerator, but his door is located on the wrong side. There is nothing complicated in the outlet of the refrigerator door: unscrew the loops, remove the train, remove the door, rearrange and screw it back. This can be done independently. You will need two or three unpretentious tools. In addition, it is faster than calling the master and waiting.

Is it possible to outweigh the refrigerator door yourself and what will be required for this, and also how to choose a refrigerator with such a function, if you are only going to purchase it, we understand this material.

Not all models of the refrigerator can outweigh the door. Therefore, if the criterion is important for you, when buying, pay attention to ensuring that the doors are redesigned. In such doors, holes for loops and fasteners for the handle are provided on both sides. Sometimes you have to buy accessories when curling doors. This moment should be clarified in the operating instructions before you start work.

If you bought a refrigerator with ordinary doors, it will not be possible to change their position, since the design of the door does not provide for the installation of loops from the other side. However, the problem is solved if the purchase is made recently: you can contact the store with a request to replace the model. This can be done if the following conditions are met:

What tools are needed

To outweigh the refrigerator door, you need a screwdriver with a cross.shaped slot or a end key, a shoulder blade or a knife with a thin blade. To accelerate the process, you can use an electrical office or an electric screwdriver with a small puff moment. The drill in this case will not work.

Each manufacturer uses its own fasteners, so you will have to select the tool individually, but most likely the key is 8 and the PH2 screwdriver will be suitable for.

It will be good to have a operating instructions at hand: it list the necessary tools and information on how and when to use them. It is very desirable to enlist the assistant, who will hold the door while you fasten the loops or lay a train. It will be much more difficult to work alone.

We disassemble the refrigerator

First of all, make sure the refrigerator is disconnected from the network. Only after that can you start work. Remove the plastic panel of the upper loop and unscrew 2-3 bolts.

If the refrigerator is equipped with a display on the door, then first of all disconnect the control of the control unit so as not to damage it. The train is hidden under a plastic panel. After that, unscrew the bolts that hold the upper loop and remove it. Raise the door to remove it from the middle loop. Put the door so that it could not fall.

Similarly, unscrew the bolts of the middle loop and remove the second door. Then proceed to the dismantling of the lower loop. For most manufacturers, the doors attachment scheme is more or less similar, but sometimes the lower loop is installed so that it will be difficult to get to it. In this case, the refrigerator will have to tilt a little.

Door reassignment and assembly

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order, but there are nuances. So, on the lower loop you need to rearrange the axis and leg of the refrigerator closer to the edge of the unit.

After that, unscrew the refrigerator’s leg from the opposite side and install it on the place where the loop was earlier. Set the lower loop to the place of the legs. Set the door and transfer all plastic accessories to the opposite side. For this, plugs and panels that were installed earlier may be suitable for this. It happens that in the case of reinstalling the door, accessories require a replacement. It depends on the manufacturer.

Screw the middle loop and burn the upper door on the middle axis. Now put and connect the display train. Close it with a panel and screw the upper loop to a new place.

The video shows how to outweigh the door in one of the most difficult models in this regard. But most refrigerators are arranged much easier, which means that it will be easier to outweigh the door.

Bosch refrigerator, flashes the temperature indicator of the refrigerator

Most of all the Bosch refrigerator temperature indicator flashes for malfunctions in a plus chamber. The door opens more often in it, new vessels with food are added, sometimes they install pots with warm food. It is here that the wear of the rubber seal of the door is fixed. As a result of the constant flow of the fresh air jet, the evaporator freezes, and in the refrigerator Bosh flashes the temperature. For a refrigerator, which has been operating for more than 6-7 years without Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the reason may be the loss of cold circuit performance:

In the refrigerator, Bosch with the know.toe Frost system, the cold enters the air duct with a damper. The temperature indicator of the refrigerator compartment will flash, if the air flow is weakened, the temperature began to rise. Only a specialist can understand the internal problems of the refrigerator with a complex electrical and electronic circuit.

Two.chamber Bosch refrigerator

Analysis of refrigeration devices reveals frequent breakdowns that are characteristic of the products of a particular company. For bosch two.chamber refrigerators, the reasons for contacting a service will be a refusal of one camera. Diagnostics will help to identify a malfunction.

Even if the refrigerator with electronic control has a self.diagnosis function, only gives a signal from, but a specialist finds the exact reason. The longer the life of the device, the more problematic areas.

  • Wear of the nodes associated with the production of seats, metal fatigue, corrosion.
  • Connecting a refrigerator to a network without a stabilizer. often with voltage drops, electronics fail.
  • Refrigerant leakage due to impaired tightness of the cooling system.
  • Malfunction of regulatory systems. launch relay, thermostat and sensors.
  • Refusal or incorrect work of the motor-compressor.
  • Problems with condensate removal systems.

You just bought a refrigerator and installed it indoors? Read carefully the operating manual. Turn on the device no earlier than 2-3 hours. It takes time to take its place. From the very beginning, set the voltage stabilizer. For German refrigerators, 230 in. This is relevant for modern models with an inverter engine and electronic control.

The new refrigerator works very loudly? Check if the transport bolts are removed, they can interfere with the compressor. If there is rattling and vibration. tighten the fasteners. Check, the distance from the walls and cabinet furniture should be 5-7 cm. It is necessary for the details of the motor compressor to work. Increased noise during the first days of work. normal.

The sound change in the long.working refrigerator Bosch should alert. This is due to the faults. The sooner to call the master, the cheaper the repair will cost. The most expensive node in the Bosch refrigerator is a refrigerator, its replacement is commensurate with the price of the product.

The main malfunctions

The technical device of the unit consists of electronic blocks, so the owner must correctly install the refrigerator and observe the conditions for its use. Sensors, control system, refrigerant should be in good condition.

Most often, the following faults of the Bosch refrigerator occur:

  • aging of nodes;
  • corrosion;
  • failure of electrical devices;
  • refrigerant leak;
  • equipment does not turn on;
  • Condensate output defect.

In some cases, special diagnostics are used to determine damage. In the unit, the propeller should work with the compressor. If the blades refused, a poor condensation system can be the reason.

What to do if the door is sticking

The first thing you should do if the refrigerator door is poorly opened is to wait. If your technique is working, in a minute the problem will be removed. over, a tightly adjacent sash suggests that the products are stored correctly and you will not need replacement of sealing rubber for a long time.

If you open the device again in 5 minutes, this indicates a suction in a drainage system. To eliminate it, take a long toothpick or a hard wire of 20 cm and lower it into a drain hole. If independent cleaning has not helped, contact the master. He will conduct professional cleaning with special tools. Without them, you risk damaging the internal parts of the system.

Often the cause of the tight stroke is the seal. With the closest washing of the technique, pay special attention to this zone: wash the elastic band with a soft fat.giving agent, thoroughly rinse it with a soft sponge. It is not recommended to rub it with hard brushes or use strong reagents. Remember that rubber materials wear out in 5-8 years, so it is often easier to replace the seal than to try to reanimate it and risk the temperature regime of the entire system.

Sometimes you may feel that the door opens and closes very tightly. This suggests that the loops are tightly tightened during assembly and they need to be lubricated and relaxed if necessary. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, it is better to invite a specialist from Lenbyt.

Why the refrigerator does not close?

There can be many reasons for this: starting with thinner rubber on the door, ending with damage to the door and corkscrews itself, on which it holds.

  • Weakened mounts. If they are in a slightly crafted state, then you will not even have to guess why the refrigerator door leaves. To fix such a petty trouble, you need to tighten the loops, fixing them as it should.
  • Examination of the seal. Over time, the rubber on the door deteriorates, becomes thinner and no longer sucks to the refrigerator with the necessary force. If you notice that the gum does not fit well, then you must replace the old seal with a new.
  • Damage to the door itself. When moving, transporting or climbing high floors manually, on the stairs, workers could accidentally damage the refrigerator door. For example, by hitting them by accident on the staircase railing. In rare cases, the door adjustment saves, in most cases it must be replaced with a new.
  • The spacer is worn out. Most often, such damage is found on old refrigerators, which have been served for no year. The breakdown has noticeable signs: the door opens itself, does not stick to the refrigerator. Unfortunately, some details that have a large load on, wear out even with proper operation over time.
  • A faulty sensor notifying a poorly closed door. If you have thoroughly checked that the door is perfectly adjacent, there are no gaps, and the signal still says that the door is loosely closed, then you need to change the sensor. Such a malfunction is often found on new refrigerators.

What to do if the refrigerator door does not close or sagged?

First, it is worth checking the most likely reasons: wear of the seal and loosening loops.

The seal is easy to check in the old, but still effective way. Take a thin sheet of paper, cut a strip from it about 6 cm wide. Attach the strip to the elastic band and, closing the door of the refrigerator/freezer, try pulling the paper from under it.

If the paper remains in place, clinging tightly to the unit, then the reason is something else. If the paper is easily served and extended, then in this place the elastic band fits loosely. This method from ancient times is called “Test with the probe”. This method needs to check the unit door around the entire perimeter in order to clarify and miss the wear of the wear.

If the “test with the probe” did not help to determine the malfunction and identify wear, and the door does not stick tightly, it is necessary to contact the company representing the repair services of refrigeration equipment.

What repair is required if the door is poorly closed?

  • adjustment of loops;
  • replacement of the door seal;
  • adjustment of the refrigerator door or its replacement;
  • replacement of the door closing sensor;
  • Rearing the spacer part.

It is important to remember that such signs as an open refrigerator, loose gum (the elastic band goes completely or leaves a little), they say that the refrigerator will soon break down. the warmth inside the refrigerator will not give anything good.

If obvious problems are found, the doors sealing violations, immediately contact the service and call the mechanic’s house by phone 8 (495) 109-02-72. You can also leave a request on the site, describing in detail the “symptoms” breakdown.

We guarantee that we will urgently come to your house and solve the problem. we know how to repair the refrigerator door, even if we have sagged noticeably.

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Control Panel

The indicator can blink due to a small malfunction in the panel itself-check what position the temperature indicator has, it depends on the setting of the entire mode. Very often, fat and moisture deposits are formed on the panel, the buttons are jammed and do not work in normal mode. It is necessary to carefully inspect the panel, clean fat deposits and dirt, but very carefully, without fanaticism, so as not to harm your actions.

Each user must remember: the refrigerator has a very complex device, it is not necessary to independently eliminate problems in the electric circuit or electronic system, for this there are refrigeration equipment specialists.



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