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things to look out for when you’re preparing your oven

All Fornelli specialized brand kitchen appliances have a great design and blend in with a variety of styles. The use of new technological solutions makes these appliances competitive, they are preferred by the most demanding customers, and now you are among them.

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You have the FEA 60 BELCANTO, a built-in independent electric oven? Congratulations, you’ve really made a good choice!

A thoughtful and austere design, versatility and a convenient and intuitive control panel are just some of the features that Fornelli has developed.

The FEA 60 Belcanto oven has top and bottom heat as well as a convector with a circular heating element. The advantages include the presence of a grill, removable door with three-layer glazing and telescopic rails. 3D convection is available, allowing you to cook on different levels.

Fornelli ovens are the epitome of modern technology and functionality

Convenient control functions are provided:

  • Delayed start. you can pre-set the heating time and temperature, and the oven will automatically start at a set time;
  • A reminder: if you need to add an extra ingredient during cooking, just set the time interval, at the end of which a buzzer will remind you;
  • The oven controls are lockable, so that small children cannot turn the oven on and off by mistake.

What to do before connecting and starting an electric oven for the first time?

  • To avoid unfortunate mistakes, be sure to read the installation and operating instructions that come with the product.
  • It is advisable to have the oven installed and connected by a specialist from an accredited service center that is authorised to repair and service these products. If this work is performed by a non-specialist, there may be abnormal situations that are dangerous to the user.
  • Make sure that the oven is easily and quickly disconnected from the power supply. If there is no socket nearby, you should ask the master to make a direct connection to the network with grounding and output to a multi-line switch, located in an easily accessible place. Extension cords and multiple sockets must not be used because they are not designed for this high power (3 kW) and often cause overheating.
  • Make sure that the oven is technically ready to use: built into the niche and plugged in. Technical features of safe operation are specified in the instruction manual of the technique.
  • You should first unpack the oven and let it “acclimatize”, especially if it’s cold outside. It needs to warm up to room temperature. And be sure to remove the protective vinyl film from the door.
  • Before using the oven for cooking, it is advisable to temper it with trays and racks placed on appropriate levels.
  • Set the oven to the highest temperature setting and turn it on. Then open the oven door and turn the hood on to air out the room and remove the smell of burnt preservative grease.
  • When the oven has cooled down after firing it must be unplugged.
  • Clean the de-energized appliance. Using a cloth dampened with a neutral detergent, clean the inner walls, the grid iron, the trays and the enamel-coated grids. Only use specific detergents that do not contain abrasive particles for the stainless steel pan.
  • Do not forget to set the oven before use. The setting procedure can be found in the manual supplied with the appliance.

The FEA 60 Belcanto control panel is equipped with an electronic clock. Before you start the oven for the first time, you have to set the time and select the desired language for the messages on the text display.

On the control panel, on both sides of the display, there are two recessed knobs and four buttons to set the modes of operation. Buttons “Start” and “Stop” are located on the left side of the display. Buttons for setting the time and setting the reminder are on the right side of the display.

Use the knobs to set the time and select the desired operating mode. In the “Oven Installation and Operation Manual”, in the “Control Panel” section, you can find out how to use the knobs and push buttons of the electronic programmer on different occasions.

What not to fear?

Like any complex device, the FEA 60 Belcanto oven has features that you need to be aware of in order not to worry unnecessarily:

  • if after setting the auto-start time you accidentally or intentionally press the “Start” button, the pause will occur. If the start-up time has elapsed during the pause, the oven will not start. This is normal and the oven functions correctly;
  • An oven that is plugged in, if no cooking time is set, may run for nine hours, after which it will automatically shut off. Remember that the operating time is limited to nine hours;
  • if after 10 minutes after setting the lock mode the display goes out. nothing happened, it is functioning, it just went to the economy mode.
  • The fan inside the oven works until the oven cools down after it has stopped operating.

When it is necessary to disconnect the oven from the power supply:

  • If during operation there is an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to pay attention to it, because it could be caused by an unnoticed piece of packaging;
  • cooking time has passed, and the device does not stop its work and does not turn off with the “Stop” button;
  • In the event of any other malfunction, the appliance should be disconnected from the mains by switching off the fuse.

If there are any malfunctions or questions that the user can’t find in the manual, call for service or call for technical support. The contact details are in the manual.

Oven knocks out when oven is switched on

Hello, I have a Bosch HBG43T320R built-in oven. The problem is this, when turning off the oven (setting the function switch to the zero position), the circuit breaker in the panelboard tripped and knocked out all the electricity on the mowing line in the apartment. After turning the dispenser on, everything goes back to normal. Oven is working, tested it three times and three times this situation reoccurred under these conditions. What’s the matter, tell me? Thank you.

Signs and causes of malfunction

There are several situations in which the oven does not heat. Each of the breakdowns has its own distinctive features:

  • The appliance is not heating to the correct temperature. It is impossible to predict how much the oven will heat up in this case. The thermometer shows different values each time in the same position of the control knob. This all points to a malfunction in the thermostat, the sensor that controls the heat. If its contact is oxidized or the sensor itself is out of order, the control unit will receive different signals from it all the time and change the heat level inside.
  • The temperature does not rise above 100-150°. The surest sign of this problem is a long cooking time. If you bake the pie not in 40 minutes, as written in the recipe, but in 2 hours, and it is still not ready, it means that the device can not give enough heat to bake the dough. There could be several sources of trouble: a breakdown in the power cord, a malfunction in one of the heaters, a defect in the thermostat, or even a worn seal on the door.
  • The electric oven won’t heat from the bottom. Often users notice that a dish is burnt on top but not baked from the bottom. Most often the bottom heating element is damaged. But if your model has 4 heating elements, the bottom must be heated by the side sources. If they don’t work, it’s because the fan is worn out.
  • The device turns on, but remains cold. Electric stoves have complicated wiring system, one part is responsible for lighting, another one for heating plates, and the third one for the roaster. If the oven in the electric stove does not heat, but the light in it turns on, this indicates a defect in the wiring: a loose contact, a broken wire.
  • The indicator light doesn’t work. If you turn the switch and the roaster light doesn’t come on, check to see if the heating elements are getting at least a little hot. If not, the problem may also be in the internal wiring or power supply.

Ovens Gorenje (Gorenje)

Gorenje ovens are made with the latest technology. The analog of a wood-burning oven, unique enamel, easy cleaning, and a cold door even at the highest cooking temperature. these are its main advantages. But the advantages will tell you about each manufacturer, but the disadvantages of different models you can learn from the reviews of the ovens Burning, which are posted on this page.

Was looking for a multifunctional oven, actually for this reason and was bought the model Gorenje BO 75SY2B. It has a lot of advantages, but now I will tell only about those functions, which, as a rule, are absent in conventional ovens. The first thing I liked about this model. is steam cleaning, a handy option! It turns out you can pour a small amount of water into the oven, then turn it on the cleaning mode, then after 30 minutes you can easily remove all the dirt with the most ordinary sponge.

The glass on the door can be easily removed and well washed. In addition, there is a very useful function canning, which makes life much easier for me in the preparation of preparations for the winter. Many operating modes: chicken, baking, pizza, potatoes rustic, regular and small grill, defrosting and fast heating and a lot of other programs.

Choosing the oven, the main criterion for me was the cost. Not more than 20000 and stylish appearance. Most of all from the proposed model liked the Gorenje BO 5348 DX, it is an independent oven, you can place it anywhere. The heating element is located both at the top and bottom, there is a blower system. Also, the BO 5348 DX oven has recessed switches, child-proof, touch screen, and a light indicator light that alerts you to the heat of the oven.

Inside the oven 4 levels, 2 of which are equipped with telescopic rails, there is also a very handy thing. grease filter, helps protect the fan when baking meat.

The equipment is good: there are two normal trays, one deep and one smaller, a glass tray, 2 grids and a handle for pulling trays. There are a lot of modes, I do not even have time to use all of them, I got used to 3 and I am satisfied as an elephant!

Why is there no air escaping through the gap between the control panel and the oven door?

When the oven is working, special features ensure that the walls of the outer part, including the door, glass and panel of the oven are overheated. This function is performed by the tangential cooling. Not all brands of electric ovens have it.

It works as follows: an electric motor with ventilation drives the cold air in the oven from the outside by blowing it out through the gap between the door and the oven panel.

Often there are problems when the air doesn’t escape through the oven’s special gap. What to do in this case?

How to fix an oven that will not heat up

Consider the causes of the problem and how to fix it when there is no air flowing through the gap between the door and the control panel.

Causes of air not escaping through the gap in the oven:

    The oven door is not closed tightly or not all the way in;

  • A defect in a particular model of the oven manufacturer;
  • The electric motor or fan, which is responsible for the tangential cooling operation, is broken;
  • Improper installation of the oven may have pressed the fan.

After making sure that no air is escaping through the gap, we will find a solution to the problem. Some causes of no air coming out through the special gap can be solved by yourself, and other more complicated causes require the intervention of a specialist.

Let’s assume that the cause of no air coming out between the door and the oven hob is a defect in a specific model. The only thing left to do here is to return it to the manufacturer or exchange it for a working oven.

If the air does not escape through the gap because the oven door is not closed properly, consider the oven door. The door may not close tightly if we ourselves have not closed it all the way or if the oven hinges are loose. Here we tighten the hinges until the door closes. From. Because the oven door is not closed properly, the panel and door glass get very hot. All the hot steam is not escaping through the gap, but through the hinge gap in the door. If the problem can not be solved, you call in a professional technician.

Air can also fail to escape through the gap if the built-in oven is installed incorrectly. If certain distances are not taken into account, the electric motor in the oven is likely to be pressed. By pressing the upper part of the panel too hard into the built-in oven, there is a chance of pinching the fan. Thus it stops working and does not allow the oven to cool safely. See the diagram on the next page for the required installation distances.

Electric motor and fan break when carrying or dragging the oven. Frequent oven movement can cause a contact or fan part to bounce. The convector stops working and from frequent use. If this happens, the fan, or the oven itself, can be replaced. All these conclusions should be made after an inspection of the oven by a qualified technician.

If the fan, which is responsible for cooling the outside of the appliance, is broken or not working, it is not recommended that the oven is switched on. It is a problem that can only be rectified by an expert.

Bosch oven functions

The “3D Hot Air” mode allows you to achieve the same excellent results with all three cooking levels, together or separately, thanks to an even distribution of the heated air.

4D hot air

Excellent distribution of hot air on 4 levels. The 4D hot air distribution system distributes the heat completely evenly thanks to the optimized hot air vents. Whether you cook on one, two, three or four levels the result is always perfect.

Eco hot air

For economical cooking of selected dishes on one level without preheating. The fan distributes the heat of the ring heating elements of the back wall over the working chamber. The most efficient type of heating is between 125-275°C. This type of heating is used to determine the energy consumption of the recirculation mode and the efficiency class of electricity consumption.

Microwave mode

Microwave mode can be added to the main cooking process to save up to 50% of the time.

Steam cooking

With the addition of steam, food becomes crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. When cooking with classic heat types, your food will be even better if you add a little moisture from time to time. This is exactly what the steam pressure booster function does automatically. Warm food, bake or roast simply by turning on the automatic steam boost in advance. You can also adjust the steam boost manually and at different intensity levels.

Bosch Assist programs

Automatic setting of optimal heat type, temperature and time for countless dishes.

Perfect Roast Mode

Whether it’s roast turkey, roast lamb or fish with the Perfect Roast thermometer you can make everything like a professional chef. Only with much less effort. With three highly sensitive measuring points, the roasting thermometer determines the temperature inside the product precisely to the degree. With 3 measuring points you always get the right measurement spot and achieve maximum measuring accuracy, so you get great cooking results. Another advantage: You can also use the Perfect Roast thermometer for microwave and steam baking.

Perfect Bake function

Weight automatically: simply select the program and weight and the optimal power level is set automatically. Baking has never been easier: with the unique Perfect Bake probe, your oven constantly measures the moisture in the oven, and thus automatically regulates the baking process. You no longer need to set the heating mode, cooking time and temperature. The Perfect Bake Backsensor does it for you. All you have to do is select the desired food category and click “Start. Your own oven will do the rest.

Heat Probe

The core probe can now take care of the meat’s cooking. Christmas turkey, Easter lamb, or Sunday roast. with the PerfectRoast multipoint probe, you’ll get great results every time. Just like a professional chef and effortlessly. Several highly sensitive temperature probes detect the temperature in the thickness of the roast to within a degree, guaranteeing great results.


Automatic selection of the cooking parameters. Poultry, meat, fish, roasts or vegetables. All these dishes are cooked to perfection thanks to the AutoPilot. Put a dish in the oven, select one of the 10 automatic programs on the display, enter the weight of the food and press “Start. AutoPilot selects the heat, temperature and cooking time based on the data you enter and even turns off the oven when it’s ready. Because some dishes in the automatic program require cookware with a lid, the oven stays clean. An easy way to perfect results.

EcoClean Direct

Easy and quick to clean. EcoClean Direct coating makes oven cleaning easy and energy efficient. This special coating on the inside walls and ceiling of the oven consists of tiny ceramic spheres that break up the drops of fat when heated, even during cooking. EcoClean Direct keeps it that way for the life of the oven, saving you time and effort.


Easy oven cleaning: all that’s left over. Enjoy your dinner. Pyrolysis is the most effective system for cleaning your oven and accessories without the use of chemical cleaners. In pyrolysis mode, the oven is heated to

480°С. There are three cleaning modes to choose from depending on how dirty you are. All cooking residues are burned off, leaving only a small amount of ash, which can easily be removed with a damp cloth.


The door closes gently and quietly. The oven door closes without rattling thanks to a special damper. All you have to do is give the door a gentle nudge and it pauses before closing, then closes softly and quietly. So your oven and door last longer.

Pizza” mode

You want to cook pizza as good as in the best restaurants? The Bosch oven with the special heating mode “Pizza” is ideal for this. The perfect pizza with Bosch.

Sabbath function

What is the Sabbath function in the oven?? It allows you to celebrate the Sabbath without breaking the commandments by maintaining a constant temperature for 3 days. This turns off the lights, the internal fan, and the display. Thus, the Sabbath function is actually a temporary turning off of lights and displays, and food in ovens with this function is not heated on the Sabbath, but is kept warm by preheating.

The electric oven is a fairly common type of oven, which can be used in conjunction with both a gas stove and an electric stove.

To understand why an electric oven doesn’t work, you need to know how it works.

Different types of heaters can be built into these ovens:

The principle of operation of electric ovens is quite simple: electricity passes through the heating elements and is converted into heat energy. The heater itself is a metal tube, inside which is a wire with resistance. In addition, there is magnesia in the heater, which insulates the wire from its sheath.

Ovens can be dependent, which are sold with the stove, or independent, which can be installed anywhere in the kitchen wall.

My bosch oven is not heating but fan is blowing cold air.

If the electric oven, which is separately built in the kitchen, does not turn on, there can only be two reasons: with the electric network, or with the oven itself.

If the oven in an electric stove does not work, then there can be many more reasons, as a breakdown can be caused by malfunction elements of the stove. The same, if the electric oven does not work in the gas stove.

Oven heating element (top) Indesit C00081591

Oven heating element (bottom) 1100W Beko 562900004 (without original package). package)

Electric oven Bosch HBF234EB0R

I wanted a powerful oven with the necessary functions, this model has it all, at a very reasonable price. Beautiful appearance, power 3300kw, which affects the cooking time. 8 modes, recessed switches and telescopic rails, which of course is convenient. The large volume of the oven-66 liters, inside a high-quality enamel coating, which is very easy to clean, the same enamel covered baking tray. A perfect match for the hob of the same company. When choosing, to this oven did not find any reviews, I trusted just “Bosch”. I’m glad I bought it, I do not regret. Complete the review-it has been more than a year. Everything works, looks like new inside and out (easy to clean). I have made everything, pies, pizzas, grilled, etc.д. everything is fine.


Uneven cooking, all the hot air goes into the room

Why is My Oven Blowing Cold Air?


We have been using the oven for half a year now. What can I say. Of course it can not be compared to the old gas oven, but it also has its own major disadvantages The main disadvantage for me is its “modern” air cooling system. There is a special slot above the door where all the air.from the oven goes outside into the kitchen. The manufacturer claims the air should be cool. Sure, it doesn’t go all 200 degrees, but it’s pretty warm too. The whole kitchen heats up in no time. Naturally all the smells come out too. Cooking fish. the whole apartment knows about it. Т.е. I thought that by buying a new modern oven I would be able to be in the kitchen at ease at this time, but no. Unfortunately in winter I have to keep the windows open or get out of the kitchen during cooking. Then after it’s done, the oven starts to cool down. It takes about 40 minutes to cool down. Т.е. Now from this gap above the door the cold air is blowing, and quite cold air. Blows strongly, at a distance of 2 meters is very felt. In general, in my opinion, the old system of cooling through the back wall was much more convenient than this invention of theirs. The second disadvantage is the uniformity of cooking. The pies are lopsided. And with a very big difference. In 3D convection mode, one side already has black crust, the other is even a little damp. Significant disadvantage Third disadvantage, my own fault, I did not look at it. Oven temperature and operating mode not shown on display. Only on the handle. Not enough telescopic rails, didn’t think it would be so important. On the plus side: 1. All modes and temperatures are not written on the handle, but on the glass. Т.е. No rubbing off over time. 2. Certainly much better than the old gas oven 3. No flames at the bottom, no burning, no sticking 4. All glass, the top panel above the door, too, not enamel In general, everything. If you have any questions, please ask, I’ll try to answer)

Bosch HBF234EB0R review

The Bosch HBF234EB0R electric oven has a capacity of 66 liters. Its dimensions (HxWxD). 59.5 х 59.4 x 54.8 cm.

Energy class A, consumes less than 0.6 kWh. An oven with this label is considered the most efficient and economical.


  • Convection. The fan ensures constant circulation of hot air throughout the oven, allowing the food to bake evenly on all sides, thus reducing cooking time.
  • Defrosting. Through air circulation, thanks to a fan that runs on.
  • Rapid heating. Allows you to raise the temperature inside the oven to 275°C in a matter of minutes.
  • Electric grill. An electric coil for the heating element.


Sauvers. rotary (recessed), conventional rotary knobs.


  • The hinged oven door is a traditional hinged door.
  • Number of glasses in the door. 3 pcs, the more glass, the lower the risk of getting burned when touching.
  • Oven interior light.
  • Cooling fan. cool airflow that prevents the surrounding pieces of furniture and electronics from heating.
  • Child-proofing system. locks all oven functions.
  • Safety switch, a function that switches the oven off by itself after a set period of time if you do not receive any commands from you.

Complete set

The Bosch HBF234EB0R electric oven is completed with a grid and a universal tray.

Electric oven Electrolux EOB 92200 BX

Looking for positive and negative reviews of the Electrolux EOB 92200 BX Electric Oven?

We collected 1 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We will show you all the pros and cons of Electric oven Electrolux EOB 92200 BX revealed in the use of users. We don’t hide anything and post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Electrolux EOB 92200 BX Electric Oven, as well as offer alternative products similar. Should I buy it? The decision is yours!



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