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Bosch Dishwasher Icons

Why is the light on?

If you find that the Bosch dishwasher panel indicator with the tap symbol lights up, but the dishwasher is working in the usual mode, it means that water has started to flow into the machine, and the alarm is false. If the dishwasher is making weird squeaking noises when the indicator light is flashing, but there’s no water in the hopper, it means the part is out of order or there’s a malfunction.

It is worth understanding that the sign “tap” means no water supply, the cause of such behavior may be the following factors:

  • clogged intake filter;
  • The inlet valve malfunctions because it is broken or clogged;
  • Incorrect connection of the drainage system, which causes it to occur on its own;
  • the water dispenser is malfunctioning.

All these signs of failure of the washing machine “Bosch” fit into a short error code E15. In addition, the faucet can mean a failure in the leak protection mode “Aquastop”. It is often the case that you are responsible for a leakage and the leakage protection kicks in. It is important to control the amount of detergent you add to the socket.

Depending on the model “Bosch” leak protection can be full or partial. The tray of the machine is filled, and the sensor, which controls the water level, is triggered. As a result, you see an error code on the display. If the protection is partial, when a large amount of water is formed, the absorbent sponge becomes saturated with liquid and closes the access.

Variety of errors on devices without digital display

This type of errors is not standardized, so this section will look at some options for displaying them on different panels. In order to know the way to eliminate them, at the end will be given a numerical code (for example, E4), which will be deciphered in the following section. Remember, don’t forget to put your Bosch dishwasher into service mode.

Panel, which will display up to three digits:

  • – no problem;
  • 1. faulty water supply indicator (E6);
  • 2. error in the water heating system (E01);
  • 4. tank not filled (E3);
  • 8. broken thermometer (E2);
  • 16. faulty flow regulator (E4).
  • S3. no problem detected;
  • A or B. error of receiving data from aqua-sensor (E6);
  • E. no signal from the flow switch (E4);
  • F. water is not entering the working cavity (E3);
  • G. flow switch does not stop (E5);
  • H. there is a problem with the heating element (E01);
  • K. short circuit or faulty wiring (E2).

Dishwasher choice: types, functions, modes

Dishwashing is a messy business. luckily, the dishwashing function has long been taken over by automatic dishwashing machines. The only thing left to do is to make the right choice of dishwasher. and you can forget about washing up by hand for good.

Dishwasher benefits

  • Dramatically reduces water consumption (up to 8,000 liters per year).
  • Ability to use only cold water, which is especially important if there is no hot water supply.
  • Completely eliminates contact of the skin of the hands with detergents, allowing the use of stronger formulations than in handwashing.
  • All dishwashers provide a much more effective rinse than hand washing because of the hot water used.
  • Finally, the biggest plus. reduced time for washing the dishes, in fact, you only have to load dirty dishes into it, select the program, and then take out the clean. the rest the machine will do itself.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher. Not just the size, but also the functions and modes of dishwashers.

Dishwasher types

The main parameter, by which dishwashers are compared, is the number of “sets of dishes” the machine cleans in one cycle. A “set” includes three plates, as many spoons, a knife, fork and cup and saucer. Of course, this concept is relative, and is used precisely in order to be able to compare the performance of different dishwashers.

According to dimensions the division is carried out into:

The first type is the most compact. Its width and length are no more than 55 cm, and its height is 45 cm. It can be placed on the table or hidden under the sink if there is not enough space for a large dishwasher. Such variant is suitable for a small family, as it cleans not more than five sets of dishes in one cycle.

Bosch SMV40C40GB Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher indicators

Modern dishwashers come with a range of indicators to make operating them simple and straightforward. Indicators in the form of LED lights are not only source of information about the dishwashing process, but also possible malfunctions. In this article, we want to tell you about the Bosch dishwasher indicators.

Dishwasher indicators

After buying a dishwasher, before starting it, the user has to look up all the symbols and icons on the control panel in the manual. It’s not always possible to intuitively guess which symbol means what. In this case, the wrong choice of mode can not only affect the quality of washing, but also damage the dishes. If for some reason you do not have a detailed instruction manual handy, this article is for you.

What do the indicator lights on the Bosch oven mean??

The panel to control the dishwasher can be on the front panel or on top. The latter is the most common in built-in dishwashers. Running modes are indicated by illuminated indicators. In the same way, malfunctions can appear in the appliances.

Breakdown of these values is sometimes given by the manufacturer in the manual. But the descriptions are not always clear to the user. Take a look at the picture below. All light bulbs are marked with different pictures. What do they mean?? Let’s see now.

  • Light bulb number 1 is for a brush. This means that the dishwashing cycle has started.
  • 2 (END) represents the end of the cycle.
  • Light 3 (tap). water is filling the hopper.
  • 4 (two arrows). presence of salt in the compartment. The detergent must be constantly added to the washing machine. The salt prevents the formation of limescale and white deposits on the dishes.
  • 5 (sunshine, snowflake). message of lack of rinse aid in the hole. Use quality rinse aid for high quality wash and shiny dishes.

If the lights are not lit, it means that the option is not activated. The diodes can also flash when one of the functions is activated, informing the user of the choice made.

  • Temperature of the device is in the range of 65-75 degrees. 1.
  • Icon number 2 (AUTO) on the panel indicates the start of automatic program.
  • 3 (-). set temperature from 35 up to 45 degrees.
  • 4 (Eco). economic washing mode at 50 ° C.
  • 5 (glass and cup). fast cycle at 45 ° C.
  • 6 (shower). the dishes are pre-rinsed.
bosch, dishwasher, icons

Built-in type and equipment

Dishwasher labeling, as well as symbols for equipment itself, includes different codes and symbols.

The next symbol in the marking code. information about the type of installation of Siemens, Bosh, Hansa 2021 appliances.

bosch, dishwasher, icons

The following symbol informs the user about the availability of the models. As a rule, equipment is indicated by digits from 4 to 6. Models with number 4 are the devices with the minimum scope of supply. 6. multifunctional machines.

Specification symbols

The fourth and fifth characters are elements of the model specification of the dishwasher, which tells us about its completeness. The fourth symbol tells us what program package is available for a specific model of Bosch and Siemens dishwashers.

  • Number 4 means this dishwasher only has a basic set of programs.
  • The number 5 means that the dishwasher has the basic set of programs and extra functions.
  • Number 6 means that the dishwasher has an extended range of programs.

The fifth symbol tells us the technical configuration of a specific dishwasher model. We won’t give you any specific examples within the scope of this article, because you can read about them in another publication called Dishwasher symbols.

Model class

The model class is, in fact, a veiled reference to the price category to which the manufacturer believes the dishwasher model should belong. There are five categories (also called classes) for Bosch and Siemens dishwashers.

  • Lower price category is indicated by the letter “E”.
  • Below average price category is denoted by the letter “N”.
  • Medium price category. the letter “M”.
  • The top price category is “T”.
  • Elite price category. “U”.

Note! Manufacturer does not specify a specific price for models in lower or upper price categories.

Dishwasher model class should not be confused with dishwasher energy class. This is a different rating system, by which it is possible to establish how energy-efficient this or that dishwasher model by Bosch and Siemens is. To familiarize yourself with dishwasher energy efficiency classes, take a look at the picture below.

Where is it made and where is it shipped to

The last 2 symbols of the marking tell us what territory the manufacturer plans to sell this model of dishwashers Bosch and Siemens. There are two main variants: RU means that it is planned to sell this dishwasher model in Russian Federation and EU means that it is planned to sell the dishwasher in the EU countries.

There are also some important additional markings that are usually stamped on the package of a dishwasher or on its body. These symbols tell us where the dishwasher was made.

  • SAS, SLX, SLF. made in Germany.
  • SAE, SOR, SFX. made in Poland.
  • SFO. made in Turkey.
  • SOT. made in France.
  • SLM. made in China.

For your information! The markings that tell the origin of the dishwasher may differ from the above if the dishwasher was made earlier than 2006.

we would like to note that after reading this article you will be able to decipher the marking of any Bosch or Siemens dishwasher model. However, don’t forget

bosch, dishwasher, icons

What do the indicators tell us??

Bright luminous icons are designed to make it easier to operate the appliance and understand the processes going on inside. Let’s take a look at what most of the indicators mean. They are designed to display information about the running program. The illuminated symbols on the control panel have the following meaning:

  • “brush”. means the program has started and washing is taking place;
  • “faucet”. the water supply to the device is performed;
  • “wavy arrows”. shows the amount of salt in the ion exchanger;
  • “sun or snow”. the presence of rinse aid in the unit.

In addition, Bosch dishwashers may also have time indicators, hygiene indicators and an extra drying function. When a red beam hits the floor from the machine, it means that the dishes are being washed. When the program is finished, it goes out. Built-in models have a control panel on the side.

Important! If the symbol “” is lit. you can adjust the temperature from 65 to 75 degrees, when lit “-“. you can reduce the temperature to 35-45 ° C.



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