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Boiler gas double -circuit wall -mounted beretta problems

Operation, possible malfunctions and repair of the Beretta City gas boiler

The design of Beretta boilers is a reliable and strong engineering solution, taking into account all the loads and impacts on the parts and units of the unit.

The most likely malfunctions arise in the most critical nodes experiencing maximum temperature or dynamic loads.

According to experts, the number of the most common malfunctions includes:

  • Lack of flame on a burner causing a boiler operation blocking. This problem is most often found, since it can be caused by various reasons, from clogging of the nozzles of the burner to the cessation of gas supply in the highway.
  • Refusal of management fees-partition of parts or failure due to condensation. This is one of the most unpleasant problems for the user, since replacing management fees is a very expensive procedure.
  • Disconnecting the boiler due to exceeding the permissible pressure of smoke gases. Here the reasons can be either clogging of soot or the appearance of ice at the exit of the chimney, and an increase in wind, creating excessive pressure in the chimney.
  • The failure of any self.diagnosis sensor. The boiler control system perceives such situations as the emergence of an equivalent error and immediately takes appropriate measures.
  • Low water pressure in the supply pipeline of the heating circuit. If the feeding does not help solve the problem, then a leak or failure of the expansion tank is possible.

The main malfunctions of the Beretta gas boilers

The design of Beretta boilers is a reliable and strong engineering solution, taking into account all the loads and impacts on the parts and units of the unit.

The most likely malfunctions arise in the most critical nodes experiencing maximum temperature or dynamic loads.

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According to experts, the number of the most common malfunctions includes:

  • Lack of flame on a burner causing a boiler operation blocking. This problem is most often found, since it can be caused by various reasons, from clogging of the nozzles of the burner to the cessation of gas supply in the highway.
  • Refusal of management fees-partition of parts or failure due to condensation. This is one of the most unpleasant problems for the user, since replacing management fees is a very expensive procedure.
  • Disconnecting the boiler due to exceeding the permissible pressure of smoke gases. Here the reasons can be either clogging of soot or the appearance of ice at the exit of the chimney, and an increase in wind, creating excessive pressure in the chimney.
  • The failure of any self.diagnosis sensor. The boiler control system perceives such situations as the emergence of an equivalent error and immediately takes appropriate measures.
  • Low water pressure in the supply pipeline of the heating circuit. If the feeding does not help solve the problem, then a leak or failure of the expansion tank is possible.

IMPORTANT! The listed problems relate to the most common, but this does not indicate their obligation. any chance is possible during operation, and the described situations may not appear at all.

How to start self.diagnosis

The self.diagnosis system is a network of sensors located on all important and critical details and nodes of the boiler.

They do not need launch, since they work in continuous mode, from the moment the unit is turned on to the stopping of the operation.

Therefore, the launch of self.diagnosis of a gas boiler as a separate function is impossible. over, if it occurred to someone to stop the operation of the system, then no result will work out-it is impossible to stop the process in the staffing ways, and the shutdown of the sensors is regarded by the control board as the same error causing the boiler blocking.

The self-diagnosis system is an integral part of the gas boiler operation process that ensures the safety of the equipment and the owner or master-repairman about the localization of a defective node.

Error A01 Boile Beretta

In the beret boilers, the A01 error (or A01 in Russian) indicates the problems of the ignition system (lack of flame, malfunction in the control board). This may be the result of the following reasons:

  • one. The flame detection electrode is polluted. You can clean the electrode of the incapacitated soot on your own.
  • 2. Lack of gas supply. Violation of the supply in the main gas pipeline or simply closed gas crane (open).
  • 3. Violation in the operation of the gas valve. Only a qualified specialist can adjust the valve operation of the valve
  • 4. The reliability of connecting contacts on the ignition unit is impaired. Corrected independently. Disconnect, clean, connect.
  • 5. The failure of the relay included in the system of control of the functioning of the ignition unit, gas valve, fan. This problem is eliminated exclusively by a specialist. The reason can be both in the relay itself and in the electronic board.

Error A02 Boile Beretta

If the beret’s boiler displays error A02 (A03), then in this case, problems with the temperature violation. Usually occurs in the case of a sharp drop in pressure in the system of circulation of the coolant. The reasons may be as follows:

  • one. Falf in the circulation pump. The operation of the pump may be disturbed due to contamination. After several inclusions, he can earn in normal mode. It is not recommended to disassemble it yourself. The specialist should do this. Only he will determine the cause of the malfunction and will repair the pump or replace it.
  • 2. A malfunction of the temperature sensor. This malfunction is eliminated only by replacing the part.
  • 3. Violation of the integrity of electrical connections by the sensor. It is necessary to check the integrity of the insulation of the wiring and check the reliability of the contacts.

Error A03 Boile Beretta

On the bereta boiler display A03 error, problems with removing combustion products. This may be related to:

  • one. Clogging the combustion channel of combustion products. This situation rarely arises, there is practically no gas burning residues. But the reason may be the appearance of ice at the output of the pipeline system due to freezing condensate. A strong wind can also cause difficulty in the removal of combustion products, which entails a thermostat operation, disconnecting and blocking the boiler.
  • 2. Lack of air supply, in case of compulsory smoke removal. The main malfunction is a fan breakdown. You will need a replacement.

Error A04 Boile Beretta

On the Beretta boiler display, error A04 signals the absence of optimal pressure in the heat exchange system. Error is similar to the error a02. The only difference is that this code indicates primarily the problems within the system of the boiler itself. The appearance on the display of such an error may be as follows:

  • one. Clogging the contour of the heat exchanger inside the boiler. Long.term operation using rigid water leads to the formation of scale on the internal surfaces of the heat exchanger. The addition of chemicals to the circulation system of heat supply helps to remove it.
  • 2. The manifested leak. Sometimes the master will be able to repair the heat exchanger on the spot (patch up). Otherwise, you have to replace.
  • 3. Violation of the tightness of the contour of the heat supply system. Such problems can be eliminated independently using the tool and sealing material.
  • 4. Malfunction in the operation of the circulation pump. The pump replacement is required.
  • 5. Poor wiring contact with pressure sensor. It is eliminated independently (clean and connect).
  • 6. Damage to the pressure sensor. You will need a replacement.

The instructions attached to all models of Beretta boilers indicate most beret boilers’ mistakes with a description of possible problem situations arising during operation. In addition, the display displays the working parameters of the boilers. For example, comparing the code of the Bereta City boiler error and the parameters of working functions, the master is able to determine the problem block, node on the spot or eliminate the cause that does not require complex repair work. Qualified masters should deal with problems related to described errors. Only a master who has practical experience in servicing gas boilers of various brands and models can comprehensively diagnose and determine the specific reason for the appearance of errors on the display.

Beretta gas boilers’ errors are the meaning and methods of elimination

The emergence of a self.diagnosis system reports on the appearance of a malfunction in Beretta gas boilers. It has controlling sensors that find problems in various nodes and signal the control module about this. As a result of this, the unit is blocked, and an error code appears on the display. Some of them can be eliminated independently. And if it did not work out, then they call a specialist.

The manufacturer of gas boilers Beretta made sure that the buyer has to choose from. on sale there are floor, wall, as well as condensation units. The following models are popular with consumers: Super exclusive, City, short story, plot.

Beretta’s various gas boilers can be mechanical or electronic with an information display. Condensation models are represented by Green, Exclusive Green, Minute line. They spend fuel more economically and productively.

It happens that during the operation of the unit on the screen there was a code of some kind of malfunction. In this case, you can try to restart the device, and if this did not help, you should read in the instructions about the malfunctions of the Berett gas boiler and their elimination. We will analyze the most common errors. Code A01 speaks of problems in the aboard system of a gas boiler. Perhaps there were problems in the control board or there is no fire. The reasons are usually as follows:

  • Flame detection electrical wire is closed. it is corrected by cleaning;
  • There is no fuel supply. the supply of gas in the highway is violated or the gas valve is closed;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the gas valve. only the master can adjust it;
  • The connection of contacts on the ignition unit is violated. the contacts should be cleaned and connected;
  • rolled up the ignition block. is corrected by a specialist.

Быстрая диагностика котла Beretta. Котел беретта уходит в аварию. Ошибка котла Beretta и ремонт.

Error A02 shows temperature disturbances. Often appears with a sharp decrease in the pressure of the coolant circulation. The reasons can be:

  • problems with the circulation pump due to blockages-only a specialist will be able to correct the situation;
  • The problem with the temperature sensor. you will have to replace the part;
  • violation of the supply of wires to the sensor. it is necessary to control the integrity of the wiring and contacts.

Code A03 speaks of problems with smoke removal. Perhaps the reasons are as follows:

  • blocking the pipe, icing, strong wind. eliminated by cleaning the chimney;
  • insufficient air supply due to a fan breakdown, which performs forced smoke removal-you need to replace the part.

Error A04 on the screen of the Beretta gas boiler indicates the absence of normal pressure in the heating system. This code appears as a result:

  • breakdown of the pressure sensor. replacement is required;
  • problems in the operation of the pump. you will have to replace the element;
  • clogging of the heat exchanger. it is necessary to remove the scale using special tools;
  • the flow of leaks in the circuit. repair of the heat exchanger;
  • weak contact of the wiring with a pressure sensor. clean the edges and connect.

Code A05 shows the failure of the NTC thermal attemptor. it is necessary to inspect the contacts or replace the broken part.

Error A06 indicates a breakdown of the NTC heating terminer. you will need to replace a faulty part.

Code A07 indicates that the opening of the relay has not passed. it is required to diagnose the module.

A11 simulates the presence of flame. you need to contact a specialist.

Error A24 appears with incorrect fan operation.

Adj. you need to configure the power of the gas boiler.

Code E33 means a violation of the phase and neutrals. is eliminated by retaking the boiler.

Error E34 appears with frequent presset key presses. If after 45 minutes the testimony does not disappear, you must contact the master. E35 indicates problems in the pressure relay. It is recommended to check the fluid consumption in heat exchangers as indicated in the instructions.

E37 means a false definition of fire. Check the connection of the smoke removal sensor.

Code E38 indicates the closure of the combustion sensor. In this case, you will have to replace it. E39 indicates the occurrence of the contacts of the sensor contacts. it is necessary to replace the wiring.

E40 means voltage drops. it is required to install a stabilizer.

Error E42 reports a short circuit of the sensor on the feed line, E43. sensory contacts are opened, E44. a short circuit of the return sensor. For the elimination of E42, E43 and E44, the connectors should be diagnosed or the broken element should be replaced.

Code E45. opening the sensor, and E46. thermistor indicates an increase in temperature. To eliminate the malfunction, you should make sure of the correct flow rate of the coolant. The normal indicator is 2 m³ per hour.

Error E48 indicates too high the speed of the fan or high temperature of combustion products. It is necessary to check the water consumption or clean the contour of the deposits.

Migration of the 88ºC indicator means the mode of waiting for the ignition.

If the letter P burns, this means preliminary heating of the hot water. Flashing p. received a request for preliminary heating.

An instruction is attached to each model of beretta units, which clearly indicates possible errors and ways to eliminate them. But in any gas boiler, malfunctions can appear, which are not indicated by codes. These include:

  • The smell of gas in the boiler room. immediately turn off the boiler, ventilate the room and call gazmiers;
  • smell of smoke. check the quality of the thrust in the chimney and the performance of the coaxial pipe fan;
  • The ignition of the burner is late. you should check the gas valve, clean the burner and nozzles from soot, adjust the modulation of flame;
  • The unit works, but the radiators do not heat up. release excess air using the crane of Maevsky.

Device and principle of operation of Beretta boilers

Floor models

The beret company produces floor, wall and condensation wall models of gas boilers. Floor devices are presented in the Novella and Fabula series.

The control panel is located in the upper part of the case, the buttons are closed with a leap cover. On the left there are buttons to turn on, discharge of the lock of the burner, temperature controller and thermometer. To the right is the maximum thermostat of smoke gases and a traction sensor with manual discharge. LED network indicators and locks are installed below.

A sleeve is installed on the upper right side of the case for installing sensors. Below above the base is an atmospheric two.stage gas burner with two gas valves. A sectional cast iron heat exchanger is installed above it.

In Novella models from 174 RAI to 279 RAI, two heat exchangers of equal power connected together and having one chimney. The circulation pump is mounted on top of the burner. The left is the gas reinforcement. A crane is installed in the lower left corner for draining the heat exchanger from the boiler.

Wall models

In the wall device Beretta City 24 CSI control panel in the lower right corner of the case. A switch of the Summer and Winter modes is made on it. In the Beretta Ciao model (Chao) 24 CSI, a screen with a backlight is shown, which shows the temperature of the coolant and hot water, and error codes are displayed in case of malfunctions.

In the Beretta device, super exclusive is separately displayed by the pressure gauge for monitoring the level of water pressure in the system. A secondary plate heat exchanger was carried out separately to ensure hot water supply. A thin expansion tank is attached on the right wall.

Closed combustion chamber completely isolated from the room. The fan for the removal of combustion products is located in the upper part and connected to the flange of the smoke gases. Under the pump is a three.way valve with an electric drive.

Beretta City 24 CSI boiler

To the right of it is a hydraulic press strategic, which will not let the system light up at insufficient pressure and display a message about an error in the work on the display. If desired, you can separately connect the remote control and a room temperature sensor separately.

Condensation devices

Berets condensation boilers are produced in the Minute Green, Exclusive Green and Power Plus series. They allow the use of gas combustion energy more efficiently due to the fact that they additionally use the heat of its combustion products. Both single.circuit and double.circuit configurations are produced. Power Plus devices are available with one and two combustion chambers.

The fan gas burner is modulated, has a preliminary mixing system and can be tuned to work with liquid gas. All Beretta boilers have a cascade connection to achieve greater total power.

Consider the main codes of Beretta gas boilers and other common malfunctions.

Popular breakdowns and their elimination

The lower the serial number of the error, the more often it occurs during the operation of the Beretta boiler.

boiler, double, circuit, wall

Consider the most common errors and possible ways to eliminate them:

  • A01. Blocking due to lack of flame. There are several reasons. problems with the supply of gas in the trunk line, the gas supply crane into the boiler is blocked, the nozzles of the burner are very clogged. Find out if there is gas in the line, clean the burner and nozzles.
  • A02. Overheating of the heat exchanger indicates a lack of water. Check the operation of the circulation pump and the pressure of the OS, add the liquid to the system.
  • A03. High pressure in the chimney indicates blockage of the output of ice, hoarfrost, accumulation of soot. Weather factors are possible. a strong gusty wind.
  • A 04. The drop in the pressure of the coolant can be caused by a lack of fluid. Check the system for leaks, if detected. eliminate.
  • A05. Problems of the thermoresistor of the DHW line are eliminated by the replacement of the sensor.
  • A06. The thermoresistor of the heating circuit, failed, is subject to immediate replacement.
  • E33. It is necessary to change the electrodes in a plug of power. Beretta boilers are phase dependent, do not work when the phase wire is incorrectly connected.
  • E46. Exceeding the permissible temperature of the coolant indicates the problems in the circulation of the liquid. Check the operating mode of the circulation pump.
  • The symbol of the “bell” flashes (bell, p). This is a signal from the chimney pressure sensor indicating an obstacle to the yield of smoke, the formation of ice or hoarfrost at the output of the pipe.

The beretta boiler error reset is carried out by pressing the shutdown button and re-turning on the boiler after 5-6 seconds.

Problems and adjustments of the boiler Beretta City

Beretta City 24 CSI wall boiler cannot start. While holding the start key, the burner in working mode. But it is worth not fixing the key, the device fades. Tell me the cause of the malfunction? It seems that the thermo element or breakdown of the gas valve has failed. There may also be reduced gas pressure on the input pipes. Sometimes there is too small voltage of the control board. We have a problem. The launch is very difficult. The smell burner lights up, but the main burner is missing the flame. Please tell me what reason is it? Most likely, a malfunction of the ignition mechanism. We advise you to conduct a technical inspection of the boiler and clean the inciting device. Why is the Gas boiler Beretta City 24 ceases to disconnect while the desired temperature is established? Heating lasts up to 90C, after this falls into the failure. After the reboot is performed, it all starts again. Most likely, the control board is damaged, the temperature sensor has a breakdown, the sensor has broken down to overheating. It is possible that there was a failure of automatic settings. Tell me why the boiler does not heat the water above 70C? We need to raise the temperature, and on the screen it is displayed that this is the maximum parameter. How to strengthen heating? When the device does not perform the cycle of increasing the temperature of the heating circuit, the following problems can be assumed. In the set adjustments, a restriction on the highest heating temperature is set up to 70 s. The drop in the thrust in the chimney channel arose. Beretta City 28 unstable began to work in the heating mode of the DOS circuit. From the crane comes in turn, hot water, then cold. Explain why this malfunction? Sources of damage, apparently such. There is a subside of cold water due to the fact that the 3-hide crane is faulty. Strong pollution of the heat exchanger. We recommend that you clean it. Water oozes from a tap under a boiler regularly. The device itself does not turn on. What should I do? Apparently, there is a drop in the coolant through the protection valve. This circumstance denotes high pressure in the system. In addition, a system filling valve may be open or an expansion tank is required to pump up. Explain why pressure jumps up continuously, and at the same time a protective valve comes into operation? The display gives out a symbol of heating each time in the heating mode of the device. What happened? There is a malfunction of the thermal attewer of the heating circuit. There is no normal circulation in the heating system. Because of which the Beretta City gas boiler often turns off? Say, today Piezo’s ignition did not work at all. The prevention of the device was performed on that week. What’s the matter? There is a suspicion that there were malfunctions in the process of chimney. It is required to check the chimney. The refusal of piezesurge indicates a malfunction of some part due to unstable voltage or water ingestion. Someone can help fix the problem with the chimney? For 2 days, reverse traction arises, due to which smoke began to fall directly into the kitchen. I made a chimney myself. It consists of a metal pipe. Perhaps there is a shortage in the calculations. The boiler functions without problems in the DHW cycle, but when you turn on the heating, the water boil occurs, and the unit stops working. What is the malfunction and how to get rid of this? Presumably, the circulation pump is damaged, the control board, the thermal attempt is faulty. The filter grid can also be polluted. In the hot water supply cycle, the device takes turns taking it hot or cold water. I don’t understand what it depends on. How to establish water heating yourself? It seems that the heating system was clogged or the heat exchanger clogged. In addition, there may be a malfunction of the duct sensor or a circulation pump has been damaged. The main reason is not a properly manufactured chimney structure. There may be pollution of soot, which sharply weakens its effectiveness. It is also necessary to check the exhaust openings in the room. In the work of the gas boiler Beretta City RSI. The device quickly picks up the temperature above 96 degrees, and after an accident with overheating. A little later, when it cools it, it may start working. What is the reason? The failure of the overheating functions indicates the lack of circulation in the system. First of all, it is necessary to control the position of the crane of radiators. They must be opened. Then the control of the cleanliness of the filter-gryazer is made, and you should also make sure that the heat exchange is clogged. I joined this boiler in the fall of that year. About six months later, the device began to make a lot of noise. Explain why it is noisy? Most likely, there is a scale in the heat exchanger. If the water has stiffness, then subsequently a lime plaque is laid in the radiator pipe walls. They would like to put the wall boiler of Beretta City 24 on the cottage. Interested in how to properly put it into operation? For the correct launch of the boiler apparatus, we recommend that certain procedures perform certain procedures. We turn on the power supply of the device. Open the gas crane. Then we start the main burner. Then configure the desired temperature. I need to carry out repairs. Advise how best to drain the coolant from the unit? According to the instructions, this work is carried out in the following order. Disconnect the unit from power supply. Block the gase valve. We open the air system. Turn the plum tap. Then collect a leggy liquid. If necessary, water drainage is allowed using a protection valve. This valve is located below the device. Explain to me how you can check the functions of the three.way valve? I think this detail incorrectly performs the opening. In heating mode, the last radiators do not pump, and a pipe for supplying heating water under a boiler Unit is very hot at the DHW. Of course, we recommend checking the three.way valve relatively bad stroke in the intermediate position. We also recommend checking the heating system itself. We operate in the house City 24 CSI. Until yesterday I worked uninterruptedly. Now, after five seconds after launch, the unit goes out. It seems that the coolant cannot drive into the system. Tell me what is the factor of malfunction? A possible factor in this damage may be an electrode-ionizer that does not record the flame, or a lack of circulation. A few days ago there was a malfunction with such a model. In heating mode, he whistles. I tried to reload. the attempt was a success, but the whistle does not disappear. Maybe someone will explain why the unit whistles? Very often a strong whistle occurs if the pressure on the nozzles of a gas burner is incorrectly adjusted. It is necessary to check the established indicator and fix it if it is advisable. Water flowed into the boiler the other day, and the device began to function with failures. Suppose we set an arbitrary temperature, and heating occurs up to a maximum of 23 degrees, and then the unit stops. Please tell me what is the problem? If water is filled into the control unit, most likely, it is faulty. We will advise you to overtake it using a linear shutdown of the device from the power supply network. After that, start starting and experience its performance. In the work the same model. Now, at the time of starting, the wick burns for five seconds, and the main burner does not take the flame, and because of this the unit goes out. How best to solve this problem? It seems that the automatic roding machine or problem is damaged with the burner. Just in case, check if the phasing has been violated while connecting to electricity. Carried out at the end of 2016 the installation of this unit. Tentatively after 4 months, the problem of the DHW circle arose, although the heating acts normally. I wanted to turn on hot water, but the device only depicts the temperature, and does not even think heating. Help how to fix? Most likely, there is a breakdown of a three.way valve. It must be replaced. Could you tell me why a protective thermal attester is installed in the boiler? This component blocks the intake of gas into the gas.bearing unit if water overheating in the primary system. It is required to wash and clean the main water heat exchanger. Explain what operations to perform to correctly dismant this component? The heat exchanger without difficulties is removed from the unit using a simple screwdriver. Below is the procedure for dismantling. You need to drain the water from the device using the exhaust valve. Next, empty the hot water supply system. Turn the fasteners of the primary heat exchanger and remove it from the frame. We launched this heating device. After about three months, the water pressure in the aggregate decreased. He constantly drops it and turns off. precisely, it cannot keep pressure at all. Why does he not keep pressure? If the unit does not hold water pressure, the tap tap is perhaps flowing. If the shutdown occurs and the pressure drops sharply to zero, it has a 3.tap defect 3x. Tell me how to clean a cold water filter? First remove water from the DIS system. The next operation is to unscrew the nut nut. Then we take out the sensor together with the filter from the cavity. After removal, we clean from the accumulated impurities and dirt. The device was buzzing at the time of the start, but now the noise has become stronger. At first the sound arose for a short time, now it is heard much longer. arose shortly, with such a problem? The emergence of an additional unpleasant sound shows the presence of mineral deposits inside the heat exchanger, the heating of which proceeds unevenly due to the unequal thickness of the walls. The stronger the heat exchanger clogged, the more clearly the unit is noisy, which is why the heat transfer drops. The device works, but water, apparently, does not circulate the water system. The pump acting on the return was heavily heated. What is the reason? Most likely, the filter-gryazevik was clogged or the crane is closed somewhere, which interferes with the passage of the coolant. The circulation pump may also break. Why is hot water not prepared? The water from the tap is very warm. Explain what the reason is? Clarification of problems lead in the next directions. In case of damage to the temperature sensor of the hot water, it is necessary to replace it. There is also a possibility that the setting of the power of the device for heating of the hot water is lost. The cessation of the spark at the time of ignition is often visible. The burner is clean, everything is normal with the chimney, there are no problems with traction. What could be a malfunction? The unit cannot detect a spark due to insufficient impulse from the ignition control unit. It is required to check the wiring between the ionization sensor and the electrode. Obviously, it should be tightened. There may also be damage in the isolation of the sensor, which provides for the replacement.

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How to choose a boiler

All models from the Italian brand are compact and silent, they do not bother the owners at all. They have a stylish design, boilers fit perfectly into modern interiors.



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