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Boiler bertta error a04 how to fix

Error and malfunction detection in Beretta boilers

Signals a low pressure inside the system. The main reasons why this failure occurs: low fluid pressure in the heating circuit. No contact between control board and minimum pressure switch. Pressostat malfunction. Initially you need to look at the manometer. Very often the problem is eliminated by the make-up valve, which is installed to fill the system with coolant. If there is a recurrence of the accident, it is most likely that there is a leak. Leakage may occur in circulation pump, main heat exchanger, safety valve, worn gaskets, make-up valve and other components. Leakage is detected when the hydraulic connections and components are inspected.

Fault A03 (Code 31 for MIX CSI)

No traction. For the correct and safe operation of the appliance, the draught should be arranged to divert the flue gases so they do not enter the room. This is monitored by the automatics, and in case of certain problems, the draught sensor is activated, and the boiler will be blocked. Probable causes of no draught: insufficient diameter of chimney duct inaccurate installation, contamination, ice on the inner wall. Narrowing of the flue gas sampling duct is a factor for reduced draught. The chimney pipe is too long. It is recommended that you carefully study the instructions for use of the gas boiler and check compliance with the mandatory requirements. Too large a horizontal section of the flue pipe often causes a lack of draught. Malfunction of pneumatic draught sensor. If you create a vacuum in the feeding tube, you will notice a faint click. Poor contact between the draught regulator and the electronic board, condensate in the tubes or incorrect connection of the tubes to the pneumatic relay. Fan malfunction. There is a clog in the fan impeller. The fan shaft is not lubricated, so it has a low revolution. Contact between electronic board and fan is lost.

It indicates no ignition. Ionization flame detector indicates malfunction in the appliance. This probe electrode detects the presence of a flame and stops the operation of the Beretta boiler if the main burner does not burn sufficiently or if there are problems with the gas supply. Operation stops after 3 unsatisfactory starts. You need to press and hold the Reset button to restore functions. Gas valve malfunction. Control of the gas valve is done by the electronic board. Diagnose this element by determining the resistance and voltage. If it is found that the readings differ from the nominal values, it is advisable to replace the valve. No gas supply to the appliance. There is a valve in the gas distribution system that closes the gas supply. Malfunction during start-up of the appliance could be due to a closed valve. Insufficient contact or no signal from flame control sensor. Malfunction of the electronic control board. If the ignition is successful and the appliance goes out immediately, the electronics may be unable to detect the flame. In this case, it should be checked. Problems with ignition. This condition is indicated when there is no ignition or the flame bursts. It is necessary to check the contacts between the ignition assembly, and the flame sensor, and also between the board and the gas valve. One of the causes of flame failure could be a bad draft.

The heat exchanger of a Beretta gas boiler is overheated. Appliance is blocked. Over-temperature safety thermostat activated. The temperature sensor and over-temperature thermostat are in most cases located on the outlet pipe of the main heat exchanger. Important thermostat function. To protect the boiler unit against high temperatures. Faults can be caused by problems in the thermostat, the temperature sensor, or in the main circulation circuit. Breakage of the temperature sensor. Incorrect signal on control board or bad contact between sensor and electronic board. The over-temperature thermostat is defective. If the thermostat is intact, but there is real overheating of the heating medium, the heating circuit fluid circulation is probably interrupted. The main heat exchanger or the filter of the heating circuit is clogged (poor circulation implies an increased heating of the fluid). Circulation pump is defective or there is an air lock in the heating system.

Thermostat for hot water supply is not functioning properly. This means that the hot water temperature sensor is out of order or the required temperature has risen. The following are the possible causes of this fault: The hot water temperature sensor is out of order. No contact between electronic board and domestic hot water temperature sensor. The electronic board has failed. When the domestic hot water temperature probe is functional and reliably wired to the control board, but the unit displays an error, the control board is probably defective.

Temperature sensor in heating system malfunction. This means that the temperature sensor for the heating circuit is defective or the required temperature has increased significantly. Break in the circuit of the temperature sensor of the heating system. This malfunction occurs when the temperature sensor connection to the control board is interrupted, or the temperature is below normal. In five seconds after the malfunction is detected, the Beretta boiler will restore operational functions if the malfunction occurred accidentally. Check if there is no moisture at the sensor connector and the electronic board connector. There is a short circuit of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit. This failure can occur at a short circuit of the temperature sensor or the value of the coolant temperature is much higher than required. First of all check the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance value is different from the required value, the sensor has to be replaced. If the replacement of the temperature sensor does not help, repair the board.

I have a Beretta City gas boiler installed. In the last week almost regularly gives out an error on ignition A 01. After resetting with the Reset button, the unit occasionally performs a satisfactory start, but this happens very rarely. A few days ago I removed the air plug and it works much better. What could be faulty?

When a flue-related error pops up, we recommend that you open the safety covers. It helps to take the air out of the living room. Next, examine the chimney for ice and clean if necessary. In case of flame failure, check if there is gas supply to the room.

Error A 07 is always displayed on the boiler. It is not possible to find out what it means?

This code indicates a defect in the NTC heating temperature sensor. It looks like it needs to be changed.

Why the gas boiler Beretta Chao does not start? Also often causes error A02. How to fix it?

This fault can be caused by some problems in thermostat, temperature sensor, and main circulation circuit malfunction. Probably, the heat exchanger overheats. If the temperature sensor and thermostat are okay, the problem is in the control board. It will need to be replaced.

Why the boiler doesn’t want to start and displays error code А04? The pressure is normal, there are no leaks. I disconnect the power supply but the problem persists. What’s the problem?

This situation can occur in case of low pressure in the heating system. In this case it is necessary to check the sensor-pressostat. It may have a breakdown.

The problem of the device looks like this: the hot water supply is set to a temperature of forty degrees. If you open the hot water tap, the gas burner starts to burn and quickly goes out. This cycle happens all the time. Warm water but not hot or cold water flows from the mixer. Repeatedly displays error code A02. What’s the reason?

This circumstance signals overheating in the DHW circuit. Apparently the heat exchanger is clogged with debris or the thermostat has an incorrect setting.

The following problem occurred. At the moment of ignition the appliance goes into error A01. The appliance switches on after resetting, but just before the gas burner lights up you can hear a few clicks and the error is displayed again. Replaced the ionization electrode, cleaned the water flow sensor, turned the plug, but the result is zero. What could be?

This problem occurs in several cases. Faulty ignition electrode. Incorrect gas supply. The electronic board is defective.

Boiler switches off on its own and code A04 is displayed. What to do?

The water level in the appliance is low or the pressure switch sensor is defective. First add water to the heating circuit.

Gas appliance stops working with error code A03. Cleaned and blown out. No result. What can be done?

This code signals insufficient draught and the chimney system should be checked. It is assumed that the diaphragm is stuck. Otherwise, it is necessary to address to the experts for careful inspection of the device with the subsequent.

There is a boiler Beretta. The error A07 is showing up. The device itself works, we set the water temperature manually. When it was installed, it must have overheated because the temperature maintenance mode was activated. There is no outdoor temperature sensor. What is the problem?

Presumably there was a breakage of temperature sensor of hot water supply. Sometimes the electronic board fails.

Appliance stays on for about 4-5 minutes, then burner stops working and generates error code A03. It does not burn for more than a minute, the burner, reignites, and the unit is acceptable for another 3-4 minutes, and so constantly. According to the manual this code indicates that the draught sensor is activated, but the chimney is unclogged and the combustion products are coming out well. I can’t figure out what the problem is?

In your case, the following are the possible reasons for the lack of draught: broken draught sensor. The contact between the draught sensor and the electronic board is broken. Condensation in the tubes, as well as poor fastening of the tubes with the pneumatic relay. Incorrect operation of the fan. Presumably, it can not develop the necessary speed.

How to eliminate the fault of the gas boiler Beretta Novella

Perhaps someone can tell you what causes the gas boiler Beretta Novella to go out?

Malfunction of the flame detection function. Lack of gas pressure. Gas supply interruption. Malfunction of the gas valve. Broken ignition block elements or damaged contacts. The electronics board can also burn out.

Please explain what the malfunction is when the gas boiler goes out? What is the cause of this fault?? We have been operating the boiler for exactly six months.

Causes of stoppage of operation may be incorrect capacity of the unit, low gas pressure, problems with the chimney, power outage, automation failure.

Someone will be able to explain what the problem is if the pressure in the heating boiler drops? The unit was installed the year before last. Where to look for a breakdown?

There is air in the heating circuit. Trigger cock failure. We recommend that you change it. The heating circuit filter is clogged. Clean the filter element. There is a leak in the boiler or heating system. Makeup valve breakdown. Malfunction with the flow switch. Inspect and change if necessary. Circulation pump does not work. Reduced speed due to worn blades.

Can you clarify the malfunction when the Beretta Novella gas boiler fails to start?? What can be the problem?

Longer ignition duration of the burner unit indicates that the flame ionisation sensor is blocked. To fix the problem you need to clean the sensor and restart the unit. The draught sensor is defective. Gas stops flowing to the burner assembly. The sensor should be cleaned or replaced with a new one.

Someone can tell you what is the cause of the malfunction if the gas boiler does not heat? How can be eliminated? Have been using the unit for no more than six months.

Check the filter of the heating system. If the filter is dirty, disassemble and clean the filter element. The impeller of the hydraulic circulation pump has a breakdown. Inspect the hydraulic pump and install a new one, if necessary. Also check the water circulation in the heating pipe. Worn or contaminated heating circuit reduces the amount of liquid in the system, for this reason the device will not work in heating mode.

Tell us how to fill a gas boiler with water?

This operation must be carried out in a certain sequence. Open the radiator air valves and check the operation of the auto-air vent, which the boiler is equipped with. Open the make-up valve little by little, ensuring that the functions of each of the air outlet components of the heating system are stable. Close the air vent taps on the radiators as soon as water is visible. Then close the make-up valve and bleed the air again using the valves on the radiators. Start the unit and wait for it to heat up to the desired temperature in the heating circuit, then turn off the hydraulic pump and do a secondary vent.

Can you tell me what the problem is if the boiler Beretta Novella ignites and extinguishes? How to fix it? We have not used the unit for more than half a year.

No flame registered on automation module: phase and neutral connection error. Reconnect the neutral and phase correctly. If nothing changes, send the electronic board for repair. Ignition electrode wire is disconnected or damaged. Connect or replace the wiring. Gas pressure too low. Set to higher pressure.

Would like to know what is the breakdown if the boiler does not ignite? The boiler was started up that year. What is the malfunction?

No ignition. Malfunction in the gas supply. The gas valve must be opened fully. The gap between the electrodes is wrong or the electrodes are deformed. Lack of discharge of electrode spark. Probably a power failure.

For what reasons during the start of the boiler there is a strange bubbling sound and then the gas burner goes out. An error code appears on the display, indicating overheating. I am advised to change the heat exchanger. What to do?

The stoppage of the operation of the unit due to overheating of the heat transfer medium cannot always be attributed to a fouled heat exchanger. Strange noises are also heard if there is a large amount of lime scale inside the heat exchanger, and because of the presence of air in the heating system. But first you must check that the thermostat, the three-way valve and the circulation pump are working properly.

Why does the boiler Beretta Novella 45 RAI clicks during heating? Say the burner unit lights up, the temperature rises, then you hear incomprehensible metallic sounds. However, if you unscrew the screws of the outer cladding, then the rattling disappears. What happened??

From time to time the boiler starts rattling and humming, especially when the main gas burner is shut down. An important cause of this malfunction is the disproportionate heating of the heat exchanger fins, due to clogging or lime deposits. You need to clean the boiler without delay.

For what reasons the boiler doesn’t turn off when the set temperature is reached? Heating continues up to 90 degrees, then it gives out a breakdown. If you reset the settings, the problem occurs again.

We suggest that the control board is out of order, the temperature sensor requires replacement, the sensor on overheating has malfunction. It is possible that there was a breach of the regulation of the automatics.

Can you tell me how I can lower the pressure on the boiler Beretta Novella 45? And if I can reduce the gas pressure? The unit has a regulator that adjusts the pressure of the gas mixture or it should not make any adjustments?

The regulator allows you to adjust the pressure of the fuel supplied to the boiler. When it is excessively reduced, the burner unit will not ignite, but if it is increased, there will be a flare breakaway from the wick and the burner unit will extinguish immediately after ignition. Here are the operations for regulation. Heat the unit intensely. Open the chimney fully. Set the main burner to the maximum mark, at this time the fire looks yellow-blue. We remove the yellow flame by closing the fuel tap. Then check the operation of the boiler in different modes.

Water leaks regularly from the tap under the boiler. The appliance itself does not start. What to do?

Apparently, there was a discharge of coolant through the protection valve. This factor indicates an increase in pressure in the system. In addition, the make-up valve may not be closed or the expansion tank must be inflated.

Explain why the pressure is constantly rising and at the same time the pressure relief valve is starting to trip? The screen always displays the heating symbol when the unit is heating. What to do?

Temperature sensor in the heating circuit is malfunctioning. There is no normal circulation in the heating system.

A few days ago we had a problem with the boiler Beretta Novella Avtonom. In heating mode it whistles. Decided to reset it. succeeded, but there was no change. Perhaps someone can tell you why this is happening?

In most cases, a sharp whistling occurs if the wrong pressure setting on the burner nozzles. Need to check the set value and correct if appropriate.

After two years of trouble-free work, the following problem occurred. When we turn on the heating mode, at the moment of heating, the pressure rises quickly, and there is an emergency water discharge. What could be the cause??

Probably the expansion tank diaphragm is damaged or there is no air in the air chamber. It could also be a breakdown of the 3-way valve.

The unit still occasionally made a humming noise when starting up, but now the noise is much louder. In the beginning the hum would go away quickly, but over the last few days it has been heard much louder. Has anyone encountered this problem??

Occurrence of excessive noise indicates the presence of lime scale inside the body of the heat exchanger, which heats differently due to the unequal thickness of the walls. The more soiled the heat exchanger, the more it rattles and the lower the heat output.

Decided to connect a Beretta Novella boiler in a country house. Please tell me how to properly put this appliance into operation?

Beretta Ciao 24 CSI N ошибка А04

To properly commission this appliance, you need to do the following procedures. Connect the electrical power supply to the appliance. Set the gas valve to the open position. Then we start the main burner. Then set the desired temperature.

How to clean the cold water filter?

The hot water system must first be emptied. Second, unscrew the flow sensor nut. Then remove the sensor and filter from their seats. After removing it, clean it of impurities and dirt.

What causes the water to stop heating. Water stops heating? The water is almost cold. Help me to understand what happened?

You can look for problems in the following areas. If the DHW temperature sensor is damaged, it must be replaced. There is also a high probability that the unit has lost regulation of the power of water heating.

Someone can tell you how to deal with the chimney? Already two days there is a reverse draft, which causes the smoke to penetrate immediately into the kitchen. The chimney was made by me. It is a pipe made of steel. There may be something wrong with it.

The main reason is the wrong configuration of the chimney. There may be a contamination of the chimney with the products of combustion that significantly reduces its efficiency. It is also necessary to inspect the hood in residential areas.

Beretta Ciao

The Beretta Ciao boiler has an LCD display that shows not only the operating modes, but also the possible causes of faults. No standby mode.

Error code A01. Flame failure

This fault code appears when there is no flame. Two symbols appear on the display. Crossed flame and buzzer.

Error code A02. Limit thermostat error

Machine has stopped due to a limit thermostat malfunction. Bell appears on the display.

Error code A03. Flue gas thermostat error

Stops on flue gas thermostat. Bell illuminates on display.

Fault code A04. Error of hydraulic pressostat

Unit stops on hydraulic pressostat reading. Bell symbol on display.

Error code A05. Error on DHW NTC sensor

It indicates breakage of NTC hot water sensor. There is a bell symbol on the display.

Error code A06. Heating NTC sensor error

It shows that NTC heating sensor is defective. Bell symbol appears on display.

Error code E011. False flames appearing

Indicates appearance of false flame. Bell symbol on display.

Error code ADJ. Electronic minimum and maximum settings error

This fault code indicates a problem with the electronic setting of the minimum and maximum output. Bell symbol on display.

Activation of ignition standby mode 88 degrees. Bell symbol blinks. Breakdown related to blocking the boiler by the smoke extraction pressostat signal. At the same time the bell symbol is blinking. Failure due to the appliance stopping due to the hydraulic pressostat. At the same time the bell symbol is blinking.

Operating mode, indicating the presence of sensors that measure the temperature outside. Thermometer icon is lit on the display.

Operating mode indicating that the unit is supplying water for DHW. On the display you will see the value of 60 degrees and the sign of the valve.

Operating mode indicating that the device is working for the heating system. The display shows a temperature of 80 degrees and the “radiator” sign.

Mode in which the unit is operating to counteract the freezing of the system. Snowflake lights up on the display.

Boiler mode indicating flame is present. Flame sign on the display.

If you are not 100% sure what the problem is and whether you can solve it, contact the service center for diagnosis and troubleshooting immediately.

Beretta gas boiler error codes and faults

Malfunctioning of the gas boiler “Beretta” occurs for various reasons. To make it easier for you to fix the failure, the manufacturer has provided a system of self-diagnosis. It includes sensors of control, which fix the problem in the nodes, sending a signal to the control module. After that, the work of the device is blocked, and the error code appears on the display. To eliminate the symbols, it is necessary to find and eliminate the fault.

boiler, error

It does not start (does not ignite). causes and solution

Boiler failure at startup can be caused by various reasons, which can be determined either by the corresponding error code, or an independent check of the state of the boiler. The simplest option is the absence of gas in the main line.

This problem is external, solved only by contacting the gas service. Possibly the gas valve on the unit itself is closed. There is another cause of ignition failure. polarity reversal of power wires. It is shown on the display as code E33.

The solution to the problem is to reconnect the wires. This situation can occur even after a certain period of normal operation of the boiler, if any work was carried out in the electrical panel and mistakenly swapped phase and neutral.

If you cannot find the cause of the boiler ignition failure, you should contact a service shop.

Wall-mounted models

Among the wall mounted heating boilers, the following models are of particular interest.

CITY series

The main feature, which has a wall-mounted boiler of this series. compact size, which allows you to install the equipment in small city apartments. The enclosed manual contains such technical characteristics:

  • A good choice of power: from 24 to 50 kW, which will allow you to choose the right model for an apartment or a country house.
  • In a series there are as single-circuit models, designed for space heating, and double-circuit, capable of heating running water for household needs.
  • Two-circuit wall mounted unit has two independent heat exchangers, which reduces the cost of replacing one of them in case of failure.

Tip! To reduce gas consumption, the most powerful 50 kW unit has a condensing principle. This feature increases the efficiency and heat output, while reducing the overall energy consumption.


This series of boilers Beretta is distinguished by its functionality and comfortable operation process. For rational and economical gas consumption, the manual advises to choose one of the four modes:

Boilers of this series are available in capacity from 24 to 35 kW and have these features:

  • Automatic system, capable of independently feeding the heating system in case of need.
  • Possibility to connect an outdoor sensor that synchronizes the operation of the heater with the temperature outside.
  • Liquid crystal screen, which in addition to current information about the state of the boiler displays error codes in case of malfunction of the equipment.

Another feature that the wall-mounted boiler of the exclusive series has is the presence of a fan in the combustion chamber: it regulates the power of the draught, depending on the modulation of the flame.

What do the signal lights mean??

In some models of Beretta gas boilers, such as the Beretta City, you can judge the appearance of malfunctions in the units by the signals of red, yellow and green indicators.

The indicators are two or three light diodes on the central panel, which start flashing with different intensity when a malfunction occurs.

A blinking green light can mean the following:

  • 1 time/3.5 sec unit on standby, fire extinguished;
  • 1 time/0.5 seconds the boiler is stopped due to a malfunction;
  • 1 time/0.1 sec. the unit has been switched to the autoreclose system;
  • LED is lit and not flashing The boiler is operating normally, the fire is on.

Beretta City can stop on its own due to a malfunction in cases where it receives a signal from the pressure and smoke sensors.

The boiler can stop working for 10 minutes, during which time the correct parameters should be restored. During this time, the system will automatically perform a scan. A detailed guide on how to check the sensor readings of a Beretta gas boiler should already be in the self-diagnostic system.

The red indicator light turns on in the following cases:

  • the indicator lights up and does not blink if the boiler operation is not established after the suspension, the unit goes into emergency mode;
  • Indicator blinking temperature limit sensor actuation. Sometimes the error can be eliminated with the operation mode switch.

Simultaneous blinking of red and green diodes occurs in case of breakage of NTC sensor.

The yellow indicator lights up and stays on when the preheating of the coolant in the circuit is activated.

For elimination of all the above mentioned problems of gas boilers Beretta is strongly recommended to use the services of masters of the authorized service centers and organizations which have signed a contract on gas aggregate maintenance and supply of gaseous fuel.

Independent intervention in a complex design of boilers can lead to an even more serious failure, which will result in costly repairs and prolonged shutdown of the autonomous heating system.

Beretta boilers error codes

In this article all probable malfunctions and ways to solve them are collected and also error codes for Beretta boilers. All information is read in the following order: code name, possible error. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.

  • Beretta Ciao
  • Error code A01 Flame fault
  • Error code A02 Limit thermostat error
  • Error code A03 Faulty flue gas thermostat
  • Fault code А04 Error of hydraulic pressostat
  • Error code A05 DHW NTC sensor error
  • Error code A06 Error heating NTC sensor error
  • Error code E011 False flame appears
  • ADJ error code Faulty electronic setting of minimum and maximum output
  • Beretta City
  • Green light flashes at intervals of 1 time per 3,5 seconds
  • Lamp blinks once every half second
  • Green light blinks rapidly, at intervals of every 0.1 seconds
  • Green LED lights up continuously
  • Red diode is on continuously
  • Red light flashes
  • Green light and red LED flashing simultaneously
  • Yellow light is on

List of errors in beretta boilers

The Beretta Ciao boiler is equipped with an LCD display, which not only shows the modes of operation, but also possible failure modes. No standby mode.

Error code A01. Flame failure

This error code appears when there is no flame. Two symbols appear on the display. Crossed flame and buzzer sounds.

Error code ADJ. Faulty electronic setting of minimum and maximum power

This fault code indicates a problem in the electronic minimum and maximum power settings. The bell symbol on the display.

Standby mode ignition 88 degrees on. The bell symbol blinks. Boiler lockout due to a signal from the smoke extraction pressostat. The bell symbol is blinking. Appliance malfunction due to hydraulic pressostat stalling. The bell symbol is blinking.

Operating mode indicating the presence of sensors measuring the outdoor temperature. The thermometer symbol lights up on the display.

Operating mode indicating that the unit is supplying DHW. Display shows 60 degrees and the tap symbol.

Operating mode indicating that the unit is running on the heating system. The display shows a temperature of 80 degrees and the “radiator” sign.

Mode in which the operation of the appliance is aimed at counteracting system freezing. The snowflake is lit on the display.

Boiler mode showing that the flame is present. The flame symbol lights up on the display.

If you are not 100% sure what the problem is and if you can’t solve it. contact the service center immediately for diagnosis and troubleshooting.



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