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Boile’s error codes Ariston without a display

Ariston boilers. Error codes and their meaning

Error 101. The reason may be the thermostat of overheating or NTC sensor at the output of the primary heat exchanger. Works at a temperature of 102 degrees, receiving a signal about overheating of the coolant. Main causes: increased pressure at the outlet of the gas valve. recommend checking and adjusting. Carrying filter is contaminated. poor circulation in the heating system. check and, if necessary, clean the filter from dirt. Poor passage of the heat exchanger due to scale formations-in this case, it is recommended to flush or replace. Falf in the circulation pump. In addition to the listed problems, there may also be damage to the NTC sensor itself or the electronic control board.

Error 102. The pressure sensor of the heating circuit is faulty (short circuit or rupture of the circuit). to check the sensor voltage on the board terminals and, if required, install a new. Voltage 0 volts or 5 volts on the control unit leads to a stop by code 102.

Error 103. The coolant on the supply pipeline heats up too quickly (more than seven degrees per second.).

Error 104. The temperature growth in the supply and reverse pipelines is more than 20 degrees per second.

Error 105. The temperature difference between the feed and reverse pipelines exceeds 55 degrees (three times).

Error 106. The temperature of the return pipe is higher than the supply temperature by 10 degrees (three times).

Error 107. The temperature in the return pipe exceeds the supply temperature by 30 degrees once.

Error 108. The pressure of pressure in the heating system is below the required level (models equipped with a pressure sensor). In most cases, to eliminate the malfunction, it is recommended to add water to the system (recharge), but if such a problem occurs again after a small period of time (several days), you might need to look for the cause of the coolant leakage or check the expansion tank.

Error 109. Pressure over three bar.

Error 110. The thermoresistor’s malfunction on the supply of the heating system (cliff, lack of contact, short circuit).

Error 111. Similarly, code 108 for Ariston models with automatic recharge mode.

Error 112. Malfunction of the temperature sensor of the reverse pipeline (chain break or short circuit).

Error 114. There is no contact with the outdoor temperature sensor (a malfunction of the electronic board for some boilers is possible).

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Error 116 is the same as 114, only for a room temperature sensor.

Sensor for supply to the DHW circuit (NTC). no contact. 202. Sensor for supply to the DHW circuit (NTC). short circuit. 203. Temperature sensor in the tank. no contact. 204. Temperature sensor in the tank. short circuit. 205. The sensor at the entrance to the DHW circle (from the heliosystem). no contact. 206. The sensor at the entrance to the DHW circle (from the heliosystem). a short circuit. 207. Overheating of the solar manifold pipeline. 208. Low temperature in the solar manifold pipeline. 209. Overheating in the tank (boiler).

Problems with an electronic control unit

Check the reliability of contacts of connected loops and wires. As well as such a simple way to turn off the Ariston boiler from the network and turn on in a few minutes.

Display failure, problems of ROM. 302. GP exchange error. giu. 303. The internal error of the ECU. 304. than five discharges for 15 minutes. here we mean more than 5 presses of the Reset button, to reset the error 304, just turn off the boiler from the network and turn it on again. 305. The internal error of the block. 306. Internal error of the control unit. 307. The internal error of the ECU.

Ignition malfunctions and detection

Error 501. Lack of flame with ignition. Probable signs, and what needs to be done: the gas ended or the crane forgot to open. If there is still a gas, and the unit is lit, and then goes out with an error of 501, then check the electrode of ionization (flame sensor). Make sure that it is clean, not bent, the wire is not interrupted from it and reaches a fee with which it is successfully connected.

Error 502. The flame is determined with a closed gas valve. Probable signs, and what needs to be done: if there is not really flame, but the boiler gives out this error, then the reason is in the ionization electrode. Perhaps it is wet and fixes what is not. The second that could be. This is a gas valve malfunction.

The next four errors have a general description: a possible problem in the electrode of ionization, gas pressure, or air flow, outflow of combustion products. It happens that in the cold condensate on the chimney intensifies and prevents the movement of air into the apparatus and from it. Therefore, the proper installation of a chimney with a slight tilt down to drain condensate is recommended.

Error 5p1. The first attempt of ignition is unsuccessful.

Котел Ariston BS II 24 FF не работает.Отрыв пламени

Error 5p2. The second attempt of ignition is unsuccessful.

Error 5p3 (SP3). Flame separation during operation.

Error 5p4. Three flame tearing in one working cycle.

Error 601. The gas meter overheating sensor worked (only in devices with an open combustion chamber, stands in the area of ​​the chimney).

Error 604. Too low fan speed or malfunction of the hall sensor.

Very common malfunctions of Ariston boilers with codes 607, 6P1, 6P2.

Error 607. Air pressure relay worked before the start of the ignition.

Error 608. The pressure relay did not work, but the fan turned on (we check the press start and all its connections).

Error 6p1 or 6P2. Air Contact Contacts Delay. In case of overheating, for example, if they tried to light a device with an incomplete heating system, or after prolonged downtime in the primary heat exchanger, air accumulated, and maybe for what other reason. But as a result of overheating, the lower part of the vendor’s tube melts a little. And then discharge ceases to flow on the air pressure relay, since the air sucks through the hole formed in the tube. Result. The protection of the boiler is triggered, with error codes 6P1 or 6P2.

Features of Ariston boilers

Ariston gas boilers are most in demand on the market, thanks to its reputation, time.tested. They differ in compact dimensions, a convenient connection and maintenance system, reliability of operation, and a variety of models. The company produces single.circuit and double.circuit units, wall and flooring, with open (a chimney requires) and a closed combustion camera (removal of combustion products through a coaxial pipe).

Ariston devices are equipped with an improved heat exchanger design, which reduces the gas consumption, with protective automation, due to which the operating time increases, accurate settings. With interruptions in the supply of water or gas, it automatically locks, which eliminates the failure of the device.

How to determine the model of Ariston boilers?

The name and number of the model are indicated on the device itself, the packaging box or the instructions for operation.

Ariston error indication on the boilers panel without a liquid crystal display (for example Egis)

We look at the pictures, read the inscriptions. here I collected all the sensors used in the boiler and reporting on any mistake. With the exception of the pressure sensor, it is not on this scheme, since in this boiler model it is not used. Well, the sensor with the manometer has not yet been indicated, I think everything is clear, this is just an indicator that reports on the value of the pressure in the circuit. By the way, in some modifications of boilers, a submersible temperature sensor in the DHW. NTCS circuit may also not stand.

The most frequent errors and ways to eliminate malfunctions

The most popular among Ariston boilers are 24 kW wall models. In the process of work, the gas of the boiler Ariston may occur malfunctions and malfunctions, like any other technique. The list of error codes is given in the instructions in the form of a table. Some of them are a failure in the operation of automation (cause a protective shutdown of the device) and are eliminated by pressing the “reset”, and some signal the malfunctions and interference in the boiler and require intervention (block the system).

All codes are divided into six groups by the number of boiler nodes. The first value indicates the node in which the failure occurred, the rest.error code.But it should be noted that if a protective error is repeated often, this indicates a malfunction.

  • Error SP 3 (5p3). refers to problems with ignition and means gearing flame. Removes on Ariston Clas Evo models, talks about problems in the gas unit. Checking and adjusting the gas valve can solve the problem, but in some cases the reason lies in the improper assembly of the coaxial pipe on devices with a closed combustion chamber; Ariston Clas Evo boiler control panel
  • Error 501. Lack of ignition. Check if the gas valve is blocked, if there is a supply, you should pay attention to the electrode of ionization, it can get wet, dry it with a hairdryer. See if he was bent, the distance from the electrode to the comb should be 8mm with a tolerance of 1 mm, whether the electrode connection to the board;
  • Error 607. Fucking the Contacts of the Fan Control Relay, replacing the relay, and sometimes the entire electronic control unit.

Error 101 denotes overheating, the sensor was triggered, after cooling the boiler is launched. The reason may be an accumulation of scale in the heat exchanger, as a result of which the duct decreases and the temperature or interruptions in the operation of the circulation pump increases. Rinse the heat exchanger, adjust or change the pump. Sometimes the reason may lie in increased gas supply, screw the valve, if it does not help, you need to adjust the gas valve.


Error 103, error 104, error 105, error 107 occurs when water circulation is violated in the circuit, its absence or low pressure. This happens when the air has accumulated in the system to remove it in Ariston Egis Plus 24 boilers (Ariston Ais Plus 24) click and hold the Mode button for 10 seconds. On boilers Ariston Matis and Ariston Uno, hold the Rezet button no more. Within 5 minutes, the pump without ignition will work, removing air from the system. Then check the pressure, norm 1-1.2 bar, if necessary, increase.

Ariston Egis Plus 24 boiler

Error 108 appears with insufficient water pressure in the heating circuit. Why pressure drops. the cause may be a leak from heating radiators, you should check the joints in the pipes. In the heating season, it will not be easy to notice a small leak, since on hot batteries a small smell will evaporate. You need to turn off the heating and add the pressure up to 2.5 bar to determine the scene of the leakage.

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The next reason may be the leakage of heat exchanger pipes. To eliminate, you can steal a heat exchanger, if soldering is impossible, it is required to replace it. The expansion tank may be depressurized or the membrane in the expansion tank has become unusable. seal the tank or change the membrane.

It can also leak the tank itself. you can determine this by pressing the spool in the upper part of the tank. If at the same time there is a water release, change the tank. How to raise pressure. You can use a home.made original device consisting of a plastic bottle, crane and spool. On a plastic bottle, cut a thread on the lid with a tap so that you can fix the tap on it.

Drill a hole from the back to fix the spool on it. We put the spool into the bottle and fix it. Pour water into the bottle, close the tap and connect the heating system to it through the hose, connect the pump to the spool and, swinging it, pour water into the heating system. The procedure for pumping water into the system is repeated to normalization of pressure, up to 1.5 atm.

Error 109 appears at an excessive pressure above 3 bar and is considered one of the infrequently arising. To eliminate, you need to reset the pressure, as prescribed in the instructions for the device, using the crane of Maevsky. If this does not help, most likely, the reason lies in the secondary heat exchanger.

Когда внутри теплообменника разрушается перегородка, это может быть свищ в ней, начинается смешение жидкостями. Water from water supply, which has higher pressure. begins to enter the heating system, as a result of which the pressure rises. What to do if it happened.Elimination of the fistula or replacing the heat exchanger will help to solve this problem.

Error 117, according to the instructions for the Ariston BS 24 FF aggregate, means insufficient circulation. To eliminate, press the reset button, in which case the system will check and adjust the difference in temperature at the input and output of 3.5 degrees in 8 seconds.

Reset button on the Ariston boiler. “Reset”

When a circuit ruptures or a short circuit of the sensor on the supply of hot water supply, an error 201 appears in the circuit of hot water supply. Contacts should be checked, perhaps they were oxidized, or the wire has departed, or the sensor itself is faulty and it will have to be changed.

Error 302 appears on the display in the absence of a circuit between the control board and the display. The cause may be a violation of contacts or their oxidation, in this case, contacts should be connected or cleaned. Control board may also fail. replacement is required.

Error 303 means a malfunction of the main management fee, the solution to the problem can only be replaced.

Error 304 also appears in the event of a control payment malfunction and appears if more than 15 discharges are made within 15 minutes.

Ariston boilers


Error 307, error 308 also appears in case of malfunction of the control board, correct the situation will help press the reset button.

Varieties of errors

Ariston gas boilers are convenient in that all issued errors are grouped directly by nodes. This facilitates the process of searching for a malfunction, since one error cannot have several versatile reasons in various parts of the boiler. Accordingly, the search for the problem is accelerated, and the repair is simplified.

The manufacturer divided all possible malfunctions into several nodes:

  • Heating circuit. errors of this part of the boiler are most often related mainly with improper operation of the device, or failure of individual parts. Errors begin per unit.
  • Hot water supply circuit. errors begin on a deuce, pop up in dual.circuit boilers when there is a malfunction when serving and heating the water.
  • Electronic block. in errors the first digit 3. These errors are the most compiled and often lead to the need to replace expensive details, boards and controllers.
  • Malfunctions in ignition. marked with the initial number 5.

This division simplifies the repair process as much as possible. It makes no sense to look for a problem with an error code 301 in a faulty ignition, when such a marking makes it clear that the malfunctions are in an electronic block.

Expert Council for Error eliminating

Washing the secondary heat exchanger of the gas wall boiler Ariston

If an error 109 appears when translating the Ariston boiler from the DOS mode to VO, the reason is in the defect of the heat exchanger. The crack of the internal bulkhead, the fistula. and the liquid from the water supply begins to enter the heating circuit, since its pressure is higher. Here the recommendation is unambiguous. replacing the secondary heat exchanger.


  • OV contour filter (at the entrance to the boiler). Its pollution interferes with free circulation of the coolant, which causes error 109.
  • Pump. Reducing the speed of rotation of the shaft is the cause of the problem. If the capacitor has lost the container, the boiler pump Ariston will not work at the calculation speeds.
  • Three-way valve. The bursting spring leads to the appearance of error 109. The detail in retail is not sold, the knot is changing.
boile, error, codes, ariston, display

Error codes and ways to eliminate them

If an error code appears on the screen of a double.circuit gas boiler Ariston, it is recommended to restart the equipment to exclude the possibility of a system failure.

To do this, click the “Reset” button. If this does not help, then the system signals a valid error.

Below we will write about errors in the following order:

Ariston BS II 24ff ошибка отрыв пламени. Устраняем проблему своими руками [0]

These errors are suitable for all Ariston models (for example, UNO 24FF, BS24 kW, etc.D.)

  • SP 3 (5p3). for Ariston Class Evo. Flame breaks. Check the operability of the fuel supply valve. Determine the correct installation of the coaxial pipe, clean it from blockage. Perhaps low gas pressure.
  • 501. there is no ignition. Check if the gas supply crane is open. Inspect the ionization sensor. if necessary, clean the contacts and tighten the wiring.
  • 607. Fan relay malfunction. Install a new element.
  • 101. the protection against overheating worked. Adjust the gas supply. Clean filters from garbage. Perhaps the heat exchanger was clogged with a cape, which led to poor heat transfer and a decrease in pressure. Then it is necessary to clean it using special reagents. Diagnose the pump operation, adjust the mode. Check the temperature sensor and control board.
  • 102. The termistor NTC of the heating system has broken down. Check the termistor for a short circuit voltage in the 0-5 volt range leads to this error.
  • 103, 104, 105, 106, 107. overheating, low coolant pressure or its volume is reduced. Release excess air from the system. Make sure the pressure is in the 1-1.2 bar range. Check the system for the presence of a leak: heat exchanger; expansion tank; Pipes, radiators.
  • 108, 111. the pressure in the heat exchanger decreased. Perhaps air traffic jams appeared in the system. They should be removed using the crane of the Maevsky. Inspect the system for the presence of leaks. Eliminate them.
  • 109. the pressure is very high (more than 3 bar). Check the integrity of the water circuit. Its damage can lead to mixing hot and cold fluid, which is why the pressure increases. In this case, you will have to replace the heat exchanger with a new.
  • 110. Thermoresistor failed. Check if thermoresistor is connected well. Replace the part.
  • 112. malfunctions in the work of a returner return. Diagnose the sensor and its wiring. Replace the broken part.
  • 114, 116. there is no connection with the outer thermal attewer. Check the joints of the wires with the sensor.
  • 117. weak circulation of the coolant. Reload the gas boiler.
  • 201. a short circuit or a break in communication with the DIS sensor. It is necessary to check the wiring, connection.
  • 302. there is no connection with the electronic module. Tighten contacts or replace a faulty element.
  • 303, 304. failure of the electronic board. Replace the fee with a new.
  • 307, 308. an electronic module problem. Reloading. hold the “Reset” button.
  • 601. There is no traction. If there really is no traction, you should check the chimney, clean it from blockage. If there is traction, you should check the performance of the traction sensor.
  • 604 (a yellow bulb burns). problems in the fan. At the same time, the unit does not turn on, perform a check of the fan, the pressure sensor and control board. Replace the elements with new.
  • A01 (for boilers with electronic ignition). ignition is not performed. Perhaps the reason lies in the voltage drops. set the stabilizer. Check the ionization sensor, clean its contacts.
  • E34. pneumorelas broke. Replace the part.
  • SP2. you can’t light the burner again. Unscrew the fuel valve more. Check: ionization sensor; gas valve; The quality of the chimney. Replace broken elements.
  • 6p1, 6p2. weak ventilation in the room or poor thrust. Check the passage of the chimney, ventilation quality, open the window. Conduct diagnostics of relay compounds.
  • 608. the fan operates normally, and the press starting does not work. Check the press start and wiring.
  • H45. there is no warm water or a problem with the termistor. Diagnose the sensor of the hydraulic hydraulic duct, thermistor and the safety valve. Put the ragged wiring, replace the broken element.

Among the lineup Ariston there are rulers whose boilers do not have a liquid crystalline display.

The error is warned by the light indication:

note! To replace faulty elements, it is recommended to call a service specialist.

Problems with multi.zone management (error 7)

Ariston brand boilers allow you to divide the house into zones, for each of which a heating mode will be set.

If a problem arises with one of the sections, the system accurately determines the malfunction, so the repair of a particular circuit can be carried out without interference in the rest of the normally working fragments of the heating network.

  • Error 0x. The problem with the temperature sensor of the heat carrier supply in the zone X. It is necessary to check the sensor contacts or replace this part.
  • Error 1x. The same, only with the sensor on the return.
  • Error 2x. Overheating in zone X recorded. First of all, you need to check the work of the thermostat responsible for this site. It can be just in the departed contact or breakdown of the node. If it works correctly, then you need to change the settings.
  • Error 50. An error of the hydraulic scheme. You need to install the correct type of connected hydraulic module (menu parameter 720). If there is no error, then the problem is in the settings of the scheme itself.

Ariston gas boilers error codes and malfunctions

Even in the most reliable technique, sooner or later breakdown occurs. You probably chose the heating boiler of the famous brand in the hope that it will serve you faithfully for more than a dozen years. However, it is unlikely to avoid at least one repair. The presented article will talk about the malfunctions of the Ariston gas boilers.

HotPoint-Ariston is a world-famous trademark belonging to Indesit Company. The company itself was founded in 1975 and at first was engaged exclusively in mechanical engineering issues.

However, in subsequent years, Indesit Company entered the household appliance market. Products under the brands Hotpoint and Ariston quickly gained popularity in many civilized countries.

In 2007, these two brands were united.

One of the most popular HotPoint-Ariston products in Russia are boilers, mainly gas.

Demand for the heating technique of this brand in our country is due to high quality products. Russian resident always chose the goods more hand, although a little more expensive. In addition, Ariston boilers have a quite affordable price. With proper operation, they will be able to last about 20 years or more, which makes such a purchase very profitable.

Another advantage that said the popularity of Ariston equipment is a wide range. You can find a boiler based on your preferences and requirements.

As a rule, all heating boilers are divided into four types:

In this article we are talking about gas boilers. So let’s take a little more details their subspecies.

First of all, gas heaters are divided by the number of contours.

  • Single.circuit boilers. Simple, which is why a more reliable and cheap technique. Directed exclusively at heating the premises, without the ability to heat water. Consists of one heat exchanger, circular pumps and expansion tanks.
  • Double.circuit boilers. Suitable for those who want to have hot water in the house, but do not want to purchase additional equipment. Inside, such boilers have two heat exchangers. over, their dimensions are practically no different from the size of single.circuit boilers. The water in the circuit for hot water supply is heated by water from the heating circuit circulating along the heat exchanger. Such a technique is more complicated, which is less reliable.

Double.circuit boilers can be bittermous. Their reliability is even lower. Differ in that the second heat exchanger is located inside the first.

All gas boilers need an air flow.

Depending on how it is ensured, heaters are divided by type of combustion chamber.

  • Oxygen enters boilers with an open chamber from the room where they are located. Such a technique has low performance, but it is demanding on the organization of conditions: the room should be equipped with good ventilation and chimney through which combustion products will be removed. In this case, it is necessary to strictly comply with fire safety rules. The pluses of such boilers include reliability and low noise during operation.
  • Boilers with a closed combustion chamber are less reliable, but more productive. Also, they are not so demanding on the arrangement of the premises and are practically not harmful to the environment. Their work is based on a special burner and a fan. With the help of the latter, air fence and removal of combustion products are carried out. However, keep in mind that the fan makes a lot of noise during operation.

Also, heaters can also be divided by the type of placement.

  • Wall. Thanks to their compact dimensions, most often purchased for placement in apartments. They have a little weight and are easily mounted. Usually have a closed combustion chamber and are easy to handle, which ensure additional demand for themselves. Wall boilers do not differ in high power, but it is enough to warm up a living apartment.
  • Floor. They have increased power. But in their dimensions and mass, they noticeably surpass the wall.mounted counterparts. The price is also slightly higher. Such boilers are usually used to heat rooms and buildings with a large area.

No matter what the level of reliability has the boiler you have chosen, it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid errors in your work. Fortunately, most modern units are equipped with control sensors and a self.diagnosis system.

The first to stop the boiler to prevent more serious breakdowns. In addition, sensors will block all the functions of the unit. You will have to eliminate the problem to remove the lock. The second. will notify you of the problem, highlighting the error code on the display.

They are divided into two types:

You can find all the values ​​of the codes on the Internet or in the instructions for your specific model. Next, we will talk about the most common mistakes arising in the work of Ariston boilers.

Here we will talk mainly about errors that are displayed on displays. But not all models of boilers are equipped with them. Some units instead of small screens have light indication. In the event of a problem, the panel is turned on and colored bulbs begin to flash and start flashing. To understand their specific meaning, refer to the instructions.


The 307th malfunction code is displayed on the boilers display Ariston modifications Clas, Genus and Egis reason-electronics failure: the instructions indicate the internal error of the board. It appears differently: with the initial start of the unit, the analysis of hot water, periodically during the functioning of the boiler. Buy a new EPU, given the cost of the block, you should not rush. Analysis of correspondence on the forums, statistics of elimination of malfunctions of boilers Ariston shows: in some cases, the reason for the appearance of error 307 is removed by the user independently.

Ariston boiler gives an error 307



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