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Best sewing machine for all kinds of fabric

A relatively inexpensive model suitable for rough materials. This is what the manufacturer says, this is also indicated by the characteristics of the machine. There is an upper conveyor belt for even feeding of multilayer pie, and the foot is raised by 12 mm. Buyers note its quiet operation and little vibration when working. it doesn’t bounce around the table when sewing heavy fabric.

The machine performs 110 operations, including 6 different automatic buttonholes, elastic, overcasting and blindstitching. Sewing adviser helps to navigate the features of the model and set the correct settings. Pfaff Ambition convenient for beginners, but also like experienced craftsmen. However, the model is capricious and rejects many inexpensive threads of popular brands.

The period of the pandemic has made adjustments in the sewing business. Ateliers are sewing reusable masks instead of men’s suits and prom dresses. Needlewomen are not lagging behind, many of whom have been locked up at home for a long time.

As a result, by the fall of 2020, the demand for sewing equipment had already increased by 46%, causing it to become more expensive. TASS reports. Now the choice of machine to seamstresses will have to be even more balanced.

Modern sewing machines can be electromechanical, electronic and computerized.

Beginners and home crafters enough electromechanics with 10-20 basic types of stitches, foot pedal and manual control switch functions.

Experienced seamstresses who want to make the process more comfortable and are willing to splurge on expensive equipment, we can recommend electronic equipment with push-button start and switches. Not superfluous would be a screen that displays selected sewing parameters.

Professionals, along with complete electronics, should consider computerized options. They differ in convenient touch control and built-in microprocessor. Some models have Wi-Fi connectivity. These machines know hundreds of operations, including suitable for embroidery and circular sewing.

Those who often work with knitwear, “slippery” or crumbly fabrics, we advise to pay attention to the expanding technique, overlock or carpet maker.

For dense fabrics will need a powerful and heavy machine with metal equipment, special needles, pressing and moving elements of the fabric.

Criteria for choosing a good sewing machine

Type of control can be mechanical, electromechanical, or computer, depending on how the stitching is constructed. Electromechanical ones are usually not too expensive and are designed for occasional home use, while electronic counterparts are more suitable for those who sew frequently (for example, to order). For pros, it is better to choose a sewing machine with computer control, which often includes an embroidery module.

Type of shuttle represented by a vertical or horizontal shuttle, with the latter option often characterized by professional, sophisticated models and creates much less noise.

The functionality of the sewing machine is determined by the number of possible operations, which includes a variety of types of stitches, and ways to perform buttonholes, and additional embroidery capabilities.

The equipment of each model directly depends on the previous criterion. Different models may come with additional needles for different densities of fabric, interchangeable feet, and tools to maintain the sewing machine. Preferably, the machine has a special compartment for storing all sewing accessories.

Rating of the best sewing machines in 2021

Category Location Name Price
Good inexpensive sewing machines 5 Aurora STYLE 3 6 990 ₽
4 Brother M-14 6 990 ₽
3 Singer Fashion Mate 2290 7 500 ₽
2 Janome Juno 523 8 990 ₽
1 Brother LX-700 7 000 ₽
Best sewing machines for home 5 Janome 450MG 16 500 ₽
4 Husqvarna VIKING E 20 14 500 ₽
3 Bernina Bernette B35 23 000 ₽
2 Brother Classic 40 11 800 ₽
1 Janome My Excel W23U 21 000 ₽
Best professional sewing machines 5 Pfaff Smarter 140S 21 000 ₽
4 Juki Majestic M-200E 29 990 ₽
3 Janome MC 5200 40 000 ₽
2 Brother INNOV-'IS 950 33 000 ₽
1 Janome Decor Excel Pro 5124 31000 ₽

Rating of sewing machines 2020-2021

Year after year in the sewing world there are interesting changes, and the world brands of course do not stand still, offering seamstresses more and more new models of sewing machines or their upgraded versions. We certainly can not stay away from these important events and offer for your attention. the rating of the best models of sewing machines, made by the opinion and recommendations of our YouTube-channel “Daddy Sewing”. In this review we will show you our top rating of electromechanical sewing machines and computer sewing machines. Not all of the sewing machines presented in this article are from the year 2020, this is our experience and review of those machines that we were able to check and test in practice.

The rating presented for your consideration was based, in our opinion, on the ideal ratio of the price of the product, its quality, sewing quality, the design features of the device and complaints. At the same time, each of these models occupies the top 1 in its price niche. So let’s see what our choice was.

Rating of sewing machines 2020-2021. Top 5 best electromechanical sewing machines with a price from 100 to 250

Our rating starts with the price segment. up to 130. And the best sewing machine in this price niche is. Janome 3112M.

Janome 3112M

Top (price to 130). electromechanical sewing machine Janome 3112M

Learn more about the functionality of Janome 3112M:

Performs 19 sewing programs (including work, overlock, knit stitches). Looping is done in semi-automatic mode. The machine knows how to smoothly adjust the stitch length and width of the zigzag with a handy stitch selection wheel. Simple and reliable vertical shuttle mechanism, made entirely of metal. The motor power is 60 watts, which is standard for Janome. The Janome 3112M is already full-sized for this price and has a nice unobtrusive design.

Price niche. 130 to 150. And the leader of this segment is a model. Janome Juno 513. This is one of our favorite sewing machines, offering the perfect balance of all features, sewing quality and, of course, price.

Janome Juno 513

Top (price from 130 to 150). electromechanical sewing machine Janome Juno 513

Read more about the functionality of the Janome Juno 513:

Performs 15 sewing programs. The buttonhole is made in semi-automatic mode. Stitch settings are infinitely adjustable. The machine has a vertical hook. And also next to it is the option to disable the teeth of the fabric conveyor, which makes it possible to darn, embroider and quilting. Built-in threading machine. Removable sleeve console. Standard 60W motor. Side thread trimmer. Quick presser foot change system. LED backlight. And other options for comfortable work on this machine are also available.

In the price segment of 150 to 200 we have two representatives.

First up is Necchi, an Italian brand that just wowed us with its new 2019 line, released for the company’s 100th anniversary. Quality, functionality and power of these machines Necchi just amazing. Anniversary K-Series includes Necchi K408A, Necchi K417A, Necchi K432A, Necchi K121A, Necchi K132A. We are glad to see that the Italian developers have thoroughly entered the market of household sewing machines and want to outshine the other manufacturers in quality of their sewing equipment.

Necchi K132A

Top (the price from 150 to 200). electromechanical sewing machine Necchi K132A

Learn more about the functionality of the Necchi K132A:

The design is for the lovers, but the quality of workmanship and functionality of the machine. above all praise. 32 programs for sewing, quilting, patchwork and scrapbooking. Automatic buttonhole. Vertical hook. Parameters of the stitches can be adjusted steplessly. Automatic needle threader. There is a reinforced multi-segment fabric conveyor. The whole construction of the machine is built on a strong metal frame. And the trump card of the machine is a 70 W motor.

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The second representative is an electromechanical sewing machine. the Janome Dress Code. Japanese model Dress Code is very popular and became a bestseller for three years in a row. 2017, 2018, 2019 (at least in the market of Ukraine). In its price niche, this Janome model is the leader of the leaders.

Janome Dress Code

Top (price from 150 to 200). electromechanical sewing machine Janome Dress Code

Learn more about the functionality of the Janome Dress Code:

Performs 25 sewing programs and buttonhole in automatic mode. All stitch adjustments are adjusted smoothly with separate levers. Vertical metal shuttle. The function of free-motion stitching, when we can, by lowering the toothed rail, darning and embroidery. Handy thread changer, also has a thread trimmer. Double, fairly high, lifting foot. Reverse sewing (reverse). LED illumination for sewing comfort. Removable arm console. And other important options for comfortable sewing.

And now we will tell you about the leader of our rating of sewing machines in the price segment. from 200 to 250.

This is the novelty of 2019, an Italian sewing machine electromechanical class. Necchi Q132A. In our opinion, it has a very stylish design, great build quality, perfectly executed body and has all the necessary important functions to perform professional sewing.

Necchi Q132A

Top (price 200 to 250). Necchi Q132A electromechanical sewing machine

Learn more about the functionality of Necchi Q132A:

Sewing machines (watch before you buy) | SEW IT BEGINS EP 2

Performs 32 sewing programs, buttonhole quilting in automatic mode. Smooth adjustment of stitch length, stitch width is adjustable up to 6 mm. There is a regulator foot pressure on the fabric and needle positioner. Modern horizontal shuttle with cropping function. Built-in threading tool helps put the thread through the eye of the needle. Ability to work in the technique of free-motion stitching and quilting by turning off the teeth of the conveyor belt. Such nice little things like LED backlight, side thread trimmer, presser foot quick change system. all this, of course, is present in the device.

It is also worth noting that the worktable of the machine is made of stainless steel, no cuts and scratches are not afraid of the surface, so you can always sew thin fabrics without snags. Wide 7-segment fabric conveyor ensures effective progression of any material. In its class, the machine has the most powerful motor. 90 watts, while also the indicators of sewing speed is quite high. more than 1000 st/min. Except the big complete set, the machine has a bonus in the form of an extension table, on which you can comfortably work with bulky things.

We did a comparison of Italian and Japanese brands, and you just found out which of the electromechanical sewing machines of 2020 are the best. But you may logically have a question: “And where is the German, Swiss or Swedish sewing machine?”. To this we answer that we evaluated machines in the most popular price niche, from 100 to 250. And other brand technique did not get into our rating either because of its price, as it is much more expensive, or, unfortunately for us, it did not pass in quality due to the fact that the assembly of the units occurs at the factories that do not belong to the company.

Sewing Machine Rating 2020-2021. Top 6 best computer class sewing machines with a price from 200 to 500

In the price segment up to 200 the victory is awarded to the sewing machine. Singer Brilliance 6180, we consider it one of the noteworthy. But do we consider it perfect?? Of course not. Frankly speaking, in this price niche ideal computer machines are simply not to be found. The Brilliance 6180 has design flaws. Our attitude to Singer models is ambivalent, and to some treat with apprehension, however, we put this Singer machine in the TOP. Let’s take a closer look at why we decided so.

Singer Brilliance 6180

Top (price around 200). computer sewing machine Singer Brilliance 6180

about Singer Brilliance 6180 functionality:

Performs 80 types of sewing programs, 6 automatic buttonholes (including eyelets). Good display with clear information. Modest push-button controls. The machine layout has a vertical shuttle. Built-in needle threader that helps thread through the eye of the needle. Side thread trimmer. There is a 6-segment wide-band conveyor belt for quality fabric promotion. Motor power of 65 watts, which is decent for a computer machine.

Singer Brilliance 6180 has a good equipment, including an extension table for quilting and patchwork. It is worth noting that the machine for this price is built on a metal frame. But after looking at equipment of other brands, you can often come across the fact that their machines are frameless, or the construction of the device is rather flimsy.

But, of course, there are some disadvantages. For example, if Singer made a little thicker needle bar. Despite the motor with plenty of power, which is a plus, the work of the device itself is quite noisy, and many seamstresses may not like it.

In the price segment of 200 to 300 competitors are already enough, but we identified two worthy competitors. One of them is a novelty, a machine just “space” level. Necchi NC-102D, and the other. not a bad reputation machine Janome Quality Fashion 7900, in the market it is already about 4-5 years. And now tell a little more about each of them.

Janome Quality Fashion 7900

Top (the price from 200 to 300). computer sewing machine Janome Quality Fashion 7900

Learn more about the functionality of the Janome Quality Fashion 7900:

The machine carries 100 programs of sewing and 7 loops in automatic mode. This model has a good bevel on the left side of the work area, nothing interferes with threading, easy to work with small parts. The angled machine body is very well made. Great big display with all the information you need. Good push-button operation.

The machine is equipped with a horizontal hook, 7-segment fabric conveyor and a system of lowering the rack. We think that this machine has one of the most convenient needle threaders. put it in, lock it in place and then just lift it up. that’s it, it’s threaded. There are blades for thread trimmer, the button “Start / Stop” for sewing without a foot control, reverse sewing (reverse), point tack stitch, needle positioner, speed control. Decent long arm protrusion.

Another thing in favor of Janome Quality Fashion 7900 can be noted that it is very quiet sewing. Plus, it has all the settings, buttonhole balance and such, so you make your stitching beautiful on any fabric.

But it is not without its disadvantages, because this price segment also does not shine with machines which can be called ideal. For example, not as constructive frame as we would like. But, in principle, do you really need such a frame? Probably not, because the motor here is 35 watts, and such power is enough to sew 5-6 layers of denim, especially since there is a stabilizer fabric piercing force, which helps you sew some seals.

Necchi NC-102D

Top (price from 200 to 300). computer sewing machine Necchi NC-102D

Learn more about the functionality of the Necchi NC-102D:

Necchi NC-102D performs 200 sewing programs, including 100 stitches, 7 automatic buttonholes, 1 Russian font, numbers and other symbols are also available. The shape of this sewing machine is not bad. Of course, there is a start/stop button for sewing without a foot pedal, reverse, fine bartacking, needle positioning (extreme lower, extreme upper), foot pressure control on the fabric, very informative thread tension wheel, speed control.

Stitch control is easier than the Janome, as there are “up and down” keys to adjust the length and width, while the Janome has keys only in one direction. In addition, the Necchi NC-102D has a memory to store all kinds of combinations of characters. The machine has a horizontal shuttle and an all-metal free plate. Often competitors forget to put metal and use plastic. Fabric conveyor teeth in the unit are disabled for darning and embroidery. There is also a large reach of the sleeve. The NC-102D consumes 70 watts.

best, sewing, machine, kinds

Are there disadvantages with this sewing machine? Of course it does. But their number tends to a minimum. That’s why the Necchi NC-102D is in our top list.

In the price niche of 300 to 500, each manufacturer strives to show their brand products in the most favorable light, offering customers the best developments in sewing machinery of computer class, high reliability, stability of machines, their huge functionality and so on.

In this price segment, we opted for. Janome QDC 630, which can be called the “Sewing Apple” because this machine really has the highest reliability.

Janome QDC 630

Top (price from 300 to 500). computer sewing machine Janome QDC 630

Read more about the functionality of the Janome QDC 630:

We like the design, the good functionality and the equipment, which is above all praise. QDC 630 is considered one of the most technologically advanced in its class. Has a rich production arsenal. 400 sewing programs, including all work and decorative stitches, 12 loops in automatic mode and an impressive set of characters for embroidery. The newest horizontal shuttle. Tissue puncture force stabilization system and multi-segment, enhanced tissue advancement transporter. Built-in needle threader. Automatic thread trimmer. Enlarged needle plate with markings. Removable arm console. In general, we can say that in this computer sewing machine, everything is implemented perfectly!

Necchi NC-204 D

Top (the price from 300 to 500). computer sewing machine Necchi NC-204 D

Learn more about the functionality of the Necchi NC 204D:

The novelty Necchi NC 204D has also got a lot of praise. 400 sewing programs, 12 automatic buttonholes, 100 kinds of all kinds of symbols. Control by keys with a quick selection of the necessary operations. Sewing without a foot control, reverse, electronic tack, needle positioning, forced thread trimming, speed control. As in the model Janome Quality Fashion 7900, here is a convenient fixed threading machine. A horizontal hook.

This machine, in addition to what is in the Janome QDC 630, has an electronic buttonhole, which is performed in perfect quality. It has a big metal needle plate with a marking, soft lighting of the sewing area thanks to a diode with a lens, has a large outreach of the arm platform. A 46 watt motor that will have you stitching 7-8 layers of denim with ease.

Price niche of 500 and above. this is the elite premium segment models. Sewing machines in this segment, of course, are not so popular with customers because not everyone can afford such a machine. And here we give preference to a computer sewing machine from the German brand Pfaff, namely the new series Quilt Ambition. 610, 620 and 630. In this line of machines designed just on five and a plus, they have a great design, they sew absolutely everything and, in fact, flawlessly.

Pfaff Ambition 610

Top (the price from 500 and above). computer sewing machine Pfaff Ambition 610

best, sewing, machine, kinds

Pfaff Ambition 620

Top (the price from 500 and above). computer sewing machine Pfaff Ambition 620

Pfaff Ambition 630

Top (the price from 500 and above). computer sewing machine Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630

Read more about the functionality of the Pfaff Ambition 630:

The Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630 always has great stitch quality, ideal for quilting and patchwork. Performs. 382 sewing programs, 2 embroidery fonts, 7 loops in automatic mode. Concealed thread spool. Horizontal hook. Needle threader. Automatic thread trimmer. Needle positioner. Foot pressure adjustment on the fabric. Informative touch screen display. Sewing without a foot control. Upper IDT 7-segment fabric conveyor. Sewing speed adjustable up to 800 stitches per minute. Powerful motor.

And now to summarize

We advise you not to ponder over the choice of sewing machine of any class for the home, it is not necessary. Just decide for yourself, for what specific purposes, works you need such a technique, and get acquainted with the basic features of the equipment you are interested in. And we are convinced that the rating of sewing machines 2020-2021 given by us will help you avoid mistakes during the purchase of the device, and the advice of experienced sewing experts will help you to avoid a rash step when buying such equipment.

Rating of sewing machines

Quite recently, a quality sewing machine could be only a professional seamstress. Today, however, manufacturers offer a huge range of “home helpers”, equipped with many additional options. However, coming to the store, many beginners are lost from the variety of sewing equipment, so we recommend you first read the article How to choose a sewing machine. For those who have already read. We made a rating of the best sewing machines in our opinion.

Sewing machine for home is designed for domestic use. Among these distinguish:

    – budget equipment, offered in different functionality, which allows you to choose a model for both beginners and experienced seamstresses;

  • Electronic. functional devices for experienced seamstresses;. The equipment allows you to work at a professional level, respectively, a person must be fluent in sewing skills.

On the basis of what parameters choose a sewing machine?

First of all, it is worth remembering that there is no universal model that would suit every housewife. Be sure to take into account the level of your own skill in sewing things. If you are just beginning to learn this art, you should not buy a machine with too many functions and settings. it will only be a waste of money. Such a device is more suitable for an experienced seamstress.

You will have to pay attention to the cost of the device, since the price of sewing machines is in a fairly wide range. We have made a rating of the best sewing machines of the year tried to consider the model that have the best value for money and quality. Such devices are quite large and weigh a lot, so you should first think about where to store such a product. Of course, you can find a small-sized model on sale, but it will not have too much functionality.

When buying, it is necessary to know what kind of fabrics this device works with. Almost all machines designed for home use handle light materials well, but when working with knitwear or leather can cause serious problems. If the machine will have additional options such as buttonholes, it will make it more convenient to use.

Some machines are computerized, have a memory, where you can put certain programs for working with a particular material. An important point is the quality of performance of the rollers that feed the fabric into the work area. Multiple presser feet in a kit make it even easier to use. When developing our rating, we took into account feedback from users and experts, so we included only the most popular products. Let’s begin!

How to choose a sewing machine?

To buy the most suitable sewing machine, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing:

  • Type of control. Outdated mechanical designs are no longer purchased. Electromechanical, electronic, computer models are popular. The main advantage of the hands remain free, so it is comfortable to manage the sewing process. Machines with computer control belong to the expensive category. The buyer decides which one to choose.
  • A set of stitches. Budget models include 5 types of stitches straight, обметочное, countersunk, elastic and zigzag. Technique more expensive added to the 20 types of stitches. But they belong to the professional equipment. Optimal option for household needs from 5 to 10 types of stitches.
  • Type of hook. Comes in oscillating, horizontal and vertical. Good option vertical shuttle. It is characterized by reliability, easy tension adjustment.
  • Options. These can be buttonhole, sewing at several speeds, saving settings, start with a button, and so on. The more functions, the easier and faster the work process.

Choosing a sewing machine for beginners

Different machines differ in the set of functions and type of control. They can be mechanical, electromechanical or computerized.

The first type is rare. These are mostly old models made a long time ago. The mechanical actuator is a bottom pedal, which must be constantly pressed with the foot, or a knob, which must be twisted to make the device come into operation. These machines were used by our grandmothers. They are reliable, long-lasting, but not very convenient in operation. Especially if you have to sew a lot, a long time. Your leg gets tired, and the handle on the body takes up the right hand of the seamstress. Hold the fabric, turn the thing with the left hand. These mechanisms are discontinued in most factories. So there are two basic types in stores: electromechanical and computer.

Electromechanical version has an electric drive. The advantages of this type: low price, ease of operation, reliability. It does not require complex repairs, suitable for long continuous operation. Disadvantages: few features, can not work equally well with all types of fabrics.

Computer machine. a machine with a computer control unit. Suitable for professional sewing. Its advantages include high speed, automatic adjustment when changing modes, fabric, type of operation, ease of use, the same high quality stitching on all types of fabric, a large set of basic and additional options. But they also have their disadvantages. They mainly concern the high price, the high cost of repair and replacement parts.

Computerized models are difficult for beginners. You have a long time to study the device, its capabilities, features of settings, before you start working directly. Handle them very carefully: the computer unit is a delicate part, it easily overheats and fails. A lot of continuous sewing on such a machine is not possible. If you do sewing in large quantities, often, it is better to opt for electromechanics.

All sewing machines are divided into household and industrial machines. Their main difference: different capabilities in terms of the amount of work performed.

Household are not able to cope with the industrial quantity of produced items. If you run such a machine for a full working shift, it will overheat, it will break. Household appliances can not perform complex sewing operations, which can easily cope with the industrial one.

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A distinctive advantage of the household version is a large set of operations. It can do different types of stitching, hemming, edging, assembly, other types of work. This is not something an industrial machine can do. The main difference with these machines: the ability to do only one job. But perform it throughout the shift without overheating, without reducing the quality of the work. Its working life is more than a dozen years.

These types of equipment have different speed. Industrial machines perform the operation with an average speed of 5000 stitches per minute. Sewing novice just can not cope with such an installation, which will lead to injury.

They have different noise levels. Professional machine makes loud noises when working, at home it will be a nuisance.

Conclusion: for the novice seamstress is better to choose a domestic sewing machine. It is quieter, more convenient in operation, performs more operations. Professional equipment. the equipment of sewing factories, large ateliers.



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