Home Reviews Beats Powerbeats Pro review – The ultimate workout earbuds. Beats tour pro wireless

Beats Powerbeats Pro review – The ultimate workout earbuds. Beats tour pro wireless

Beats Powerbeats Pro review – The ultimate workout earbuds

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Here’s a one-sentence version of the Beats Powerbeats Pro review: definitely the best running headphones and/or workout buds you can buy. And, I happen to think, the best true wireless earbuds as well. If you need a longer endorsement, read on.

I’ve seen some other reviews nitpicking about supposed issues with these true wireless Powerbeats, but I suggest you ignore those, read my Powerbeats Pro review instead, and then buy a pair. We handed them a T3 Award in 2019, 2020 and 2021– and that’s how much we like Beats Powerbeats Pro.

The only things that would prevent Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats (to bestow their full and rather unwieldy title) from ruling the world are their cost and potential customers’ resistance to buds that sit right in the ear canal rather than just outside it. The omnipresent Apple Airpods are made by Beats’ parent company, so perhaps the earbud market will be divvied up between two brands that are really just one company.

Anyway, in terms of sound quality and noise blocking, Powerbeats Pro absolutely wipe the floor with their old Apple cousin and aside from the larger size and lack of noise cancelling I think they’re still a better bet than the Apple Airpods Pro, too.

Beats Powerbeats Pro review: Design

At a glance, these might look quite like previous Powerbeats. But where they tended to shift around in my ears, and didn’t interact at all well with spectacles, Powerbeats Pro seem almost literally unshakeable, and the over-ear hooks sit happily next to glasses or sunglasses.

The buds are unique in that they push upwards and into the inner ear, while the hooks support them from above. Some people might find this invasive but anyone who’s used to in-ear buds will find them comfortable and secure. The only slight downside to this method of fit is that you can’t just slide or ‘screw’ them in as you do with most such buds. After a week of use, I still haven’t found an elegant way of inserting them and getting the hooks over my ears, but that hasn’t put me off.

Another handy little feature of the Powerbeats Pro is that there are music/call controls and volume controls on both buds. For normal use, that might not be a huge boon but during workouts it’s fantastic. No need to remember which bud to reach for to turn the music up, or skip your playlist’s token ballad.

This ambidextrous approach continues with the pairing of these true wireless buds. Put in one bud and press play or talk to Siri, or take a call and it’ll work. Replace it with the other and that’ll work. Put in both and they’ll pair like that and deliver stereo (or dual mono if we’re talking calls and Siri) audio.

The Powerbeats Pro are obviously larger than most true wireless buds due to the hooks. And the need to fit in those hooks mean that the battery case is also larger than most true wireless rivals, and positively gargantuan compared to Airpods. However, the longevity that you gain as a result more than compensates. Beats claims 9 hours per charge, and 24 hours in total, by charging in the carry case, and that’s what it delivers, I’ve found. You can also charge it for just 15 minutes and get hours and hours of extra play. It almost removes battery life as an issue, which is remarkable when you consider how limited most true wireless buds have been in that respect, up to now.

Aesthetically, Powerbeats Pro work. The colours are attractive, they don’t protrude, the branding is fairly subtle. They’re on point.

Beats Powerbeats Pro: Workout performance

The noise-excluding, unmovable yet comfortable fit is handy when listening to music anywhere but it really comes into its own in Powerbeats’ natural environments, which are the gym, the road, and the running track. Although not the pool or open water – these are water and sweat resistant but not intended for liquid immersion or swimming.

As far as I can make out, nothing will shake the Powerbeats Pro. This promo video, where you see various elite athletes whirling around, while the buds stay perfectly in place, probably wasn’t done with (a lot of) trickery.

I’ve tried elliptical trainers, treadmills, running up hills, cycling on London’s pothole- and speed bump-strewn roads, bodyweight stuff, including whilst sweating like a bastard, and nothing has loosened the Powerbeats‘ grip. Unlike even the very best other running/workout buds I’ve tried, you can almost forget you’re wearing Beats’ buds, no matter how tough the exertion.

They’re also clearly very sweat resistant, don’t get mucky and are easy to wipe clean, anyway. They are quite simply the best running and gym headphones. If I’m nitpicking – which seems reasonable given the price – there is a tiny bit of boom at times when running hard, as your feet hit the ground. But all buds do that, and Powerbeats Pro much less than most.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro: Sound quality

Given the amount of time Beats has taken since the last incarnation of Powerbeats, you might have expected them to hone the security of fit for workout use. What might surprise you is how much they have improved the sound quality.

Prior to the Apple takeover, a lot of Beats headphones, for all their sales success, sounded remarkably mediocre. That changed with 2017’s noise-cancelling Studio3 Wireless, which are easily a match for the likes of Bose’s QuietComfort 35, and the audio improvement continues with the Powerbeats Pro.

In fact, the combination of the way they fit – blocking out a lot of external noise, and preventing variations in sound quality caused by buds shifting in your ear – and the driver technology used, mean Powerbeats Pro sound as good in all conditions as any in-ear headphones of this price that I’ve tried.

Here’s an interesting thing. My current absolute favourite in-ear buds are the £400 Flare Pro 2HD. They are a premium product produced by a tiny UK brand run by music lovers, and they employ a ‘piston’ driver that makes them capable of incredibly exciting sound. Well, guess what? These ‘gym buds’ use essentially the same type of driver. No, they don’t hit the heights of the Flare buds indoors in a quiet environment, but Powerbeats are by no means disgraced by the comparison… and in many outdoor environments, the Beats can actually end up sounding better due to the better, more noise-blocking fit. During exercise, there’s no comparison, as Flare’s buds are just not built for that.

Beats by Dre headphones used to be notorious for over-reliance on bass to the exclusion of everything else. Powerbeats Pro certainly doesn’t lack a bottom end, but there is so much more going on here. They sound massive and epic with rock, hip-hop, pop and electronic music – classic ‘workout angry’ music – but there is enough subtlety to carry off jazz, classical and acoustic sounds. Beats had Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue on its playlist at the launch briefing. That would have been unbelievably stupid on most previous products of theirs but despite their name, Powerbeats stock in trade isn’t only pure power.

But they can kick ass, that’s for sure.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro: Verdict

Okay, I’ll get one minor caveat out of the way first. For voice calls, Siri use and the kind of all-day wearability that a lot of people today look for from buds, Powerbeats Pro are good… However, their deep fit means they can’t be used in the same way as Airpods (and the various AirPod imitators and rip-offs). You aren’t left with much situational awareness with two Powerbeats Pro inserted, although you can opt to just use one at a time which does improve that.

For video, there’s nothing better. Minimal latency, great sound.

For gym, sports and running use, if you have the money, buy Beats Powerbeats Pro. There is nothing to touch them. Once you’ve used true wireless when exercising, it’s ever so hard to go back to even the most minimally wired buds, and Powerbeats Pro are by far the best workout-friendly true wireless buds. The way they fit means they cannot fall out and get lost. They won’t move as you workout. They sound suitably inspirational. Fantastic.

That’s not the end of it, though. If you want true wireless buds for pure audio quality, there’s also almost nothing to match this, and that is a pretty amazing outcome. Maybe Sony’s or BO’s totally wireless buds are in roughly the same ballpark sonically, but both of those have irksome connectivity issues, worse controls, worse fit and way shorter battery life.

Seriously, Beats has knocked it out of the damn park with this one.

Beats Studio Buds vs Beats Fit Pro: Which Beats buds are best?

We put the latest Beats buds to the test in multiple categories.

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

Credit: Reviewed

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases made through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

Since Apple took over the Beats by Dre empire, Beats’ popular earbuds lineup has undergone some serious changes. The latest models, the Beats Studio Buds and Beats Fit Pro, have shed the famous hook shape of the Powerbeats era for more traditional—and yet wholly original—earbud designs.

In the process, Apple has toned down the bass-heavy Beats sound, integrated its brilliantly simple iOS functionality for seamless use with iPhones and other Apple devices, and added modern features like noise cancellation. All this makes these latest Beats models the brand’s best yet. But there are some major differences between these two pairs. Below we compare the Beats Studio Buds and Beats Fit Pro in multiple categories so you can get everything you need—and nothing you don’t.


beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Studio Buds are quite affordable, especially on sale.

This is the most obvious reason to get the Beats Studio Buds over the Fit Pro. With a 150 MSRP, the Studio Buds are a great mid-range option, saving you money while still offering plenty of reasons to grab them. In fact, when they launched ahead of the new Airpods 3 summer of 2021, I dubbed them the Airpods Apple fans had been waiting for (and that’s probably still the case).

While there are plenty of reasons to get the Beats Fit Pro, their 200 launch price is a significant enough upcharge to give the rest of these categories a slant.

Design and fit

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Studio Buds offer a unique, switch-shaped design.

Pricing may be the only easy win for the Studio Buds, but it’s not for a lack of some great design and features for your money. While they don’t offer the most secure fit—they’re not the best for workouts, especially if your ears get sweaty—their unique design is an exercise in slick minimalism.

The buds are shaped into little switches at the end, which makes them incredibly easy to put in and take out of both your ears and in their included charging case. The buttons on the ends are also incredibly easy to accidentally tap, which means I’ve prematurely ended more than a couple of phone calls. Still, they’re so simple and easy to use, I find myself reaching for them often, whether it’s taking a call or grabbing a single bud for a podcast while I walk the dog.

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro provide a comfortable and stable fit for any activity.

The Beats Fit Pro fit is among the best in their class thanks to their own unique design that incorporates a small fin and an easily accessible control key at the exterior. Alongside multiple ear tip choices, the Beats Fit Pro are equally as comfortable and stable for your workday as your workout. I mean, they’re called the “Fit” for a reason.

Still, there’s just something about the Studio Buds. I can’t get over how fun and easy it is to use them, even though they’re admittedly not as versatile or as stable in my ears as the Fit Pro. Surprising even myself, this one is too close to call.

Our pick: Draw

Features and controls

Each of the latest Beats buds have drawn a deep bucket from the Apple well, incorporating a ton of features from the Apple ecosystem to make them exceedingly easy to use with Apple devices. And, unlike Apple branded products, each also comes with a separate Beats app for Android phones, making them much more suitable for those prone to bounce between mobile clans. There are some major differences, though, which could be one of the biggest factors in choosing the pricier buds.

I’ll start with the similarities:

  • Fast charging: 5 minutes of charging for an hour of playback
  • Ambient sound modes: Adaptive ANC (active noise cancellation), Transparency Mode
  • Audio codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Apple features: Hands-free Siri, Find My earbuds tracker, one-touch pairing for iPhone and Android devices, Audio Sharing

It’s a good start, and each pair of earbuds makes its bones on simplicity first and foremost. But the Beats Fit Pro take a harder turn toward Apple Valhalla thanks in large part to the Apple H1 chip. This allows for Automatic Switching between Apple devices, as well as Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking. The latter features may become increasingly attractive as more music and visual media creators begin to utilize “3D sound” mixes to immerse you in your content.

As for controls, each pair offers a single-button, mirrored control system on either side of your ears. Both sets allow you to play/pause, skip forward and backward, and control calls with a series of taps, while a long press cycles through active noise canceling, ambient audio, and regular sound (or alternatively calls up voice assistants for Android users).

But the Beats Fit Pro also allow you to customize what holding the buttons does, whether that means jumping between ANC/transparency mode or controlling volume, a first from Apple.

Battery life

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The pill-shaped case is easy to. though I wish it had a bit more battery.

Noise canceling often taxes earbuds battery life, and that’s the case for each of these buds. With ANC engaged, the Beats Studio Buds battery gets you five total hours per charge, while the Beats Fit Pro can get up to six. Neither of these playback times are what we’d call “next-gen” battery, but the Fit Pro’s six hours outdoes the Airpods Pro and a few other options like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro.

Interestingly, the Beats Studio use less juice than their sibling without noise cancellation, pulling right around eight hours max under optimal conditions to the Beats Fit Pro’s seven hours. However, the Fit Pro can get you up to 27 hours of battery life with additional charges from the case, while the Studio top out at 24 hours total, and only offer 15 hours of total juice with noise canceling.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike a lot of modern true wireless earbuds, neither Beats pair offers a wireless charging case.

Audio performance and noise canceling

The Beats Studio do a solid job with sound quality and noise canceling, especially considering that active noise canceling at their price class is still not a given. We noted in testing that their dynamic noise cancellation comes in handy when revving up sounds like a noisy leaf blower.

The sound signature is clear and relatively detailed, especially good for acoustic music. Their upper register can sometimes be a bit thin and I wish they had a bit more upper bass response as well, which isn’t something I’d expect to say about Beats earbuds, but this is definitely the new class.

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro offer some of the most competitive audio performance and noise canceling at their price point.

The Beats Fit Pro step above the Studio Buds with noise cancellation that’s as good or better than what you’ll get from Apple’s Airpods Pro and plenty of other flagship pairs. They also offer richer, more detailed sound than the Studio Buds, as well as extras like Spatial Audio for more immersive sound from supported content. They top things off with excellent call quality, standing close to what you’ll get from, you guessed it, the Airpods Pro.

And the winner is …

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro are our current favorites of all Apple earbuds, Beats or otherwise.

From a pure performance and features standpoint, the Beats Fit Pro are the obvious choice. In fact, they’re so good that we now recommend them as the best buds for iPhone users, even beating out the indomitable Airpods Pro.

That said, the Beats Studio Buds are an excellent value—especially on sale—giving you a solid spread of features you’ll find in flagship buds at a much lower price. If you’re looking to save money and aren’t necessarily hung up on top-tier features and performance, the Beats Studio are seriously enticing.

The main caveat there is if you’re looking for workout buds, we’d point you to the more secure fit of the Fit Pro. Either way, both models stand as our favorites from the brand to date, making each pair a great deal in its own right.

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  • beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds


beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds


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were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

En Ucuz Beats Tour Pro Wireless Kablosuz Kulaklık Fiyatları

En Popüler Beats Bluetooth Kulaklıklar

  • Beats Fit Pro MK2G3EE/A TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık Beyaz En Ucuz 5.599,00 TL 7 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio Buds TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 2.746,60 TL 65 FİYAT
  • Beats Flex Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 1.990,00 TL 7 FİYAT
  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless Kulak Üstü Kulaklık En Ucuz 4.999,00 TL 2 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio Buds TWS Beyaz Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 2.800,00 TL 16 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio Buds TWS Kırmızı Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 3.138,00 TL 15 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio Buds TWS Siyah Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 2.849,05 TL 21 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio 3 MX3X2EE/A ANC Kulak Üstü Bluetooth Kulaklık Mat Siyah En Ucuz 7.499,00 TL 7 FİYAT
  • Beats Flex Kulak İçi Siyah MYMC2EE/A Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 2.249,00 TL 2 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio 3 ANC Kulak Üstü Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 7.499,00 TL 18 FİYAT
  • Beats Tour Pro Wireless Kablosuz Kulaklık En Ucuz 725,70 TL 3 FİYAT
  • Beats Fit Pro TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 4.699,00 TL 37 FİYAT

Benzer Ürünler

  • JBL Wave 300TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 1.221,06 TL 61 FİYAT
  • JBL Wave 100TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 699,00 TL 102 FİYAT
  • Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X RZ12-03830100-R3G1 Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 899,00 TL 16 FİYAT
  • JBL Live Pro Plus TWS Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 1.599,00 TL 26 FİYAT
  • JBL Tune 230NC TWS ANC Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 2.199,00 TL 20 FİYAT
  • Razer Hammerhead True Wireless RZ12-03820100 Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 1.250,00 TL 20 FİYAT
  • Beats Studio Buds TWS Gri Kulak İçi Bluetooth Kulaklık En Ucuz 4.199,00 TL 1 FİYAT

Beats Tour Pro Wireless Kablosuz Kulaklık Yorumları

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  • iPhone 13 128 GB En Ucuz 32.498,99 TL 146 FİYAT
  • iPhone 11 64 GB Aksesuarsız Kutu En Ucuz 19.299,00 TL 170 FİYAT
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB En Ucuz 48.000,00 TL 79 FİYAT
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB En Ucuz 56.773,37 TL 65 FİYAT
  • iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB En Ucuz 49.999,00 TL 87 FİYAT
  • iPhone 11 128 GB Aksesuarsız Kutu En Ucuz 18.399,00 TL 139 FİYAT
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 128 GB En Ucuz 17.436,00 TL 151 FİYAT
  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm Akıllı Saat En Ucuz 9.008,60 TL 68 FİYAT
  • Xiaomi 20000 mAh Powerbank En Ucuz 339,00 TL 42 FİYAT
  • Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro 46mm Titanium Gri Akıllı Saat En Ucuz 5.598,99 TL 6 FİYAT
  • Philips DLP1710 10000 mAh 2 USB Çıkışlı Powerbank En Ucuz 252,00 TL 103 FİYAT
  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm Gümüş Rengi Alüminyum Kasa ve Spor Kordon Akıllı Saat En Ucuz 11.639,00 TL 17 FİYAT
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Best Beats headphones in 2023: Here are the top models we tested

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

Beats has evolved into an audio lifestyle brand powered by the genius of music industry legends Andre “Dr Dre” Young and Jimmy Iovine alongside current parent company Apple. The last few years have seen some interesting changes for the electronics giant, especially when it comes to the kinds of Beats audio products you can currently buy.

Leaning more into headphones and earbuds lately, Beats has continued to stand out by delivering flashier, more bass-heavy alternatives to Apple’s own audio devices while also offering compelling fitness-focused products. We’ve tested nearly all of Beats’ recent headphones and earbuds, and have picked out the best the brand has to offer.

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

There’s a reason we call the Beats Solo 3 our best overall on-ear headphones. With audio performance and battery life that rivals significantly more expensive devices, the Solo 3 also look fashionable in three different colorways.

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

Our best wireless earbuds pick for Apple users, the Beats Fit Pro are a more compact version of the Powerbeats Pro with all of the smarts of the Airpods Pro (including active noise cancellation and spatial audio).

Best Beats headphones: Beats Solo 3

199.99 114.95 at Amazon; 199.99 at Apple

The Beats Solo 3 hasn’t seen a proper refresh since 2016, but still remains our best on-ear headphones pick for good reason. It offers competitive audio quality, a thoughtful design that blends sleekness with useful functionalities and better than average battery life.

From quick pairing to the initiative controls on the left headphone cup, utilizing the Beats Solo 3 is a simple and intuitive experience. Once we got them set up, we found music to sound as good as headphones that are significantly more expensive. Most notably, extremely bass heavy music such as contemporary pop, EDM and hip-hop really showcase how far the Beats Solo 3 can be pushed. They also do a great job with more musically nuanced genres like rock and jazz by offering clarity for multi-instrumental tracks. Beyond music, the Beats Solo 3 provides exceptional call quality thanks to their beamforming microphones.

With 40 hours of playback, the Beats Solo 3 has some of the best battery life in its class. The small LEDs on the headphones do a great job of informing you how much battery life is available, as does the Beats app for either iOS or Android. If your Beats do run out of battery life, there’s a quick charge ability that gives three hours of juice from a five-minute charge.

Between outstanding audio quality, great battery life and head-turning looks, it’s not surprising that the Beats Solo 3 has been able to stand on its own without yearly refreshes.

Best Beats earbuds: Beats Fit Pro

199.99 159.95 at Amazon, Apple

beats, powerbeats, review, ultimate, workout, earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro maintains the classic Beats style while packing a feature set that’s more in line with Apple’s Airpods Pro. At 199, these earbuds’ audio quality battery life and comfort make them our pick for the best Apple earbuds, but having Spatial Audio capabilities alongside active noise cancellation is the proverbial icing on the cake.

The Beats Fit Pro are great for gym rats looking for something a bit more discreet than the Powerbeats Pro. Available in four colors, they feature a wingtip design that we found to be comfortable and secure for hours on end, complete with IPX4 water protection that’s ideal for those who frequently break a sweat.

The Beats Fit Pro’s strong audio quality is enhanced by the same Adaptive EQ feature found on the Airpods Pro, which equalizes music in real time to make sure you’re always getting a good mix. To help preserve battery life alongside sound quality, Adaptive EQ kicks in whenever ANC and Transparency are turned off. When turned on, we found that songs sounded louder and brighter. However, when ANC is turned on, we felt it suppressed outside noise just as well as the Airpods Pro.

The Beats Fit Pro lasted us nearly seven hours on a charge with ANC on, which is among the best battery life we’ve gotten from any Apple earbuds. They also charge up quickly, with Fast Fuel charging that gives you up to 1 hour of playback through a 5-minute charge via USB-C. Pairing is seamless with iOS devices thanks to the Apple H1 chip inside, but you still get access to most of the Fit Pro’s key features (including ANC and Transparency) on Android.

What you need to know about Beats headphones

Beats headphones and earbuds come in a wide range when it comes to pricing, from the 69.99 Beats Flex to the 349.95 Beats Studio 3 Wireless. All of them offer Beats’ signature aesthetic in multiple colors, and we’ve found them to deliver respectable audio quality at every price range.

Though Beats headphones are primarily built for those in the Apple ecosystem, they’re great for Android devices as well. For Apple devices, Beats headphones pair as instantly as Airpods, and feature the same Smart features like ‘Hey Siri’ support for instant voice control and Find My capabilities for tracking your lost headphones. Some models, like the Beats Fit Pro and Beats Studio 3, support Apple’s Spatial Audio standard. But regardless of your smartphone of choice, you can adjust audio settings, toggle features like active noise cancellation, monitor battery life and get firmware updates via the Beats app for both iOS and Android.

The app even supports older discontinued Beats devices like the popular Pill speakers, with the ability to link more than one for an amplified audio experience. Apple users should know that all Beats headphones support the AirPlay feature which allows users to share music from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to anyone wearing a pair of Beats.

Cautious consumers will be happy to know that all Beats audio devices come with a one year warranty alongside eligibility for AppleCare coverage.

Other Beats headphones to consider

249.95 199.95 at Apple, Amazon

For those always on the move, the PowerBeats Pro strike the right balance between comfort and a secure fit via their unique ear hooks. Available in four colors, the sweat resistant earbuds provided us with nine hours of playback with a total 24 hours with the charging case. Through fast fuel charging, a five minute charge can provide up to 1.5 hours of playback. The PowerBeats Pro have been dethroned by the Beats Fit Pro as our top workout pick thanks to the latter’s more compact design and better feature set, but they’re still worth considering for those who want the added security of an ear hook design.

From 119.99 at Amazon; 149.99 at Apple

Those who want affordable noise cancellation technology in a smaller earbuds package can look toward the Beats Studio Buds. There’s even a transparency mode for those who want to hear outside audio, like on the Beats Fit Pro and Airpods Pro. The Studio Buds stand out amongst the Beats family with their ability to fast-pair to both Apple and Android devices, and we found their sound quality to be strong overall. These earbuds got us more than eight hours of continuous listening time, and feature Fast Fuel charging to get you back up and running quickly. If style is a concern, know that the Studio Buds come in a wide range of colors that includes red, white, black and the more recently released Ocean Blue, Sunset Pink and Moon Gray.

69.99 at Apple

The most affordable audio device in the Beats lineup, there’s a lot to appreciate about the Beats Flex. Available in four color options, they feature magnetic earbuds that lock together like a necklace and will even pause or play music depending on if they’re in your ear or not. Beyond the unique design, the Beats Flex have an estimated 12 hours of battery life, Fast Fuel charging and the same fast-pairing and Find My benefits of other Apple earbuds.

349.95 208 at Amazon

As the most expensive audio device within the Beats lineup, the Beats Studio 3 Wireless are some of the best headphones we’ve tested in terms of sheer sound quality. This is thanks in part to their real-time audio calibration tech, as well as noise cancellation for general music listening and call quality. The Beats Studio 3 has an estimated 40 hours of battery life, which is largely in line with our own testing. However, we didn’t find them to be quite as comfortable as top rivals from the likes of Sony and Bose.

Note: The above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.



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