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Baxi gas boiler how to disable heating

Instructions for the boiler gas wall Baxi Luna3 Comfort 240 FI

We are convinced that the product you have purchased will meet all your requirements.

The purchase of one of the Baxi products meets your expectations: good work, simplicity and ease of use.

Save this guide, and use it in case of any problem. In this manual you will find useful information that will help you properly and effectively use your product.

Packaging elements (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.D.) must be protected from children, t.to. They are a potential source of danger.

Although we prepared this leadership with great care, there may be some inaccuracies in it. If you notice them, we ask you to inform you about them so that in the future we can correct these inaccuracies.

  • Preparation for installation 44
  • Preparation for the first launch 44
  • Starting boiler 45
  • Special functions 50
  • Filling the system 52
  • Turning off the boiler 52
  • Translation of a boiler to another type of gas 52
  • Shutdown for a long period. Freezing protection 53
  • Safety system: indicators and operation 53
  • Care instructions 54
  • General information 55
  • Checks before installing the boiler 55
  • Installation of the boiler 56
  • The dimensions of the boiler 56
  • Installation of the chimney and duct 57
  • Power supply connection 61
  • Installation of the remote control panel 62
  • Translation of a boiler to another type of gas and pressure settings 63
  • The output of the electronic board parameters to the boiler display (info function) 65
  • Installation of parameters 67
  • Regulation devices and safety devices 68
  • The location of the ignition electrode and the electrode-sensor of the flame 69
  • Outgoing gases control 69
  • Characteristics consumption/pressure 69
  • Appending the street temperature sensor 70
  • Joining an external boiler and a three.way valve engine 71
  • Electric connection of zonal equipment 73
  • Cleaning of lime plaque in the circuit DOS 74
  • Dismantling of the secondary heat exchanger 74
  • Cold water filter cleaning 74
  • Annual maintenance 74
  • Functional schemes 75-78
  • Electric connection schemes 79-82
  • Technical data 83

Baxi company (Baxi S.P.A. ) is one of the European leaders in the production of heating boilers and high.tech heating systems. The company has certificates of the international quality system and organization of CSQ production in the field of environmental protection (ISO 14001); Product quality control (ISO 9001) and security (OHSAS 18001). This confirms the strategic orientation of the company Baxi to care for the health and safety of their own employees, the trust of users to the produced product and environmental protection.

The company is constantly engaged in improving all of the above aspects to satisfy the wishes of its customers

The boiler is designed to heat water no higher than the boiling point at atmospheric pressure. It is connected to the heating system and to the hot water preparation system in accordance with its characteristics and power.

The boiler should be installed by a qualified specialist. Before installing the boiler, you need:

a) check that the boiler is configured to work with this type of gas. This information is shown on the packaging and on the factory plate (nameplate) of the boiler.

b) make sure that there is sufficient thrust in the chimney, there are no narrowing, and there is no receipt of extraneous combustion products, with the exception of cases when the chimney is specially designed to maintain several devices.

c) when joining the chimney pipe to an existing chimney, check that the chimney is completely cleaned, t.to. When the boiler was working, particles of soot can break away from the walls of the chimney and close the yield of combustion products, thereby creating a dangerous situation.

d) In addition, in order to maintain the guarantee on the device and to maintain its correct functioning, the following precautions must be applied:

DOB contour:

  • If the stiffness of the water is higher than the value of 20º F (where 1º F = 10 mg of saso3 per 1 liter of water) should be installed a polyphosphate dispenser or a similar system for softening water (magnetic, electromagnetic converter);
  • Rinse the equipment thoroughly after installing it and before starting operation;
  • For reliable operation and ease of maintenance, it is strongly recommended to install a locking valve with a filter on the input pipe of cold water supply.

one.4. The materials used in the hot water supply circuit correspond to the directive of 98/83 of the European Union.

Heating circuit

Before installing the boiler, heating equipment must be pre.cleaned to remove possible deposits or pollution, using substances available in free sale. Substances used to clean the equipment should not contain concentrated acid or alkali, which can corrode metal and damage parts of plastic and rubber equipment (for example, Sentinel X300 or X400 and Fernox Rigenerator for heating equipment). When using cleansing substances, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the instructions for their use.

Operated equipment:

Before installing the boiler, heating equipment must be previously cleaned of dirt and deposits using substances available in free sale (see.point 2.one)

To protect the equipment from scale, it is necessary to use itching substances, such as Sentinel X100 and Fernox Protettivo for heating equipment. When using these substances, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the instructions for their application.

We remind you that the presence of deposits in thermal equipment leads to problems in the operation of the boiler (overheating, noise of the burner, etc.P.)

With non.compliance with these recommendations, the device is removed from warranty service.

The first launch of the boiler should be made by a qualified specialist. You need to make sure the following:

a) the parameters of the boiler in power, water and gas correspond to the available systems of electro-, water, and gas supply.

How often it should turn on?

The incidence of the boiler depends on several factors:

With excessive power, the installation quickly heats up and turns off. The circulation pump provides the receipt of new portions of the cooled coolant, the temperature sensor works and starts the boiler again.

Power can be lowered by software. It is also necessary to reconfigure the boiler, in particular, increase the F11 parameter (waiting time for re.starting) to the maximum, which is 10 minutes.

The use of the thermostat allows you to significantly increase the time between the start of the unit, since the air cools and heats up much more slowly.


Do not use and/or fold easily igniting materials (solvents, paper, and t. D.) next to the boiler.

Before performing any operations, turn off the boiler power supply.

The equipment is not intended for use by people whose physical and mental abilities are limited, or by people with insufficient experience or knowledge, with the exception of cases when they are assisted from other persons responsible for their safety and instructing equipment to use equipment.

Ru manual for user.

Regulation of room temperature and hot sanitary water temperature

By clicking this button, you can set the following operating modes of the boiler:

Summer on the display appears a symbol (

). The boiler only works for cooking hot

water (the function “protection against freezing” remains active).

When the boiler is working in winter mode, characters appear on the display (

). The boiler works both for heating and on

preparation of hot water (the function “protection against freezing” is active).

When the boiler is working in mode, only heating on the display appears a symbol (

heating (the function “protection against freezing” is active).

baxi, boiler, disable, heating

In the mode, both characters are absent on the display (

). The boiler does not work, it remains only active

Description of the button (summer. winter. only heating. off)

The equipment should be equipped with an indoor thermostat to control the temperature in the room.

buttons /- (see. Rice 1).The presence of flame on the burner is shown on the display of the symbol control panel. as described in chapter 3.one.

During the boiler operation on the heating system on the display (rice.1) a flashing symbol appears (

During the operation of the boiler on the DIS system on the display (rice.1) a flashing symbol appears (

Start of the boiler

Luna 3 User Guide

Warranty obligations are carried out by the organization that carried out the first launch of the boiler. This organization must have a license established by law. The beginning of the warranty period occurs from the moment of the first launch. To carry out the first launch and subsequent service of the boiler, we recommend that you contact the authorized service centers Baxi (“Bax”). Ask the addresses and phone numbers of service centers in the trading organization. Knowing the local conditions, parameters of electro-, gas, and water supply, the service organization has the right to require the installation of additional equipment (voltage stabilizer, water softener, etc.D.) For the correct ignition of the burner, you need:

a removable digital panel for at least 2 seconds to set the operating mode of the boiler

Attention: when setting the mode of operation, summer (

) the boiler only works for the production of hot

set the necessary temperature values ​​in heating and DHW systems, acting with buttons /- (see. Section 4).

If the device of remote control (option) is connected to the device, with it you can also

start the boiler (see. instructions attached to the device).

Repair of Baxi boilers (baxi) with your own hands: the main causes of breakdowns

Baxi (Baxi) is a line of gas boilers from an Italian manufacturer. The best option for maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room. The gas boilers of this company are safe, environmentally friendly, durable, almost silent, strong and economical, have high performance and are quite easy to operate, in addition, they differ in an affordable price. Even if a decrease in gas pressure is noted on the network, the boiler will not stop its work. Baxi boilers work on liquefied natural gas. Modern design allows you to organically place the boiler in the interior of any room.

In order to choose the right spare parts for the boiler after the revealed breakdown, you need to know its series and model. The most common: Baxi Luna (Comfort, Comfort Combi, Silver Space), Eco, Nula (come with a stainless steel boiler), Slim, Main.

The volume of boilers from supercompact to 80 liters. They can be installed on the floor or attached to the wall. Structurally boilers are divided into: single.circuit and double.circuit.

Operating principle

Baxi boilers are made of metal. Outside it is covered with a layer of thermal insulation.A copper heat exchanger is placed above the combustion chamber, and the burner is located under the combustion chamber.

When the air temperature changes in the room, the thermostat is automatically launched, transmitting the inclusion signal to the pump that creates a vacuum in the reverse pipeline. At the same time, the heated water begins to flow into the supply fishing line for the trimmer of the heating system under a pressure of not more than 0.45 bar (in case of pressure increased, the microprocessor gives a signal on the relay, the contacts are closed, and the burner is ignited). The work of the boiler begins with low power, which gradually increases until the temperature of the coolant reaches the given temperature. After that, the heating mode changes to the modulation mode. As soon as the temperature of the coolant deviates from the given value to the decrease, the signal comes from the thermal attempt, the intake fuel valve opens, the burner is again filled and heats with the water.

In the event that at the beginning of the boiler, the power of the boiler is too high, the burner is automatically turned off and the re.start of the system is possible only after three minutes.

When there is no need for heating, the boiler is included in the DIS mode. In this case, cold water through a three.way valve overlapping the heating fishing line for a trimmer enters the secondary circuit. From the gas valve, the fuel is put into the burner, gradually increasing power. When the water heats up, the regime of regulation of its temperature is turned on.

Possible breakdowns of Baxi boilers

Repair work in the Baxi boilers should be done with your own hands only with visible and leaky causes of breakdown. In the absence of experience in handling units or if special tools have no special tools, it is better to entrust the repairs of the boiler to the competent master.

  • – the boiler burner does not turn on or the burner of the boiler;
  • – the ignition becomes impossible;
  • – Clappes are heard in the furnace chamber;
  • – the boiler overheats;
  • – the maximum heating temperature of the coolant becomes insufficient;
  • – the work of the boiler becomes noisy;
  • – one of the sensors or elements of the system fails.
  • – moisture fell into the boiler;
  • – water (coolant) of low quality;
  • – there was a difference or decrease in gas pressure in the gas pipeline;
  • – There was a voltage difference of the mains;
  • – the heating system was mounted incorrectly.

DIY BAXI boilers repair. video

It is possible that when installing the phase and zero are connected incorrectly or the air has accumulated in the system.

The flame of the burner does not reach the maximum power

The fault of the malfunction can be incorrect pressure adjustment in the heating system, a malfunction of the gas valve modulator or breakdown of the diode bridge.

Elimination method: configure the system parameters using the boiler operation instructions.

The boiler starts and immediately stops working

The cause is low gas pressure in the gas pipeline.

Method of elimination: the value of the incoming gas pressure should reduce to five MBAR (standard. twenty.five MBAR).

Weak heating of the coolant in the heating system

Method of elimination: We check the value of the pressure on the gas valve, most likely, the Min and Max failure occurred.

Mandatory change of fees, as well as valve.

Setting a BAXi Luna 3 Boiler to Low Temperature Mode

The values ​​of temperature sensors become inaccurate

To eliminate the problem will help replace the sensor with a new.

Weak heating in the hot water supply system

The reason for this is incomplete opening a three.way valve or in its breakdown. To confirm the valve malfunction, let the system cool, block the locking valves of the heating system, then turn on the boiler in hot water supply mode. If the valve is faulty, then simultaneously with the DHW, heating will occur in the heating system.

Such noise appears due to: insufficient gas burning (minimum pressure adjustment is required); changes in the distance from the gas supply to the carrier during the inaccurate transportation of the Baxi boiler (the size of the gap should be adjusted by installing it by 4-5 mm); Excessive traction (using the damper to reduce traction in the boiler).

How to adjust the gap between the burner and the fan

Open the front panel and completely remove it from the boiler. Remove the damper from the observation hole. Behind it is a smell. To change the size of the clearance, it is necessary to unscrew the screw on which the electrode of the fabric is attached, then remove and carefully bend the electrode. Then we install it in place and close the hole in the hole.

BAXI gas boiler service menu commands

In the lines of the service menu, you can change some settings for the parameters of the operating mode of the gas boiler Baxi.

Baxi Main Four | Baxi Eco Four | Baxi Four Tech:

Line F06. setting the maximum temperature (° C) of the heating system: 00 = 76 ° C (shutdown of the burner at 80 ° C); 01 = 45 ° C. Factory Settings = 00.

Line F08-maximum useful power of the heating system (0-100%): 80-natural gas; 100. liquefied gas. Factory Settings = 80.

Line F09-maximum useful power of the DHW system (0-100%): 80-natural gas; 100. liquefied gas. Factory Settings = 80.

Line F10-minimum useful power of the heating system (0-100%): 20-natural gas; 00. liquefied gas. Factory Settings = 20.

Line F11-waiting time for the burner between two inclusions (01-10 min): 00 = 10 seconds. Factory setting = 03.

Line F14. a test to check the correct position of the hot water sensor: 00. off; 01. always inclusive. Factory setting = 01.

Line F16-minimum useful power of the DHW system (0-100%): 20-natural gas; 00. liquefied gas. Factory Settings = 20.

Baxi Main 5:

Line F06. installation of the maximum water temperature at the supply in the heating circuit (° C) 000 = 76 ° C (shutdown of the burner at 81 ° C) 001 = 45 ° C (shutdown of the burner at 50 ° C). Factory setting = 000.

Line F08. Max. Power in heating mode (0-100%). Factory setting for the boiler model 24f = 055; for the model 18f = 100; for model 14f = 050.

baxi, boiler, disable, heating

What to do if you have hot water but no heating

Line F09. Max. Power in DHW mode (0-100%). Factory Settings = 100.

Line F10. min. Power in heating mode and DHW (0-100%). Factory Settings = 100.

Line F11. waiting time before new inclusion in heating mode 000 = 10 seconds. 001 010 = 1 10 minutes. Factory Settings = 003.

Line F14. checking the correct position of the hotel sensor: 000 = disabled; 001 = always turned on. Factory setting = 001.

Line F18. unlocking parameters for service. Factory setting = 000.

I recommend all the changes to the settings in the lines of the menu to write down. Apply records to the instructions to the boiler.

Correct installation of a gas.type gas boiler

The gas boiler of this modification has a self.diagnosis function. Baxi heating systems and their maintenance at least BAXI devices and systems are famous for reliability and durability, reliability of work, gas boilers still need periodic maintenance, repair work. All of them are dual.circuit due to the installed Bittermic heat exchanger, have electronic protection against scale. If you carefully discern the circuit, it can be seen that the system includes both the radiator system and the system warm floor. Make electrical connections according to the electrical circuit given in the instructions.

Automatic bypass; The ability to work on liquefied gas after reconfiguration.

Gas valve. At the same time, the maximum power of the power supply consumption is 25.8 kW, and the largest heating area is squares. Main 5 boilers are equipped with a bitmatic heat exchanger, which simultaneously heats both running water and coolant. And so, having passed all the radiators, the coolant at the end falls into the return pipeline.

In the photo you can see the location of various parts under the lid. The temperature sensor of the heating circuit; Connection of the Emmeti Termec room thermostat to the Baxi gas boiler

Useful video

You can familiarize yourself with how to connect, configure and start this boiler in this in this

The thoroughness and quality of the tuning of the Baxi boilers ensure the efficiency and durability of the equipment and the entire heating system as a whole.

The work of the boiler largely depends on the gas supply mode and the given temperature range, which, in turn, are selected based on the climatic features of the region and the size of the heat loss of the room.

The main condition is the accuracy of adjustments, the absence of frequent and unskilled intervention in the operation of the unit.

It is recommended to attract experienced specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills for this.

Completely performed setting to ensure the durability of equipment and a comfortable microclimate in the room.



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