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Ariston Uno’s boiler is burning a yellow light bulb

Problems with the boiler Ariston Uno. Yellow bulb!

Thank you for the video. My boiler loses pressure all the time. Why this happens?

Hello, tell me please. Opened the crane to wash his hands and saw. that the yellow bulb caught fire. Restarted, did not help. Opened the crane again, waited until warm water went, I look stopped blinking. But how yellow caught fire, then the pressure fell from 1.8 bar to 1.2. I don’t know how to raise, and why it fell. Give advice please

The value of the codes of the error of the boiler Ariston with explanations

All Ariston codes are conditionally divided by belonging to a particular boiler system: the main circuit (heating), the hot water preparation circuit, control (board), combustion chamber, air supply and removal of combustion products. Next, we consider each of them in more detail on the example of the Ariston Genus boiler.

The device does not work, and the code is on the display? You will find all values ​​for Ariston models in the table below. But first restart the equipment to exclude a system failure. To do this, press the “Reset” key.

Code of errors that it means to eliminate the problem

  • Gas supply valve.
  • Installation of a coaxial chimney. Clean the pipe from garbage, adjust the location of the pipe.
  • Open the gas supply tap.
  • Inspect the ionization sensor. Strip his contacts during oxidation. The sensor should be at a distance of 8 mm from the comb.
  • Tighten the connection of the electrode and control module.
  • Adjust the gas supply. Perhaps the pressure on the valve is increased.
  • Clean the filter of blockage.
  • Check the heat exchanger. Scale formation leads to a decrease in pressure and poor heat transfer. Dismate the knot and rinse the coil with reagents.
  • Conduct diagnostics of the pump operation. Adjust its speed.
  • Check the temperature sensor and electronic fee.
  • Air from the system. For this, some models have a special button. In Egis Plus 24, click Mode for several seconds. In Ariston Uno and Matis, press reset. After that, make sure the pressure restoration is 1–1.2 bar.
  • When increasing values ​​on the pressure gauge, use the crane of the Maevsky. They are located on each radiator to remove air from the system.
  • Inspect the secondary heat exchanger. Its damage can lead to a mixture of cold and hot liquid, which is why the pressure rises. Then replace the knot with a working.
  • To check, bring the lit match to the control window. If the flame deviates to the side, there is a traction. If it burns evenly, no.
  • Clean the smoke of the chimney from soot and garbage. Condensate can accumulate in coaxial pipes.
  • Inspect the traction sensor. Make sure his serviceability.
ariston, boiler, burning, yellow
  • Measure the voltage in the network. If failures are often observed, connect the stabilizer.
  • Turn the fork in the outlet.
  • Inspect the ionization sensor. Strip its contacts, make sure the correct location.
  • ionization sensor;
  • gas valve;
  • chimney.

Those models that do not have a display display problems with flashing indicators on the panel.

What bulbs are blinking What does it mean (⊗. blinks)
40 fifty 60 70 80 90 Kart. one Kart. 2
Overheating of the system.
The movement of the coolant is broken.
Short.circuit or breakthrough of the thermoresistor of heating.
KZ or breakthrough of thermoresistor of hot water supply.
Controls’ malfunctions.
Five.time restart of the unit.
Violation in the work of the control unit.
Problems with ignition.
Parasitic flame. The system fixes the flame, although the gas is blocked.
Flame separation.
Problems with smoke removal.
ariston, boiler, burning, yellow

Now you understand why the red light is burning or other indicators. We will dwell on frequent restarting equipment in more detail. Why is this happening? Check if the Comfort mode is turned on. In such cases, the boiler automatically turns on and turns off, adjusting to the mode.

Errors of individual modifications Ariston

A01. crazy failure. First of all, you need to check the correct connection of phases. For boilers 220/1f, it is enough to pull out the fork and insert it into the outlet, turning over 1800. As a rule, it helps to eliminate the problem.

Probable reasons: instability of supply voltage, incorrect work (or refusal) of the boiler ionization sensor.

E34. Culprit “. pneumorela 108. pressure in the OB system below the critical. SP2. An error appears after the second unsuccessful attempt to launch the boiler.

Probable reasons: the gas line is blocked, a sharp drop in it, a weak pressure in the water supply.

H45 (or 54).The error is issued by the NTSC sensor. When leaking in the safety valve, it is enough to replace the seals. The serviceability of the sensitive element is determined by the multimeter. with the instrument instance on the contacts, it is rejected.

Ariston error indication on the boilers panel without a liquid crystal display (for example Egis)

We look at the pictures, read the inscriptions. here I collected all the sensors used in the boiler and reporting on any mistake. With the exception of the pressure sensor, it is not on this scheme, since in this boiler model it is not used. Well, the sensor with the manometer has not yet been indicated, I think everything is clear, this is just an indicator that reports on the value of the pressure in the circuit. By the way, in some modifications of boilers, a submersible temperature sensor in the DHW. NTCS circuit may also not stand.

Other breakdowns

In addition to the above, such codes may appear:

  • 608. the system gives out such an error when the fan has earned, but the press start did not work.
  • H45. the last two numbers can change. The reason lies in the NTSC sensor, there is no hot water at the output, the safety valve leaks. If there is no hot water, but the heating system works, most likely the water duct sensor is faulty, it clogged with garbage.

Another reason may be that the turbine blades were very worked out, stuck to the body, this can become an obstacle of rotation, replace the blades or the turbine itself.

The second reason in such a situation may be the NTC sensor, measure the resistance at its contacts to check its performance with a multimeter, if it is unstable, replace the sensor with a new. If the safety valve leaks, the gaskets may have worn out, replace them.

How to determine an error code if there is no display on the device or without a dial, such as on the Ariston BS II 24FF model? This device is equipped with indication lights, thanks to which you can determine the breakdown. So, for example, if the indicator 90 and a crossed out drop of a drop of water are burning, this means that there was overheating and blocking of the boiler. To eliminate it, you need to check the press start and its connection to the board.

What to do if 6p2 lights up on the display

The display light shows a 6p2 or 6p1 error, tells the user about the incorrect ventilation of the room with the unit: either the combustion products are not enough or not allotted enough.

Problems of the heating circuit

How to turn on heating? Typically, errors in the functioning of the heating circuit begin with the number “1”. If Ariston does not warm the batteries, except for the above are also the following designations:

  • 102. the pressure is broken or the sensor is broken (this is a consequence of poor electrical wiring, namely a short circuit; it is solved by the roller of the cable from the device itself to the main board);
  • 110. the temperature sensor has broken;
  • 111. the pressure is too low (see if the water flows and whether the sensor works);
  • 112. on the return, the temperature sensor is incorrectly triggered (you should find the desired spare part to the gas boiler and change it);
  • 116-interruptions in the work of a thermostat of a warm floor (click TA2-crossroads).

SP3, 5P3

If the wall gas boiler Ariston 24 produces one of the indications (error SP3 or 5P3), maybe there is a disorder with the flame. Elimination of the error separation of the flame of the Ariston gas boiler is associated with a cleanliness in the chimney. It is too clogged with dust and soot or incorrectly arranged, so the fire is immediately blown away or the so.called gear of flame occurs or occurs.


Error 103, error 104, error 105, error 107 occurs when water circulation is violated in the circuit, its absence or low pressure. This happens when the air has accumulated in the system to remove it in Ariston Egis Plus 24 boilers (Ariston Egis Plus 24) click and hold the Mode button for 10 seconds. On Ariston Matis and Ariston boilers, keep the Rezet button no more. Within 5 minutes, the pump without ignition will work, removing air from the system. Then check the pressure, norm 1-1.2 bar, if necessary, increase.

Ariston Egis Plus 24 boiler

Error 108 appears with insufficient water pressure in the heating circuit. Why pressure drops. the cause may be a leak from heating radiators, you should check the joints in the pipes. In the heating season, it will not be easy to notice a small leak, since on hot batteries a small smell will evaporate. You need to turn off the heating and add the pressure up to 2.5 bar to determine the scene of the leakage.

The next reason may be the leakage of heat exchanger pipes. To eliminate, you can steal a heat exchanger, if soldering is impossible, it is required to replace it. The expansion tank may be depressurized or the membrane in the expansion tank has become unusable. seal the tank or change the membrane.

It can also leak the tank itself. you can determine this by pressing the spool in the upper part of the tank. If at the same time there is a water release, change the tank. How to raise pressure. you can use a home.made original device consisting of a plastic bottle, crane and spool. On a plastic bottle, cut a thread on the lid with a tap so that you can fix the tap on it.

Drill a hole from the back to fix the spool on it. We put the spool into the bottle and fix it. Pour water into the bottle, close the tap and connect the heating system to it through the hose, connect the pump to the spool and, swinging it, pour water into the heating system. The procedure for pumping water into the system is repeated to normalization of pressure, up to 1.5 atm.

Error 109 appears at an excessive pressure above 3 bar and is considered one of the infrequently arising. To eliminate, you need to reset the pressure, as prescribed in the instructions for the device, using the crane of Maevsky. If this does not help, most likely, the reason lies in the secondary heat exchanger.

Когда внутри теплообменника разрушается перегородка, это может быть свищ в ней, начинается смешение жидкостями. Water from water supply, which has higher pressure. begins to enter the heating system, as a result of which the pressure rises. What to do if it happened.Elimination of the fistula or replacing the heat exchanger will help to solve this problem.

Error 117, according to the instructions for the Ariston BS 24 FF aggregate, means insufficient circulation. To eliminate, press the reset button, in which case the system will check and adjust the difference in temperature at the input and output of 3.5 degrees in 8 seconds.

Problems with the boiler Ariston Uno. Yellow bulb!

Reset button on Ariston boiler. “Reset”

When a circuit ruptures or a short circuit of the sensor on the supply of hot water supply, an error 201 appears in the circuit of hot water supply. Contacts should be checked, perhaps they were oxidized, or the wire has departed, or the sensor itself is faulty and it will have to be changed.

Запуск котла Ariston

Error 302 appears on the display in the absence of a circuit between the control board and the display. The cause may be a violation of contacts or their oxidation, in this case, contacts should be connected or cleaned. Control board may also fail. replacement is required.

The first steps

Automatic recharge valve Ariston (Genus)

Heating system

With a rapid drop in pressure, the leak is easy to detect in puddles, wet spots. But if it is insignificant (the mistake of the boiler Ariston 108 appears only a few days later, or even weeks after recharge), it is extremely difficult to detect it in the season. Drops of moisture arising through a microcrack, with heated batteries and pipes, quickly evaporate. The yellowness in the place of the defect will appear only with low water quality, but such an influx will not always be found visually. In case of suspicion of leaking the circuit and the appearance of error 108, it is recommended to pay special attention to its problem areas:


A minor leak in the heating system is easier to detect with the boiler disconnected. After cooling the batteries and pipes, the pressure in the circuit is brought to the limit value of 2.5 bar. The evaporation of liquid from cold surfaces is excluded, which means that drops of water glass to the floor. Carefully inspecting all the premises along the highway, it is easy to determine the cause of the appearance of an error 108 Ariston.

Expansion tank

Knowing its device, it is easy to understand the place of the likely leak in this device. A two.chamber sealant metal (or plastic) reservoir, the internal partition of which (membrane) separates the coolant from the pumped air (or inert gas).

The scheme of the expansion tank

Expansion tank

What to look for

Pay attention to the expansion tank

Ariston boiler

Remove the cover of the boiler Ariston

Scheme of the boiler Ariston

The meaning of the malfunction

Determine the algorithm for eliminating the error, understanding what it is called, is not difficult. There are several reasons for tearing the flame, but if they are all summarized, external and internal ones can be distinguished, associated with malfunctions in the Ariston boiler itself. Error 5p3. a consequence of the unstable operation of the burner or failures in the electronic scheme.

External factors that cause an error: a chimney (excess or insufficient thrust, a deficiency of oxygen entering a boiler), a power voltage source, gas supply system.

Problem nodes of the boiler Ariston: burner, gas reinforcement, ionization sensor (control electrode), control board.

Where to begin

Ariston Egis Plus boiler control panel. Press the Reset button.

Ariston BS 24 boiler control panel. Press the Reset button.

Ariston Cares X 24 FF boiler control panel. Press the Reset button.

Pull the fork, turn 180 degrees and insert back into the outlet

The risks of the appearance of errors of the gas boiler (and not only by separation of the flame) are leveled by its connection to the UPS. There is little benefit from the tips for installing a separate stabilizer for Ariston. the device operates only with continuous energy supply. If we are talking about a suburban facility, it is better to purchase a power supply for the boiler. It contains, in addition to the voltage alignment scheme, the charger and the battery group. Even with breaks on power lines, the refusal of the reserve power source, the heating installation will not turn off, and the house will not be left without heat.

Air flow and smoke gases removal (errors 6)

The air supply system and the removal of smoke gases formed during the operation of the gas boiler can be natural and forced. Therefore, for different devices, some errors cannot occur. But we will consider them all.

Error 01. The trigger of the rod thermostat occurs when the contact of thermal cutting of smoke removal occurs when the contact is broken down or internal breakdown. It is also possible to clog the air air system.

Error 02. The same, only for combustion chambers type VMC.

Error 04. The Hall sensor is faulty (it needs to be replaced) or low turns of the fan blades (it must be cleaned or also replaced).

Error 07. Contacts of the controlling pneumorela were closed until the fan is turned on. This part confirms a sufficient volume of traction before ignition. To eliminate the early closure, you need to carefully remove the pneumorela and blow its tubes, removing dirt or condensate. If this does not help, then the part will have to be replaced.

Pneumorela is connected to the hood of the silicone tube. Sometimes there is a condensate collection. If the problem is precisely with the pressure relay, then first you need to check the integrity of the tube

Error 10. Contacts of the thermal.guide are opened. It is necessary to replace this detail.

Error 12. The same as error 04, but on the early models of Ariston.

Problems with the boiler Ariston Uno. Yellow bulb!

Problems with the boiler Ariston Uno. Yellow bulb! The video tells the main problems related to this error.

Hello, tell me please. Opened the crane to wash his hands and saw. that the yellow bulb caught fire. Restarted, did not help. Opened the crane again, waited until warm water went, I look stopped blinking. But how yellow caught fire, then the pressure fell from 1.8 bar to 1.2. I don’t know how to raise, and why it fell. Give advice please

You can tell? yellow is on, I turn on hot water, it goes out, hot water is coming. Turned off the water after some time, heating is launched for a couple of seconds. This is the problem more? thank)

PISLAL TOLIDENT COOLL WHEN WELL. A friend of turning on is not to sunbathe all the bulbs so yak with a first vul, Potim light up the light bulb, the boiler is to the vice of the vitnovka turned on the bulb, the bulb is not to light up, with the Pershom turned on, the yak is visible steam ode to the vuli.

Hello! Ariston Uno boiler, when hot water is turned on, after about 5-10 minutes.a rattle occurs in the boiler and the yellow LED lights up, that it is a mlust to be?

Please tell me in the summer spontaneous inclusion of the heating of the gas boiler Ariston UNO what’s the matter?

Boiler Ariston Uno, when turned on, in the extent that the zhovta lamp is tanned, turbina I pumps. PIDSTALIA ININSHE PLART, TAP ISTORIA. Rlyushki approx.

Проблемы с котлом Аристон УНО красный индикатор Не сложный ремонт платы

Good afternoon, you work according to Kropyvnitsky? How to contact you?

Ariston UNO without a screwer in the same way, Roboti often sunbathe Zhovta Light bulb boiler rotten for one year old, two.three gaps can be switched on.

ariston, boiler, burning, yellow

Hello, such a problem. When heating, the yellow light lights up, it burns continuously, while the boiler itself is buzzing, as if everything works in normal mode, but heating does not go already, of course, and the batteries cool down, or after some time, or after some time, for example, let’s say, let’s say. through one cycle of batteries

He could not repair the soot when he inhaled the pressure from the press.start of the flame appeared, after he went out, dismantled the press.start of nothing discovered nothing. The problem remained.The Pressostat rang correctly the only thing that was torn a little membrane inside the press, it seized it, but nothing happened, you can write the number of Vaibar or VotsAppa so that I could turn to you



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