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Ariston’s refrigerator does not cool the refrigerated camera

Why the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer freezes. what is the problem?

Italian company specializes in the production of household appliances around the world. Indesite brands, Ariston, since 2005. Hotpont Ariston, belong to one company Indesit Company. After the fusion of the concern with American HotPoint, refrigerators began to have a double name. Ariston brands are no longer produced. Brand Hotpunt Ariston earned the trust of buyers. The devices uses new technologies, materials, style. At the same time, the price of models remains affordable for mass demand.

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If the refrigerator is poorly freezed, the reasons can be different. One of them is an incorrectly selected place. For example, it is installed next to heating devices or stands in a very warm room. It is necessary to move the battery, install the regulator to a lower value. The reason may lie in the loose closure of the camera door. It happens that it sags, or sealing gum becomes leaky. Then the cold air comes out of the camera all the time.

Sometimes in order to remove the remains of the overgrown ice, people use sharp objects. They accidentally damage the elements of the cooling system. It is strictly impossible to do. The tightness of the contour or wall is disturbed, the freon comes out, and the amount of cooling gas becomes not enough. Need repair and refueling.

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Important: myths and fairy tales

There are many articles on the Internet in which incompetent people advise. The reasons why the main compartment of the refrigerator does not work, they can call the following:

  • The doors close the doors;
  • The seal was worn out;
  • Too hot in the apartment;
  • Often use the main compartment;
  • Put the hot in the refrigerator.

Indeed, all this leads to improper operation of the equipment. But so that the main camera does not work There must be a good reason. And not that you quickly closed the door or put a pan with a warm soup in the refrigerator. And now more.

Fridge Stopped Working. Refrigerator Not Cooling (2020)

Problems with doors and seals

Suppose a gap between the door (seal) and the refrigerator body will be 1 cm. Then the main camera will cool, but the compressor will have to be tight. It will often turn on, or constantly work. But the refrigerator will maintain the temperature.

High temperature in the apartment

There is an opinion that in the heat the refrigerator does not cope with the work. In fact, manufacturers make equipment with a power supply. Even if you have 35 in your apartment, the refrigerator will work. Expending to electricity is possible, but he will cope with his task.

Frequent use

Any manufacturer of refrigerators counts on the opening and closing of the wings. This is the normal functioning of such a technique. Yes, the more often you open the main camera of the refrigerator, the greater the flow of heat. But this will only lead to the following:

Hot food in the refrigerator

Indeed, when you put hot dishes in the refrigerator, the load on the compressor increases. He will not always cope with her. The camera can warm up and it seems that the refrigerator does not cold. But this is temporarily, soon the compartment will cool to the optimum temperature.

Error codes

Each problem in the work of HotPoint-Ariston assigned its own code by the manufacturer. Despite the high reliability of these units, with an increase in operation time, the likelihood of breakdowns increases. Most of the violations are displayed on the display in the form of letter and digital values ​​in a certain sequence. The most common errors and, accordingly, violations in the work of HotPoint-ASTON refrigerators are given in the table.

Attention! In the units of Ariston, the RG2330 model often the main reason for the malfunction is the control module. To eliminate the breakdown, it is reflash or replaced by a new. Better if these manipulations are a master.

Disconnecting the refrigerator

The cause often becomes a relay that protects or disconnects the mechanism. The problem can be more serious, associated with the fact that the compressor has come out of the system. There are common cases when the winding simply burns. Then the compressor all the time is hot, and traffic jams are knocked out in the apartment, the refrigerator Ariston Hotpoint stops working correctly.

The temperature sensor can also become a detail due to which the launch of the equipment becomes problematic. In turn, the design is out of order if a chain with a motor is torn. Then the switching signal does not reach where you need. HotPoint Ariston does not freeze.

A wide range of refrigeration equipment is presented on the market. To facilitate the choice, consumers are offered a list of popular models.

Atlant MXM 2835-90

Two.chamber refrigerator of the Belarusian production with electromechanical control. Equipped with a modern compressor, which is not only reliable in work, but also functions relatively quietly. And the refrigerator chamber is equipped with shockproof glass shelves and two containers for storing vegetables and fruits. Such a problem, like the upper chamber of the atlant refrigerator does not freeze, occurs in rare cases. Therefore, he is so popular among consumers.

Lg Refrigerator not cooling

Hitachi R-E5000UXK

The premium refrigerator consists of five cameras. Despite the overall dimensions, it consumes a minimum of electricity. Equipped with an inverter compressor, which is reliable and long.term for operation. The liquid crystal touch display simplifies the setting up of the equipment and adjust its operation. The model is equipped with various functions, which makes the use of the refrigerator more comfortable. The only drawback is the high cost. Although having bought a quality model, you can never face why the refrigerator stopped freezing.

Liebherr Ctel 2931

A German.made two.chamber refrigerator has small sizes, which allows you to use it even in a small kitchen. The refrigerator has a volume of 218 liters, and the freezer. 52 liters. The advantages of the model include silent work, high efficiency, stylish appearance and compactness. As for the shortcomings, the rapid wear of the door insulation gaskets is distinguished here, as well as the low strength of the sliding boxes of the freezer.

Beko RCSK 310M20

The technique is equipped with a modern compressor that consumes little electricity and does not create noise in the process. The main advantages include the presence of dry freezing, simplicity in management, quite good capacity, low cost and reliability in operation. But, like any other technique, the refrigerator has some disadvantages, such as the lack of automatic defrosting and the appearance of clicks against the background of wear of the motor. Sometimes after defrosting the refrigerator does not cool. Perhaps the compressor has broken and does not work.

Despite the small size, the device has a spacious freshness area and freezer. There are also departments for fruits and vegetables that have sufficient volume. It is also worth noting low electricity consumption and reliable thermal insulation. To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odor inside the equipment, it is necessary to regularly clean filters.

The device does not turn on or does not turn off.

If the Ariston refrigerator does not turn on, then the following actions should be performed:

If the socket works and the voltage is stable, then the compressor fails. Its repair and replacement may entail significant costs. Therefore, calling the home repair master at home will be appropriate in cases where the equipment was purchased relatively recently.

If the refrigerator does not turn off, then the thermostat does not work. The device does not understand what has reached the desired temperature and just works for wear. Check the thermostat and control system. Electronics failure can lead to the fact that the device does not turn off.

In general, the malfunctions of the electronic control system can cause a variety of problems. this is incorrect cooling in the cells, the device does not turn off, information LEDs flas. As a rule, such malfunctions are at surgery, so if the problem appeared after such a jump, then the failure of electronics is most likely. The cost of repairing the refrigerator Ariston can be very different, so it is best to call a master who, after the examination, will voiced an accurate price tag.

Common faults of the refrigerator Ariston Hotpoint

Italian refrigerator chambers are durable and high.quality, but all kinds of household appliances will fail after a certain time. Interruptions arise both for external and internal reasons.

Most modern refrigerators are equipped with electronic control and built.in functions, they facilitate and improve the quality of operation.

The built.in electronic module controls the temperature indicators, supports the process of “No Frost”, establishes the procedure for the correct functioning of the camera, guarantees the maintenance of the cold, and so on. The lineup of the Ariston Hotpoint Ariston Unit is equipped with electronics, which shows errors in case of malfunctions. Thanks to such coloning, you can determine the element of the malfunction and the correctness of the work, as a result of which to seek help from the corresponding masters in advance or independently eliminate the breakdown using the operating manual.

ariston, refrigerator, does, cool, camera

One of the most common violations in the functioning of refrigeration equipment:

  • Noisy work.
  • Uncharacteristic sounds (crackle, clicks).
  • The light bulb is constantly light.
  • The cold is weak.
  • Excessively produces cold.
  • Lack of light in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Continuous functioning of the compressor.
  • The compressor does not function.
  • Ice intention.

The next chapter is devoted to the reasons for the occurrence of such malfunctions and methods of elimination of their elimination.

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Refrigerator Vestel know Frost. The freezer works properly. And the refrigerator itself, it works normally (it cold as it should), it doesn’t work at all (the room temperature becomes inside), then it starts to work normally, then it freezes generally, and the products turn into ice, then it is normal again, then it does not work again.

It looks like some kind of sensor? What do experts say?

Yes, yes relay, only my wife took it and called the master well, so that noodles and visited her ears at 3 to.R. And the cost of a box with a relay block and a timer from 450-600.So disassemble and change.

Here is www.XN-63-MDDUAOECUGB2G Y_HOLODILNIKA_FULL_FROST/ I found my breakdown here, the time relay failed. Masters for work charged from 1,500 to 2100 r. The relay cost 450r. I bought it myself, put it myself, everything works. Refrigerator “Hot Point Ariston”.

I have a cold sensor in Atlanta so flew

The same thing happened, Ariston dry freezing. The temperature sensor flew, the master dismantled, defrosted, changed the sensor (from his words the sensor is worth something around 2000 therefore, it costs repairs like this).Yu collected and everything works.You also have a sensor. There you need to remove the back cover in the freezer (you have it from below?) but first you need to defrost.

Guys, I traded in them Aristons Indianites, this is not a very good technique gently to say a lot of marriage! And the problem is most likely in the temperature sensor!

but it seems like it is not visible in the wall to disassemble the wall! Call the master easier, and if under warranty, it’s even easier in the service and that’s it.

Well no. He has long flew out with a guarantee He is already 5- 7-senimal for the consultant)))

Guys, I traded in them Aristons Indianites, this is not a very good technique gently to say a lot of marriage! And the problem is most likely in the temperature sensor!

I have a similar problem 2.chamber indesit so the freezer works, but in the main compartment is warm t.e does not cold at all maybe someone met with such a problem?

I have a similar problem 2.chamber indesit so the freezer works, but in the main compartment is warm t.e does not cold at all maybe someone met with such a problem?

I have the same trouble with the same refrigerator. Badly freezes with novya., The refrigerator itself is 7 years old. During this time I changed the compressor. In the refrigerator 13 degrees)), called the master, he was shamanican, pumped up and pumped Freon there. He got colder for three months, that is, it was a little below 13 degrees, now again the warmth has become warm in it. The master was just yesterday, replaced some kind of spool (did it without me), said to defrost, then turn on and see how he will behave., if everything remains the same, then the capillary tube is partially clogged.I did not take the money until he says.))

Capalyark’s problem of Atlantes is mainly. You, most likely, have a leak in the door heating circuit, you need to cut off this outline before refueling and everything.With this temperature in the upper chamber, I advise you to periodically disconnect the refrigerator from the network (if not without it), 10 times in 1.5 hours, otherwise the compressor will burn, if it turns off itself, then it turns off from overheating.

Yes, when it stops colding normally, it stops turning off, the compressor works constantly.

Capalyark’s problem of Atlantes is mainly. You, most likely, have a leak in the door heating circuit, you need to cut off this outline before refueling and everything.With this temperature in the upper chamber, I advise you to periodically disconnect the refrigerator from the network (if not without it), 10 times in 1.5 hours, otherwise the compressor will burn, if it turns off itself, then it turns off from overheating.

But you can’t tell you about the refrigerator Stynol?! 2 cameras, 1 compressor! The freezer freezes well, and in the upper chamber the refrigerator is heat! The thermostat is a worker. I checked the room in the upper chamber of the pots with ice. it turns off! And so constantly works. From behind cut the isolation in the upper part. cold cooler! There is no ice on the cooler! In the freezer is uniform plaque of hoarfrost. They defrost completely. does not help!

Ariston and hotpointan-ariston refrigerators

Ariston and HotPoint-Ariston are the refrigerators of the Italian brand, which is one of the three largest manufacturers of household appliances in the world. The refrigeration equipment of this brand is distinguished by modern design, ease of control and high operational characteristics. But, unfortunately, like any technique, refrigerators Ariston and hotpoin-ariston sometimes fail. According to the experience of the Masters “Rembetekh”, most often, the owners of such refrigerators are faced with malfunctions of the following nodes.

note! Breakage is given in order to decrease the frequency. When compiling the list, data on all types of refrigerators Ariston and HotPoint-Ariston were used: both ordinary two-chamber and with know-it.

Damage of the engine-compressor-from 2100

The compressor of the refrigerator is responsible for its work: it drives a freon along the contour, due to which cooling occurs. Typically, Ariston and HotPoint-Ariston engines are out of order due. Sometimes there is a “wedge” compressor.


One or both cameras does not work in the refrigerator, while the light inside the refrigerator burns. If your Ariston has two compressors. only one of the cameras does not freeze, in one.compressor. does not cool the freezer and refrigerator compartment. Sometimes it happens that with a breakdown of the engine, the refrigerator turns on and immediately turns off, knocks out the machine or works without disconnecting.

ariston, refrigerator, does, cool, camera

How to eliminate

The motors do not repair: it is required to replace the compressor with a new.

Failure of thawing timer in models with No Frost. from 1900

NO Frost models are responsible for timely turning on and disconnecting the heating heating element, which melts ice on the evaporator. Often the timer fails along with other nodes of the No Frost tickling system: the thawing sensor, a fuse or heating.


Basically, the symptoms of malfunction are standard, as in the breakdown of any thawal node:

If the timer fails during the tickle, then the refrigerator “sticks” in this mode and does not turn on until it pulls out the fork from the outlet and turn on again. Further, the refrigerator is no longer included in the hike

With complete defrosting of the refrigerator, it begins to work normally, but after 1-2 weeks the situation repeats again.

How to eliminate

It is necessary to replace the tiere of the ramps with a new. The master also performs full diagnostics of the thawing system, since often, together with the timer, the heater, defroster, and a fuse fuse are out of order. And if necessary, the master also changes these faulty nodes to new.

Freon leak. from 2200

A refrigerant (freon) circulates through a closed cooling system in the refrigerator in the refrigerator. Due to the difference in the diameters of the tubes, a change in the pressure of the refrigerant occurs: in the evaporator it boils and “picks up” heat from the chamber. In case of violation of tightness, Freon begins to disappear, the cooling ability of the refrigerator decreases. In most cases, the contour is damaged due to corrosion processes or mechanical exposure.


Ariston’s refrigerator or hotpont Ariston cools or does not freeze at all. In one.compressor models, both departments do not cold, in two.compressor models. only a freezer or a refrigerator. The motor works practically without turning off.

With a leak in a “crying” evaporator, you can observe ice in the refrigerator on the back wall.

On the display, A1 or A2 errors may light up, and some models can notify the temperature in the chamber/chambers with a sound signal.

How to eliminate

It is required to find the place of the freon leaks: most often it occurs in the elbow compounds, the “crying” evaporator or the heating circuit of the perimeter of the freezer. The master changes the filter-dryer, restores the integrity of the cooling system, vacuums the refrigerator and season it with freon.

Control module breakdown. from 2100

The module is a microcircuit that controls the work of the refrigerator. He receives signals from the remaining nodes of the refrigerator, processes them and sends response commands. Most often, this block suffers from voltage jumps: individual radio elements fail or burn paths/contacts.


With a breakdown of control board, the refrigerator Ariston can fail in different ways. Most often, it does not turn on, and both cameras do not cold. Less often. only the refrigerator does not freeze, the refrigerator works without disconnecting or turns on and immediately turns off.

Since in most cases the breakdown of the control unit is accompanied by fever in the chambers, the Ariston refrigerator can report this by a sound signal.

How to eliminate

The master is diagnosing a fee. Burnt radio elements change to new, burnt paths/contacts. are finging. If the firmware failures are detected, the module memory is reprogrammed. With serious damage to the board or failure of the processor, it is changed to a new.

Damage to the thermostat (thermostat). from 1800

In the refrigerators, Hotpont Ariston with electromechanical control the thermostat regulates the temperature in the cells. It fails due to a long service life or moisture.



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