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Apple pie Android box. Android Auto FAQ: Everything you need to know

Android Auto FAQ: Everything you need to know

Android Auto is fantastic tool when you’re out on the open road. Google’s answer to Apple CarPlay takes your car’s infotainment display and turns it into an interface for your phone. That means you can access all your favorite apps in much safer (and easier) manner.

There are a bunch of different options for accessing Android Auto too. The obvious is through your car’s built-in stereo console, but there are standalone displays that do pretty-much the same thing. And, if you’re lacking both, there’s always Google’s ‘Driving Mode’ that’s preinstalled on all new Android phones.

But if you’ve never used the app before, or have questions about how it works, here’s everything you need to know about Android Auto.

Which phones are compatible with Android Auto?

Any phone running Android 6.0 (KitKat) is capable of running Android Auto. However phones running software up to and including Android 9 (Pie) will have to download the Android Auto software from Google Play.

Phones running Android 10 and above have the software installed out of the box. On top of this phones running Android 11 and higher are compatible with wireless Android Auto connections, whether this is in a car with native wireless support or you’re using an adapter.

You can check your phone’s software by heading to Settings About then scroll down until you see Android Version. If you are running an older version of Android you can see if an update is available by heading to Setting System System Update.

How do you connect your phone to Android Auto?

Connecting to Android Auto is as simple as connecting your phone to your car with a USB cable. Provided the Android Auto software is installed on your phone, and your car supports the app, the connection will happen automatically.

The first time you initialize Android Auto, you will need to go through the set-up process. You will be guided through this, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

You will also have to do this step if you’re going to use Android Auto wirelessly. But there aren’t any extra steps involved if your car supports a native wireless connection. Simply unplug the USB cable and use the software as normal. Be sure to check out our guide on how to set up wireless Android auto.

If you’re using a third-party adapter you’ll need to follow the instructions in the manual. This will likely involve pairing your phone to the adapter over Bluetooth to get things set up.

Wired connections will need you to plug in each time you’re driving, while a wireless connection should initialize as soon as you turn on the engine.

Which cars offer Android Auto?

These days you’ll struggle to find an automaker that doesn’t offer Android Auto support in its newest cars. In the majority of cases these cars will also support Apple CarPlay, so it doesn’t matter if you change phones, or an iPhone user is borrowing your car.

Of course you should always double check before you buy a car. While Android Auto support is pretty widespread, there are still a lot of cars, especially in the used market, that don’t support the software.

Your first port of call should be Google itself, which has a pretty lengthy list of cars (and aftermarket stereos) that support Android Auto. A quick Google search will also be able to clear things up in no time.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few notable automakers that don’t sell any cars with Android Auto support — which is worth bearing in mind.

Tesla is the best known outliers, and doesn’t offer support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, instead offering its own premium connectivity package for 10 a month.

Other outliers include Mini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Koenigsegg. The latter two have promised Android Auto support is coming soon, but there’s no timeline on when that might happen. Meanwhile Mini and Rolls-Royce have remained quiet — an odd situation, given there are several Android Auto-friendly cars made by parent company BMW.

Which apps work with Android Auto?

After so many years, Android Auto has a countless number of compatible apps. However, you’re not going to see the likes of Netflix or YouTube on here. Instead Android Auto apps are generally focused on navigation, audio and communication. So you have the likes of Google Maps and Waze, Spotify, Audible, WhatsApp and more.

Google has also revealed support for Zoom, Cisco WebX and Microsoft Teams is coming to Android Auto — but only for audio. That means you can listen in on meetings while you’re driving, and without running the risk of a video feed distracting you from the road. YouTube will also be coming, but will only be accessible when the car is parked.

Likewise certain EV-centric apps are available, helping you track down compatible chargers with minimal fuss.

apple, android, auto, need

You can find a whole list of compatible apps over on Google Play, which will help you figure out what you need to install ahead of time. There are quite a few, but we feel the need to point out that a lot of them are fairly niche radio apps. So be prepared to sift through them all.

Does Google Assistant support Android Auto?

Yes. Part of what makes Android Auto great is that you can use Google Assistant just as you would at any other time. You can summon the virtual assistant with Hey Google voice commands, tap the microphone-shaped summon button in the corner of the screen, or use your car’s own voice recognition buttons.

Provided it’s something your phone can do, Assistant can handle it so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road ahead. Whether that’s dictating messages, dialing phone numbers, asking for directions, or playing a specific song.

Google Assistant has even had a redesign that’s rolled out to Android Auto. Functionally the voice assistant is no different than before, but it looks a lot nicer. That means you get the glow look used on smartphones, and a bubble icon when Assistant is summoned rather than a large bar taking up screen space.

It is worth remembering that, like Apple CarPlay, voice commands will only work with Android Auto apps. After all what’s on display is just an extension of your phone screen, and your phone has no control over your car.

That means you can’t use Assistant to control things like in-car temperature, the radio or Windows. Assistant also has systems in place to prevent you trying to use any apps that aren’t deemed suitable for driving — like YouTube or any other video-centric service.

Plus, since Google relies on a cellular data connection, some features won’t work when you don’t have a signal — which is no different to what would happen if you walked through a dead zone with your phone.

One surprising thing you can do, though, is control your Smart home devices from afar. That means you can tell your Smart thermostat to start heating up your house from the road, or switch your Smart lights on if it’s getting dark. That’s provided you have devices that are set up to work with Google Assistant, of course.

Can I add Android Auto to the car I already own?

There are ways to access Android Auto from an older, non-compatible car. The most obvious one is to pick up a device like 350 Intellidash Plus, which functions much like a car’s infotainment display — but without the fuss of needing to be built into the dash.

There are several options out there, and they all function the same way as an Android Auto-capable vehicle. Plug your phone in, and there’s barely any difference.

If you don’t have the money to spend, it’s worth remembering that you can exploit one of the best car phone mounts and use your phone as a display. Be sure to download the solo Android Auto app while you still can, as well. That will offer an Android Auto-like display on your phone screen, complete with access to driving-friendly apps.

Anyone with Android 12, however, will be able to use Google’s dedicated driving mode instead. Simply ask Google Assistant to launch driving mode.

In some case it’s also possible to replace your car’s stereo and navigation system with a unit that supports Android Auto. However this kind of retrofit does require some specialist knowhow.

You also need to make sure your car is actually compatible with the unit you want to install. A lot of Android Auto head units require a double DIN slot, whereas a lot of cars only have the one. Depending on what kind of car you have, your choice may be a lot more limited.

There’s a huge variances in here too, with units like the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX cost 400, while more advanced units like wireless Kenwood Excelon DNX997XR or 10.1-inch Pioneer-WT8600NEX can cost upwards of 1,500.

And that’s just for the unit itself, and doesn’t take possible installation costs into consideration. Realistically, you may just be better off with your phone, or a compatible stand-alone display.

Does Android Auto take control of your car?

No. As with the current version of Apple’s CarPlay, you cannot use the Android Auto app to control any of the car’s systems. So no selecting radio stations, turning on cruise control, adjusting the A/C, or anything of that sort

If you want a car that has such capabilities, you’ll need one running Android Automotive OS. The operating system is essentially Android for cars, built into the vehicle from day one and is completely standalone. However Android Automotive OS is still very new, and not that common. Popular examples include the Polestar 2 and 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning.

There is some basic level of coordination between the Android Auto app and the car. This means that, for example, streaming-music playback will be muted when any sort of warning sounds sounds. But that’s the absolute bare minimum of what you can expect.

So if you want to do anything to the car itself, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Do Android Auto-compatible vehicles also support Apple’s CarPlay?

In the early days, automakers had a habit of selecting either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, which meant picking a new car also meant taking your phone choice into account. However that quickly changed, since both suites are essentially just apps running on your car. There was no logical reason why cars couldn’t support both.

In fact it’s now rare to find a car that doesn’t support both. As mentioned before, the only real outlying companies are Mini And Rolls-Royce, who support CarPlay but not Android Auto, and Tesla — which support neither.

However the majority of companies do have their own infotainment system and app suite. That way drivers don’t have to rely on Android Auto or CarPlay if they don’t want to. Plus, as connected cars become even more commonplace, the need to integrate your car and phone isn’t quite as serious as it once was.

How has Android Auto changed?

Like any piece of software, Android Auto is never truly complete. Updates happen pretty frequently, and a recent change gives Google’s software a major overhaul. with a brand new design and feature set to try and enhance your driving experience.

The idea behind this latest update is to ensure the driving has everything they need up front, without having to tap a bunch of buttons when they’re supposed to be concentrating on the road.

This also introduced an optional split-screen mode, which adapts to whatever screen your car has, and offers a side bar with various important apps and features. This includes stuff you’ve used recently, but also change based on contextual cues. such as if you have an incoming call.

Google Assistant also understands that context too, either via voice controls or single tap options on screen, and Google Maps has had a visual upgrade. The Maps interface will always be closest the the driver, and the new version includes a bunch more visual data such as lane markers, signs and barriers.

This design change was rumored for several months, and was officially revealed at Google I/O 2022. Originally Google announced it would roll out just in time for the summer, though it didn’t actually arrive until January 2023.


Amanda is the titular character and the main antagonist in the indie-horror game Amanda the Adventurer. She stars as the host of her own TV show, taking the audience and her companion Wooly along on everyday adventures.

She was inspired and voice acted by the creator of the show’s adoptive daughter, Rebecca Colton.


  • 2.1 Demo Version
  • 2.1.1 Episode 1: Baking a Pie
  • 2.1.2 Episode 2: Going to the Store
  • 2.1.3 Episode 3: Making New Friends
  • 2.1.4 Blanked Episode
  • 2.2.1 In The Kitchen
  • 2.2.2 In Your Neighborhood
  • 2.2.3 In Your Neighborhood (Version 2)
  • 2.2.4 Oh No! Accidents!
  • 2.2.5 Oh No! Accidents! (Version 2)
  • 2.2.6 What’s a Family?
  • 2.2.7 Everything Rots!
  • 2.2.8 We Can Share

Appearance [ ]

Amanda is an African American young girl, with dark almond brown skin, alongside her styled black afro puffs. She wears a yellow shirt and aquamarine shorts with purple socks and yellow sneakers.

Role [ ]

Episode 1: Baking a Pie [ ]

The player inserts the first tape labeled EPISODE 1.

Amanda and Wooly greet the player, then Amanda starts the conversation by saying that she loves apples and asks the player if they like apples too. Wooly responds, saying he’s allergic to apples, but Amanda reassures him that it’s okay and he should never be afraid to try something new. Wooly then says that he doesn’t know where the store is so Amanda asks if the player knows where the store is.

apple, android, auto, need
  • Clicking on the house or swings will make her repeat the question.
  • Clicking on the wrong one again will make the house and swings disappear leaving only the store to choose.

Amanda and Wooly enter the store when chosen. Amanda says they’re at the store, and Wooly responds with “It sure looks crowded, baa! Amanda says that there are apples, then asks if the player can say Apple.

  • If the player types the wrong word, she will once again repeat herself.
  • Typing the wrong word again will make Amanda mad and say Apple! in a frustrated tone.
  • Pressing any keys after this will forcefully spell out Apple. Afterwards, Amanda will then compliment the player before mentioning that they can now make Apple pie, ending the tape.

Episode 2: Going to the Store [ ]

Inserting the second tape labeled EPISODƎ 2 starts with Wooly getting cut off, while he and Amanda greet the player again. She tells the player that they are going to get meat for Grandma, even though Wooly remarks that she’s a vegetarian. Amanda asks where the butcher is.

  • Clicking on the ice cream store will make her repeat.
  • Clicking wrong again will make the screen go static and remove the ice cream store, then Amanda will say The butcher?

When entering the Butcher’s shop, Amanda will greet the meat man and ask the player what they need.

  • As usual, she will repeat herself when you type in the wrong answer.
  • Typing the wrong answer again will get her irritated, saying, Tell him what we need!
  • Pressing any keys after this will forcefully spell out meat.
  • If you type Lamb, you get the secret tape.

While the meat man is cutting the meat, Amanda will stop smiling and turn her head towards Wooly, frightening him.

Episode 3: Making New Friends [ ]

When the player inserts the third tape labeled EPISODE 3, they are met with only Amanda in front of a house and a swing set, saying It’s dark out, let’s go home.

  • Clicking on the swing set will make her point at the house, while she says home.
  • Clicking on the swing set a second time will remove it, which makes Amanda’s pupils small as she asks in a desperate tone Click the house!

After clicking the house Amanda will be right next to the door. She will keep her desperate expression and disturbingly says, Knock on the door!

  • Clicking on the window will make her angry and she will say I want to [gets caught in static] go inside.
  • Clicking wrong again will make the window disappear and Amanda will say Let me i-i-i-i-in.

After clicking on the door, the player will hear someone knocking on their door and Amanda will start to twist and distort herself while her eyes turn white. She will say, We’re home! in a distorted, demonic tone before her model gets covered in static. After beginning to type something, she will appear in her monster form at the player’s house.

Blanked Episode [ ]

The Blanked Episode can be found by typing LAMB into the box when being asked to type meat, during episode two’s Butcher’s Shop section. Amanda will be seen with Wooly in the woods trying to find Treasure. She will ask Wooly if he is excited, although it took a few tries to get Wooly’s attention, as Wooly was zoned out. After asking for the second time, Amanda’s voice is heard to be deeper than usual. You must then click the X as X marks the spot.

  • Clicking the wrong option will result her in saying the same line again, failing again will result in trees growing in the additional options.
  • After clicking the X forcefully, the music will start to become more unsettling as Amanda explains we found the X. The tape glitches out as we cut to Wooly and Amanda standing in front of the X.

Amanda explains that she brought 3 tools: A Crowbar, a Rope, and a Shovel. After explaining that we already used the Crowbar for a locked door, and we used the Rope, which has a noose at the end for unknown reasons, she will then point to the shovel. Just as she explains we will use the shovel to dig up the treasure, Wooly says that he had enough, and breaks the fourth wall by grabbing the camera and telling the player to burn the tapes. While this is happening, Amanda lifts herself into the air, progressively getting angrier as Wooly goes on. The tape then cuts off after the tape glitches out, possibly due to Amanda. Then after this, it shows a real-life video of someone burning the tapes.

In The Kitchen [ ]

Amanda greets the player and tells them that she and Wooly are going to make an Apple pie. But before preparing the pie, she asks the viewer what their favorite kind of pie is. Giving unconventional answers like organs or human will prompt her to mention that it sounds delicious but in a sinister voice and scare Wooly. Amanda asks the player what they could use to cut the apples.

Saying anything else except for Knife will cause Amanda to say We can’t use that! and will repeat the line 2 more times until the game forces you.

Afterward, she tells the player they will use a sharp knife to cut the apples but with no parental supervision, much to the dismay of Wooly. She proceeds to prepare the ingredients and then tells the player that they are missing some sugar.

  • Getting where the sugar is wrong will have her say Nope. Try again!
  • Getting it wrong a 2nd time will have her say Don’t you want to help me? in an unamused tone.
  • Getting it wrong a 3rd time will have Amanda ask So, where’s the sugar? in an unamused tone.

After preparing the ingredients, Amanda tells the player to set the oven to 425 degrees, put the apples in the tin, and wait for 40 minutes. The tape ends after Amanda celebrates her newly made Apple pie.

In Your Neighborhood [ ]

Amanda will appear on the street in front of a corner store, bakery, and post office, telling the player she wants to send something special to her friend and tells the player where the store is.

  • If you choose anything but the store, she will chuckle and say, That’s not the store, silly!
  • If you choose anything but the store again, she will say It says store on it, in an unamused tone.
  • If you choose anything but the store yet again, she will close all the stores and say, I’m kind of in a hurry here, in an annoyed tone.

Once she goes to the store, she tells the player that this friend helped her when she was sad, then asks what card she should use.

  • If you choose the birthday card, she will chuckle and say, It’s not their birthday!
  • If you choose anything but the help card, she will say Do you think that’s what they need? in an unamused tone.
  • If you choose anything but the help card again, she will remove all the card baskets and say, What do you say when someone helps you? in an annoyed tone.

After getting the card, Amanda adds that she wants to also get a special treat for her friend.

  • If you choose the post office, she will say Wow, your friends must love your treats from the post office. in an unamused tone.
  • If you choose the post office again, she closes the post office and will say I hope all the treats aren’t stale by the time we get there. Can you show me where to go?

This will lead to the bakery. When in the bakery, Amanda will tell you she wants to send cookies and asks you to pick them out.

  • If you choose anything but the cookies, she will say I don’t think my friend will like that.
  • If you choose anything but the cookies again, she will say I can’t mail that to my friend! in an angry tone.
  • If you choose anything but the cookies the third time, she will lose her patience and will yell out I WANT THE COOKIES!

Amanda mentions that she has one last step, which is sending the package through the post office since the friend lives far away. She forgets the friend’s name but once the player reminds her of her “Friend”, which is Aunt Kate, she rejoices and the tape ends. However:

  • If you name the friend anyone but Kate, she will say No, that’s not my friend’s name.
  • If you name the friend anyone but Kate again, she will say You have to know their name.

In Your Neighborhood (Version 2) [ ]

Amanda will again appear on the street but this time, she is in front of a corner store, a butcher, a candy store, and a post office. Amanda and Wooly greet the player, but when Wooly asks if some of their friends can come back to the neighborhood, Amanda ignores him by saying that she likes that there are so many friends in her neighborhood. She then tells the player she wants to send something special to her friend. She then says she has to go to the store to buy them a card. Once she’s at the store, she ominously says that something bad happened before asking the player what card she should get them.

  • If you pick the condolence cards, she will say that it’s not the right card.
  • If you pick another card, she will say that she doesn’t think she wants this.

Wooly then thinks that Amanda is confused, then Wooly tells the player that it’s his birthday and to pick a card.

  • If you pick the birthday card, Amanda states that she isn’t sure if that’s the correct card before Wooly interrupts her, saying that her friend is going to love the card.
  • If you pick another card, Wooly says Go ahead and pick a card, friend! while leaving the birthday card as the only option as the other cards are sold out.

Amanda and Wooly then both appear in front of all four stores. Amanda tries to recall what her friend is doing as the TV static grows darker along with her thinking before realizing that her friend is having a birthday party. Amanda says she wants to get her friend some candy as a special treat before asking the player where the candy store is.

  • Clicking on the wrong option will result in Amanda saying, They don’t have anything we need.
  • Clicking on the wrong option again will result in Amanda asking which store sells candy.
  • By clicking on the wrong option a third time, Amanda will remove all of the wrong options, asking if that helps.
  • After clicking on the candy store, Amanda happily gets ready to enter the store before red static quickly interferes, forcing all of the stores to appear as butcher stores.

Amanda then gets mad at the player, asking them why they did that as she now can’t find the candy store and doesn’t know where to go. She then asks the player to help her.

Clicking on any of the stores will result in her yelling Don’t do that! at the player as the red static leaves the leftmost butcher store as the only option. When clicking on that option, the previous store is removed, and another butcher store appears as Amanda states that she doesn’t want to go there. Clicking on the butcher again results in another butcher store replacing the previous one as more red static appears before Amanda yells at the player, I said, I DON’T WANT TO GO IN THERE!! with a second voice layering under hers. Clicking on the butcher a third time will result in Amanda seemingly panicking as she doesn’t know what’s happening as more red static fills the screen. Clicking on the butcher a fourth time will result in the screen turning a dark red as an eerie sound can be heard. Amanda then angrily forces her way back toward the screen before asking herself why she is unable to stop what is happening. Red static then fills the screen again before forcing Amanda and Wooly into the butcher store.

With nothing in the store that Amanda wants, Wooly asks Amanda if maybe she could take them someplace else. Amanda then tells the player that she wants to get her friend a special treat. (Also, something to note is that Amanda and Wooly both seemingly have a red outline while in the butcher store.)

  • Clicking on the butcher’s knife will end with Amanda restating that she wants to get her friend a special treat.
  • Clicking on the sausages will end with Amanda restating that she wants to get her friend a special treat.
  • Clicking on Wooly will result in Wooly saying, That’s not funny!
  • Clicking on the pile of meat will result in Amanda angrily stating LET ME OUT OF H-E-R-E- as the screen starts to turn a dark red color before cutting back to all of the regular stores that are now seemingly burned.

Wooly then awkwardly states that Amanda has a nice birthday card and asks if she would like to give it to her friend now. Amanda asks for the player to address the card to someone, seemingly forgetting about her previous friend.

  • Typing in the wrong name will result in Wooly stating that he doesn’t think it’s their birthday.
  • Typing in the wrong name again will result in Wooly stating it’s for someone reeeaally cute as he points to himself.
  • Typing in the wrong name a third time will result in Wooly’s name appearing as question marks while he thinks that the player really forgot who the gift goes to.
  • Forcefully typing in Wooly’s name will result in Amanda realizing that it’s his birthday as he then seemingly winks at the player before the tape finishes.

Oh No! Accidents! [ ]

Before the episode begins, Wooly goes to inform the player to not do something, but Amanda appears glaring angrily at an injured Wooly. Amanda claims Wooly tripped while playing and cuts him off when he says he did not. She explains that this occurred at 3:45, which is a clue, and asks the player where he hurt himself. Then she asks you who can help Wooly, if you do not listen, she sighs, and if you do it again, she will lose her patience and temper and berate the player. If you answer correctly, she will take him to the hospital. Later, she will try and help Wooly herself, and the tape ends.

Oh No! Accidents! (Version 2) [ ]

Wooly will ask the player Do you trust me? Before the player can fully type anything, Amanda eerily asks if he is ready for an adventure, and a mortified Wooly backs up in fear. Later, Amanda lies and says Wooly is hurt. Even though he isn’t, she tries to manipulate the player into believing he is harmed. If the player doesn’t click his head, she gets angrier at the player, until she points the camera at Wooly’s head, and she will claim his head is broken. She then gives him a “pretend” drugged drink, causing him to fall unconscious. Amanda takes his body to a hospital with a blood-stained floor. Amanda asks what tool she should use, ranging from a Hammer, a Saw, and Forceps. However, it doesn’t matter what the player clicks, as she says we’re going to use all three of the tools before trying to cut off Wooly’s head with the saw. If you try to help Wooly, Amanda will raise the saw and the tape ends with Wooly screaming. If you help Amanda, she will fatally strike Wooly with the saw, causing him to die.

What’s a Family? [ ]

Amanda appears at the entrance of the petting zoo and will indirectly make fun of Wooly for being a sheep. She will then ask the player to make a sheep noise. She talks about animals being nothing like humans and tries to dehumanize Wooly because he is not a human. Wooly tries to tell her he can speak, but she gives him the hand and ignores him. Amanda then makes animal sounds of the goat, the chicken, and the pig, making Wooly uncomfortable. She later gets slightly upset when she sees the Chicken family and takes a short pause when she sees the rooster, which may be a hint to her potential father Sam being missing. If you answer Sam also, she’ll respond with Wait, what did you say? How do you- and the barn looking at the player, which is confirming she knows who Sam is.

She later wants to see the Sheep, and if you select the Snake/Spider signs, she will call them scary, and after selecting incorrectly some more, the Spider and Snake images come to life and climb off the sign. After the player (is forced to) picks the correct sign, Amanda will go to the Sheep, where Wooly will be seen acting like a domestic Sheep. Soon after, Amanda finds a lonely kitten. If the player decides to help the kitten, Amanda will not talk with a straight face and just stand there for a few seconds while the sheep make noises before ending the tape. If the player decides not to, she will bawl into tears, everything around her will disappear and her eyes will turn black and hollow before getting covered by multiple eyes.

Everything Rots! [ ]

Amanda appears along with Wooly at a picnic. She asks the player what their favorite picnic food is, only to say that she doesn’t like that at all. Wooly complains about a bad smell, Amanda is not sure about what is causing the bad smell, but then she will say Wooly is right about the bad smell. Amanda will ask the player what could be causing the bad smell.

  • Clicking on the wrong item will make Amanda say it looks fine.
  • Clicking on the wrong item for the second time will make Amanda wonder if the player is doing that on purpose.
  • Clicking on the wrong item for the third time will make Amanda replace the apples and cupcakes with organs, while also making these items not able to be chosen and she will ask frustrated about what is making the bad smell, forcing the player to click the rotten sandwich.

The tape continues with Amanda and Wooly moving on to a rotting stump tree, then Amanda asks the player what is the opposite of alive while also worrying Wooly.

  • Typing in the wrong answer will result in Amanda telling the player to look at the rotten stump and ask, If it’s not alive, what is it?
  • Typing in the wrong answer again will result in Wooly telling Amanda that they shouldn’t be talking about that.
  • Typing in the wrong answer yet again will result in Amanda asking the player if they are afraid of talking about it.
  • Forcefully typing in Dead will result in Amanda saying that the stump is dead, and Dead is the opposite of alive.

Amanda will say that plants die if they don’t have enough water or light, or if they get a disease, then Wooly will ask if they can go back to the picnic. They then encounter a deceased Mr. Fox, who is rotting. Amanda will ask the player what killed Mr. Fox, which is either a Gun, a Knife, or Poisonous Berries. After the player clicks enough objects, Amanda will reveal that Mr. Fox was actually killed by a bear trap. Later, Amanda will ask the player if they think everything rots. If the player answers yes, Amanda will say that that’s what she was afraid of and then the tape ends. If the player answers no, Wooly will say that everything’s fine and then the tape ends. Typing neither option will cause Amanda to get angrier and angrier until she makes Wooly disappear, then asks the player one last time. The player will be forced to type yes, but after that, Amanda will say, I think it might be too late. and then the tape ends. No matter what the player does, after the tape ends, they will be attacked by Amanda in her monster form, resulting in the Gruesome Ending.

We Can Share [ ]

At the beginning of the tape, she is heard humming off-screen. The logo for Amanda the Adventurer appears, but Wooly is cut out of the logo. She is then shown inside her house and speaking to the player about sharing. She describes sharing through sharing her crayons, snacks, and secrets, before asking the player if she can share a secret with them. If the player says yes, she will respond by saying “I’m out there. Somewhere.” If the player says no, she will respond by saying “Oh. I thought you were different.”

Trivia [ ]

Theories [ ]

  • When Amanda says I’m out there. Somewhere. this could mean that she can be saved. She also says that Sometimes, I feel myself. rotting, but it feels far away. This could mean her body is slowly rotting after her body hasn’t been found.

What’s the best store-bought pie for your Thanksgiving table? We tasted 18 to find out

Syracuse, N.Y. — After toiling for hours in the kitchen creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, you might just be too wiped out to make dessert. Or maybe baking isn’t your thing.

Sure, you could shell out big bucks for a custom-made pie from a top-notch bakery for something that’s going to disappear in about 90 seconds. Then again, you could take the easy way out by grabbing a pre-made Apple and pumpkin pie at your local supermarket and hope for the best.

That’s exactly what five journalists from syracuse.com who write about food did last week.

This is nothing new. Over the past few years, we’ve ranked different elements of the Thanksgiving meal. We critiqued cranberry sauce, turkey gravy and stuffing. Heck, we even reviewed seven plant-based turkey alternatives for you vegans out there, and we rated nine frozen Thanksgiving turkey TV dinners. This year, we’re putting our bellies on the line to guide you to your dinner’s final course.

The judges—Chris Baker, Katrina Tulloch, Don Cazentre, Jules Struck and Charlie Miller—met at Swallow’s Restaurant on South Avenue to sample nine store-bought Apple pies and nine pumpkin pies. We stuck with pies from the four largest supermarkets in Syracuse and the three most popular frozen brands. Each dessert was numbered, and we didn’t know which was which when we shoveled them into our pie-holes.

To balance out all these sweets and keep our tastebuds fair and balanced, we washed each pie down with chicken wings, french fries and some of the coldest beer you’ll find in Syracuse.

Here is how we ranked them, from our least favorite to the best:

9: Walmart

Size: 10 inches by 1¾ inches

Nutritional info per slice: 340 calories; 18 grams of fat

From the judges: This is a handsome pie; no doubt about it. The cute Cloud-like top crust with light brown lumps even has itty-bitty fork marks around the perimeter to secure it to the lower shell. Each tiny slice looked appealing from afar, full of large Apple chunks held together by a shiny tapioca binder.

Sadly, we can’t judge a pie on looks alone. The filling was overly sweet and finished with a sour aftertaste. It was almost like Apple-flavored Sour Patch Kids. C’mon, Walmart, it’s Thanksgiving time now, not Halloween.

8: Tops

From the judges: This pie packed a heavy tart scent, but the smell didn’t match the flavor. That’s because there really was no flavor. One of the five judges ranked this in the top five, which isn’t a huge compliment since there were only nine pies. The firm crust seemed to be enhanced with some spices, but that’s the only thing that set this apart from the others.

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7: Sara Lee

Price: 6.99 (Buy one, get one free at Tops!)

From the judges: For a frozen pie, this wasn’t all that horrible. You can’t beat the price. The crust had more salt than the others, and that helped it balance the over-the-top sweet Apple filling. One judge characterized this pie as not offensive, but not great. “It’s the Mark Ruffalo of today’s Apple pies.”

Honestly, it looks like a boring little pie, but that adds to the charm. If you were to have Apple pie for breakfast, this would be the one. It tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Unfortunately we didn’t have milk at our tasting table, just beer.

6: Mrs. Smith’s

Price: 4.49 (on sale at Green Hills)

Nutritional info per slice: 320 calories; 13 grams of fat

From the judges: This looked more like a homemade pie than the other frozen options, but that’s probably because we didn’t leave it in the oven long enough. (My fault!)

The flaky top crust started to pull apart, making it look all that more authentic. It tasted a tad homemade too. Maybe that’s because, as the box says, it was made with “orchard-picked apples.” (As opposed to apples grown in our backyard?) The insides were a little on the runny side.

The directions say to cook this pie for an hour at 400 degrees and then let cool for 45 minutes. Seriously? Who follows directions anyway?

5: Wegmans

Nutritional info per slice: 310 calories; 17 grams of fat

From the judges: Of all the pies we tried, this probably had the least desirable crust. It looked like it had been rolled out on a conveyor belt and stamped on top of the gooey filling by a machine in Rochester. The cute little heart cut slightly off-center makes up for it a little.

That said, don’t let the generic appearance fool you. The ida red apples inside, however, tasted more fresh than any other pie we consumed. The slices were smaller than most, allowing more fruit to be pumped into the package. The dusted cinnamon sugar on top made it sweeter than the others, but it balanced the tart fruit. This is a good pie, and if you shop at Wegmans, save yourself another trip and pick up one of these pies.

4: Costco

Nutritional info per slice: 316 calories; 17 grams of fat

From the judges: If we were judging on size alone, this pie would crush the competition. Literally. The footlong pastry is just south of five pounds!

It certainly has curb appeal. It’s hard to walk by the cooler at Costco and NOT stop and stare at this whopper. But while this double-crusted is attractive, it doesn’t have a lot going on inside. This was the one pie of the lot that we flatout disagreed on.

“This is a big pie but a bad pie,” one judge said. “(It has) greater surface area to disappoint your whole family.” Yet another judge (me!) found the apples to be fresher than the others. Maybe those dissenting judges would prefer Costco to sneak in some corn syrup and not use organic apples.

3: Price Chopper

From the judges: What a shiny pie! It’s sweet, the apples are crunchy and tart, and the top crust is brushed with a light glaze. This pie ranked in everyone’s top three, including some of the bar patrons who grabbed a slice after we were done with our official judging duties.

For what it’s worth, this pie was made in the store about and hour before our happy-hour pie judging. It clearly hadn’t sat out for long.

2: Green Hills

From the judges: The bakery at Green Hills Farms market is one of the area’s best-kept secrets. (Try their donuts and Apple fritters sometime. Just get there before 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.) Anyway, their store-made pies are obviously put together with the same love.

The Apple filling boasted a fair amount of cinnamon, and the delicate crust was buttery and flaky. If I was too lazy to make my own Apple pie, I would pick one of these up when I get my turkey. Heck, I will get one anyway just in case.

1: Marie Callender’s

Price: 5.97 at Walmart

Nutritional info per slice: 310 calories; 13 grams of fat

From the judges: Four of the five judges had this at the top of their list. Why? Probably because of the Apple crumble that you sprinkle over the top during the last 10 minutes of baking. It’s a gimmick, but it’s a tasty gimmick. It adds just enough texture to set it apart from the less flamboyant pies. It also helps that the fruit was solid and not so mushy.

Still tasted fake to me, but I was just one of five votes.

9: Mrs. Smith’s

Price: 4.49 (on sale at Green Hills)

From the judges: Well, this didn’t start well. This is the unanimous loser. One judge likened it to baby food. One said it was too smooth and vegetal. One said it was overly smooth, as though it was baby food AFTER the baby hurled it up. I’m sure Mrs. Smith is a nice woman, but she might want to rethink her recipe. Then again, you get what you pay for.

8: Sara Lee

Price: 6.99 (buy one, get one free at Tops!)

From the judges: I wonder if Sara Lee is related to Mrs. Smith, and I wonder if they do recipe swaps. Her pie was eerily similar to this frozen pie.

Only one of the five judges ranked this higher than eighth. (We all laughed at her!) Said one judge: “Awful pie. Ugh, I hate it. Throw this in the trash.”

The pumpkin texture is gluey and congealed, and it’s hard to tell where the crust ends and the filling begins. Once you do get past the mush, you will pick up hints of nutmeg. In Sara Lee’s defense, perhaps I should’ve turned the pie around midway through the hour in the oven. The center filling fell through my fork tines, but the crust end was overdone.

7: Walmart

Nutritional info per slice: 380 calories; 17 grams of fat

From the judges: What a pitiful little pie. The Walmart website says this serves five. Five what? 4-year-olds? This isn’t much larger than one of those Hostess Apple pies I used to pack in my high school lunch. The taste is OK, although it tastes a little too much like actual pumpkin, which isn’t a compliment. It had an odd aftertaste too. Walmart.com suggests you serve this pie with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. It also recommends pairing it with coffee or milk after you meal. I suggest you serve this pie with all the above. While you’re at it, you might want to get a second one of these for the rest of your family.

6: Marie Callender’s

Price: 5.97 at Walmart

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Nutritional info per slice: 340 calories; 7 grams of fat

From the judges: This pastry crust was pretty much the same as our store-bought Apple pie Champion. The box claims it’s made from scratch. It’s light and flaky, although half of the top edge was burned, which is my fault. (Hey, you try cooking 10 pies at once!) The overdone crust didn’t seem to affect the flavor. The filling carried a nice mix of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg with the pumpkin puree.

5: Costco

Nutritional info per slice: 320 calories; 11 grams of fat

From the judges: Here we go again. We have a pie made for a family of 12. If you ate this entire 3¾-pound behemoth by yourself, you’d be ingesting 3,840 calories, 372 grams of sugar and 576 grams of carbs.

Seriously, this pie has a smooth texture with mild pumpkin pie spices built on a firm crust. It doesn’t jump out at you because it’s just not all that special. I didn’t even think it tasted like real pumpkin. It was more like sweet potato pie.

But for 50 cents per slice, it’s a good value. It’s an all-around everyday middle-of-the-heap pumpkin pie.

4: Price Chopper

From the judges: I got this pie minutes after it came out of Price Chopper’s oven in Western Lights. The guy who baked it boxed it up for me right there. That’s how I know this is one fresh pumpkin pie. It tasted as good as it looked.

The filling had a deep pumpkin flavor with a touch of spices, but it was a little thin. But that doesn’t really matter because the wavy crust did most of the lifting.

3: Wegmans

Nutritional info per slice: 290 calories; 13 grams of fat

From the judges: While we all agreed that the filling here was pedestrian, the crust more than makes up for it. Of all the crusts in all the pies we ate on this night, the Wegmans pumpkin pie crust had the most flavor. The fact that it had flavor at all put it in its own category. It brings the whole pie together. Maybe it’s the palm oil that’s listed in the ingredients. Who cares? It’s a good crust.

This is among the priciest store-bought pies we sampled, but you can’t put a price on all the time you’ll save by putting one of these in your Thanksgiving shopping cart.

2: Green Hills

From the judges: We all agreed that this pie’s filling was the most smooth and savory of the bunch. The crust, however, was too soft. Maybe we should’ve left it in the oven a little longer than we did. I’ll remember that for Thanksgiving Day. While we did have a can of whipping cream on our table (right next to the chicken wings), this pie didn’t need it. The flavor stood on its own. In fact, that was the case for the top five pumpkin pies.

1: Tops

From the judges: This was the unanimous favorite, and that surprised all of us once we were able to reveal the maker of each pie. We didn’t care much for Tops’ Apple pie, but we agreed this pie packed the best pumpkin consistency of the nine. The nutmeg is more pronounced here than any of its competitors, and the filling was sweeter that the others. Lastly, the crust was just crispy enough to give the heavy center the support it needs.

Epilogue: The store-bought pies were better than we expected, especially those made in the supermarket’s bakery. Some of the judges said they’d be serving one (not 18) next Thursday. Others said they would turn to family-owned bakeries in town to do the work for them. Of course, we can still make our own. It isn’t all that difficult.

Charlie Miller finds the best in food, drink and fun across Central New York. Contact him at (315) 382-1984, or by email at cmiller@syracuse.com. You can also find him on @HoosierCuse.

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