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All Secret Codes Of Samsung Galaxy A11 (Hidden Menu). Samsung Galaxy a 11

Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 Phone Screen

Getting locked out of your smartphone is always a troubling position to be in. While you can’t unlock it and change/remove your password, it’s common to think that there’s no way around this problem.

However, if you’ve got yourself locked out of your Samsung A11, there are ways to unlock it and use it as usual.

Wondering how? Sit tight and read till the end, and you will learn everything you need to know about it.

Tips You Should Know Before Unlocking Samsung Galaxy A11

Before you can unlock Samsung, you need to know what kind of lock it is in the first place. Yes, there are multiple kinds of locks you could get yourself behind.

Here are the most important ones you need to know.

  • Screen lock: This is the kind of lock when you forget your password, passcode, PIN, pattern, etc.
  • FRP lock: FRP stands for factory reset protection, and it’s the kind of lock when you reset the phone without removing the Google account from it, and it starts asking for the Google account’s credentials.

In this blog, we’re specifically going to talk about the first type, i.e., when you forget your passcode and can’t open your phone anymore.

Ways to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 Phone Screen

Way 1: 100% Working Method to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11

Now, the best way to unlock Galaxy Samsung A11 is through Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

With 4uKey for Android, you can unlock your screen lock in just a few minutes. Furthermore, you don’t need to be a tech expert to operate it. Simply put, using 4uKey for Android is a piece of cake.

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That said, here’s how you can use 4uKey for Android Samsung:

  • Download and install Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your computer. It’s available for PC and Mac. Open it on your computer, then connect your Galaxy A11 to the computer using a USB cable.

On the main interface, select “Remove Screen Lock”.

Read the disclaimer carefully and click on “Start” to continue. Wait for the removal process to complete. It might take some minutes.

When it’s complete, follow the on-screen instructions to enter recovery mode on your Android device. And reset your device from the recovery mode.

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Wait for your Galaxy A11 to boot up, and your screen lock should now be gone.

Way 2: Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 with Google Login

Another way to unlock Samsung A11 is through Google’s Find My Device network.

You can log in to your Google account on a browser and control your Android devices. From there, you can decide to reset any of the devices linked to your Google account. When you reset your A11, its screen lock will be removed.

  • Open your web browser on your computer.
  • Click here to open the Find My Device page.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Find your Galaxy A11 from the list of devices, then hit Erase Device.

Wait for your device to get erased. And you will now be able to access your device as usual.

Way 3: Use Samsung Find My Mobile to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11

Just like Google, Samsung also has a network where you can manage your devices, and it’s called Find My Mobile. Using this network, you can unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 and your device data will not be erased.

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  • Open your browser on your computer.
  • Click here to open the Find My Mobile website.
  • Sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Locate your Galaxy A11, then unlock it from there.
  • Wait for your phone to get unlocked, and now you will be able to use it as usual.

    Way 4: Do a Factory Reset to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A11

    Last but not least, you can unlock Samsung A11 ram by resetting it. We know, you can’t access your phone because it’s locked, so you can’t open the Settings app to perform the reset.

    But — there’s another way to reset the device: by heading into recovery mode. Here’s how you can do it.

    • Press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time.
    • When the screen goes off, release the buttons. Then, quickly press and hold the volume up and power buttons at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen.
    • Release the buttons.
    • Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and select the reset option.
    • Reboot your device after it’s been reset.

    FAQS About Samsung Galaxy A11 Unlock

    Can I reset my phone if I forgot my Google account password?

    Yes, you can use the Samsung Find My Mobile network to reset your phone.

    Can I unlock my phone if I entered an incorrect password too many times?

    Absolutely, you can use the methods mentioned above even if you have entered the incorrect passcode too many times.

    Will I have to provide my Google account password if I reset my device from the recovery mode?

    There’s a good chance that you will have to enter your Google account password to bypass the FRP lock. However, you can use 4uKey to get rid of the FRP lock, too.

    Samsung Galaxy A11. Tips and Tricks! (Hidden Features)

    The Bottom Line

    And there you have it — that’s how you can unlock your Samsung A11 if you’ve got yourself locked out of it.

    If you’re looking for the fastest, no-nonsense way to do this job, use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

    Updated on 2022-10-27 / Update for Unlock Android

    All Secret Codes Of Samsung Galaxy A11 (Hidden Menu)

    Hi folks, this tutorial will list out all the secret codes of your favourite Samsung Galaxy A11.

    The Samsung Galaxy A11 is a budget phone from the A series but with decent specs. It has a 6.4 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 10 firmware, 13MP triple camera, finger print sensor etc.

    Also it has a non removable 4000 mAh Li-Po battery.

    As our main objective is secret codes lets FOCUS on it further.

    However if you are looking for more Galaxy A Series tutorials please check out the links below;

    What are secret codes?

    Secret codes are hidden codes on all Android Smartphones which will help you to configure or to get information which is not possible normally. It’s always risky to play with secret codes without knowing what it will do to your phone, so be cautious.

    Please note that these codes may not work on carrier locked phones unless their bootloader is unlocked. Also some codes may not work after some software/security update. So don’t panic when some codes are not working.

    How to execute a secret code on your Samsung Galaxy A11?

    To execute the secret codes jut type in the code as shown in the screenshot below and it will run automatically if it’s compatible with your phone. Some codes will not work even if it’s for your model, there can be many reasons like a locked bootloader, carrier lock etc. Even some firmware update/security updates results in blocking of some codes so don’t panic if any of the codes are not working.

    So as you can see in the above screenshot just type the code to your normal dialing keypad, and hurray! the code will just execute.

    If still not confident please watch this tutorial video.

    All Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy A11

    If any of the codes are not working or you have any Samsung Galaxy A11 useful codes with you which are not published here, please feel free to post it in the comment section below so that everybody will benefit from it.

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    Factory reset Samsung Galaxy A11

    If your Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone is running very slowly, hanging, you want to bypass the screen lock, or you have a full memory and want to erase everything, or you want to sell or give it away and want to ensure that nobody can access your files and passwords, you can do a factory reset to restore it to its original state like the first day.

    In the following steps we explain how to format the Samsung Galaxy A11 to erase all your information and make it totally clean as it came out of the store.

    Before doing a factory reset, we recommend deleting all the accounts on the device, specifically it is useful to unlink the Google account if you are going to sell, donate, or give away your Galaxy A11. This will avoid problems for the new user, as some newer devices include a functionality called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) that requires the same Google account or PIN code with which the Samsung Galaxy A11 was initially configured when factory resetting a device.

    Keep in mind that a reset or return to the factory state on a mobile/cell phone deletes all its content, so make a backup of your data before doing it if you don’t want to lose everything.

    In case you do not want to erase the data from the device, you can try to restart the Samsung Galaxy A11

    There are two ways to do a reset on a Samsung Galaxy A11 one through the mobile options and another more complete from the recovery mode.

    Restore from the options of Samsung Galaxy A11

    If you want to make a reset using the device options to return to the factory state a Samsung Galaxy A11 you have to follow these simple steps:

    secret, codes, samsung, galaxy, hidden

    Access the settings menu of your Samsung sm-a115u, sm-a115m/ds, it is the gear icon. If you don’t see it on the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and make sure it’s there.

    Scroll down the Samsung Galaxy A11 settings until you find the section called “General management”, press to access those settings and continue.

    If a section called “Advanced” appears, click to display the advanced options of the Samsung Galaxy A11. Otherwise, scroll down until you see “Reset” and click on that option to continue.

    Several options will appear to reset the Samsung Galaxy A11, the first called “Reset settings” resets the default settings, it is a simpler and less deep reset. The method to remove all the content from the Galaxy A11 completely is “Factory data reset” click on this option to continue.

    A list of all the data that will be removed from the Samsung Galaxy A11 and the applications that will be uninstalled will appear. Scroll down until you find the “Reset” button and press to continue with the process.

    If necessary, draw the screen unlock pattern or enter the screen unlock password or PIN to continue.

    A second confirmation message will appear indicating that all information stored on the Samsung Galaxy A11 and all downloaded applications will be erased and reminding that this action cannot be undone. If you agree, click on “Delete all”.

    Your device Galaxy A11 from Samsung it will restart and take several minutes to start while restoring the device to its factory state and optimizing the applications pre-installed in the operative system Android 10.0.

    Users rating on reset a Samsung Galaxy A11

    Restore with hard reset or Recovery mode Samsung Galaxy A11

    Restore with hard reset or Recovery mode your Samsung Galaxy A11 can solve problems that have not been solved with a normal factory reset.

    1- First turn off your Samsung Galaxy A11 completely. If you can not unlock the screen, press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds and the phone will turn off.

    2- Keep holding on volume down and power keys together for a few seconds in your Samsung Galaxy A11. In some devices according to the Android version the combination can be the power key and the volume key up.

    3- When the Samsung logo is displayed, release the buttons.

    4- Move through the menu with the volume up and volume down keys until you reach the “Recovery Mode” option and press the power button to access.If the device menu appears in Chinese characters, click here to see how to reset a mobile in Chinese

    5- Use the volume up and volume down keys to select the “wipe cache partition” option and press the Power button to activate the option and clear the mobile cache.

    6- After a few seconds you will return to the previous screen, with the volume buttons go to the option “wipe data / factory reset” and press the power button to enter. A screen with many NOes and a YES will appear, with the volume keys again go to the YES and press with the power key.

    7- After finishing again with the volume keys, click on “reboot system now” and press the power key of your Samsung Galaxy A11, the device will reboot and take several minutes to start while restoring the device to its factory state and optimizing the applications pre-installed in the system Android 10.0.

    Has it been useful?

    Samsung Galaxy A11 Review – Back to Basics

    When was the last time you see a large screen triple camera with hole punch front selfie camera (not the notch type) entry level phone? Don’t know? Neither do I. But we are going back to basics today with the new entry level device by Samsung – the Galaxy A11.

    Typically when it comes to entry level smartphones, I can only think of the low specs and mediocre screen size with low resolution blurry display. But in recent times, there are entry level devices that are using mid-range specs from 2 years ago. And the new Samsung Galaxy A11 is definitely one of them.

    I kept my mind open when I received this device for the review. I don’t want to have too high hopes for it and neither do I want to look down on it. So this will be me honest review on this new entry level A Series smartphone by Samsung.

    First Look Design

    First thing I notice is the large 6.4″ display on this entry level device. It is almost very seldom that I see a large screen on any entry level smartphones from up to a year ago. The largest that I have reviewed was a 6″ screen size. So I have no complaints here. The display is a PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors at 720 x 1560 pixels resolution (~268 ppi density). The display itself is bright. But because of the resolution, it misses out on the punchy colours. But still look good for normal use.

    On the top left of the screen, is a little punch hole that contains the 8MP front selfie camera. I’m glad that the Galaxy A11 doesn’t come with a notch like most other entry level phones. So this will be a big plus point for the A11 to stand out from the large entry level crowd.

    Moving on to the rear, the obvious triple camera setup sits at the top left while the fingerprint sensor sits right in the middle, slightly towards to top. The camera bump is obvious but it has become a norm that no one is bothered by it nowadays. That includes me. I just have to slap on a thick phone case to protect the back surface and the camera bump.

    The volume rocker and the power button sits on the right side of the phone while the SIM/MicroSD slot is on the left. The layout and design for this is pretty much standard for the A Series. At the top, there is a small mic hole while at the bottom, you can see the USB type-C port, an audio jack and the bottom firing speaker.

    The body is made of plastic as well as the frame. On the rear side, the plastic feels really soft that when I pressed in the center part, the plastic would bend inwards. That is what you will get for an entry level device like this. But that isn’t bad. With that kind of plastic material, this Galaxy A11 feels really light.

    Here are the full specification of the new Samsung Galaxy A11

    • SoC: Octa-core 1.8 GHz (rumoured to be Snapdragon 450)
    • GPU: Unknown
    • OS: Android 10
    • Memory: 32GB 2GB RAM, 32GB 3GB RAM
    • Display: PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 6.4 inches, 100.5 cm 2 (~81.6% screen-to-body ratio) 720 x 1560 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~268 ppi density)
    • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery, Fast charging 15W
    • Camera: 13 MP, f/1.8, 27mm (wide), AF 5 MP, f/2.2, 115˚ (ultrawide) 2 MP, f/2.4, (depth)
    • Selfie Camera: 8 MP, f/2.0
    • Sensors: Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, proximity
    • Colours: Black, White, Blue, Red

    Performance Usage

    I’m going to talk more on the day to day use of this phone rather than it not being a gaming phone. The unit that I was using comes with minimum specifications which is the 32GB 2GB of RAM version. So I wasn’t expecting to be playing any hardcore games with this one such as PUBG Mobile or any similar to that. But I did tryout some normal type of games like Subway Surfers and Hill Climb 2. Those two games works really well for lower end devices and it certainly plays very smoothly on the Galaxy A11.

    Since I know I won’t be able to test out my usual game on this phone, I do most of the normal stuffs instead. Normal here means browsing the net with the browser, chat on WhatsApp and Messenger, some social media use and editing some photos with Snapseed.

    The battery capacity is 4,000mAh. And with the basic setup and low powered SoC, this Galaxy A11 was able to last a whole day of usage plus a few hours to spare before I plug in the charger. The battery supports fast charging up to 15W and it takes less than 1 hour to power it from 10% to full.

    The fingerprint sensor at the back works quickly and accurately. The phone will be unlocked as soon as I touch the sensor, so that is a good point to note as well. Until now, I still prefer to have the fingerprint sensor located at the back rather than on the front or at the side. That’s just my preference. Some people I know don’t like having the sensor at the back.

    It is also good to note that the installed OS is updated to Android 10. When I got the phone, there was a security update ready to be installed so I hit the update button. The entire OS operates smoothly on the A11 so I guess this will be a good option for a cheap and basic phone.

    Camera Photography

    Last time, I will always worry when it comes to reviewing low end phones’ camera quality and its abilities. When you’re getting low end phones, you will be getting low end cameras too I suppose. I do hope that I don’t get too disappointed with the camera’s abilities.

    So let the photos do the talking from here onward.

    Taking photos with the normal wide angle setup is a little washed out and the outer areas are a little bit out of FOCUS. But details are good in the middle.

    At the same location with the ultrawide angle camera looks very blurry on the outer edges.

    The path looks better when in good lighting area. Details are good but lacks the colour vibrancy.

    Again, certain areas are out of FOCUS when taken with the ultrawide angle camera. But colours are vibrant.

    Photo details are good but still lacks the oomph.

    with ultrawide angle.

    Closing up to a subject tends to get clear in the middle but blurry around the corners.

    Photos with the ultrawide angle camera is just okay especially with this budget device.

    But when you’re thinking of being a little artistic by placing the phone near to the ground, it looks nice.

    Indoor shots are slightly better from what I’m seeing here. The blurry background are from the bokeh effect that was produced by the camera. Somehow it looks fine. Colours are a little washed out.

    Food photography looks okay, but still have slight blur around the corners.

    However, selfies are quite good with the Galaxy A11. It can be better but in my opinion, it performs better than the main rear camera. Although we see a little over exposed shots from the front camera, it still managed to capture good details. And the Live Focus effect gives a good smooth bokeh effect in the last photo.

    When it comes to the camera department, the Galaxy A11 will give you a hit and miss situation. Sometimes it can produce a good and clear photos, but at other times it will have a little miss on something. It can be a miss on focal point, colours or exposure. But it you are not bothered about having a good camera on a phone, then you’re all good. Don’t expect it to produce flagship like photos. But it still able to capture some good shots along the way.


    Cheap and basic smartphones don’t get much attention nowadays. Most of the lower end specs are obsolete especially when it only comes with 2GB of RAM. Three years ago, I would agree that having 2GB of RAM is minimum for any lower end smartphones. Again, that was three years ago. By today’s standard, we need at least 3GB of RAM as the basic to start with. 32GB of storage is fine by me as long as we can add in a MicroSD card to expand the total storage.

    Despite the low memory specs, the Galaxy A11 is able to perform well in normal usage conditions for daily use. Scrolling through social media was a breeze, basic games works well, watching movies or listening to music on its bottom firing speaker is fine and the battery will last you the whole day.

    Just don’t expect to get all the bells and whistles of the higher version of A Series from this Galaxy A11. But at the same time, don’t look down on it. The A11 is still a very capable device to have and at its price point, it will be a good contender in the low end mini battle.

    If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable design that won’t break your piggy bank but still have a device that is more than capable to handle your daily needs, this Galaxy A11 is a good option. Or if you’re looking for a second phone to have around, this is a good companion too. Or better yet, as your child’s first phone.

    The Samsung Galaxy A11 is available for purchase from Samsung’s online store at only RM599.

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    Samsung Galaxy A11

    Samsung Galaxy A11 expected price in India starts from ₹9,990. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy A11 detailed specifications and features.

    Samsung Galaxy A11 Quick Specifications

    RAM 2 GB
    CPU 1.8 GHz, Octa Core Processor
    Display 6.4 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels
    Battery 4000 mAh, Li-ion Battery
    Rear Camera 13 MP f/1.8 (Main)5 MP f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)2 MP f/2.4 (Depth Sensor) with autofocus

    This is an Upcoming Mobile Phone. Samsung Galaxy A11 is expected to launch soon. Set an Alert to know when it launches.

    Similar Products. Samsung Galaxy A11 Details

    Galaxy A11 is going to be the next A-series phone from Samsung and it is more likely to go official in February 2020. The new Galaxy A11 is expected to include a triple cam set up on the rear side, will most likely employ a mid-range chipset, and is rumored to include a massive 5000 mAh battery. Can this new Galaxy A11 stand a chance against rivals? Let’s read the specs and features in detail to know if this phone is worth buying or not.

    Display and Design

    Galaxy A11 employs a 6.2-inch IPS LCD panel with a punch-hole. The screen has HD resolution (720×1520 pixels) which amounts to 271 PPI. The panel is less likely to produce sharp and detailed content with the given PPI, but that wouldn’t impact your phone’s performance. The aspect ratio of the phone is 19:9 and the screen to body ratio is 81.6%. in other words, buyers can better enjoy games and videos with more screen size.

    The phone has a solid built quality with a polycarbonate plastic finish at the back. It sports a dedicated fingerprint sensor on the back and also adds a Type-C port and 3.5mm jack at the bottom.

    Camera and Configuration

    Samsung Galaxy A11 comes with a triple set of lenses. It flaunts a 13MP primary lens paired with a 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2MP depth sensor. Buyers can click sharp pictures from the primary snapper and have fun with the multiple cameras at their disposal. On the front, there is an 8MP snapper without any flash, that means it would be difficult for you to take selfies at night.

    Galaxy A11 runs on Android 10-based One UI 2.0 interface. The phone has a native Exynos 7904 chipset from Samsung and runs on 3GB of RAM. The Exynos 7904 is a mid-range chipset that can be compared with Snapdragon 660, but in terms of performance, it is slightly behind the Snapdragon 660. The phones house Mali-G71 MP2 GPU, also an entry-level GPU, to handle the graphics. You can expect to have smooth gameplay at the default graphics setting on the phone. This is clearly not a configuration meant for high-end gamers.

    Battery, Storage, and Connectivity

    The phone is powered by a 4000mAh battery, which should last a day depending upon your usage. The major drawback could be missing fast charge support in the Samsung Galaxy A11. Unfortunately, buyers will have to wait a bit longer for their phones to charge.

    Galaxy A11 has 32GB of inbuilt memory that can be used to store your favorite apps and games. With the support of the micro-SD card, you can expand the storage up to 512GB to keep your movies, pictures, videos, songs, etc.

    The connectivity of Galaxy A11 includes VoLTE, 4G, WiFi802.11, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS-AGPS, GLONASS, and USB-C

    Samsung Galaxy A11 fits in the midrange segment. It is powered by a mid-range SoC and GPU as well. Buyers will obviously miss the Gorilla Glass and fast charge support from Galaxy A11. Judging by the price, it would be unfair to complain about the specs but fast charge and Gorilla Glass support have become a need for smartphones now. You may look for other alternate options that come in the same price segment including Samsung Galaxy M30s, Redmi Note 8, Realme 5 Pro, and Honor 20i.



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