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TOP 10 best air humidifiers 2021: how and which one to choose?

Before purchasing a device, you should study its characteristics. Consider the most important criteria for choosing a humidifier for an apartment or at home:

  • Optimum device capacity 30. 35 watts. Keep in mind that too powerful humidifier will consume a lot of electricity, which will affect the family budget.
  • The productivity of the device for a small apartment or room with an area of ​​up to 30 m2 will be 350. 400 ml/h/h. The performance of a good moisturizer for a room of 70. 80 m2 will leave up to 600 ml/h. The larger the area serves the device, the higher its power consumption.
  • Many models of the average price segment have built.in hygrometer and hygrostat. special air control sensors that help maintain specified parameters. But they do not always give an exact picture of measurements, as they are inside the device, and near the device case, humidity is always higher than at the other end of the room. Therefore, it is better to purchase a compact hygrometer, which can be installed anywhere in the room, it will more accurately measure the humidity.
  • The average noise level that the humidifier publishes during operation is 25 dB. It looks like a quiet conversation. It is better to choose the models of low.noise, since with high dry air dryness the device will work for more than one hour.
  • It is good if the device has high.quality water filters. They are needed if water is not used the best quality. However, if the water water is clean and suitable for drinking, then you can purchase models of moisturizers without a complex filtration system. In the process of working, the white plaque on objects in the room will not remain.
  • A special antibacterial lamp inside the moisturizer destroys viruses and bacteria. If you have small children, then such a device will be a good choice.
  • Water consumption depends directly on the volume of the container inside the device. With continuous operation per day, the device can spend up to 400 ml of water per hour. If the air is wet, then the water consumption is reduced. Up to 14 liters of water is consumed in dry air per day in dry air.

How to choose a humidifier for home

Despite the different principle of operation of devices that create a comfortable microclimate in the house, the main technical specifications are general. Therefore, they should first pay attention to them, considering the rating of the best air humidifiers 2022.

  • Performance. This parameter directly depends on the dimensions of the room. For example, on a room with an area of ​​30 square meters.m. enough moisturizer, issuing 300-400 ml/h. And for a two-room apartment, performance should be higher-500-600 ml/h.
  • Power. This characteristic is inextricably linked with the previous. The higher the performance of the unit, the more energy it will consume. The optimal power indicator is 30-35 watts. But if the device is equipped with additional functions, energy costs will increase.
  • Noise level. The best air humidifiers for home 2022 should not be loud. Permissible parameter. 25 dB, not interfering with comfortable rest. But many models are forced to work constantly when the air is excessively dry, they can publish a more loud noise. Sometimes low performance affects this parameter (the inability of the device to cope with a large area).
  • Duration of work. Calculated based on the volume of the tank for the liquid and productivity of the device. The parameter is indicated in the instructions and is usually 12-20 hours.
  • Additional functions. On sale you can find devices with ionization and aromatization of air.

To buy a humidifier in which all characteristics meet the necessary requirements, it is recommended to carefully study the attached instructions.

Steam humidifier

Steam humidifiers with the principle of hot evaporation are very popular. Water is heated by electrodes, reaches the desired temperature and turns into steam, saturating the air. Hot particles kill harmful microbes and bacteria, while a negative effect is not provided on a person.

One of the positive aspects of such a device is the possibility of strong air moisture. from 60%. Productivity is up to 700 ml/h, one model is enough for huge rooms. On many, an indicator of the amount of water in the tank is placed, some moisturizers stop working when reaching a minimum. When buying, it is important to take into account the design of the model. the design should be stable so that the device does not turn over, pouring the entire liquid.

These devices have no nozzles that can clog. There are no filters requiring regular replacement. They do not need to be constantly refueled by distilled water, which leaves a salt coating.

Most steam humidifiers are made of their heat.resistant plastic, resistant to hot fluid. It is recommended to check the device protection system: for example, if the cover is not closed, the device will not turn on. With complete evaporation, the unit must stop action. Steam humidifiers do not need cartridges or filters, they are easy to operate and are relatively inexpensive.

Thanks to high power and cheapness, these devices are installed in greenhouses, greenhouses and winter gardens. They create a tropical microclimate that is favorable for many plants. For the same reason, they are less likely to be used in apartments and houses. The power is so high that in a short period of time the air will become too wet, as if before the rain.

The best humidifier of air “all in one

[ProfitPrice] Neoclima NCC-868 [/ProfitPrice] Neoclima NCC-868-ultrasonic climatic complex with functions of cleaning, moistening, ionization and ozoning of air. 4 mode of air processing speeds are provided.

Cleaning is performed using a HEPA filter, photocatalytic and coal filters, as well as an ozonator and an ultraviolet lamp. Thoughtful operation of 4 devices of the device, including night and automatic modes.

The device performs bacterial cleaning and disinfection of air, eliminates smells and improves the quality of indoor air.

Protection from children and from overturning the device is provided. The built.in hygrometer is equipped with a function stabilization at the desired value and is set up with a 5% step.


  • Square: 50 kV. m.
  • Power of the device: 95 watts.
  • The degree of ionization: 8 million ions/cm.
  • Water consumption: 300 ml/hour.
  • Ozonation degree: 50 mg/h.
  • Noise value: 22-30 dB.
  • LCD screen.
  • Indicator of the amount of water.
  • Moisture indicator.
  • Air contamination sensor sensor.
  • Weight: 8.1 kg.
  • Size: 43 x 45 x 19.8 cm.


  • Favorable price for this class of devices.
  • The presence of all functions for air quality control in one device.
  • Several stages of air purification.
  • High productivity of the device.

Customer reviews

The device is considered as a convenient multifunctional device with a profitable ratio of cost and quality. The defects of the design, the complexity with cleaning the device are noted. In general, a rather noisy device, in the night mode an acceptable sound of flowing water is heard.

To achieve effectiveness, you need to competently use the functions of ionization and ozonation. The built.in hygrometer gives correct indications, but the display does not completely turn off even in night mode.

Good home moisturizers

The list is compiled according to one of the popular trading platforms. When compiling it, the following aspects were taken into account:

Important! Do not consider this list as a rating. Information in it is given for introductory purposes.

Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020or/O-021or

Functional home humidifier with good performance and moderate energy consumption. It has an intuitive integrated integrated gigrometer to work in automatic mode. From additional characteristics there is a flavoring function.

Can be installed both on the floor and on the table. The volume of the tank is only 3.5 liters with the maximum battery life up to 15 hours. Of the shortcomings, the absence of the remote control and high cost can be noted.

for Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020or/O-021or start with 15,500 advantages of the model:

humidifier, does, flow
  • A long time of autonomous work.
  • Original appearance, compact dimensions.
  • Dickeding element pollution indicator.
  • The presence of a hygrometer.
  • 4-speed fan.

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Royal Clima Sanremo Plus (Ruh-SP400/3.0M)

Classic economy class humidifier. Made of laconic white plastic, has a special window for convenience to control the water level in the tank. The declared performance is 400 ml/h. The kit includes 5 coal filters, the resource of which should be enough for 2 years of operation.

Includes a humidifier and flavor in one case. The volume of water for water 3 l, which is enough for 8 hours. work in maximum power mode.

Moisturizer of the traditional type Royal Clima Sanremo Plus (Ruh-SP400/3.0M) STATIC source.online.ru

Price Royal Clima Sanremo Plus (Ruh-SP400/3.0M) is in the range of 5,000-5 500

  • Low price
  • Silent work that does not interfere with sleep and rest.
  • Original interior and ergonomic control panel.
  • Adjusting the direction of the steam supply.
  • Completed device 2 in 1.
humidifier, does, flow

Winia AWI-40

Tank, with a capacity of 7 liters, minimum electricity consumption (15 W) and excellent performance: 450ml/h. All these are the characteristics of the Korean humidifier of the air related to the type of air of air.

Management is carried out by means of a sensory display on which you can choose one of 5 modes of operation. The noise when turning on depends on the load and varies in the range from 25 to 35 dB.

The average cost of the traditional Winia AWI-40 humidifier is 17 500-18 900

  • Water cleaning with silver ionizing filter.
  • Built.in hygrometer.
  • High.quality assembly, ergonomic design.
  • Moisturizing discs with 3D structure.

Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM (Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2)

Compact Chinese model with a small tank of 4 liters. liquids. Water consumption is 240 l/h, is able to qualitatively cover the space of the room of 15 m2. Belongs to modern “smart” devices with the control of the sensor or through Wi-Fi. Connection is carried out through an application that allows you to obtain the most reliable information about the modes, humidity and optional removable control devices.

humidifier, does, flow

The main drawback in the noise of the device. 35 dB will create a certain discomfort, so it will have to be disconnected at night.

for Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM range in the range of 6 000- 6 550

  • Low price.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • The possibility of contactless connection through a mobile application.
  • Several operating modes. The ability to use a gateway in a “smart home”.
  • Protective antibacterial treatment of the inner surface of the tank.

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Boneco U700

High.quality ultrasonic humidifier with excellent performance. Capacity capacity 9 liters, water flow rate 600 ml/h. Designed to work in rooms with an area of ​​up to 80 m2. The original performance replacing the nightlight is made in the form of a illuminated tank of a blue shade.

Management of the device on the touch panel, where there are functions of the “cold” or “warm pair”, timer, turn on the automatic mode, adjustment of power. The humidifier is equipped with a built.in hygrostat that turns off the device when a given value is reached. Power of only 180 watts at 45 watts, provided that the liquid heating option is turned off.

Boneco U700 start at 17,500

  • Capable of serving large rooms.
  • Separate container capacity.
  • Works in a low noise range, 25 dB.
  • Membrane cartridge seasoned with ion exchange resin.

Electrolux EHU 3710D

Ultrasonic humidifier with original design. Compact dimensions allow you to place it on the table. The setting of operating modes takes place in 7 positions, intended for use in rooms with an area of ​​up to 50 m2. The configuration includes a hygrometer and a filtering demineralizing cartridge. Automatically turns off after the air is moistened to the set parameters.

Able to work continuously for 11 hours, the volume of the tank is 5 liters, consumption. 450 ml/h. It has a function of ionization. Management and active modes are displayed on the display. The range of noise effect is not more than 25 dB, the power of the device is 110 watts.

for Electrolux EHU 3710D are in the range from 8,600 to 9 500

  • High efficiency.
  • Large moisture area.
  • Auto dispatch mode.
  • Built.in ionizer.
  • 7 operating modes.
  • Hygrometer.
  • Children’s and night regimes.

Ballu UHB-310

Compact mechanical humidifier with an ultrasound principle of operation. Designed to work in rooms whose area does not exceed 40 m2. Power 25 W, water capacity 3L. Capable of working without stopping for 10 hours, after which it automatically turns off due to ending water.

How to choose a humidifier

Air humidity is one of the most important parameters that determine the comfortable existence of a person. But, unfortunately, the modern conditions of existence in the urban environment very often do not correspond to the necessary characteristics, and therefore they have to be adjusted artificially. Air humidifiers are household appliances to adjust humidity, and are no less important home device than a slab or microwave oven. About whether you need a humidifier, and how to choose one or another model, we will tell in our article today.

To understand whether you need a humidifier, it is enough to purchase an inexpensive hygrometer (a device for measuring air humidity). Analogue version costs from 150 in Moscow stores, digital-from 6-7 in Chinese online stores. But most often in stores you will find combined weather stations that not only measure air humidity, but also show the temperature inside or outside the room, predict the weather using a barometer, and also contain an alarm clock, calendar and other functions.

Inexpensive weather station Oregon Scientific Bar310HG will show the temperature, pressure and humidity in the room

Comfortable air humidity (a value characterizing the content of water vapor in the atmosphere) lies in the range from 40 to 60%. If the figure you receive as a result of the measurements is below this border, then you need a humidifier (and if it is very lower, then you really need it), if you do not even need it for nothing.

Of course, the measurements should be carried out for several days in a row, and even better in winter. Winter for most households of Russia is a decisive factor, since in typical houses, regardless of the number of storeys of the central heating battery, they are not equipped with regulators of the level of excreted heat. And therefore, the batteries drift the air to the limit (especially at night), creating an atmosphere uncomfortable for people. Everything is not so simple with air conditioners: modern split systems with a “partial drainage” function are able to provide high-quality microclimate in the room, but are much more expensive, they require more, and if they break, the repair will cost almost like buying a new unit.

In general, if your head often hurts in the apartment, the feeling of dry mouth is constantly tormented, skin is peeling, you feel difficulties with breathing or notice that general health worsens (constant drowsiness, distraction, low performance, poor immunity, increased fatigue). It is worth considering the humidity in the apartment and get a hygrometer to start. Of course, the normal level of humidity is also necessary for children. And finally, it will be useful to mention that insufficient humidity adversely affects furniture, and even on parquet floors. they dry out and crack much faster.

Pleasant, but optional functions

Air cleaning. If filters are installed in the ultrasonic humidifier, then the manufacturer usually declares this function if the filters are antibacterial. declares loudly. But still a humidifier is not an air cleaner, its effect on air purification can only be auxiliary. With serious health problems. allergies, asthma. it is recommended an air cleaner. possibly with a moisturizing function. Filters need to be changed. an additional cost item. All this does not apply to devices with the traditional way to moisturize. there are filters a mandatory part of the structure, and if they are antibacterial. the better.

Air aromatization. Typically, the flavor is recommended to be poured into a special capsule through which air fence occurs. Do not use flavorings (as a rule, they have an oil base) in devices without such a thing, pouring them simply into water. ruin the device.

Ionization. It is believed that the enrichment of the air negatively charged particles. ions that have the ability to attract and retain moisture, contributes to better hydration of air. Optimal if ionization is disconnected.

Water backlight. In this case, the humidifier can also work with a night lamp. It is important that the backlight is disconnected if necessary.

Types of moisturizers

At the moment, there are many air humidifiers, divided into several price categories. Each of them contains the following types of devices:

  • Traditional. The most common devices equipped with special air purification filters. Air moisturizing is carried out with small fans that drive away the air flow through the filtration system. Dust sets off in a container with liquid. The disadvantage of such models can be considered rapid water pollution;
  • Ultrasonic. Another common option, characterized by minor energy consumption. In ultrasound moisturizers, a special membrane is installed to create vibrations, thanks to which water begins to evaporate. The advantage is that moisture occurs even at low temperatures;
  • Steam. Devices of this category are not recommended for premises in which small children may be present. The bottom line is that such devices have a special heating element that heats water to 60 degrees. Moisturization is carried out due to the release of hot steam. The main advantage is the destruction of bacteria and viruses boiling water.

Where to put an air humidifier?

In order for a humidifier to effectively perform its functions, it is important not only to choose a high.quality device, but also to place it in the room correctly.

This will contribute to the uniform distribution of water vapor around the room. For the same reason, the device is recommended to put in the center of the room.

So that the water from the tank evaporates more slowly, it is advisable not to put a humidifier next to heating appliances.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the humidifier needs constant care, so access to the device must be free.

If the device is on the floor, you should be prepared for the fact that condensate will begin to form next to it.



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