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Air humidifier at home

We make a moisturizer with our own hands

The ingenuity of lovers of crafts is truly no bounds. For example, many prefer to make various simple equipment for the home, while spending a minimum of funds and efforts. In this article we will tell you how to assemble a household humidifier from improvised materials with your own hands and give detailed schemes of action to each described method described.

Before starting assembly of a home.made unit, we advise you to understand the algorithm of its work. As a rule, the humidifier functions according to the following principle: water is poured inside the tank, and then it evaporates. Thanks to the resulting pair, the air in the room becomes more humid. Some housewives use this rule in everyday life: pour water into the basin, lower the fabric or towel on top and in this way they increase humidity in the room. True, such a method is not very effective, and increases the level of humidity only in the immediate vicinity of the pelvis.

Of course, modern devices work much more complicated, and this should be taken into account before creating their moisturizer. Traditional air humidifiers act on a cold pair using a built-in fan and cartridge filters. Steam models resemble an electric kettle in terms of operation: their main mechanism is an internal heating element, or heating. And, finally, ultrasonic devices are based on the work of a piezorammal membrane, using alternating current of converting water into the smallest particles of water fog, which subsequently enters the room.

Based on these simplest knowledge, you should imagine which device you want to get. We will single out several of the most popular and understandable methods of manufacturing, both a moisturizer and the air cleaner.

From CDs

The photo below shows how the air washing looks from the inside in a factory design.

Cleaning and moisturizing occurs due to the use of a large number of plastic disks in the aggregate, which increases the area of ​​evaporation of moisture and the area of ​​contact with the air flow. Thanks to this, the unit works as a water cleaner, since most of the dust is glued to the disks and washed off in the water located in the pallet. A similar design can be made at home from the compact disks.

CDs will need a lot-from 50 to 80 pcs., Depending on the size of the water tank.

You also need to choose an axis on which these discs will be strung. There are a lot of options of what this shaft is made of: it can be a plastic tube of a suitable diameter or a metal tube, but the simplest solution that can be bought on the market is a hairpin with a diameter of 10 mm with a chopped thread.

It will also be necessary to purchase the required number of goals (you can make it yourself from a piece of plastic), 2 bearings with a suitable diameter of the seat and nut.

Next, follow the given algorithm for the performance of work.

  • With the help of sandpaper, a grinding circle or nozzle, remove the upper (shiny) layer from the disks to the drill so that they become rough and better wetted with water.
  • Dress the wheels on the hairpin, laying the washers between them.
  • Fasten the disks along the edges of the shaft using nuts. If you use a plastic tube, then the discs are fixed with a dressed plastic washer and an adhesive gun.
  • Put the bearings at the ends of the shaft and fix them with nuts (in the case of a plastic axis, they are glued with an adhesive gun).
  • On one side of the shaft, it is necessary to fix the pulley. You can make it from three glued disks, the central of which has a diameter of 2-3 mm less than the side. A passage of money for money will be dressed on this pulley.

But before collecting a shaft with disks, it is necessary to decide on the capacity on which the whole design will be installed. The length of the shaft should be such that the bearings go beyond the container and are installed on the corners glued to it, as in the next figure.

It is also necessary to calculate the place on the shaft where the pulley will be fixed. It should be strictly opposite the pulley of the motor so that the passic does not fly.

You can use a plastic container with a lid in which the cooler from the computer can be used as a sink body.

To connect the fan to the network, if you are not strong in electronic circuits, you can use any ready.made power supply for 12V.

To change the speed of the cooler, some “creators” of sinks and moisturizers use a power supply from TV antenna with a voltage regulator.

DIY Ultrasound Moisturizer

To make an ultrasonic humidifier, a number of special materials will be required. The device consists of:

humidifier, home
  • containers of plastic material with a volume of 5 to 10 liters;
  • flexible pipe (can be used corrugated);
  • ultrasound converter;
  • stabilizer;
  • computer cooler;
  • power supply;
  • aluminum corner;
  • plastic glass;
  • rings from a children’s toy-pyramid.

The option is certainly costly, but in any case, a home.made humidifier will cost cheaper than the device purchased in the store. Assembly of the device:

  • Using a drill, make holes in the container cover. They are needed for a steam.forming wire, fan fastening and outlet tube.
  • Install the fan on the container, insert the end of the corrugated tube into another hole.
  • Place the steam.former on a floating platform. It can be made from a plastic glass and “bagel” from a children’s toy-piramid. Insert an element of the toy into the glass, having previously drilled a hole in the bottom, to which then attach a piece of fabric with an elastic band (it will perform the function of filtering). This structure should be in the water constantly so that the humidifier works uninterruptedly.

The operation of the device will be carried out at a voltage of 24 V, and to make the fan function, you need 12 in. Food is carried out using the stabilizer chip. It will be better if the scheme and handle of speed control are located under the aluminum corner.

A homemade air humidifier does not need constant maintenance, it is easy to operate, the main condition is to use distilled water.

How a humidifier works?

Before starting directly to work, you should understand the device of the moisturizer. The functionality of this device is the evaporation of the water that you fill in the humidifier. To date, 3 types of air humidifiers have been invented.

  • Cold pair. Uses cold water. Due to the difference in ambient temperatures and water, a steam is formed, which with the help of a built.in fan spies the evaporated water around the room.
  • Steam device. It works on the principle of an iron. the water is in a vessel, part of which heats up and evaporates the liquid, why pushing the steam outward. It is worth noting that this device will not be able to moisturize your house in full force, since it rarely has a fan for better spraying.
  • Ultrasound device. Designed recently. Using ultrasound converts flooded fluid into steam, which is assembled in a cloud. Then the unit sprays the assembled steam around the room. This device will quickly be able to moisturize your home.

In fact, creating this device at home is not at all difficult. Having a little knowledge in stock, everyone can afford a humidifier of air, spending a minimum of effort, time and money!

Features and benefits of the air humidifier

The person’s health is affected by the temperature in the house, the purity and level of air humidity, which should be 45-80%. This indicator is greatly reduced in winter due to the operation of radiators and air conditioners. Reduce humidity and plastic windows that do not pass air, unlike wooden frames.

  • The skin suffers from dry air, premature aging begins, wrinkles appear. Hair and nails break, in the morning the head hurts, lays his nose.
  • In a dry room, the nasal mucosa dry out, bacteria and viruses freely penetrate through the nasopharynx into the body. This leads to otitis media, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis.
  • In conditions of low humidity, an allergy appears due to accumulation of pets wool in the house, dust, household chemicals, fumes from polymers, due to harmful gases.
  • People with tuberculosis and asthma, dry air is contraindicated. attacks of suffocation are becoming more frequent, the disease progresses.
  • In the absence of moisture, the flooring, wooden furniture, parquet, door jambs spoil and dry out and dry out.
  • Humper air for flowers is very important. Indoor plants at low humidity stop growing, developing, blooming. The leaves dry, turn yellow. The evaporator creates favorable conditions for plants, and they release the oxygen necessary for people.
  • Dry air is very harmful to young children. If parents do not ventilate the room, afraid to catch a child, viruses and bacteria quickly spread in the stuffy room, children begin to get sick.

On a note!

The device helps reduce the risk of allergic, respiratory diseases, improve the skin, prevent its peeling. The immune system does not fail, and plants develop well and release the necessary oxygen.

Connecting automation to ultrasound humidifier

Time relay

If desired, you can set the time relay. It consists of segments. Each segment is 15 minutes.

We win the modes of inclusion of the fog generator. Set the switching modes of ultrasound moistur

Clamping the segment, you activate the work of the relay for the closed period.

The price of this device is 500 r.

Smart socket with a humidity sensor

Smart socket allows you to control humidity. The device has 3 displays. On the middle display, large red numbers show the current humidity value. On the left display green numbers, the lower humidity value is set, on the right display. The upper value of the humidity.

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Through the double, connect the humidifier power supply and the fan to the smart outlet. The built.in controller will turn on the humidifier when the humidity falls below the lower limit (the value of the left display) and turns off the humidifier when the upper limit is reached (the value of the right display).

Need cheap air humidifier?

If your tasks require less equipment productivity, then it is possible to make a cheaper air humidifier.

To do this, we will use the 6th disk module of the fog generator. Its performance of 4 liters per hour for many tasks is quite sufficient. And the benefit of the purchase is significant!

For example:

Ultrasound moisturizer 6 discs 4l/hour. 7,000 p.

Moistenous power supply. 4 500 p.

Production of homemade moisturizers

Simple evaporation has a shortage: either the process passes too slowly, or it is necessary to take a large territory under the “evaporator”.

To solve this problem, an increase in the velocity of water flow into the air is used due to its heating or blowing. Since such air humidifiers are easy to do with your own hands, you can not spend money on purchased products.

Using heating batteries

Water having a temperature above the surrounding air evaporates much more intensively. The heating system is usually used as a heating element. Its main advantages are that it does not require additional energy costs and works all the time.

It is possible to ensure the constant flow of water to the radiator in the following way: under the battery, a container is installed in which a rag is lowered, the upper part of which is tied to the radiator. As a result of the capillary effect, the water rises up, heats up and evaporates.

A rag is attached to the front side of the radiator. This can spoil the appearance a little, but this design is effective and simple

A similar, but slightly more complex design can be made for the heating pipe. To do this, use an ordinary plastic bottle, on the side of which a hole is cut. The container is attached with a wire or other durable material. A rag on which water will come to her is tied to her.

A humidifier can be made as follows. However, since the evaporation area will be small, the volume of moisture entering the air will also be insignificant

There are many containers for moisturizing air on sale, which are attached to the front of the radiators. The same design can be made by plastic bottles yourself.

Hinged evaporators of various shapes can be bought in a store. They are made of ceramics or plastic. You can also make and paint such a container yourself

You can put a container with water on the battery. The smaller the fluid level, the faster it will evaporate. The case material can be any: the main thing is that it differs in high thermal conductivity.

The danger of objects installed on the battery is the complexity of their reliable fastening. A cat or child are able to drop the entire structure on the floor

These methods work well for heating radiators having a temperature of 60-80 ° C. You can not use them for furnaces or boilers, in which the temperature of the case is much higher, since there will be a fire of rags or plastic.

humidifier, home

Evaporation using ventilation

Air saturation occurs much more intensively with wind effects. This factor is used in homemade air moisturizers, which are easy to build with your own hands in the presence of a fan.

You can come up with many combinations with batteries or fan. However, you need to observe safety precautions and the way, as shown in this photo, you do not need to do

A homemade humidifier with a fan works according to the following principle: an air flow enters the container through the input hole, raises moisture and exits through the holes specially made for this.

Usually a plastic bottle, volume from three liters or more are used as a vessel. To organize the flow, a computer cooler operating from 12 or 24 volts is most often used.

The most difficult thing in the practical field is to securely fix the fan and provide density so that the wet air does not go back and does not fall on the blades and the current.blooming part.

Instead of a plastic bottle, it is better to use a tougher container for a moisturizer for a moisturizer case, for example, plastic buckets. It is easier to fix the cooler on them

The main minus of such moisturizers is the presence of noise from a working fan. Electricity consumption of standard coolers models is small and is in the range of 3-6 watts.

The use of ultrasound disperses

The most productive are ultrasonic humidifiers with a built.in spray of cold water. It can be purchased in specialized stores or on well-known Internet sites.

To collect the simplest ultrasonic humidifier will be needed:

  • Ultrasonic spray, designed for volume 0.3 l/hour (his);
  • cooler from the video card or processor ;
  • Plastic container

The ultrasonic spray should be glued to the bottom of the container, and cut a hole in the lid over it, to which you can attach the hose. Such a device “excellently” will cope with the functions of the humidifier invested in factory manufacturing units.

What does a humidifier do why you need it

It should not be too long so that there is no condensation effect. We cut the second hole under the cooler and install it so that it directs the air flow inside the container.

humidifier, home

You can connect a 12-volt cooler to a 220 volt network using an old charge from a mobile phone, which is not used for its intended purpose. Simply connect the wires

Moisturizer from the fan

If you urgently need to solve the problem how to moisten the air in the room without a moisturizer and heating devices, then you can resort to a simple but effective method. On the grill of a conventional floor fan, fix a raw terry towel so that the edges do not touch the blades. After the device is included in the network, the air flow will carry out particles of water and increase humidity in the room.

There are many ways to moisten the air in the room. At the same time, factory devices can be easily replaced with homemade. The result will not change.



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