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After laser hair removal, blisters appeared

I Got Burned During Laser Hair Removal ��

The principle of the procedure and care after laser hair removal

Care after laser hair removal is very important for obtaining the desired effect. With non.compliance with elementary rules, complications may occur in the form of allergic reactions and painful sensations.

To get a silky look and touch skin, you need to understand what you can do after the procedure and what cannot be done. In order to enjoy the result, and not eliminate negative consequences, it is important to take into account the contraindications and follow the recommendations of a cosmetologist. This is what our article is about.

Because of which laser hair removal does not help some patients?

The answer to this question is very simple and unambiguous: due to the use of absolutely low-quality equipment.

Laser hair removal on a professional laser helps everyone!

Just in the wake of the growing popularity of laser hair removal, Russian salons and many private clinics filled lasers-consumptions from China, Korea and even supposedly from Germany. The procedures for them are very cheaps, since the devices themselves are inexpensive and their technical capabilities are extremely limited, therefore, epilation sessions using such devices are absolutely ineffective and sometimes not safe for health.

Professional “Machine” Palomar Vectus, as in our clinic, costs 7 million, produced at one of the leading concerns of the US Laser Industry, has a lot of patented modern technologies, certified according to the regulations

In addition, it is laser hair removal on the diode laser that was recognized as the modern world “gold” standard of removal of unwanted hair and recommended by the Ministry of Health to treat hirsutism and hypertrichosis. Therefore, a priori, the method of diode laser hair removal is always effective if the procedures are performed on professional equipment with qualified specialists.

Tip: Choosing on the Internet and according to the clinic/salon for laser hair removal, do not be seduced by too low the cost of services and demonstrated photos. Pay attention to which laser devices and which manufacturer are used in the clinic. Do not chase very low for procedures. you will lose both money and time. The main selection criterion is professional equipment and competent doctors!

How the laser affects

When you can see how the hairs remain on the skin. The thing is that the effect of the beam is not instant. The mechanism of exposure to the laser bundle on the hair follicles and roots is based on the penetration of the laser into the deeper layers of the skin (about 2-3 millimeters). Waves work only with the bulb without cutting off and without pulling out the hair itself. This has a positive effect on the epidermis, without injuring it and without causing unpleasant sensations. For sensitive thin skin in the intimate area, this effect is especially important, since it does not cause undesirable consequences, unlike other, not laser methods of getting rid of hair. When you will not notice any subsequent strong redness, nor growing hair, nor irritation. The laser seems to absorb each hair follicle, forcing melanin (color pigment), which is inside, to absorb flashes of light. The hair is heated from the inside, and over time it simply collapses and falls out, allowing the skin to become smooth, and delivering aesthetic pleasure to you. Before the root is filled with juices again and gives growth of the hair, it may pass for more than one year. Since the mechanism of the active action of the beam is directed precisely at the hair and at melanin, the skin does not heat up, which means that it does not work out a burn.

The viability of this high molecular weight pigment (this is how melanin is so scientifically determined) precisely and affects the thickness, stiffness and rich color of the hairs of such hairs in these areas. They stop annoying us even after. Reviews indicate that hair falls out for two weeks. But this applies to those covers that are in the phase of active growth at the time of the procedure (that is, they are on the surface and are visible at the time of manipulation). The action of laser rays is most noticeable and effective for hard and dark hair. Those hairs that have not yet appeared over the skin during the first sessions can easily be removed during subsequent procedures. In most cases, experts recommend from 5 to 10 sessions. The length of the hair for laser epilation of the bikini does not matter, since the doctor can first slightly shave the hair in the processing zone, shortening it to the desired size. A full.fledged course of manipulations allows you to completely get rid of hair in the intimate area for a long time.

How many laser hair removal sessions will be required?

The exact number of sessions depends on the type of hair. Before hair removal, it is necessary to undergo diagnostics, where it will become known how much it takes. On average, these are 5-7 sessions. After each manipulation, you will need to take a break for 1.5 months. Gradually this time increases.

Many are interested in how much laser hair removal is enough. In most cases, after passing the full course, growth stops. As a prevention, a cosmetologist may recommend manipulations once a year.

If vegetation appears before this period, then this may indicate hormonal failures.

Laser hair removal. is it harmful to health

To understand how the procedure affects our body and what happens to it during manipulation, let’s find out how the laser works. Pointedly directed bunch of light waves penetrates into a certain place where hair follicles are located. The laser does not affect the cells of the epidermis, since the wavelength is configured to a certain depth of 2-3 millimeters, it affects and affects the inner, rather than the outer layer. So for most of us, you can definitely exclude the harm of laser hair removal.

As before women, and in some cases, men got rid of unwanted hair on the body and face? What methods they did not use: everything began with a razor machine and tweezers, then tried an electric epalator. All these methods did not give a long.term result, and sometimes even led to sad consequences: sensitive skin blushed, some hairs grew, inflammation arose. It was far from always painless, and none of these manipulations worked with hair bulbs, but only cut or torn off the hairs.

In the case of laser hair removal. what effect awaits us? The method of hair removal in this way acts differently. And it is with this that possible contraindications are associated. The process of destroying hair follicles occurs when the laser beam is exposed, in addition, the feed on the vessel affects the vessel. Our skin and our hairline are filled with a certain pigment, it is called melanin and gives color to our hair and the shade of our skin. Under the influence of the beam, the impulse is absorbed thereby melanin and the destruction of the hair follicle.

If in this case, in this case, the dangers of laser hair removal, then only in the context of the influence of the laser on certain parts of the body: the method implies heating, and if the procedure is carried out incorrectly, then small burns are possible. But the maximum that you feel is an almost imperceptible tingling and a warm wave in those skin areas where manipulation is carried out. Therefore, our main recommendation: use the services of specialists and visit the clinics of aesthetic medicine that conduct procedures certified quality devices.

If we compare hair removal with wax or sugar (shugarring) with laser hair removal, then contraindications and consequences will be different. Wiping hair with sticky compounds for sensitive skin sometimes threatens irritation and folliculitis (the so.called inflammation of the hair bulb). Some complain of strong rashes or even blisters at the site of the session, and many are simply shy to admit. And although such unpleasant sensations are not immediately manifested, irritation and an allergic reaction can be delayed, unlike the consequences of laser hair removal. Impact on health without scars and scars, without redness and other unpleasant reactions. this is what we want from the magical procedure. We are looking for an effective and affordable method with minimal discomfort and complete elimination of the problem. The safest technique is considered to conduct a hair removal session using a diode laser.

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The essence of the methodology of laser hair removal

Laser removal of unwanted hair is a medical procedure. The essence of the method consists in the influence of a laser wave having a certain length on the melanin pigment, which is present in the hair and gives them color.

There are two components in Melanin:

Hair color depends on the ratio of these fractions. If Emlanin prevails, the hair will be a dark shade, with the dominance of Feomlanin. light.

In the second case (for example, in red and blondes), light is reflected, and not its absorption, then hair removal with laser hair removal is not possible.

Due to the absorption of light by Emlanin, the decay of chemical compounds begins in the skin. This process is due to the effect of high temperature. That is, after the hair rod is heated, heat switches to the root and onion. The growing thermal reaction triggers the blockage of blood vessels: the hair ceases to eat. Thus, he gradually dies and falls out.

Burns after laser hair removal: treatment

How difficult it is to remove burns after laser hair removal depends on the degree of complication. The degree varies from light redness to damage to the 1st degree.

If the skin has blushed, but there are no bubbles or blisters on it, you can cope with the problem yourself. Panthenol in the form of a spray or cream will help, Bepanten. Good results are given by lotions of anti.inflammatory gathering infusions, as well as lubrication diluted with 1: 5 tea tree oil.

Find out how to treat burns after laser hair removal in more complex cases, you can only at a dermatologist. In order to quickly and completely eliminate the problem, you must consult a doctor without delay.

Burn after laser hair removal: what to do for prevention?

Removing unwanted hair with a laser is currently the most effective, reliable method of solving aesthetic problem.

You can protect yourself from negative consequences by observing simple rules.

  • When planning a session, do not sunbathe.
  • 2 weeks before the procedure, abandon the alcohol of the care products.
  • Turn exclusively to an experienced specialist with a good reputation.

Cosmetological procedures are contraindicated during pregnancy and during lactation.

Burns after laser hair removal can occur due to incorrect tuning the parameters of the device or with an insufficiently dense layer of the cooling gel.

Stages and number of laser epilation sessions

This method includes several stages: preparatory, the itself of the removal procedure and the subsequent period of skin care.

At the first stage, in order not to damage the outer skin, the specialist processes it with painkillers.

Both on the patient and the master who works with a laser, during the session, protecting glasses are worn. they cannot be removed before the end of the procedure. Its duration varies in different processed zones and is adjusted in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. On average, the session goes from 3 to 60 minutes.

After the procedure, a restorative sedative is applied to the irradiated part of the body.

There is a chance that inflammation will remain on the skin. If it is not sensitive, then light redness persists for about a day. If there are problems with sensitivity, inflammation can last more. The formation of crust is also possible. In order not to aggravate the consequences, cosmetologists recommend applying sprays, ointments or cream on it until it itself.

The final result depends on the photo of the dermis. Before starting the procedure, a test is carried out on a small area of ​​the skin to determine the susceptibility to the effect of the laser. If the patient has a high threshold of pain to pain, he is offered an anesthetic cream.

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The epilation session is carried out on clean and dry skin. Possible sensations of tingling, causing slight discomfort, but not pain.

In between several sessions, it is forbidden to use other hair removal methods. Otherwise, you can injure the hair follicles and provoke their enhanced growth. Subsequent laser therapy procedures are carried out as the hairline increases, which was in the initial stage of growth.

Experts recommend extending the rest interval after each session for 1 week. It also matters here in what places laser therapy was carried out.

The number of sessions depends on the type of skin, color and structure of the hair, on the area of ​​the body that is processed. For the face you need from 3 to 8 procedures. The armpits and the bikini zone require laser processing from 5 to 9 times. There should be a certain time period between the procedures. Cosmetologists insist on an increase in the interval by two weeks after each.

If the patient has hormonal disorders, even a full course of laser hair removal does not guarantee that unwanted vegetation will disappear completely. Hair growth may resume. In this case, experts recommend examination in medical institutions for endocrine diseases.

laser, hair, removal, blisters, appeared

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laser, hair, removal, blisters, appeared

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laser, hair, removal, blisters, appeared

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