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A Review of the Microsoft Surface Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse. Microsoft arc touch bluetooth

A Review of the Microsoft Surface Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

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T his past summer, I had the awesome opportunity to visit Microsoft headquarters in REDMOND Washington. While we were touring the facility, we had the opportunity to test out some of the new products that were soon to be released. Of course, I was impressed with Minecraft EDU and with the new things coming out in the world of Windows 10, but the one product that stood out to me the most was a little wireless mouse that not only was oddly shaped, it had a bit of personality to it.

The [easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”y” height=”38″ identifier=”B009CP4PIW” locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”https://www.teachercast.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/31kNME0SzeL.SL110.jpg” tag=”teach00-20″ width=”110″] is a much needed companion to anyone using a surface tablet. I have had the privilege of testing out both the Surface 3 and Surface 4 tablets and although there has been a much-needed advance in keyboard and trackpad this year, I found myself over the last year wishing that the Surface had a much better navigation system. Sure, you can use a pen, but when you are brought up and used to using a mouse, a pen simply doesn’t cut it for normal web browsing and application use. I’m afraid to say that as a podcaster, and blogger, the mouse …. the mighty utensil that is designed to be an extension of our hands, is still the chosen way that I wish to interact with my computer.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Overall, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse provides a very nice user experience. It has a very slick design and it doesn’t feel like it is ever going to slip out of your hands. There are two states of being for this mouse. When not in use, the mouse lies flat and can be easily put into a small or secured in a travel bag.

To turn the device on, simply curl the device like a caterpillar until it clicks on. I enjoy this feature very much as I feel I am constantly struggling to remember to turn off my Apple Magic Mouse every time I leave my computer.

The mouse essentially has 4 buttons but it is not the easiest to get used to. The two big buttons provide the left and right click, where two buttons running down the center provide the “click wheel” effect. The mouse even comes with a clicking sound when you scroll your finger in one direction swiftly. Although I think there is a need for this feature with newbies, I really wish I could turn the sound effects off.

The Cost and the Confusion

When I went to the store to purchase a new mouse for the Surface tablet, I went looking specifically for this mouse. I was greeted with two versions. One was a [easyazon_link identifier=”B009CP4PIW” locale=”US” tag=”teach00-20″]USB Version [/easyazon_link]retailing for about 49 and the Bluetooth version which I ultimately settled on for 69. Although these seem a bit high in price for a mouse, my mouse of choice is the Apple Magic Mouse which currently retails for 79. Where the Arc Touch has nowhere near the capabilities of the multi-touch surface of the Magic Mouse, the price did seem competitive. My final decision was to purchase the Bluetooth version of the mouse because I wanted something portable that didn’t take up the USB slot on the Surface tablet.

Would I recommend This Mouse?

As stated before, I am a big fan of Apple’s Magic Mouse, it’s a great mouse with a nice feel to it. I don’t ever remember having my hand cramp up or get tired. The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is just a different type of experience. There have been times where, while using it, I accidentally push too hard and it collapses and turns off. I also miss my finger swipes and other neat features that the Magic Mouse provides its users due to multi-touch gestures. Although I have only been using this mouse for 2 weeks, I have a feeling that the batters (2 AAA’s) will ultimately be changed less because I will be remembering to turn the mouse off when the Surface tablet is not in use.

Ultimately, if you are going to be a Surface Tablet user, this is a great companion accessory and I would absolutely recommend the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. If you are a user, please feel free to leave your own Комментарии и мнения владельцев or recommendations in the comment section below.

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Microsoft Arc Mouse Drivers for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Microsoft Arc Mouse series like Arc Touch Mouse and Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse are the travel-friendly pointer devices with elegant curves for users on the go. You can curve it to turn on for use and flatten it when you’re on travel. Besides, you can also get access to it on any virtual surface due to its BlueTrack technology. To ensure the optimal performance of the mouse on your Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 8.1, even Android, iOS and Mac OS X, you need to download proper Microsoft Arc Mouse drivers that are compatible with it, like Arc Touch Mouse drivers or Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse drivers.

The Arc Mouse drivers are programs that allow the operating system to communicate with Microsoft mouse or pointing device. If there are outdated, broken, corrupted or incompatible Microsoft Arc Mouse drivers, system errors, crashes, and conflicts may occur, such as no mouse pointer/cursor problem, mouse moving on its own issue, mouse laagging, mouse cursor disappearing, etc. So if you encounter mouse not working problem when using the Arc Mouse, it is necessary to update or repair the mouse drivers.

Top 3 Ways to Update Microsoft Arc Mouse Drivers for Windows OS

There are many resources to download the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse driver or the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse driver updates. But getting the correct drivers has never been easier. Here we’ve had top 3 methods to get the updates. You can go to the manufacturer’s website to search for the drivers, update the mouse drivers via Device Manager or use one-click mouse driver update utilities.

Way 1. Download Microsoft Arc Mouse Drivers from the Official Site

Microsoft offers the mouse drivers for the Arc Mouse series products, which got the 2011 IDEA Gold Award for design excellence. And you can log in the Microsoft official site and follow the steps below to download proper one for your Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and other Windows OS (32-bit or 64-bit). For example, you’re going to download the Arc Touch Mouse driver and here’s how:

Type your Arc Mouse model into the search box or scroll down for the mouse on the page directly.

Go to the “Downloads” tab.

Select your OS and language.

Click the download link below to get the driver files.

review, microsoft, surface, touch

After that, you can open the download folder and manually install the driver update on your computer.

Way 2. Update Arc Touch Mouse Drivers or Bluetooth Mouse Drivers in Device Manager

If there are problems with the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, you can access to the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse drivers via Device Manager:

Use Windows shortcut keys “Win X” for the Jump List.

Select the “Device Manager”.

Expand the “Bluetooth” entry and the “Mice and other pointing devices” entry.

Right click your Arch Touch Bluetooth Mouse device and select “Update driver”.

Click “Search automatically for updated driver software” or “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Then follow the on-screen instructions to update the mouse driver or the Bluetooth driver.

Way 3. Use One-click Driver Updater to Get Arc Mouse Drivers Updates

All of the two methods above are accessible to get the Arc Mouse drivers, but it’s a time-consuming and painstaking work to manually download and install the driver updates. If you prefer a high-efficiency method, it is recommended to use Driver Talent, the professional and one-click driver updater for the mouse. It offers the official and WHQL Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse drivers or Arc Touch Mouse Bluetooth drivers that are compatible with your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows computer.

Besides, drivers for Sculpt Comfort Mouse, Arc keyboard, Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, etc. are also available. Click the button above to get it directly and follow the step-by-step tutorial to download the mouse drivers instantly.

Launch Driver Talent and click the “Scan” to detect the problematics drivers.

review, microsoft, surface, touch

Click “Update” to download and install the best match Arc Mouse drivers. Or Click “Repair” to fix the faulty drivers.

review, microsoft, surface, touch

Perform a restart to make all the driver changes take effects.

Note: Don’t forget to backup drivers before any system changes in case mouse issues occur, such as no Elan Touchpad tab in mouse settings, Bluetooth mouse not working, mouse and keyboard not working, etc.

If you fail to download the Microsoft Arc Mouse drivers, or if you encounter problems with your Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse (Limited Edition or Surface Edition), you can comment below to let us know or click the LEFT MENU for more help. Any other drivers issues, please see Windows Driver Solutions on this site.

Other Mouse-related Issues and Solutions:

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Black) review: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Black)

Rich was the editorial lead for CNET’s Home and Wellness sections, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Before moving to Louisville in 2013, Rich ran CNET’s desktop computer review section for 10 years in New York City. He has worked as a tech journalist since 1994, covering everything from 3D printing to Z-Wave Smart locks.

Microsoft has come up with a unique new product in the Arc Touch Mouse, thanks to its clever, convertible design and its touch-sensitive scroll wheel. Like the original Arc Mouse, and the Philippe Starck-designed mice before it, the Arc Touch Mouse is mostly a fashion statement wrapped in a few interesting features. We would still opt for a more traditional mouse for day-to-day productivity, or even for travel, but the Arc Touch Mouse will appeal to people with an eye for design or technical novelty.

review, microsoft, surface, touch

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Black)

The Good

Distinct convertible design lets you pack the mouse flat for travel; touch-sensitive scroll tab has vibration feedback and accelerated scrolling features; BlueTrack sensor lets you use the mouse on a variety of surfaces; small USB receiver stays out of the way when plugged in.

The Bad

Expensive; scroll tab occasionally unresponsive; lacks heft compared with standard desktop mice; no thumb-side forward-and-back buttons.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft’s new Arc Touch Mouse features a travel-friendly design and some clever technical additions to its touch-sensitive scroll tab. Neither of those features makes it better than a full-size desktop mouse, but the Arc Touch Mouse is different enough in its form and in some of its functions that it should appeal to people looking to make a statement with their technology.

The Arc Touch Mouse hasn’t been Microsoft’s best-kept secret, with hints and leaks popping up online all summer. Despite early assumptions that arose from those leaks, we don’t believe Microsoft is positioning the Arc Touch Mouse as the answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse. The two have a passing likeness in that they each rely on touch-based input to varying degrees, but the Arc Touch Mouse is far more traditional than the Apple design in terms of its functionality.

Unlike the Magic Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse still uses two physical buttons for the primary left-and-right click functions. The Microsoft design also has no support for gesture recognition. The only real similarity between the Arc Touch Mouse and the Magic Mouse is that both have touch-based scrolling, and in that regard we find Microsoft’s design innovative and more satisfying to use.

As you might imagine, to scroll you simply drag your finger down the Arc Touch Mouse’s metal tab. Like the Magic Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse supports accelerated scrolling, which means you can flick your finger down the tab to scroll more quickly through long documents. Microsoft’s design is unique in that it features vibration feedback that mimics both the feel and the sound of a traditional physical scroll wheel. This feature actually gives you a more precise feel to your scrolling, and also lets you know when your finger has left the touch-sensitive tab. If you prefer a vibration-free scrolling experience, or a different scrolling speed, you can adjust both in the mouse’s software.

Though we found the Arc Touch Mouse’s scrolling generally effective, it’s still easy to lose touch of the tab. We also had two brief instances in which half of the tab stopped responding, although in both cases it woke back up in less than a minute. Neither annoyance is a problem with the actual physical scroll wheel, and thus we still prefer that designLogitech’s especially.

Otherwise, from an interface standpoint, the Arc Touch Mouse behaves like a regular mouse. Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack laser sensor gives you responsive cursor movement that you can use on a variety of surfaces. Sadly, you get no thumb-side buttons on the Arc Touch Mouse, which we’ve come to consider indispensable for moving backwards and forwards while Web browsing. Perhaps to make up for the lack of a back button and the absence of a middle mouse button, the mouse allows you to program the scroll tab within the software to act as a button, but that’s hardly a replacement.

Aside from the touch scrolling, the Arc Touch Mouse’s other unique feature is its collapsible design. The body of the mouse is wrapped in thin black rubber, but inside is an articulated frame that you can snap into either a curved or flat-lying position. Microsoft markets this adjustable design as a benefit to travelers, and perhaps if you have a particularly cramped laptop bag you might appreciate it. The mouse also powers off in its flat mode, ensuring that you won’t accidentally drain the pair of included AAA batteries.

Despite the Arc Touch Mouse’s distinct benefit for travelers, the paired.down design has a certain flimsy feel to it. Your reviewer has only modest-size hands, but the mouse still felt like it was too dainty, and I never felt the same surety of cursor control that comes with the heft of a traditional desktop-size mouse. That’s a subjective judgment, of course, and perhaps my opinion would change after using the mouse for an extended period of time. For now, I still prefer the Logitech MX family of mice, of which the MX 1100 is closest in price to the Arc Touch Mouse.

Even if we’re not completely enamored with the feel of the Arc Touch Mouse, the setup couldn’t be easier. You simply pop in the batteries, connect the tiny USB RF receiver and you’re up and running. If you want to make any of the customizations we’ve mentioned to the scroll speed, the scroll button assignment, or others, you can download the settings software from Microsoft’s Web site.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition Review

Since 2004, I have worked on PCMag’s hardware team, covering at various times printers, scanners, projectors, storage, and monitors. I currently FOCUS my testing efforts on 3D printers, pro and productivity displays, and drives and SSDs of all sorts.

The Bottom Line

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is a good accessory for Surface tablets, and works just as well with other Bluetooth-compatible computers.

PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing.


The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition (69.99) is sold as an accessory for the company’s Surface line. Clad in the same “dark titanium” (which as far as I can tell is a fancy word for black) as Microsoft’s convertible tablets, this stylish, compact, portable mouse is a worthy companion for any Surface tablet. I’ll let you in on a secret, though: It works just as well with most other Bluetooth-enabled computers.

Two things make the Arc Touch Mouse (199.99 at Amazon) (Opens in a new window) a good accessory for a Microsoft Surface tablet. First, the Surface is a device in need of a mouse. Particularly in its first two iterations, its touchpad is puny, and the capacitive touch sensor that it has in lieu of mouse buttons is not particularly sensitive. The second is that the Arc Touch Surface connects via Bluetooth, which frees the tablet’s single USB port for some other device. That makes it a much better choice for use with a Surface than the original Microsoft Arc Touch. whose wireless dongle requires a USB port.

Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions. See how we test. (Opens in a new window)

I tested the Arc Touch Mouse with a Microsoft Surface 2 (32GB) (379.98 at Amazon) (Opens in a new window) and an Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch) ( at Amazon) (Opens in a new window). It works well with both, though with the Mac you can’t get the benefits of a few additional settings offered with a downloadable Windows 8.1 app (more on that below).

Features The device measures 0.6 by 2.3 by 5.1 inches (HWD) and weighs just 2.3 ounces. It takes two AA batteries that fit in a compartment underneath. When the mouse is turned off, its top is perfectly flat. To power it on, you flex the end nearest you downward, which causes the middle to arch upward; hence, the “arc” in the product’s name. This creates a comfortable curve around which to cradle your palm and fingers. To power the mouse off, you just fold it flat again.

To pair it with a Surface or other computer, you press the Bluetooth Connect button, the only button on the bottom of the device, for 5 seconds or so. The Arc Touch Mouse should appear in your computer’s list of Bluetooth devices, and from there you can pair it.

There’s a touch-sensitive strip between its left-click and right-click buttons. Swiping down along the strip it lets you scroll down, and swiping upward lets you scroll up. The strip’s haptic feedback gives you a bit of the feel (and sound) of actual scrolling with a mouse wheel.

The Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition Settings app, available for free from the Windows Store, lets Windows 8.1 users add hyperscrolling (faster scrolling with a faster flick), page-up and page-down, and the ability to adjust the level of haptic feedback. Unlike the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse. the Arc Touch Mouse doesn’t support horizontal scrolling from its touch strip.

Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology allows you to use this mouse on nearly any non-transparent, non-mirrored surface, which can be very convenient when you’re away from home.

My overall mousing experience with the Surface Edition was pleasant—I found it responsive, and the touch strip is a good substitute for a wheel. I prefer larger mice for use at a fixed location, but this model is fine for portable use. It offers the same design, functionality, and connectivity as the recently announced Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, which will come in slate gray and is marketed as a general-purpose Bluetooth device. Choosing between the two may come down simply to aesthetics, with the Surface Edition matching the Microsoft Surface tablet’s color scheme, and the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth a better match for gray or silver laptops.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is more expensive than the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse. an ergonomic Bluetooth model that supports horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. It lacks the extensive touch capabilities, including full gesture support, of the Editors’ Choice Microsoft Touch Mouse. but is very compact and connects via Bluetooth. That makes it a better fit for use with any Microsoft Surface model or a laptop intended solely or primarily for portable use.

Microsoft Arc Vs Arc Touch Mouse: Which is Beneficial to Buy?

review, microsoft, surface, touch

The Microsoft Arc Mouse and Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is compared here. Both the mouse is designed like the same but there are some differences that make your user experience unique. Check out detailed review for more details.

You may also visit another comparison, Microsoft Surface Mouse vs Mobile Mouse. and also Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse vs Arc Mouse for more detailed comparsons.

review, microsoft, surface, touch
review, microsoft, surface, touch
Microsoft Arc Mouse Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
Attractive design.Good performance.Very portable. Ultra-thin, light, and compact.About half an inch thick when powered off.Easy to pair and use.Customizable buttons and scroll strip.
Awkward side button.A bit pricey. Not quite as comfortable as most standard mice.Tapping scroll strip behavior finicky.No horizontal scrolling.


Brand Microsoft Microsoft
Model ELG-00001 RVF-00052
Connectivity Technology Wireless Wireless
Interface Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz USB 2.4 GHz
Movement Detection Technology laser Optical
Hand Orientation right and left-handed
Performance 8000 fps, up to 72 inches per second
Buttons 4 2
OS Required Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8
Run Up Time Up to 6 months Up to 6 months
Width 2.2 in 2.3 in
Depth 5.2 in 5.1 in
Height 0.56 in 0.6 in
Weight 2.91 oz 3.1 oz
Features Slim, light and ready to travel.

Slim, light, and ready to travel, Microsoft Arc Mouse is designed to conform to your hand — and snaps flat to fit easily in your bag.

The next generation of our best-selling Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, Microsoft Arc Mouse features numerous refinements, including the ability to scroll both vertically and horizontally.

With a dramatic design and easy elegance, this stylish mouse is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Flick to zip down the page.

Tap to stay at your destination.

Feel the speed and responsiveness to your touch.


Microsoft Arc Mouse

It replaces the previous model which was the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse which had some clickable buttons on top. This mouse is very different in design and also it differs in the usability of this mouse.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This is called the Touch Mouse because of the little touchpad middle of it. This is also designed the same as the Arc mouse with the scroll space in the middle. This is the old version of the Arc mouse.

review, microsoft, surface, touch


Microsoft Arc Mouse

It’s very slim, it’s got a matte black finish and it is really really small. It’s really nice that they include batteries which is doesn’t always happen nowadays. It just powered on, the blue light went on as soon as you bend it, it turns on the power. I just love how small and portable this is, it’s so slim. The smallest portion of it is just as slim as a laptop, it’s really thin. so, this makes it very portable.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Designwise, it’s flat and that’s to be portable and just throw in the laptop bag or whatever you’re going to be putting your laptop in. On the bottom, we have a magnetic spot for the USB dongle. It’s not going to fall off, unlike the last Arc mouse that Microsoft made, so that works out nicely in its strong enough unless you really hit this hard.

We have our blue track LED and this is coated with a rubbery material. It has a nice high arc in it for your hand to rest on, especially if you have big hands, it’s actually not too bad to use. It’s just really narrow as compared to the normal blue track mouse. The only complaint I have about it so far is the lack of back and forward buttons but we do have little touch thing in our left and right mouse, there is not a button in the middle to click.

review, microsoft, surface, touch


Microsoft Arc Mouse

It runs on Windows 10, you curve to turn it on and flatten it to turn it off and touch the scroll plane to easily navigate up and down and left and right and it also takes two AAA batteries.

To set up the mouse, power on the Bluetooth button that if you hold it down for three seconds, the Bluetooth light will go on, this puts it into pairing mode then you have to go into the Windows 10 Start menu and select settings devices Bluetooth and tap the Arc Mouse to pair the device to your computer. Bend the mouse to turn it on and make sure it’s in pairing mode.

It seems pretty responsive for going left and right but like many other mice, it does depend on the surface you’re using. if you grab this on the mouse pad and it definitely improves the accuracy of how it moves, it will feel better and a lot smoother and it functions like any normal mouse. You can scroll left and right by a touch-sensitive area on the top of the mouse which works awesome. You can scroll up and down on a page by just scrolling the area on top of the mouse. There are normal right and left clicks, no separate buttons, it’s just that one portion on the top that does everything.

It’s a very portable, sleek mouse that doesn’t have to be used on a Microsoft Surface tablet, it can be used on any modern device you have out there with the latest Bluetooth technology. It paired and worked really well.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

To turn it on, you just arc it like that and it clicks into place, there’s the blue LED and the blue track is good because it tracks on just about any surface but glass. It does a pretty good job. Your hand lays on it quite nicely. when you put your hand on it, it doesn’t collapse, it’s plenty strong. If you push this strongly, you could collapse this but it takes a lot.

The buttons are recessed here. There’s a line around here and that makes it a little bit difficult when you’re clicking. So, the click is nice but it does take a little bit more pressure than you would with the normal blue track mouse. You also have this scroll pad and you can actually feel it, it’s like tapping back at your finger as you scroll. It does a nice job of scrolling, it doesn’t seem to mess up or anything as far as that goes.

Microsoft does not have software for this Mouse for the Mac as far as options are concerned. However, it will work just fine once it’s plugged in. They do have software available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. So, for those of you that may want some extra options, you’ll have that. You can adjust the tracking through the operating system. It tracks smoothly and I can get pretty close to pixel per pixel movement without any problem. Overall, it’s a nice mouse with good movement and fast-tracking.


Microsoft Arc Mouse

It has two AAA batteries inside it and it may give around 6 months of battery life which is nice. You want to turn off your mouse to save battery, you just flatten it out and you want to turn it on and you just flex it down, round it, so it has that curve and it turns on and everything works as it should.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

We have a set of AAA batteries that are supposed to last about six months. On the top, we have an indicator LED that’s green when the battery’s good, and red when it’s going bad and it will flash.


Both of these mice have some same functionality and also the design but the Microsoft Arc Mouse is upgraded one compared to the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. In my opinion, the Arc Mouse will be better to buy than Arc Touch Mouse considering the button and tracking functions.

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