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A machine for cleaning sunflower seeds on Valburyis

Seed processing equipment

223 trusted suppliers are ready to offer you equipment for processing seeds on the best conditions!

Shell.shaped machine for analysis Model: (1056a) weight: 75 kg dimensions x, y, z (mm): 800x800x400 number of stones: 8 dimensions of stone x, y (mm): 120 x 20 motor: 0, 37 kW / 50 Hz fan. Motor with a cylindrical head: 0, 12, 5 kW / 50 Hz / 60 dB /. Read more

The grain.cleaning machine is designed for fine cleaning and calibration of grain and seeds of all types, including such complex ones as sesame, flax.

The surface of sunflower seeds is covered with villi. In addition, the surface can have scales, wood-smoke spots and land particles. With heat treatment, they burn and mixed with butter, turn into a sooty coating. Using such a seed. Read more

The family of units of sorting and polishing (ASP-400, ASP-400M, ASP-500, ASP-600) was replenished with the new model ASP-800. As in previous developments, the main entrance when convening a new machine is given to the method of generating conditions for a controlled AK. Read more

The company offers the equipment of abrasive (grinding and cutting) circles on tarry bunch and production technology, we will also put raw materials for this production. Main technical characteristics: Meshka with a booner loading raw materials. Read more

Equipment processing oil from sunflower and rapeseed what are the advantages of Chinese equipment? Chinese.made technologies. a competent ratio between price and quality. Quality is not inferior to other countries. At the same time, for factories for. Read more

Using this device, as raw materials, you can use raw cedar nuts, the press temperature can remain at the level of 60 ° C or more, the press belongs to the apparatus of cold presses, the amount of squeezed oil is about 30-40% (depending on. Read more

Productivity 2, 5 t/h on wheat. Purpose: sorting of seeds by density by the allocation of difficult to separate impurities, sprouted, injured, affected by insects and infected seeds, sand and stones! Separates the stick from the sunflower! Pra. Read more

Thing. Brozen cleaning machine

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Never thought that the beaming of seeds is an extremely harmful procedure for the teeth and the body as a whole?

Even ordinary sunflower seeds are too hard for enamel, so they often cause chips on it. On the other hand, seeds and nuts are incredibly useful.

How to be? Contact friends from the Middle Kingdom. In China, they also love seeds, though melon. So much so that they came up with a machine for automatic punch of seeds!

It is also suitable for ours, so you can take.

It works as easy as simple: pour the seeds on a special tray and get a cleaned product at the output.

Some continuous advantages, because the finished product can be used in baking; wash and eat, not afraid to get a portion of dirt from the fields.

The device is suitable for any medium.sized seeds. A powerful motor easily threshes through the grains, and the mechanism scatters exfoliating residues and throws them off on the other side.

The principle is primitive, as in grain processing. But proven and effective. And there were no desktop threshers before, especially in such a design.

There is also an optical sensor inside, which allows you to distinguish the gadget with good seeds from bad, throwing outless.

If necessary, more accurate adjustment (for example, to the size of the seeds), you can connect the machine to the smartphone on Android and reprogramming with a standard utility.

The device works from the network, but there is also a built-in battery, which is definitely enough for a kilogram or two.

You can buy a lot of seeds.

But it is quite realistic to clear with its help. So fans, amateurs and bakers, such a device will pay off very quickly.

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How the sunflower seeds are cleaned on an industrial scale

On an industrial scale, more powerful and functional equipment is used, thanks to which you can achieve the task in terms of obtaining environmentally friendly, safe and high.quality grain. It is important to choose equipment for calibration, since convenience depends on this when using. Additionally, the ability to clean the product from harmful impurities and garbage is opened.

Description of the process of purification of sunflower nuclei

Only pre.washed and processed sunflower seeds are entered in the centrifuge. Then the product is subjected to centrifugal force, which provides the ability to clean grain by hitting the wall. In combination with the vibration regime, even the largest pollution is removed, preparing the product for subsequent use. Light private tramps easily rise up, and heavier in the form of whole grains fall to the bottom, so it will be much easier to cope with the sorting.

Required equipment

A special centrifuge is used on an industrial scale, which, by direct impact on seeds, ensures a full destruction of the structure. The use of vibrational devices that can provoke a branch of grains from garbage is required. Additionally, machines for cleaning the shells can be used, since during the production process, polluting materials can settle on prepared seeds. Therefore, special attentiveness is required when choosing devices for convenient operation. As well as special attention, the calibration deserves, the required use of the relevant devices.


Calibration is considered an important process, since this is how the opportunity to separate the seeds specifically for the preparation of sunflower oil, consumption in cooking or for subsequent processing. A lot of use methods dictates their rules in terms of preparing raw materials, so special attentiveness to calibration is required when using special equipment. As a rule, this method is used only in industrial conditions, since at home there is no such need.

Cleaning sunflower seeds in home and industrial conditions is a difficult task that has its own certain features. Accounting for the rules avoids production marriage. Pure, tasty and whole grains. the main achievement of the correctly used method for removing the husk. But it is important not to forget that much depends on how correctly the seeds were selected.


Equipment for cleaning, peeling and separation of sunflower seeds TFKH-1500 This equipment performs the following processing process: removal of various impurities, peeling, removal of lusk, separation, repeated separation.

Raw processing performance: 1.0-1.2 t./h.

The percentage of the whole nucleus: more or equal to 90%

seeds in the nuclei at the end of the processing: ≤ 2%

Nuclei in the shell at the end of the processing: ≤0.5%

Occupying area: Length: 13.1m. Width: 2.92m.

machine, cleaning, sunflower, seeds

Setting used, in perfect condition (a similar new one costs from 5 million)

Nuts processing equipment, seeds:

Our company represents in a direct manufacturer of equipment for sunflower focus (peeling of sunflower seeds).

Together with the supply of any equipment of this manufacturer, we offer the following services:

5.Equipment assembly and connection services, chef installation

The sunflower is peeling. Divides the core into cleaned and short.haired. Nedorush returns to re.collapse. The purified nucleus divides the battle.

Equipment in availability is in work.

Purpose: Offering, peeling and separation of sunflower seeds

Productivity (seed size is more than 3.0 mm): 800–1000 kg/h

non.accurate seeds in the nuclei at the end of the processing: ≤ 4%

Dimensional dimensions: 11950 x 3300 x 6000 mm

Field for a trimmer for the production of sunflower. This is a convenient technological fishing line for a trimmer with high efficiency and less labor capacity, developed by our company for customers with greater power requirements. This is a combined production fishing line for a trimmer led by a machine for cleaning sunflower seeds KTF5-3000.

A semi.automatic fishing line for a trimmer for bulkhead, frying and packaging of sunflower seeds is sold. The composition includes: a photo doper, a table of manual bulkhead, a stove of the frying tanks-100. 2 pieces, cleaning apparatus, automatic packagers notis. 2 pieces, loading and removing conveyors, compressor. Real performance 100 kg per hour. With a performance of 600 kg per shift (8 hours), 3 people are required. It is possible to use a line for other products.

It is possible to provide assistance in installation, launch and training in equipment on equipment. Who is interested in calling, we will agree. On request I can send video work of equipment.

Automatic fishing line for a trimmer of frying, packing and packaging of sunflower seeds based on Breeze 100.

The fishing line for a trimmer is designed to fry in a stream of hot air of bulk foods and raw materials at the food industry of the agro.industrial complex and farm, and their packaging in packages formed from rolled terminated materials. The equipment operates in automatic mode. Any bulk products with characteristic linear exchange of 3 20 mm: peanuts, soy, coffee in grains, beans can be subjected to heat treatment

Breeze Breeze Configuration is designed for performance up to 100 kg/h, which is about 2.5 tons/day (more than 900 tons/year). Breeze 100 can provide a high.quality and inexpensive product for a whole region. This powerful stove, combined with a three.armed dispenser and conveyor systems, is the best combination for the production of large volumes of high.quality products with a relatively low resource consumption.

We offer industrial high.quality equipment for peeling sunflower seeds. Large percentage of the whole nucleus! Equipment performance 300 kg/hour and 850 kg/hour.

The machine is designed for processing according to the reduced scheme of the technological process of pre.cleaned from garbage and calibrated sunflower seeds by collapse, eliminating the rushing and separating the extracted nucleus into fractions.

Can be used to process rice cereals (round), oats and similar crops.

We carry out the delivery and commissioning of equipment with the training of working personnel.

Cars for collapse of seeds and separation of rushers

Drown and cleaned oil seeds enter the distribution screw above the collapse of the machines. The separation of the shells from the nucleus helps to increase the oiliness of the processed raw materials. it is freed from low.oil components and relative oil in it increases. During the processing of enclosed oil seeds, the productivity of technological equipment increases.

The process of separating the shells from the nucleus consists of operations of destroying the cover shells of seeds (collapse) and the subsequent separation of the resulting mixture into the nucleus and Luzgu.

The technology of collapse of seeds and separation of the shell from the nucleus depends on their physical and mechanical properties. The following methods are applied: splitting the shell with a blow (sunflower), compressing its (tick.shaped), cutting the shell and partially nucleus (cotton), tearing the shell with friction on rough surfaces (hemp), etc. As a result of collapse, a product is obtained called a “rousse”. Rushanka is a mixture of entire nuclei, shells, cuts (particles of the nucleus), whole and incompletely collapsed seeds (short.haired). In accordance with the technological standards during the processing of sunflower seeds, the shortcuts and entire seeds in rushers should not exceed 25 %, sections 15, oil dust 15 %.

Used for collapse of the machine are based on several collapse methods. For sunflower seeds and some other oilseeds, scourge and centrifugal collapsing machines operating on the principle of multiple and single blow, MPR, A1-MCP, MB-500 grades are used; Rusial-vanity grades E8-MRV, B6-MRA-1, B6-MRA-2, B6-MRA-3 and others. The most important requirement for machining machines. the destruction of the shell should not be accompanied by the destruction of the nucleus.

Scouring collapsing machine type MPR (rice. ten.5), which works on the principle of multiple strike, consists of four main nodes: a supply device, which includes a supply bunker four, A corny roller 3 and adjustable damper 2; scourge, on the shaft of which three discs 9 with hubs and sixteen racks of scouring J; cast iron deck one.

one. deck; 2- adjustable damper; 3. corrugated roller; four. feeding bunker; 5. stacks of scourges; 6. corner; 7. ribs of disks; eight. Beach; 9. discs

The supply device is designed to take seeds with stable and required intensity and uniform distribution of their width of the working area of ​​the machine, which is equal to the length of the scourge and is in a scourge of 972 mm. The width of the supply estrus (650 mm) from the conveyor of seeds to the bulb is less than the width of the working zone, and the seeds are distributed by a corrugated cylindrical nut with a diameter of 110 mm, which rotates with a frequency of 98. Min.one. A layer of seeds above the roller under the influence of shocks from the side of the rifles passes into a vibration-resistant state and spreads throughout the width of the roller. The intensity of the supply of seeds into the working area is regulated by changing the position of the damper relative to the surface of the roller (gap width).

The rigidity of the disks mounted on the shaft of the drum is provided by the ribs welded on both sides. On the outer edge of each disk, 16 pairs of corners at an angle of 55 ° to the axial line are welded. 16 beaches made of strip steel with a thickness of 10 are attached to these corners on bolts. 12 mm and a width of 100 mm. The beach drum rotates with a frequency of 550. 630 min.one. that with the diameter of the drum along the outer edge of the beaches of 800 mm corresponds to the district speed 23. 27 m/s.

Beach drum on the outside is surrounded by a wavy surface called the “deck”. It is typed from cast-iron grates cast in separate sections that have four to five rifles with a diameter of 25 mm. The gap between the scourges and the deck affects the force of the seed impact on it. In the process of work, the gap can be adjusted within 8. 80 mm depending on the humidity and size of the seeds. Wet seeds require a smaller gap, dry. more. Adjustment is carried out using special adjusting mechanisms (upper and lower).

Beach drum and a supply roller are given from the electric motor through the belt gear.

The machine works as follows. Seeds entering the feed bunker are evenly distributed by the width of the working area. The stream of seeds adjusted to the damper falls on the inclined plane in the nourishing bunker and then, slipping, falls on the beads of the rotating drum. Spinning beachs are discarded to the corrugated surface of the deck. As a result of multiple strokes of scourges, strokes and friction of seeds on the deck of the shells of seeds are destroyed.

In the composition of the rushanka, when bringing up oil seeds on a scourge of the Semenorushka type MPR, there should be no more than 15 %, short-lived 10, oil dust 8 %. To fulfill these requirements, the humidity of the sunflower seeds sent to Semenorushka should be 6.5. 7 %.

The main disadvantage of the scourging machine is the inability to exclude repeated strokes of seeds about the working organs of the machine, which leads to an increase in crushing the seed nucleus and the formation of the cuts and oil dust.

The main technical data of Semenorushki MPR

In a rushanka of high.gas sunflower seeds, %, not higher:

Centrifugal collapse A1-MCP (rice. ten.6) consists of the following main parts: housing 7 mounted on the bed 2, feeding the distribution device J, bearing support 72, rotor, shells, ring deck 6. Disks in the collection are a rotor mounted on Verti-


I — корпус; 2 — станина; 3 — распределительное устройство; 4 — рабочие диски; 5 — направляющие каналы; 6 — кольцевая дека; 7— тангенциальные патрубки; 8 — циклон; 9 — цилиндрическое сито; 10 — отводящая течка для рушанки; 11 — отводящая течка для масличной пыли; 12— подшипники; 13— вертикальный вал; 14— кольцевая перегородка; 15— предохранительная решетка; 16, 17— карманы; 18— трубка для всасывания воздуха; 19— цилиндрический патрубок; 20 — цилиндрическая камера


Семена подсолнечника, поступающие на переработку, представляют собой смесь, состоящую из семян основной культуры и различных примесей. Все примеси в маслосеменах делятся на сорные (минеральные и органические), масличные и металлические. Присутствие в семенах этих примесей ухудшает их качество, поэтому одно из основных условий обеспечения количественной и качественной сохранности семян — своевременная и эффективная их очистка. Цели очистки — обеспечить требуемое качество семян, а следовательно, и качество готовой продукции; улучшить условия хранения семян; снизить стоимость транспортирования семян и снизить зараженность их вредителями; создать более благоприятные условия для сушки семян.

Примеси отличаются от семян по размерам, форме, плотности, аэродинамическим и магнитным свойствам. В связи с этим способы очистки основаны на различии свойств семян и примесей в зависимости от линейных размеров, аэродинамических и магнитных свойств, формы, состояния поверхности и коэффициента трения. Способы очистки характеризуются различной интенсивностью и эффективностью. Наиболее эффективны комбинированные способы. В зерновых сепараторах, получивших наибольшее распространение для очистки масличных семян, используются признаки делимости по размерам, аэродинамическим и магнитным свойствам. Комбинированные машины оборудуют вертикальными пневмосепарирующими каналами. Эффективность сепарирования в них зависит от степени различия семян и примесей по аэродинамическим свойствам, от условий поступления семян в пневмосепарирующий канал и его конструкции. Она повышается при стабильной скорости воздушного потока и подачи материала на сепарирование.

Смесь, подлежащая очистке, может содержать также такие примеси, как галька, крупный песок, осколки стекла, кусочки металла, шлака, которые равновелики по размерам семенам и объединены под общим названием «минеральные примеси». Их относят к трудноотделимым и удаляют при помощи камнеотделительных машин. Принцип разделения подобной смеси частиц основан на разности их плотностей.

Камнеотделительная машина У12-БКТ-100 (рис. 10.2) предназначена для очистки семян подсолнечника от минеральной примеси сухим способом и работы в комплексе с другим оборудованием в зерноочистительных отделениях. Машина состоит из неподвижной рамы 15, на которой установлена на пружинах 14 рама 6, на которой расположены патрубки 16 и 4 соответственно для выхода продукта и гальки, а также привод 17 и корпус 5 из стеклопластика. Привод осуществляется при помощи вибратора мощностью 0,3 кВт. В раму встроена заменяемая дека 2. Машина присоединена к системе аспирации при помощи патрубка 8 с регулировочным клапаном 1, который соединен с корпусом гибким рукавом 7. Разрежение в корпусе контролируют по манометру 10. Семена подаются через приемник 11, в котором встроен запорный клапан 12.

The machine works as follows. Oil Coons enters through the receiver on the mesh surface of the distributor 13, blowing a stream of air and making oscillatory movements at an angle to a horizontal plane, from it. on the mesh surface of the deck. In a stream blowing down from the bottom under a certain pressure of the air, and with the simultaneous fluctuation of the working surface, the product goes into a pseudo.liquid state. At the same time, particles with a large specific gravity fall to the surface of the deck, with a small one. pop up. Thus, the product is relaxed. The density of the lower layers is greater than the upper. Pebbles, which is not lifted by a pillow of air, moves as a result of the oscillations of the deck to the upper end of the machine

Rice. ten.2. Stone separation machine U12-BCT-100:

adjusting valve; 2. replaced by the deck; 3- adjustment mechanism; 4, 8, 16. nozzles; 5. frame; 6. frame; 7. flexible sleeve; 9- flywheel; ten- manometer; eleven. receiver; 12- stop valve; 13. distributor; fourteen. spring; fifteen. motionless frame; 77-

to the final separation zone. Using the opposite of air, it is finally separated from the product and falls into the pipe four. The cleaned product goes to the pipe 16. The angle of inclination of the deck is set by the adjustment mechanism 3. The amplitude of the oscillations is regulated by the movement of goods around the vibrator shaft. The speed of the air flow is changed using a regulator of air located in the upper part of the stone selection.

The main technical data of the stone separation machine U12-BCT-100

Sunflower productivity, t/h

The number of revolutions of the vibrator shaft, rpm of dimensions, mm, no more: no more:

SECARER ZSP-10 (rice. ten.3) is made in the form of a collapsible metal bed /, inside which two sieve bodies are suspended 12 on springs 3. The back-to-stand movement of the sieve bodies is reported by the eccentric oscillator 2, which is driven from the electric motor 17. For uniform distribution of the mixture along the width of the SIT, there is a receiving device with a cargo valve 6. The separator has four rows of sieves: the first is the reception of Sito 5, the second is the sorting 13, The third is unloading fourteen, The fourth is a holy sieve 16.

The separator works as follows. The initial mass of seeds from the reception and distribution device, overcoming the resistance of the cargo valve, enters a uniform layer to the receiving sieve, the gathering from which (gross impurities) is removed from the machine with a tray. The passage of the receiving sieve is entered by a sorting sieve, on which large impurities are released from the seeds, which are also sent to the waste collection with a transverse trap. Seeds that have passed through a sorting sieve are entered, at the upper part of which the stream of mixture is divided into two parts: one goes on the unloading sieve, and the other passes to the lower body of the lower body. Grits from the unloading and hooking sieve are combined (these are cleaned seeds) and are removed from the machine. The passage of the subsidiary sieve (small impurities) by the pallet of the lower body enters

Briz cleaning machines

Briz products cleaning machines are designed to clean, polish and cool seeds, nuts, coffee after frying. In the process of cleaning from raw materials, ash, garbage, dust are removed. This machine is necessary after frying the seeds, it is it that gives the seeds gloss and removes the effect of “dirty fingers” in the seeds. Control vehicles operate in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

  • Cooling and cleaning of sunflower seeds.
  • Cooling and cleaning of nuts (peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Cooling and cleaning of grain for agricultural production.

In doubt the purchase? In the laboratory of the plant, you can test the car according to your raw materials. We will select the optimal speed of cleaning your product. Video report and act are provided. Ready raw materials can be sent back.

The basic principle of action is based on cleaning in the air flow. Operator load the raw materials through the upper pipe. Founder creates high pressure. which allows the product to circulate from the bunker of the drive into the treatment chamber. Special nozzles provide uniform circulation and cleaning of the product. Constantly mixing, the seed rubs against each other and is polished. Particles of dust, dirt, garbage and everything that is lighter than seeds disappears upstairs through the graduation collector. Thanks to the regulation of the lifting force, the machine can be adjusted for any weight of the product and the degree of cleaning. Special chipsters and cyclone do not allow the forces of inertia to throw the seed into the exhaust manifold.

The machine has a viewing window, which allows you to visually control the degree of cleaning. The simplicity and reliability of the design allows you to cleanse many types of product in which cleaning and cooling air are possible. The product is unloaded through the lower pipe.

Sorting of raw materials

Primary selection of products helps to identify defective seeds. They have high humidity, soft husk and even traces of mold are manifested. If you let such a raw material for processing, the impression of customers about the brand will be spoiled forever. It is unlikely that a person will like to eat a product with a charming smell and a bitter taste. Governing bodies after verification will not give the go.ahead for implementation.

Large and small seeds

To ensure worthy taste of finished products, technology organize thorough sorting. All excess is rejected and directed for disposal. This is an important stage, without which nothing good will work out. When the raw material has passed the sorting, the next technological operation begins.

Where is the finished product going

Kozinaks make sunflower from sunflower seeds. This is after complex processing. Many seeds separated from the shell are simply packed on packages and implemented through retail stores. There are other areas of application: manufacture of halva, sunflower oil, margarine. Seeds are used in the agricultural industry: they make silage, flar and senage. The husk goes to mulch the soil. This increases productivity, helps to fight weeds.

How to Make Seed Separator and Seed Cleaner

Pumplings are sold as a snakes in a fried or dried form. End consumers use seeds as a light snack. Sometimes raw materials are added to culinary products. The husk is used as the basis for the production of biofuel. It is suitable for growing mushrooms as a substrate. Hexlectic and pontoon sugar necessary for diabetics for nutrition is produced from the shell.


The secret of the company: how to clean a kilogram of seeds in just a few minutes

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Surely everyone saw in stores packages with seeds devoid of husks. I had to ever think about how they are cleaned? Definitely accurately, it is not 10 thousand “prisoners” of the Chinese who are sitting and pushing the seeds passing along the conveyor. Obviously seeds are cleaned with some kind of technology. We recognize her together.

Cleaning at least a kilogram, at least one hundred seeds are not as difficult as it might seem. Cleaning technology looks approximately as follows. First you need to take well.fried seeds. This method does not work with raw and damp seeds, so first you have to fry in any case. Now you need a pan. Fill it with drinking water and put it boiled.

When the water boils, take all the seeds and pour into the pan. Cover the pan with a lid, after which we cook the sunflower seeds for 30-45 seconds. Seeds are lighter than water, so they will stay on the surface. After that it removes the pan from the fire and using the sieve, we separate the seeds. In Sita, dry them with a hair dryer, after which we carefully fall asleep into the blender. It is important to make sure that the seeds do not block the knife.

Now the seeds are worth grinding. About 10% of the seeds will completely crush, but all the others will be cleaned due to strikes against the wall and each other. We do not turn on the blender immediately. First we make several short turns of the blade and gradually move to more and more.

The final stage remained. We take the pan again and fill it with water, after which we pour a mass of seeds and husks into the water. We are waiting for 5 minutes until the covered seeds settle to the bottom and then catch the entire husk. We take a colander again. we extract a treat and dry. Ready!



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