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A large grille for a meat grinder for what

Dishent selection table for meat grinders

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first models of electric meat grinders appeared on the shelves of many stores. They were not just large, but very large, so they were not used in everyday life. And only by the middle of the forties, electric models of a meat grinder begin to gradually displace manual household meat grinders. In fairness, it is worth noting that electric meat grinders could not completely replace the mechanical kitchen meat grinders.

Not so long ago I had to explain why my meat grinder has many different gratings and knives, how to use them better, for which they are intended. Today I will talk about the cutting part of the meat grinder, and before that there are several facts from the life of a meat grinder.

  • What grille of the meat grinder should be used to prepare minced meat? It all depends on what minced meat you need, what is the consistency of the minced meat. For example, to prepare children’s sausages, I use two grilles. For the first time I twist the meat on a universal grille, and the second time already finished minced meat with the addition of the necessary fillers through the grille of a meat grinder with the smallest openings. And to prepare chicken sausages, I use the grille of a meat grinder with the largest holes, minced meat is obtained like a not large sliced.
  • If you have a question. why is my meat grinder poorly scrolling the meat? Remember the last time you sharpened the meat grinders knives. this is the first one to think about, and secondly, you may use a grille for a meat grinder with too small holes for your product and along the trace, see how the lattice is installed relative to the knives, they are so tightly adjusted to each other friend. Universality is certainly good, but in my opinion the taste, for each product its own cell size.
  • If you have a new meat grinder of a well.known company not a molet as it should, in 99% of cases it is not collected correctly.
  • If you looked at your gratings and you have a question why the lattices darken in a meat grinder, then you do not need to worry. Depending on the quality of the metal, all the grilles for the meat grinder darken over time, some earlier. others later.
  • You can sharpen the knives and process the grille from the meat grinder yourself without resorting to the services of the masters. To do this, you need to buy a set for sharpening. This set includes two abrasive disks, you will insert one instead of a lattice when you sharpen a meat grinder, and the second instead of knives for processing the grate of the meat grinder. The cost of such a set is usually no more than 1.

Knives and lattices

Perhaps one of the main conditions of excellent work of the meat grinder is the actual sharpening of the cutting blades of the knife.

Those who at least once assembled a meat grinder after washing know that first a knife is “dressed” on a screw, and then a grill. That is, in the “combat” state, the knife and the grille are in constant contact among themselves.

There is also another parameter of the effective operation of the meat grinder. this is the distance between the knife and the grille. In the new meat grinder it is minimal. This gap is formed as a result of intensive operation of a meat grinder or over time. As a result of operation, the gap increases, which leads to a deterioration in meat processing, and the more this gap will be. the worse the grinding.

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But do not panic! This principle of work is the same for all meat grinders and does not mean at all that you bought bad or not high.quality household appliances. And from time to time, even the most durable steel is erased. Speaking the language of specialists. It is produced, and this distance between the grille and the knife, respectively, increases.

It is also necessary to add that from the ingress of small bones, tendons, or for example frozen meat, the knife gradually dulls. Hence the above.voiced non.quality processing of meat. Turning meat becomes an unpleasant procedure that takes strength and time.

Power and performance

The productivity of the meat grinder can be determined as the amount of products (meat), which can be processed per unit of time. Often the manufacturer indicates this parameter as an advertising course, however, it should be wary of such statements: firstly, the real productivity of the device may be significantly lower than the stated marketers, and secondly in many cases the real productivity of the device is limited by such unobvious factors as the diameter of the diameter The neck of the nozzle (that is, simply put, the size of a piece of meat, which can be placed in a meat grinder).

In our tests, we measure the productivity of the meat grinder in real tasks and the performance that we have never measured more turned out to be more declared by the manufacturer, but less. very often (sometimes even several times less, that is, for example, one kilogram per minute instead of the declared two).

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If you take real performance, then for home conditions about 1.5 kg/min is a completely acceptable option that will arrange the vast majority of users. About 2 kg/min is already a very good result. than 2 kg/min. excellent.

2 kilograms of minced meat per minute-quite a good result (Redmond RMG-1230-7)

In practice, such a difference means that directly for the processing of pre.prepared (chopped) meat, a less productive meat grinder will spend only a few minutes more. Given the fact that a significant part of the time is spent on the preparation and cutting of meat, saving a pair of three minutes (when processing 2-3 kilograms of meat) can not always be called a significant factor. Of course, it’s nice to get the finished minced meat quickly, but if the standard scenario of the meat grinder involves the preparation of minced meat once a week, then it is unlikely that a couple of minutes will have a significant impact on the overall comfort from the operation of the device.

The power of the device indicated on the box is equally unobvious parameter. In most cases, the manufacturer indicates the maximum (peak, locking) power of the device, while chopping meat in standard mode is carried out at much smaller capacities. So, for example, the peak power of the device can be 1800 watts, the nominal one. 500 watts, and during real measurements it turns out that the readings of the wattmeter did not rise above 470 watts, which was quite enough to perform the tasks.

Taking into account the above, when choosing a meat grinder, we would recommend paying attention to parameters such as the power of the device and the declared performance, but in no case do not understand them.

Higher nominal (not peak!) power and higher declared performance when comparing two models will most likely indicate that the meat grinder you are interested in will be more productive than a model with more modest characteristics. However, it is not necessary to hope that the promises of marketers will be fulfilled in full. Studying the inscriptions on the box, it will not be superfluous to use common sense.

For example, we see that the manufacturer claims that a meat grinder is able to ground five kilograms of meat per minute. Perhaps even this will be true. However, it will not be superfluous to think. and personally you are able to serve five kilograms of chopped meat in a meat grinder in one minute? That is, a kilogram every 12 seconds? Despite the fact that the meat should not only be placed in a boot neck, but also pushed into the screw using a special push? Unlikely.

Finally, it will not be superfluous to find information about how many minutes the device can work without a break. As a rule, such data is not taken to the box, but “hide” somewhere in the instructions. By comparing the alleged performance and permitted working hours, you can compose a relatively adequate idea of ​​what kind of meat grinder we have been honored with our attention, and what real opportunities it has.


In meat grinders, this accessory can be of two types:

  • Shnekovaya. It is a shaft twisted in a spiral, which crushes the laid products and pushes them through the grill. The remaining cake is squeezed through a separate hole. Suitable for almost all berries, vegetables and fruits, can be used to make tomato juice. The only drawback of the device is the juice with pulp.
  • For citrus fruits. It is a plastic nozzle nozzle with ribs. To obtain juice, citrus fruits must be divided into two parts and pressed to a rotating cone. The ribs will be crushed by a soft pulp, and squeezed juice through a sieve will flow into the drain.

The capabilities of a screw nozzle compared to citrus is much wider. Therefore, before choosing a meat grinder, you should clarify which juicer is complete with the selected model.

When buying a nozzle with a screw juicer, it is worth paying to the material of the shaft (metal or plastic). It will not affect the speed and efficiency of work, but the reliability of the adaptation and resistance to loads can affect.

It will also pay attention to the presence of protective covers (from spray) and convenient drain for juice.

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Middle lattice of meat grinders. universal disk

Type. Middle lattice. a universal infantry disk, which is more often used to twist the product. Its capacity is equal to the performance of this model. The grate has about 48 holes with a section of 4-6 mm. This type of lattice is indispensable in cooking minced meat for various dishes, for example, for meatballs and cutlets. The lattice is also convenient for grinding cheese, vegetables and nuts.


Some models of the electric yas-grinder are equipped with another type of gratings, which have 3 or 4 holes with a cross section of 11-12 mm. They are designed to twist the product into a particularly large minced meat, which has the form of cutting. It is convenient to use such minced meat for mant, beefstrogans and bathing.

When choosing an electric assistant, follow what grids are equipped in the model. If the model has only one grill, then do not be discouraged, the discs can be purchased separately. Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the disk. It should not be small, the rougher the grate, the better.

The main components of a mechanical meat grinder

Many components in electrical and mechanical models are identical and perform the same role (a firm nut, a screw, grilles and a knife), so there is no need to dwell on them in more detail. There are also additional nozzles in manual meat grinders, however, their assortment is not so large. At best, manufacturers are equipped with a set of additional grilles and a cookie nozzle. Consider only those components with which these electrical and mechanical models are fundamentally vary.


In fact, in mechanical models it is a cast chamber fixed on the table. In the upper part, it has a bell (meat receiver) through which the product is laying. In some models, it is shifted relative to the center of the case or beveled at the base. This shape of the bell helps the screw to capture loaded pieces. The wider the meat receiver, the easier it is to make a bookmark. The corps can be cast iron aluminum. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Upper and lower shoe with a clamping screw

This is the name of the upper stops and the lower clamp that fix the body of the meat grinder on the countertop. So that the mounts do not leave traces on the surface, it is necessary to choose a model with plastic or rubber gaskets. The clamping screw moves the lower shoe up, allowing to fix the meat grinder on the countertop. In modern shoes, manufacturers sometimes replace the vacuum suction.


Attached to the screw, installed in the back of the case. With its help, the shaft and the knife is set in motion. The handle is fixed using a plastic or metal screw.

Methods of sharpening knives

Knives for household meat grinders, especially stamped, must be undermined by periodic. This should be done immediately as soon as the performance of the unit has decreased, the number of veins and films that began to be wound on the screw has increased.

The cutting surfaces are pulled in special workshops, but you can do it yourself, if there is a sharp.to.ching tool, the skill of working with it and a little free time.

When sharpening, several ways are used:

  • On the grinding stone. The stone is abundantly moistened with water and performed circular movements first with a knife, and then a disk, pressing to the stone the side that comes into contact with the cutting blades of the cutter. Movement is made in one direction, evenly pressing the pulled part. After the sharpening is completed, both elements of the cutting block must be folded and checked for the lack of lumen between them.
  • With sandpaper. Folden paper is fixed on a piece of plastic or plexiglass with glue and sharpened in circular motions in one direction. First use paper with medium grain for sharpening, and then with small. for polishing to a mirror shine.
  • Using a set for sharpening meat grinder. The set includes two abrasive disks. First, the disk is inserted instead of the grill and the cutter is pulled, then the other disk is inserted instead of the cutter and the grate is undermined. For sharpening blades 30-50 rpm of the shaft is enough.

You can sharpen the cutting parts on a special assault machine, but only if there is experience and knowledge of the basic safety requirements. It is better to take the stupid knives to the master, while independently periodically undermine the cutting parts manually.

How to sharpen a knife for a meat grinder?

What to do if the knife is dull and does not want to cut the meat? You can sharpen a knife for a meat grinder yourself. mass methods: from a machine with a grinding circle to a file and sandpaper. There is a lot of information about this on the network, and we will not stop there.

In our article we would like to touch on several reverse sides of this issue.

Frankly, knives for a meat grinder is extremely undesirable, even somewhat inappropriate and unreasonable.

  • Firstly, certain skills and experience are needed-otherwise you can only make it worse.
  • Secondly, when sharpening the cutting elements of the knife, the blades do not drag them, but rather grind! By tightening the knife. we automatically increase the gap between the grate and the knife about which we wrote above! Accordingly, you have to return to the item, which indicates about the unpleasant procedure.

From this we can conclude: if the meat grinder does not turn the meat well, then one of the reason may be a dull knife. And accordingly you just need to replace it with a suitable new.

If your meat grinder has become bad to turn the meat, then it is time to change the cutting element! And the second: not all knives for meat grinders are the same and universal. It is very important to know that all knives differ depending on the brand and model of the manufacturer. We also advise you to take into account that it may require replacement for other details.

As we discussed earlier. the knife and the grille are almost always in close contact with each other, which means that the grille can also be worn out, so our recommendations are to replace the knife simultaneously with the grille. By the way, we have sets for these purposes.



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