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A folding ironing board in the closet

Types of built-in closet ironing boards

There are different variants of the product on the furniture market, the main ones are:

folding, ironing, board, closet

Its tabletop is attached to the metal frame with a hinged mechanism, which is already attached to the wall.

It is not always possible to find a pull-out ironing board in stores, but it can be ordered in any furniture shop or made by your own hands.

A wide range of decorative and finishing materials for framing the mirror allows you to place it in a room decorated in any style.

Hinged are the usual built-in devices in the closet. They have a fairly simple mechanism, they are easy to use. You can say it is a classic version.

A small cabinet for the ironing board on the wall can also be functional and used to store the necessary accessories.

The pull-out board is hidden in the closet drawer. Takes up less space than a hinged board. However its mechanism is complicated and not as strong, so it breaks down more often than other models.

You can’t just see such a fixture, so the board doesn’t spoil the design at all.

Concealed pull-out boards are usually covered with a mirror. It slides to the side, and in the niche there is an ordinary flip board. In place of the mirror can stand other objects, such as pictures or just a wall.

The mirror is the most common option.

Built-in ironing boards (27 items)

It would seem that what could be easier than to choose an ironing board. You took the first encountered, if only the price was satisfactory, and that was the end of it! But as practice shows, the wrong ironing board can turn into source of headaches.

Women are the most frequent users of this household item, so the first characteristic you should pay attention to. is the weight. It should be comfortable for a girl to assemble and unfold the board. But the design should be reliable and stable.

If you live in a small apartment, you may have the idea to buy a small ironing board. But it is the size of the ironing surface that determines the comfort during ironing. If it’s small, you’re constantly moving and twisting it, and risk crumpling it again.

Popular now model. built-in ironing board. by right deserves the first place among the models, because it combines compactness and convenience.

Before you buy a built-in ironing board, decide what type of model suits you best.

Built-in ironing board can be part of the cabinet, mirror, cabinet drawer. Let’s have a closer look.

Ironing board-cabinet is a slide-out model, built into an ordinary cabinet. It’s small, easy to hide when you don’t need it, and pulls out in seconds when it’s time to iron.

Very convenient, when two irreplaceable things turn into one. So ironing board in tandem with a mirror is a win-win situation. When folded, you just see a mirror hanging on the wall. But in this model, the mirror, like a closet door, slides easily aside and opens the ironing board. It remains to put it down and start using.

Real ironing board-transformer. the one that combines a cabinet with drawers. Now you no longer have to guess where to put your fresh things. When folded, it looks like a baseboard, but you can always unfold the lid and start ironing.

But the reclining mechanism is not the only, though decisive factor when choosing a model. Do not forget to pay attention to the coating of the board and its base. They should be resistant to high temperatures and moisture.

Metal mesh or wood is used as a base. The former is reliable, but over time the grid cells will start to be imprinted on the linen. Wood is more durable, but you can not put a hot iron on it. These models have a metal base.

In our store you will find many interesting models and you can buy a built-in ironing board at an attractive price!

Built-in ironing boards: features and varieties

In the duties of every housewife there are several compulsory items, which must be performed on a daily basis. One of them is ironing. On the one hand it is very pleasant to have a good sleep on ironed sheets, and in the morning to put on ironed clothes. And on the other hand, every day you have to take apart the ironing board, put it in the right place, and then reassemble the construction and put it away in a far corner. These activities every day exhausts not only the physical but also the emotional state of the woman.

Understanding the difficulty of this work, the manufacturers managed to find a way out. Ironing boards have gone through several stages of modernization and now have a compact size, so they can hide in the furniture design.

Ironing board built in the mirror

Folding ironing board, built-in mirrored mirror cabinet with hinged or sliding (coupe) door by choice. Size (w).г.в): 500 x 1160 x 80 mm.Color: Oak Cremona Champagne, Oak Galliano in colors to order, Metallic Silver (cover).

Mechanism built-in ironing board BELSI Iron CompactDimension (in.ш.г.): 1600 x 455 x 50 mm

Ironing board. Mirror with moldings Fibreboard on both sides. Colors: Wenge, Beech, Cherry, Milk Oak. Size in closed form (in.ш.г.): 1670 x 500 x 65 mm.

Mirror with sliding door. Great choice of baguette options. Baguettes made of natural wood. Colors: Cherry, Beech, Milk Oak. Dimensions in closed form (in.ш.г.): 1640 x 595 x 115 mm.

Double sliding mirror with integrated ironing board. Five baguette options to choose from. Colors: Wenge, Cherry, Beech. Closed dimensions (in.ш.г.): 1660 x 595 x 110 mm.

Mirror with built in ironing board. Transformation version sliding or hinged. 4 colors. Straight mirror frames in a minimalist design. The dimensions when closed (in.ш.г.): 1620 x 550 x 90 mm.

Mirror with built-in ironing board. Wardrobe sliding door made of particle board. Minimalist design, straight mirror frame. Closed dimensions (in.ш.г.): 1520 x 520 x 110 mm.

handy folding ironing board, built into a slimline (8cm) cupboard with front Laminated chipboard. Size (w).г.в): 500 x 80 x 1160 mm.Color: Oak Cremona Champagne, Oak Galliano, 8 colors to order.

Built-in hinged ironing board in teflon cover. White or black glass front, hinged or sliding doors. Size (w.г.в): 500 x 1160 x 80 mm.Color: Oak Cremona Champagne, Oak Galliano in colors to order (cabinet), black, white (glass front), metallic Silver (cover).

Built-in ironing board hinged, in a cabinet with a mirrored front, which has a stylish print. Size (w.г.в): 500 x 1160 x 80 mm.Color: Oak Cremona Champagne, Oak Galliano Custom colors (cabinet), Metallic Silver (cover).

Sliding Coat Mirror with Integrated Folding Ironing Board. A mirror with a decorative pattern of your choice.Size (w).г.в): 500 x 115 x 1520 mmColor: Choice of pattern.

Integrated in a slim mirror cabinet (hinged or compartment) large comfortable ironing board in Teflon cover. Size (w).г.в): 500 x 80 x 1460 mm.Color: Oak Galliano, Oak Cremona-Champagne, metallic Silver (cover).

Ironing board, built into a slim hanging cabinet Laminated chipboard, hinged, with teflon cover. Size (w.г.в): 500 x 80 x 1460 mm.Color: Galliano Oak, Cremona-Champagne Oak, Metallic Silver (cover).

Built-in glass panel hinged ironing board with teflon cover Size (w).г.в): 500 x 80 x 1460 mm.Color: Oak Galliano, Oak Cremona-Champagne, Metallic Silver (cover), Black, White (glass).

Folding ironing board, mounted in a mirrored hinged cupboard with a print, 8 cm thick. Size (w.г.в): 500 x 80 x 1460 mm.Color: Galliano Oak, Cremona-Champagne Oak, Metallic Silver (cover).

How to mount a folded ironing board inside a closet. Emuca

Sliding panel with mirror with built-in folding ironing board.Size (w.г.в): 504 x 100 x 1810 mmColor: Chocolate Pine

Wall hinged locker with mirror panel decorated with a photo image and a built-in flip-down ironing board Size (w.г.в): 500 x 100 x 1400 mm.Color: Wenge, Bleached Oak, Metallic Silver

Folding ironing board, mounted in hinged cupboard Laminated chipboard Size (w).г.в): 500 x 100 x 1400 mm.Color: Wenge, white oak, metallic silver

Iron Slim Shelf.On hinged closet with mirrored door (coupe or hinged) Size (w).г.в): 500 x 100 x 1400 mm.Color: Wenge, Bleached Oak, Metallic Silver

Hinged ironing board built into the cabinet Laminated chipboard (hinged or compartment) with two shelves Size (w.г.в): 500 x 140 x 1800 mm.Color: Wenge, white washed oak, metallic silver

Closet with artistic mirror front: two shelves. built-in ironing board in teflon cover. Size (w.г.в): 500 x 140 x 1800 mm.Color: Wenge, white washed oak, metallic silver.

Iron Box Shelf with built-in ironing board.On with mirror front and two shelves Size (w.г.в): 500 x 140 x 1800 mm.Color: Vege, bleached oak, metallic silver

Folding ironing board Shelf.On with height-adjustable work surface and Teflon cover Size (w.г.в): 450 x 60 x 1280 mm.Color: Metallic Silver

Ironing board built into the mirror with hinged and sliding doors.

Board material

The material of the platform itself may also be different:

  • Plywood, particle board, particle board, fiberboard, fiberboard. characterized by low price and ubiquitous prevalence, but not very durable;
  • Metal alloys (often aluminum). strong, durable, but prone to rust over time. Also, aluminum covers can bend and warp when in use;
  • Thermoplastic. modern, lightweight, reliable, but relatively expensive.

Covering can be classic cloth (cotton, sailcloth, carbon fiber) and modern Teflon. Teflon cover is fireproof and durable, but its price is higher. It represents a cloth with a specialized coating, which improves the quality of ironing and creates thermal protection: if you leave a hot iron on it for a while the cloth will not catch fire. Between the base and the covering there is usually a layer of polyurethane foam, padding or batting.

Retractable board

In stores to find such a variation is problematic, but you can order it in any furniture shop or do their own making. This design is most often placed in a cabinet or dresser. It is assumed that the wider part of the base will be fixed on the guide elements, while the table top is folded in half. Such a board is traditionally sized, limited to the dimensions of the drawer. But such an element does not take a lot of space in comparison with similar devices.

Advice! When choosing a recessed ironing board, pay attention to the presence of functionality to rotate the design.

Häfele pull-out built-in ironing board

The size of the pull-out ironing board is determined by the dimensions of the drawer in which it is stored

The pull-out ironing board can fit completely in the drawer or be folded in half

Retractable ironing board is mounted into almost any furniture product

Retractable ironing board always at hand

Good to know! If you decide to make such a design with your own hands, it is worth considering the direct dependence of the stability of this object on the quality of the guiding elements.

Ironing board folding built in

Ironing board built-in, folding. Color: aluminum, metallic.

Ironing board wall mounted, folding grey

Metalnova ironing board Domino plus

Built-in ironing board Hafele Ironfix

Asko HI1153S pull-out ironing board

Ironing board 1120 × 290 “Lina 2” chipboard, 2 levels of height (70, 80 cm), retractable stand

LAURASTAR Comfort ironing board

Ironing board metal mesh 120x38cm SMARTY MISTRAL

InHome Ironing board IN3M print “Flowers on taupe” Flowers on taupe

Ironing board-transformer Iron Slim

Ironing board wall Volzhanochka, the size of the table top 30 x 87cm, with el. extension cord, color beige

Nika ironing board Bell Unior 1 (БЮ1)

Nika ironing board Elsa de Lux (EL)

Wall mounted ironing board. Table top size 30 x 87 cm, with optional removable cover, chocolate color

Retractable ironing board ALBA HZ040 300x(480. 1260)х140

BTS wardrobe mirror with ironing board Smart wenge

Wall mounted ironing board. Tabletop size 30x87cm, with underhand rail, el. Extension and optional removable cover, color beige

After ironing is complete there is always a question: where to put the board? You can store it in the pantry, stow it behind furniture or just lean it against the wall. Very uncomfortable and impractical.

Furniture manufacturers have found a way out of this situation. they have developed designs of surfaces that can be hidden behind the closet or in the drawer behind the compartment door.

The advantages of built-in furniture options are many:

  • No need to take the board out of storage and move it to the ironing area;
  • hidden behind the cabinet panels, the construction does not spoil the look of the interior, and does not interfere with movement around the room;
  • ironing surface is easily put into operating position in a few seconds;
  • The ironing surface can be built in independently, adjusting the position in the cabinet to your requirements;
  • safe to use.

How to choose a built-in board correctly

Buying a board for ironing is a difficult task that requires taking into account a large number of nuances. It is best to ask for help from specialists, who will tell the features of each model and warn about their disadvantages. If you choose the product yourself, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Size. Buy such a board, which after installation will not interfere with the free movement of people in the apartment. To exclude the possibility of error, you should make all the necessary measurements in advance.
  • Weight. This indicator is important when choosing products that will be attached to the thin wall of the cabinet. If the weight is too great, then the device can fall and break something in the apartment.
  • Sustainability. Never rule out the possibility of getting burnt while ironing. To prevent this from happening, the base must be stable. In addition, the wobbly design will be an inconvenience to the hostess.
  • The quality of the support. To prevent the product from falling out of the cabinet or niche, it must be provided with a secure lock. This part of the construction is made of various durable materials.
  • Reliable mechanism. The device that allows you to raise and lower the board must work without any problems. When buying a product, you should ask the retailer about the material used to make the mechanism. It must be strong and durable.



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