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A crack on the glass ceramic hob what to do

Replacing the glass on the hob

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If you buy a cooktop made of glass ceramic, you can save a lot on electricity. In addition, the regulation system of such stoves is so precise that the temperature of burners is regulated very easily. There is a disadvantage of modern technology: induction hobs are made of heat-resistant glass, which can crack under the influence of various factors. Cracks in the glass is the most common cause of stove failure and the only solution is to replace the glass on the hob.

If the glass ceramic is simply scratched, the appearance of the panel suffers, but it is possible to operate the device. Scratches do not affect the functionality of the device, do not pose any threat to humans.

If small scratches appeared on the glass ceramic, they can be removed even with your own hands. To do this, they use improvised means or a special creamy paste. In any case the work is performed after disconnecting equipment from power supply. It is important to make sure that the technique has cooled. Of improvised means suitable baking soda, which is diluted to a pulp state. This mass is applied to a soft cloth, wiping the surface in a circular motion. Next, the panel is cleaned with a paper towel from the remnants of baking soda. Cream paste is used on the same principle.

Is it possible to change the glass yourself

Users often ask this question, especially after hearing the cost of repair. The price is really high, but this is exactly the case when you should not save money and it is better to use the help of a specialist to avoid additional costs. An attempt to repair the hob itself can be difficult for several reasons:

  • To find a branded glass that is suitable for your hob without going to the manufacturer of household appliances is impossible. Regular tempered glass is not suitable for the cooktop, since it is not designed for the spot temperature distribution that characterizes induction cooktops. During operation, tempered glass can not only crack but also break into multiple pieces. Only original glass-ceramic surface is acceptable for the cooktop. Sometimes used glass can be found on classifieds websites. Its use is much cheaper and less dangerous, but where is the guarantee that it will not crack soon, like the previous one? Cooktops sold for parts are likely to have already been subjected to many different stresses and have micro-damage, which will soon lead to the replacement of the glass again.
  • Replacing a glass ceramic hob requires special skills, knowledge and tools. Without special education, qualifications and experience, you can break parts of the panel when you disassemble it, despite the fact that the list of works may seem simple. If your induction hob glass is damaged, our experienced and reliable craftsmen will be at your disposal. Only the professionalism of a master will provide the highest quality of work and the shortest possible time.

The advantages of qualified repair of cooker hobs

  • Possibility of remote call, quick response and carrying out of diagnostics and repair at convenient for you time.
  • Extensive experience of masters, availability of special tools, equipment and skills.
  • Providing only original, branded spare parts and components directly from the manufacturer.
  • Long warranty period for spare parts and work performed. In case of breakage of a spare part installed by a craftsman, it will be replaced free of charge within the warranty period.

Stoves with glass ceramic hobs are popular: they have heat indicators, easy to use, easy to care for. But often due to severe mechanical damage or due to prolonged heating, defects such as cracks and scratches occur. The extent of the damage can vary from a small crack to cracks that cover the entire surface area.

Cracked glass on the cooktop. What to do?Kitchen

Cooktops (gas, electric, induction) are made of vitrified clay and tempered glass. Both materials are damaged on impact, the first breaks, the second gets covered with cracks.

Surface damage occurs due to improper use of household appliances:

  • A sharp and heavy blow with a heavy object (e.g. a full pan) causes a splintering which leads to cracks. Such a breakage is typical of vitrified clay.
  • From a pointed blow with a sharp object (knife).
  • If you turn on all the burners on the panel at full power and use them for a long time, the glass overheats and breaks with a crack, the cracks spread across the surface.
  • When dishes are placed on an uncleaned, sticky stove and food is cooked in it, it sticks to the coating under the influence of heat. It can only be torn off with a piece of vitrified clay.
  • Stale or burnt jam is difficult to remove from the hob. Sugar penetrates the structure of the glass ceramic surface. When the dirt is cleaned, it is damaged, chipping is formed.

The cause of damage can be improper installation of appliances. Powerful stress causes its destruction. Cracks form in the center of the surface and spread to the corners.

The resulting damage to the surface:

  • Cause the appliances to malfunction;
  • Warm air escapes through them;
  • Continue to crack, causing the entire surface to break;
  • spoil the appearance of the appliance;
  • Dangerous. there is a risk of electric shock.

Cooktop replacement

People faced with such a need, often have a number of questions. We have prepared answers to them.

Where to go to replace the cooktop

You found that the glass is broken or there are cracks on its surface? And you do not know what to do? To replace the panel, you should contact the professionals!

There are special service centers for repair of household appliances.

These can be representatives of the companies that manufactured your stove. Major brands, such as Hotpoint, Bosh, Maunfeld, necessarily have branches in all major cities.

You can also apply to universal centers for repair of household appliances. They work with a wide range of broken products from different companies.

Important! Before you call for help from any service, make sure that it has direct access to the manufacturer of your electric stove.

After all, in order to replace the hob, you need to use a branded glass ceramic hob. These are not freely available, so you can only buy them from the manufacturer.

How is the replacement of the glass

Installing a new cooktop to replace the one that cracked, occurs according to the following algorithm.

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You can usually leave a request in the service center remotely. For example, by phone, from the operator. He will also tell you exactly when to wait for the master.


Damage is always assessed before work begins. Even if everything seems obvious to you, there may be some hidden pitfalls. It is better to trust in this matter to a specialist.

Coordination of forthcoming works

After diagnosis, the technician tells the customer exactly what needs to be replaced. Also specifies what procedures will have to be done, how much it will cost.

The next step will begin only after you know all the details and agree with the plan for the upcoming repair.


If it is really just a matter of replacing the glass, which is cracked, the process will take a few hours. From the outside it looks pretty simple. However, it requires the use of special equipment, branded spare parts and good skills.

Acceptance of work

The final part of the whole process is to check how the surface works.

Important! Keep in mind that service centers usually give a 1-2 year warranty on their work, depending on the specific company.

The figure is made up of several major components: the price of the necessary spare parts, the cost of the work. There may also be an additional charge for rush repairs. But the diagnostic service centers usually provide free.

First, is taken into account Second, the complexity of the work to be performed is assessed. Direct

Thus, the cost of replacing the hob is about 50-60% of the price of a new hob.

To get rid of troubles such as a large chip or crack, it will be more reliable to replace the hob with a new one. Leaving everything as it is also not a good option, because the integrity of the technique is compromised, and the chip can turn into a large break. Gluing the hob with your own hands is the most economical way. You will need a material that will keep the strength of the glass ceramic and will not allow the cracks to spread further, will withstand high temperatures.

How to clean the hob quickly and effectively?

In order to clean the panel, you will need to follow a certain sequence of actions.

  • To do this, you first need to properly wipe the surface and remove drips, light dirt, and moisten any burnt residue from your dishes.
  • After that, you should treat the surface with special products and leave them to act for the time specified in the instructions for the product. Then rinse it off.
  • Any residual dirt that can’t be removed will need to be removed by hand. The best tool for this would be a scraper, but they should not be fiercely pick at the surface. Holding it at a slight angle, it is best to wipe off the existing dirt with gentle sliding movements.
  • After these manipulations, the surface should be wiped dry again with a rag.

Why is the cooktop glass cracking?

Manufacturers claim: glass ceramic panel can withstand a load of up to 25 kg per cm2. But this does not mean that you should not be careful when handling it. Rules for use of such devices are set out in the manual. Failure to observe them leads to breakage. To avoid cracking the glass ceramic cooking surface, you can not:

  • Drop heavy objects on the surface. pots, pans (sometimes for the chipping is enough a knife dropped vertically with the tip down);
  • turn on several burners at full power at the same time;
  • Maintain heat for an extended period of time;
  • Pouring cold water on the heated stove (small splashes do not apply);
  • spill sugar on it, which quickly melts. after cleaning the surface small damages in the material will appear, they easily cause cracks;
  • place the pan on a surface that has not been cleaned, if it sticks, it will come off together with a part of the glass panel;
  • Leave unattended boiling sugar syrup, and even more so. jam, if they overflow over the edge, remove them without micro-injury to the panel is impossible;
  • cook food in aluminum cookware, with a flat or concave, but not convex bottom;
  • use abrasive materials for care, they scratch the surface, micro-cracks are formed. the cause of serious damage;
  • use hard sponges for cleaning. you need vitrified clay scrapers and sponges.

But even if you don’t do all that, cracks are inevitable when the vitrified clay cooktop is initially installed incorrectly: laid flush to the edges. During expansion from heat, stress is created in the material, the consequence of which is a crack.

If the hob glass is broken, the nature of the damage can be determined by the cause:

  • When hit, the cracks are branched, with lintels;
  • if overheated, they appear in the working area, going to the edges;
  • The center of the pot cracks from improper installation.

There are different types of damage to the panel: a small chip in a corner or a crack that crosses the entire surface with the rays. But regardless of their size, it is dangerous to cook on it:

  • The operation of the stove is disturbed;
  • heat escapes through the cracks;
  • the size of the cracks increases;
  • There is a danger of electric shock, especially if you touch the wet pan with your hands.

Regardless of the size of the damage, you can not use the stove.

If the hob breaks, what to do in this case? Options for further action only 2: replace the panel with a new one, repair the damage. The choice is determined by the size of the crack and the skills of the owner. There is a third option. sparing: the replacement of the panel, and sometimes the plate in the service center at the expense of the manufacturer, if the warranty is still valid. This is possible when the cause is a factory defect. If the glass ceramic hob cracked due to improper use of the stove, you will have to pay for its replacement.

Why Has My Ceramic Hob Cracked, And How Can It Be Repaired? | AEG

Fixing a chipped cooktop

Even small scratches can grow into a huge problem: the glass ceramic surface is covered with cracks. Remove the smallest damage can be done in two ways:

  • A paste-like mixture of baking soda and water is coated on a soft cloth, polish the surface with it in a circular motion, and remove what is left with a dry towel;
  • composition intended for polishing surfaces made of metal, cover a cotton swab and wipe the top of the hob, with paper towels remove the remnants.

Before using the product, you need to test its action on a small area. If everything is in order, proceed to the removal of micro-damage.

And what can be done if the hob cracked, affecting the work area? The best option is to call in the help of an expert. If you have skills in working with glass and glue, you can repair the damage yourself. The main requirement for the materials used is resistance to high temperature. Will need:

  • glue. silicate, Cosmophen (if the place of damage is not heated above 50 degrees) or cyanoacrylate;
  • silicone;
  • Pieces of glass 4-5×9 cm in size;
  • epoxy resin;
  • Aluminum plate to the size of the crack;
  • rubber spatula;
  • alcohol, gasoline, or acetone for degreasing.
  • Disconnect the stove from the power supply.
  • Remove the panel.
  • Repair begins with a thorough degreasing.
  • Lubricate the crack with glue.
  • Reinforce the surfaces around the perimeter (but not under the burners) with pieces of glass, placing them on the silicone.
  • If vitrified clay elements are missing, fill the empty spaces with epoxy resin.
  • Strengthen the place of the breakage with the prepared aluminum plate, gluing it under the crack.

Causes of damage to the cooking surface

If breaks are found on the cooktop, it was preceded by such factors:

  • Sharp, strong touch to the surface of any objects. For example, you can drop a heavy pot, which is a common cause of glass ceramic breakage. The break will appear as a hole in the center where the impact occurred, and branching cracks.
  • The cooktop got very hot due to several burners running at full power for a long period of time. The defect usually appears with a crack and can spread in different directions.
  • Occurs when the hob has been improperly installed, and the powerful voltage applied to the technique destroys the cooktop. The surface begins to crack from the central part, after the defects diverge, having sharp corners.
  • Pitting damage, such as dropping a knife.
  • Breaking off dishes that are glued. For example, a pan or pot has been placed on a sticky, uncleaned cooking surface. Cookware sticks when heated and can only be torn off with a shard of glass ceramic.
  • Runaway jam and sugar syrup is very difficult to remove from the stove. Heated sugar penetrates the structure of the glass-ceramic material when in contact with the surface. When cleaning the hob there is damage to the surface, there are chips.

Important! The last two reasons are caused by manufacturing defects and failure to follow the rules when assembling the model. Common cases where the surface is mounted very close to the edges, and in the process of heating it bursts.

Keep in mind that faulty appliances powered by electricity are dangerous for any use. There are rules where safety must be respected:

  • Any cooking on panels that have burst should be avoided;
  • Means for cleaning cooking surfaces, should be specially designed;
  • It is not recommended to touch metal dishes with wet hands, there is a risk of electric shock;
  • Self-repair can lead to a short circuit.



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