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7 Reasons why Ring Fit Adventure is worth buying. Nintendo switch ring fit pilates

Review: Ring Fit Adventure may be basic, but it nevertheless makes exercise fun

Fitness games have had an interesting journey through the annals of video game history. From the Power Pad on the NES to Dance Dance Revolution’s dance mat, they have seen a lot of ups and downs. It wasn’t until the launch of the Wii and Wii Fit when fitness games became a huge deal. Why just play video games or just go to the gym when you can do both at the same time?! That proved successful as Wii Fit (and its enhanced version Wii Fit Plus) sold a combined 43.8 million units, making it one of the best-selling games of all time, even beating out games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Since then, everyone has tried their version of a fitness game, but nowadays fitness games are becoming less common. Once people started getting tired of that type of game, most companies and developers changed course and began work on other things. Not only that, most fitness games present themselves as exactly what they are. “Oh you’re called ‘Fitness Boxing’? So you box to the beat and do fitness? Cool.” They stay in their lane and don’t try to be anything else.

This is where Ring Fit Adventure, the latest game from Nintendo EPD, tries to break the wheel. From the initial teaser in early September to the announcement trailer, we saw people having fun with a ring and a strap, and then we found out it was an RPG. It feels like someone went, “Final Fantasy, but Wii Fit?!”

It’s not exactly a combination you’d think were synonymous with each other. However, Ring Fit Adventure manages to blend them well enough to harbor an enjoyable experience while also making you sweat.

Full Disclosure Nintendo of America graciously provided us with a review copy of Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch. This review is based on version 1.1.1. As such, the new additions will be accounted for.

Meet the newest Switch accessory

What’s interesting about Ring Fit Adventure is that it markets itself as an adventure game. You fight monsters, explore fictional lands, and collect items on your quest. It just so happens to be an adventure game that you control with your body.

Ring Fit Adventure’s centerpiece is the unique pair of controllers you use: the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap. The Ring-Con is a heavily modified Pilates ring. The main difference is that Pilates rings normally have two hard plastic handles with concave sides with padding so it can be comfortable when doing thigh workouts. The Ring-Con replaces those handles with some small padding for your hands. As someone used to a normal Pilates ring, it feels a little strange, but it’s something you get used to. Then there’s the Ring-Con attachment itself, where you put the right Joy-Con. The Joy-Con’s accelerometer and gyroscope detect the Ring-Con’s position, whether you’re pushing in on the sides or pulling them away from each other. The IR sensor also tracks your heart rate by placing your right thumb over the sensor. It seemed to be fairly accurate, as it was within a 1 or 2 bpm difference when compared to my Apple Watch.

The Leg Strap is far less high tech — it’s literally a thing that you strap to the center of your left thigh and put the left Joy-Con in. That’s it. The Joy-Con itself does the work of making sure your leg is in the right position for the exercises thanks to its gyro and accelerometer.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

Admittedly, the story doesn’t try too hard to immerse you, but it still tries.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

At the end of the day, however, the technology is nonetheless impressive.

One thing I do appreciate about the game is that Nintendo tries to make this game a circular experience. When you load into your file, the game asks if you want to warm up with some dynamic stretches before you jump in so you can get your body ready and avoid straining or injuring yourself. During the game itself, it’ll ask you after a while if you want to keep going or cool down. When you decide you’re done for the day, the game asks if you want to do some static stretching as a means to cool down. This structure gives a nice arc that, as someone with a movement background, I appreciate.

I’m going on an Adventure!

The story is fairly standard. You control an athlete who meets a sentient ring, and together you explore the world and fight a bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux (yes, you read that correctly). You explore many worlds, help people along the way, and gain new abilities by constantly butting heads with Dragaux.

The plot is cookie cutter, but it also doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. The basic story line works here. It’s moderately self-aware in parts, and it’s mostly enjoyable. It’s a tad basic at times, and Ring (the only character who is fully voiced) tends to repeat lines a bit, but it’s not enough to ruin the experience.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

Expecting too much from the story would be a mistake, but it will help you pretend it’s not just exercise.

The game itself is very straight forward. Levels consist of two different modes — exploration and combat. The exploration is on rails, which makes sense because you move in one of two ways, either jogging or running in place or by doing small bends (what Nintendo calls “silent mode”). Silent mode is supposed to be a way to play the game without disturbing people by running in place. It was also the mode I used more because I dislike running.

As you traverse the levels, you can pull and push the Ring-Con to release gusts of air to hit boxes and suck up coins. Additionally, you can use the Ring-Con in other positions for specific actions, like pointing it down in order to jump, twisting it from side to side to row across a river, or pushing inward with your abs to destroy rocks blocking your way. You’ll gain experience as you continue, making you more formiddable in combat.

Speaking of combat, it plays out like a traditional turn-based RPG. You attack by doing various exercises from one of four different groups: Arms (upper body), Stomach (core), Legs (lower body), and Yoga (dynamic poses). The game telegraphs how long you hold the pose and then the release of it triggers the attack. Some of the exercises make you hold position for a while (the squats are rough), while others have you move to the beat. Certain enemies are affected more by specific moves; for example, red enemies are susceptible to exercises focusing on upper body. You get to decide what exercise to use, or you can shuffle the exercises, so there is a variety. The game also aids you in combat with lots of outfits and smoothies, Ring Fit’s equivalent to potions. Outfits have a set attack and defense stat like any armor in a typical RPG. There are also smoothies to consume, which have various effects ranging from from healing damage to boosting attacks of a specific type.

You face Dragaux multiple times through your adventure, and he does have some variety in his attacks. He’ll occasionally throw boxes at you that you have to shoot with the Ring-Con, in addition to just flat out attacking you. The game also doesn’t penalize you should you die in boss battles either — it will let you just skip right to the boss fight if you want to. That choice is nice.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

Ring Fit Adventure sticks fairly well to many traditional RPG elements.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

That includes the nemesis that monologues and swears this meeting will be the last.

It’s not as complex as franchises like Final Fantasy or Pokémon, but it does enough to be enjoyable. And with 20 worlds to explore, there is enough content here to last you at least 20-30 hours of just adventuring alone. Additionally, during your quest, you’ll come across certain minigames. These minigames, like trying to get points by tilting your body side to side, add an extra bit of variety to the overall gameplay.

Ironically, where Ring Fit Adventure drops the ball a bit is in its overall design and music. When I think of an adventure game or an RPG, I expect a vast array of beautiful trees, vistas and dungeons. Ring Fit sets its levels in one of three locations — a trail through nature, where you explore vistas and go through caves; a wooden obstacle course built in a dojo-looking area complete with treadmills, hoops, and more; and a ruins area for the boss fights. It got to a point where I noticed how often the areas cycle between each level. After a while, it does start to feel stale.

Ring Fit Adventure’s music is pulsing, upbeat, and modern to pump you up, but most of it is also forgettable.

Music is vital to how RPGs and adventure games create the mood you should experience in combat and cutscenes. Ring Fit’s music is pulsing, upbeat, and modern to pump you up for the exercises you perform. This is great for a fitness-centric game; however, most of the music is a bit forgettable. The music often gets drowned out by the sound effects and Ring’s lines, and, when you do hear it, it doesn’t really feel like I’m a Hero exploring the world and fighting monsters. I feel like I’m in a fitness studio. For a game that’s marketed to be an adventure game first, it feels like they came too short.

Additional fun to be had

Of course, the adventure is only one part of Ring Fit Adventure. The game also provides some additional modes if you don’t have time to spend on the main campaign. The Quick Play mode has a fairly robust set of minigames and exercises you can do, separated into three categories: simple challenges (where the goal is to get the highest reps possible); minigames (more specific exercise with concrete goals, like making pottery while squatting to raise and lower the hands); and sets (consisting of pre-selected exercises from upper arms to glutes or from aerobics to flexibility). You can adjust the strength setting to make things easier or more challenging depending on your ability, and these modes are a very good way to quickly target a small set of muscles.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

Your scores for these are also put online to see how well you stack up against other players. At this point, the rankings are all that online is really utilized for. It’s sort of disappointing that Nintendo didn’t add a way to play the adventure mode with online co-op, but maybe that’s just me.

There’s also Custom Mode, where you can make your own workouts using all sorts of different exercises. They have some preset options, or you can pick and choose from the standard Upper Body, Core, Lower body, and Yoga menus.

At least the devs acknowledge you’ll be binging Netflix at some point. “Multitasking,” indeed.

Lastly, there’s Multitask Mode, where you can work out using only the Ring-Con while you’re not playing the game. Basically it records the number of presses and pulls you do with the Ring-Con while the Switch is in sleep mode or turned off. Once it’s enabled with the right stick, you can continue doing other activities, like watching The Mandalorian on Disney (at least that’s what I’m doing) and exercise while you do it. The next time you boot up the game, you’ll get a bonus in the Adventure Mode according to how many presses you did. It does limit you to 500 reps, which seems low to me, but considering that most people are going to just sit and watch a movie or a TV show for more than two hours while exercising, I understand.

A nice way to gamify exercise

Despite the story falling a bit short, Ring Fit Adventure is still a very enjoyable experience with a lot of replay value. It has several different modes to play, a terrific variety of exercises, and is great if you want to get some workouts in when you don’t feel like leaving the house because of bad weather. If you’re a fan of the hardcore mechanics of RPGs like The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy or Pokémon, Ring Fit may be basic, but that’s not what it places its emphasis on. The mechanics are accessible so that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it, and maybe It’ll get people into traditional RPGs. The only thing holding it back is not doubling down on the adventure/RPG genre in terms of scenarios and music.

Alex Rosenberg

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Reasons why Ring Fit Adventure is worth buying

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch has seen a sudden spike in popularity these past few weeks. Who would have thought?

When it launched last October it won over Nintendo fans and fitness addicts alike, combining the gaming giant’s charm and Smart design with a genuinely effective workout aid.

You can read more about Ring Fit Adventure in our (not quite a) review but in the meantime, here are seven reasons you might want to shop around for a copy of this superb Switch title.

Well, we’re in lockdown!

Our first reason for picking up Ring Fit Adventure should come as no surprise. We’re tired of banging on about Covid-19, but the current lockdown and social distancing measures means that many of us are looking for ways to stay in shape in new ways. There’s quite a few video game fitness options, but Nintendo’s latest punt at the exercise game genre is by far the best, in our opinion.

It’s easy to pick up

Ring Fit Adventure thrives in both its accessibility and approachability. You don’t need to have a demigod bod or be a seasoned marathon runner to get stuck in, and it can push you as hard as suits your current fitness levels. The game offers four difficulty options that increase the intensity (required number of reps per workout) which you can adjust to suit your individual needs. By diving into the options menu you can also toggle various assists if you have an injury or disability, letting you skip certain types of exercise.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

The trusty Ring-Con

In order to play Ring Fit Adventure, you’ll have to buy a physical copy of the game with a bundled Ring-Con. As the name suggests, it’s a circular peripheral that you pushed and pulled to complete certain exercises with an adjustable resistance setting in game. On its own, it’s just a pilates ring, but slotting the right Joy-Con into the widget at the top, and along with a left Joy-Con strapped to your thigh, the Nintendo Switch can accurately sense many of your movements. It’s a surprisingly robust and durable piece of kit!

It gamifies exercise wonderfully

We’re no strangers to video games which market themselves as effective workout aids. From relics such as Sony’s EyeToy: Kinetic to Wii Fit and EA Active, game developers have continued to make exercise more appealing to their audience with… varied results. Ring Fit Adventure effortlessly comes out on top. Aside from being able to effectively instruct and monitor individual exercises, the main game is structured like an RPG with engrossing character progression and even mechanics such as loot grinding and crafting.

You don’t have to play the game as an RPG if you don’t want to. There’s mini-games that can be played separately, there’s workout routines designed to target specific muscle groups, and you can also create custom workouts. Nintendo recently added a couple of extra modes to let you just go for a jog through the game’s environments, and a music-based mode featuring 17 tracks to get moving to.

Healthy habits

Even as someone who has frequented gyms in the past, I’ve always felt a certain anxiety when working out around other people. Part of that comes from my struggle with maintaining posture during workouts, but that’s something that Ring Fit has helped me improve. The game will highlight which muscle groups you should FOCUS on with each exercise, offering little tips on how to better your form without nagging or overwhelming you. This advice spills beyond the game itself with pointers on stretching, nutrition, and how to become healthier in your day-to-day life.

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

It’s actually fun to play

Even after several days of playing Ring Fit Adventure, you’ll be surprised to find the amount of variety on offer. Although the core game is centred around a mix of combat and traversal segments, Nintendo have worked in a number of fun mini-games while padding out some of the RPG elements. Exercises are treated like attacks or powers you slot into your character’s loadout with more unlocking as you progress through the world map and level up. Ring Fit Adventure rewards you for mixing things up – not just with fun content but actual physical gains!

That Nintendo magic

There’s a vibrance and cleverness to Ring Fit Adventure that screams Nintendo through and through. That shines through the character designs in particular, with enemies that look like grumpy exercise balls and yoga mats, and the main antagonist, Dragaux, in his workout attire. If Nintendo can get away with adding the Wii Fighter Trainer to Smash’s roster, then this macho monster definitely deserves a spot!

The big takeaway from Ring Fit Adventure is that it actually works on many different levels. Not only does it guide you through a whole host of simple yet challenging workouts, it also succeeds as a fun video game and one that manages to lure in players using the same techniques we often associate with addictive RPGs. In this rare instance those hooks can actually have a positive effect – the more you commit to Nintendo’s fitness journey, the more change you’ll start to notice in your own physical health.

Ring Fit Adventure is currently priced at £69.99 via Nintendo’s official UK store. However, due to supply shortages, it has sold out quickly when back in stock. We’d advise setting up a restock notification through various retailers. If you’re absolutely dying to get your hands on Ring Fit Adventure then the trending eBay price clocks in at around £105.

How Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure changed my life during the pandemic

I wrote our Ring Fit Adventure review last November, but it wasn’t until this rather unbelievable summer that I truly fell in love with Nintendo’s incredibly weird fitness video game. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and often sold out, this peculiar game saved me from a cruel summer of back pains and bad sleep.

My true appreciation for Ring Fit Adventure took so much time because I simply gave the game away. I didn’t really have the space in my apartment for it, as the range of motion required for the rigorous exercises is simply too wide for my bedroom. And then the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

Why I needed Ring Fit Adventure

I was no longer getting free exercise from hour-long walks to and from the office for my commute, thanks to a new, shorter and intimate path to a now-virtual office.

Working at home has been both a gift and a curse, because while I’m incredibly appreciative of a job that I can do without going outside, everything about writing online has led me to be more sedentary, and I haven’t been able to bring my incredibly heavy standing desk from our office to my apartment.

My dietary habits hadn’t gotten any better during this time (I don’t expect they will change any time soon), so over those last months, I’ve dabbled in different ways to try and exercise a little. But those online yoga classes were either too hard or too soft, leaving me like the Goldilocks of stay at home fitness, and instead walking a lot (with my mask on) outside. I eventually ordered Ring Fit Adventure (when it was finally back in stock), but I didn’t give it a chance at first, because I was too busy living life inside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

So most days of the week I sat here, chipping away at work in a relatively ergonomic chair and without all the movement and physical activity that came with the modern office. And I was almost getting away with it all, but bad habits caught up with me. and after about 4.5 months of staying at home, my lower back stiffness returned, and I realized I had to do something different.

How (and why) Ring Fit Adventure works so well

For those unfamiliar with Ring Fit Adventure, its premise is the kind of fever dream I would have only expected from Nintendo or a neon-tinted children’s animated series. You’re in the role of someone trying to exercise, but everyone in the area is terrorized by the menacing Dragaux, a mesh-clad fitness-focused demon who is all about his core strength and glutes.

Ring Fit Adventure was so good that I responded highly positively when my colleague Philip Tracy of Laptop Mag asked if he should get one. Phil agreed with me about the precision, saying “What surprised me most is how sensitive the controllers are to your movements. The game tells you when you need to correct your form so you get the most out of your workout.”

Ring Fit Adventure is the least intimidating thing, though, thanks in part to its incredibly corny nature. The game is literally played like a role-playing game, in which you gain new exercises that are more powerful, drink smoothies to heal yourself and buy and wear new fitness gear to increase your defense. Oh, and the ring you exercise with is manifested on screen as a magical talking object named Ring who speaks nearly entirely in puns.

Ring Fit Adventure even color-codes its attacks and baddies, grouping legwork under blue, abs-focused routines as yellow, arm-based exercises as red and yoga-like spots as green. If you match the exercise to the villain, you deal more damage, and you can even enhance your attack power by drinking a matching-colored smoothie.

A bigger shock came when I noticed a new pattern in my sleep tracking app (AutoSleep, 3.99 for Apple Watch). During the pandemic months, my sleep had been terrible, and it turns out I might have been tired enough because of (you guessed it) a lack of movement and exercise, leading to restless nights.

While I had tried to change up my sleep patterns — try and sleep earlier, have less distractions in my room, even take melatonin — nothing really worked. But after I got hooked on Ring Fit Adventure, I was sleeping 2.5 to 3.5 hours longer. And in the last 8 nights, I’ve slept at least 6.5 hours per night (even hitting 8 hours and 22 minutes once).

Combine more sleep with the rush of endorphins I get when exercising before work in the morning, and I’m often literally feeling like a different person sometimes. Sure, I have my fair share of weight I’d like to lose, but Ring Fit Adventure has been a life-changing experience so far, and I know weight loss will come with more work.

Ring Fit Adventure gets addictive, but don’t overdo it

The one issue I have with Ring Fit Adventure is possibly more my own flaw than the game’s. When I was really getting in my groove with the game, and starting to feel the positive impacts in my back and sleep, I thought “why not do more?”

I started playing Ring Fit Adventure for about 25 minutes or so, before and after work. Two-a-days, as they’re called. And then the bridge of my right foot started to hurt, as did my right knee. I’ve previously associated this with over-exerting myself in the past, as I’ve loved walking around New York City, and I’ve often walked the Manhattan Bridge to get to the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Brooklyn, rather than just take the subway.

So I took a break from Ring Fit Adventure, until I could put more pressure on my foot and knee. A few days later, I started a once-daily (pre-work) routine with the game, and I’m still seeing all the health-improving upsides I found with the game at first. Ring Fit Adventure warns you about doing too much, but I was just too happy with the results and too confident in myself to listen.

Also, a word of caution. When you get to the mini-game that asks you to do Mountain Climbers, don’t go at the pace of the on-screen visual if it seems too hard.

This was one of the exercises that I think tripped me up the worst and may have exacerbated my foot issues. Try going at the pace shown in this video:

Bottom line

As with all things fitness, I’m reminded of the fine print seen in most automobile commercials: “your mileage may vary.”. But for me, Ring Fit Adventure has become an indispensable part of my day.

Right now, I’m at world 5 out of 23, which means this should keep me going through the rest of the summer. After that, there are another 46 worlds (for a total of 69) which repeat the worlds from the main story, but with new dialogue and increased difficulty. I don’t know if I’ll hit an “end” of Ring Fit Adventure, as it also has exercises and routines that are outside of its storylines.

Am I over-hyping Ring Fit Adventure? I’m trying not to. It can’t clear your debt and skin at the same time. But if you’ve had a slothy summer during the COVID-19 pandemic, this game might be exactly what you need. It’s sure as heck what I needed.

Ring Fit Adventure deals: Make workouts fun with the Nintendo Switch fitness game

If you’re looking for a fun way to get yourself back into physical exercise in 2021, you’ll want to look for the best Ring Fit Adventure deals for the Nintendo Switch.

An interactive fitness game to get you squatting, running on the spot and doing resistance training exercises to complete levels and defeat baddies, the Ring Fit Adventure is a one-of-a-kind videogame experience and hugely popular.

Nintendo almost never discounts its products, making any deal on one of the world’s most popular games consoles worth snapping up, especially if it bundles the Ring Fit Adventure game and all the resulting fitness paraphernalia.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise or if you’ve never played RPG games like Final Fantasy, the Ring Fit adventure is a great way for everyone to get active and jump into a fantastical interactive world.

Want to know where you can find Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch at the best prices? Check out our tool below, which automatically compares near you to find the best deals.

Best Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure deals:

In order to play the game, you’ll also need a Nintendo Switch console. The fastest-selling console of last year, the Switch allows you to play top-tier games like Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in addition to Ring Fit Adventure. You can check out the best Switch deals below.

What is Ring Fit Adventure?

Ring Fit Adventure is an action RPG game from Nintendo, which has your character go on an adventure to save a fantasy land from a rampaging dragon. To do this, the game uses a Ring-Con to track your upper-body movement and a Leg Strap to track your lower-body movement. Each new accessory houses different halves of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller.

The Ring-Con functions similar to a pilates wheel, allowing you to compress, stretch, pull, push and rotate the controller to execute a series of exercises. These exercises are dictated by the in-game challenges you face: some of them, such as the Bow Pull, correspond to your character’s attacks.

The Leg Strap works in the same way: you clip one half of the controller to it and the controller tracks your motion, allowing you to run on the spot to propel your character forward, or mapping your squats and yoga poses to create a variety of in-game effects. The Joy-Con controllers will even estimate your heart rate and calories burned.

Most fitness-orientated video games usually end up as a series of mini-games, which is easy to get bored with. But Ring Fit Adventure doesn’t just give you a good workout: it also propels you forward in an adventure to save the world.

There’s an element of strategy for the battles, as different exercise moves are effective against different kinds of enemies. Green-colored foes might be more vulnerable to yoga moves, while facing off against red-hued enemies means the quickest way to defeat them is an arms workout.

It’s a novel idea for a game, but the Ring-Con controller is extremely simple to use and the adventure structure of the game is very compelling, which makes it suitable for video-game novices, experts and fitness fans alike. Don’t miss out!

Ring Fit Adventure will level up your at home fitness routine

reasons, ring, adventure, buying, nintendo

  • Story keeps you motivated
  • A large variety of exercises
  • Mini-games are fun
  • Tons of replayability

Ring Fit Adventure was introduced in a weird and obscure YouTube video on the Nintendo channel. Billed as a “new experience for the Nintendo Switch,” the strange, ring-shaped device and leg strap left many of us scratching our heads. Was this to be the spiritual successor to the Wii Fit?

It turned out to be far more than that. An adventure game with Joy-Con-powered workout accessories, Ring Fit Adventure is one of Nintendo’s more daring innovations. After spending a week playing with it, my skepticism sweated away.

Call me Hercules Werkules

Ring Fit Adventure has you jog, run, and high-knee through a series of scenic obstacle courses, all the while squeezing on Nintendo’s version of a pilates ring. It’s a bit of spartan race mixed with a bit of story to distract you from the fact you’re working out.

The distraction is successful.

As you move through levels, enemy encounters will keep you at bay. Running into monsters puts you in a turn-based battle where you have to defeat them using a variety of exercises. The exercises you start with include the squat, overhead press, knee-to-chest, and chair pose. A faceless trainer by the name of Tipp demonstrates how to do each one.

I played on moderate difficulty, and defeating monsters took work. Each repetition of an exercise inflicts a bit of damage. After completing a full set, the amount of damage dealt is substantial, but not enough to defeat an enemy. I found myself doing at least 4 sets of moves to take down one baddie. Powerful enemies, like Dragaux, warrant a lot more.

Each move has a cooldown, so there’s no cheesing your way through battles. I’m sorry to report that spamming Chair Pose won’t work. Every day is leg day in Ring Fit Adventure.

Defeating enemies also earns you experience. You level up and learn new moves (or Fit Skills) that you can use in battle. Unlocking the Twist lets you attack an entire group of enemies instead of only inflicting damage to one at a time. That makes leveling up feel rewarding and switches up combat that otherwise would go stale fast.

The further along you progress in Ring Fit Adventure, the more you can do to traverse through levels with the ring. You’ll fly, row, and even float through a variety of scenic environments.

presses? Okay, that kind of sucks, but that monster is standing in my way of fighting that jerk Dragaux, and I simply won’t stand for it.

Ring Fit Adventure is a serious role-playing game. The story might be a tired cliche, but the mechanics it’s built on do well to incentivize you, as would any good RPG. I looked forward to turning on my Switch after a long day in front of the computer and picking back up where I left off.

squats? No problem. presses? Okay, that kind of sucks, but that monster is standing in my way of fighting that jerk Dragaux, and I simply won’t stand for it. Ring Fit Adventure makes working out feel more like an adventure and less like work.

I went the distance

That doesn’t mean it’s not work, though. You’re going to be sore the next day. Ring Fit Adventure might won’t train you to run a marathon, but it’ll kick your butt if the only treadmill you regularly see is at your favorite Sushi joint.

The game goes the extra mile to ensure you’re working on your personal fitness goals. After completing each level, it will offer to take your beats per minute (BPM) and provide a summary that includes distance traveled, calories burned, and the amount of time spent working out. It’s great for people who want to track calories burned or miles traveled.

Prompts to stretch, various difficulty settings, tips for living a healthier lifestyle, and reminders to take it easy and drink some water, all add up to make Ring Fit Adventure a game that blends gaming and fitness. There’s even a silent mode that replaces jogging in place with squatting for players who don’t want to disturb their neighbors. These features make it a legitimate workout.

The campaign is hefty, with 20 worlds and over 100 levels. But once it’s over and you start to explore the modes outside of the adventure, you’ll find Quickplay, Custom, and Multitask mode. Each offer workouts you can do outside of the story, and much like Wii Fit, Tipp that trainer will guide you through each exercise or tasks so you know how to do it properly.

Quickplay features challenges that target specific muscles, sets that hit different muscle groups, and mini-games that, surprisingly, were my favorite part of Ring Fit Adventure.

There’s 12 mini-games. The best includes a riff on wack-a-mole called Robo-Wrecker, along with Squattery Wheel, a pottery wheel that requires squats and some mighty delicate handling of the Ring. You can even compare your high scores to your friends, adding an element of competition to the mix.

Custom mode lets you build your own workout routines using the large library of exercises included in the game. The library includes workouts that target specific body parts and even has Yoga (my personal favorite). Multitask mode puts the Switch to sleep and tracks the number of squeezes on the Ring, and gives you a surprise in Adventure mode if you reach 500 in a day.

Ring Fit Adventure proves itself as both a great fitness option and a proper adventure.

These modes contribute to Ring Fit Adventure’s replayability, even if many of the exercises only use the ring as a prop to hold or stabilize you. With a challenging and legitimately fun role-playing game, and plenty to do after it’s over, Ring Fit Adventure proves itself as both a great fitness option and a proper adventure.

Our take

Ring Fit Adventure invites players of all fitness levels to have fun while getting in a workout. It’s a real role-playing game that works in challenging, enjoyable, and effective fitness routines.

With a price point of 80, it’s important that it can continue to deliver more after the adventure is over — and it does. I wanted to come back to it day after day, even when the workouts were making me feel the burn.

Is there a better option?

No, there’s nothing like Ring Fit Adventure. It even surpasses Wii Fit in features. Sure, you can buy yourself a pilates ring and watch workout videos on YouTube for free, but Ring Fit Adventure offers an experience that’s far more entertaining than any workout video.

How long will it last?

Nintendo games and accessories have a three-month warranty. While the Ring-Con and Thigh Strap accessories feel sturdy, I’m unsure how long they will last with consistent use. You can buy replacements on the official Nintendo Store.

The Ring Fit Adventure game has high replayability. Even after the generous campaign is over, you can replay levels on different difficulty settings or come up with your own workout routines outside of the campaign with the additional modes.

Should you buy it

Yes. Ring Fit Adventure is a fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch game library that makes excellent use of the largely underused motion controls in the Joy-Cons.

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Nintendo just hosted an Indie World showcase and previewed some exciting indie games like Rift of the Necrodancer, Blasphemous 2, and Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. While the Nintendo Switch has always been a first-party, AAA-title machine, it’s also become an indie powerhouse over the years and is home to some of the best small games on the market. To celebrate its stream, Nintendo just launched a weeklong sale on some of its top indie titles, including all-time greats like Celeste and Hades.

The sale kicked off on April 19 and runs until April 26 at midnight PT. While you have a good week to browse, here are seven excellent deals that you’ll want to take advantage of before time’s up. Celeste.- 5 (75% off)

The Nintendo Switch is one of the bestselling consoles of all time, and with the Switch Lite and the Switch OLED. that shouldn’t change anytime soon. Nintendo paid a lot of attention to playing on the go when designing the Switch, and, thankfully, there are numerous ways to enjoy your system in the living room, too.

Square Enix’s beautiful HD-2D remake of Live A Live will no longer be a Nintendo Switch exclusive starting next month. The game comes out on Playstation consoles and PCs on April 27. Live A Live is a unique grid-based RPG with a fun narrative gimmick. Its story is split up into eight different sections set across eight different sections: Prehistory, The Middle Ages, Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, The Wild West, Present Day, The Near Future, and The Distant Future. Each comes with its own protagonist and gameplay gimmicks before they all crescendo together in a final chapter.

On top of that, this remake of a 1994 SNES game also gives the experience an extreme visual facelift with the HD-2D visuals that make games like Octopath Traveler 2 shine. Digital Trends found the game charming, with George Yang saying Live A Live “has the hallmarks that make it a good entry in the genre” in his three-and-a-half star review of the title. In North America, Nintendo published the Switch version of Live A Live. Now that the game is coming to other platforms, though, Square Enix has taken back over. To promote the upcoming release, Square Enix has released a demo for Live A Live on PlayStation 4 and PS5 today, which lets players try some of the Twilight of Edo Japan, The Distant Future, and The Wild West sections of the game. Live a Live is available now for Nintendo Switch and will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and PS5 on April 27. Playstation Plus members can currently preorder the game for a 20% discount as well.

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