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10 Best vacuum cleaners for home in India. Philips power pro vacuum cleaner

How to Fix Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

We see tons of Shark vacuum cleaners in our shop for repair. One of the most common issues that occurs is that the brush roll will not spin. Here, we break down why that might be, and tell you how to fix it.

  • The Brush Roll is Wrapped with Hair : If the brush on your Shark is wrapped with hair, there is a possibility that the friction caused by this melted your brush, making it unable to spin. First, try spinning the brush with your hand. If you are unable to do this, you likely need a new brush roller as yours has seized. If this doesn’t work, continue to the below steps.
  • Floor Selector Switch is Disengaged : Most Sharks have a switch that can select either hard flooring or carpet. With hard flooring selected, the machine will turn off the brush roll. Make sure that this switch is on carpet mode.
  • Belt Broken : Shark brushes are operated by a belt. If this belt breaks, the brush roll will not spin. You can easily check the belt by either removing the base plate on the Shark or – if you have some experience – by spinning the brush roll by hand and feeling for tension. Note that the belt rarely snaps on Shark vacuums, so this is not likely to be the case. If the belt is the issue, replacing it is fairly simple.
  • The Brush Roll Switch is Broken : This is the most common issue that we see with Sharks at our authorized repair center. Below, we explain the issue and show you how to fix it.

Shark Micro Switch Replacement

If you checked your brush roll, floor setting, and belt but your brush roll is still not spinning, that means you probably need a Shark micro switch replacement. This small switch tells the vacuums brush when to start spinning. Once the switch is damaged, you will find that no matter what you do, the brush will not move. It’s a critical part of the vacuum’s motorized brush system, and when it’s damaged or worn out, the brush roll won’t turn even if the motor is running.

Replacing a Shark micro switch is a relatively easy fix, but it’s essential to ensure that you have the correct replacement part for your vacuum model. Below, you can find the Shark micro switch that is in every Shark Rotator and Navigator vacuum, as well as most other models.

Once you have the replacement part, you can watch how our Shark technician goes about completing this repair by watching our video down below.

Replacing the micro switch is usually a straightforward process that just involves some elbow grease and a little bit of know-how from our video. However, if you’re not comfortable working with electronics or have limited experience with DIY repairs, it’s best to consult a professional or authorized Shark service center, like us!

How to Replace Shark Vacuum Micro Switch Video

In the video below, Josh – our certified Shark vacuum technician – will break down how to complete this repair and what supplies and parts you will need.

Why Doesn’t My Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Spin? Transcript

I’m Josh from VacuumsRus Sewing Too in Arvada and Boulder Colorado. Today we’re going to talk about replacing the brush roll or micro switch on a Shark vacuum. This is a video that is applicable to you if you have a Shark vacuum, and the brush roller is not spinning. A lot of people are going to assume that their belt is broken. That is rarely the case. Usually, the belt is not broken and there’s other technical issues. I’m going to show you how to open it up and how to test the micro switch. This is realistically one of the only feasible repairs for Shark vacuums because the micro switches are about 10 bucks and it’s doable. I’m going to take the upper body off this machine. Depending on your model it may be different. One thing I will forewarn you what we’re working on here is a Shark that has a singular brush roll. Some of the newer Sharks – they frequently call them Shark Duo Clean vacuums – they have two brush rolls, one after the other. Those are an order of magnitude harder to work on then these and personally if somebody brought one into my store, we would probably quote about 150 in labor because of how time consuming it is and the likelihood that something will get broken in the process. So, if you have a single brush roll this video is going to be applicable. If you have a double brush roll and you’re a glutton for punishment, then you can watch the video and kind of figure is out. This particular Shark has Philips head screws on it that is not typical. Most Shark vacuums have what people typically refer to as a star shaped screw. They are what we call security bits. They’re not a regular screw, they’re used because Shark does not want their products to be repaired, they want them to be disposed of so they can sell you more products. That is the business. Model, but you can get those bits. Do a search for security bits. You can usually get a set of the full range of bits that’s anywhere between 5 to 10 different sizes. For like 12 to 15 bucks, you’ll need that. For most Sharks. This one I’m going to start popping screws out. Again, a micro switch failing is the most common reason at this point. Sharp Brush roller stopped spinning. What the micro switch does is detect if the Shark is in a reclined position. So, when you put your Shark in an upright position, your brush stops spinning. When you recline your Shark, the brush will stop spinning again. So now I’ve taken out a bunch of screws, but I’m not done with these two front wheels right here. There’s actually screws hidden underneath. Of those are pressure fit in. You can pop them out with a screwdriver. While I’m at it, I’m going to pull some of this hair off the axel shaft there that piece of felt is there intentionally and I’ll leave that on. The theory behind that piece of felt is it will prevent hair from building up as quickly. We see how effective that was. You know. Basically, vacuum cleaner geniuses these Shark guys are. There are two more screws here. One here. And if you haven’t got the gist, generally, professionals in my industry are not fans of this brand. We’re not in love with disposing of a product because 5 parts broke. We also are not in love with the idea of making it very, very, very difficult to even do basic service on the product so there’s one final hidden screw back here. Left there to frustrate you. And I’m going to pop that puppy out. Pop it out. Maybe going to flip it over. It’s not out of it. This will give. Left in the video, maybe it’ll get cut out. You know? Here we go. OK, so now at this point I can. Take the lid off. And there’s headlights right here, and so there’s a wire connecting to the printed circuit board. That wire just pulls out. There’s no clip on it. And that’s the wire that’s. Going to feed into the headlights so. That’s out one of the side plates also fell off. I’ll just set that aside. What we’re going for here is this micro switch right here, and you can see when the machine goes in an does upright position, it engages the switch, so engage the switch is off and not feed any power to this assembly down here when you recline the machine, the switch opens, and power is fed to the machine and the brush roller will then spin. That’s what the micro switch does, because there’s a lot of debris in here, because these are very inefficient vacuum cleaners. They kick up a lot of dirt that kicks around in here. These switches very frequently go bad. The first thing you need to test it, it’s almost impossible to test your circuit board if your circuit board is bad, you might be able to find a used one on eBay or something like that. It’s also almost impossible to test your motor. You can’t jump the motor because I believe it’s damaging. I think it’s a 12 Volt and this is 120. I don’t like to jump those motors because I’ve had It burn up on me. The switch we can test, so I am going to. Pop out the knuckle here. I get around in there and there’s one screw right here holding my micro switch head now. At this point. I’ve been into. A whole bunch of Sharks and they all use slightly different parts, brush roll motors, and. PCBs tend to. Be the same, but everything around them is different. The one thing I have not seen different though is a micro switch. Every Shark I’ve ever taken apart actually has the same sinking micro switch in it, so hopefully that’s what you have. I’m going to go ahead and link a. Source for these switches. In the description. source that I know is good. There’s one little screw right here. Holding my micro switch in, I’m going to pop that out on the other side. There’s a nut on the other side, so we don’t want to lose that. Screw it. And then not that I just said we don’t. Want to lose there? We go. OK, and now my micro switches off, so I’m going to test this micro switch. We could have done this while it was there, but I’m going. To test the micro switch, there’s a micro switch test ad. Then we know for positive for certain the reason the brush roll is not running is because it’s bad. So, I’m going to use a multi meter. You can also just use a continuity tester. That’s the setting on my multi meter to test for continuity. I always test to make sure I’m set properly. I am so this micro switch is good. So, I’m going to get electrical continuity on this right here and electrical continuity here. And you can hear my multimeter is telling me I do have continuity. What you’re going to want to do is depress the switch test again. And you should have. No continuity when the switch is closed. Open the switch, get continuity. Close the switch. No continuity, open continuity, close, no continuity. That’s a good switch if you get no continuity. Open and close your switch is bad and go ahead and replace it. We’re going to go ahead and replace this switch as a demonstration. First things first, I’m going to cut off this shrink. That’s right here with a razor blade. Right in the middle here, sorry. This is going to. Require this, this job is going to require soldering. Uh, there’s any number of ways to get around soldering. I’m going to Sauder it because that’s the. Best way to do it? I mean, there’s some clips you can use stuff. Like that? I would just invest in a good soldering iron. because you need one in your house anyway. So, I’m going to go ahead and slice these off. As always, this is a. Difficult repair if you don’t feel comfortable with it if you’re not. If you’re not authorized. I don’t know vacuum tech. Don’t do it. Alright, so I’ve got my iron heated up. I’m going to go ahead and solder this again. This is a complex electrical repair. If you’re not comfortable doing it, bring it into an authorized service center. And they could do this for you. If you’re not comfortable with soldering or not familiar with it, there’s lots of soldering videos on YouTube that you can watch to get more comfortable with it. I’m going to walk you through this, so I’ve taken some flux. This is just the regular old flux they sell at Home Depot for soldering pipes together. My rule with soldering is more flux, more flux. Did you use more flux? Go ahead and use more flux. I’m going to. Put some flux on there. I’m going to pause the video to go find safety glasses. OK. There are safety glasses. Alright, I’m back with safety glasses. You want to put safety glasses on for this because we’re going to be. This is hooked soldering. It’s hooked through. We’re going to decide and pull it out, and sometimes you can get little flecks of solder that kind of spit out when you’re when you’re pulling that out. So, you definitely need to have your safety glasses on, as Bill Nye the science Guy. Let’s say glasses on. I’m going to clean. My tip quick. And I’m going to apply some heat right here, and hopefully we can get a good flow. It looks like I’ve got a good bridge and. I’m going to pull that hook off. Keep it hot. Doesn’t matter how hot these stays, it doesn’t matter if we melt the inside of. This switch because it’s already bad. All right, so I got one off rate that Aw, that’s hot. Oh, please leave that in the. Video and I’m going to grab the other one. From the bottom, typically. As best he tries is see. If I get a good bridge, there you can see it flow. It kind of changes color. Twist that backlog applying heat and there we go. We got it D soldered. This is pretty good. This is actually a pretty good solder rate here. It’s clean. I don’t have a lot of goops on there. If I did, I wanted to remove some of the sod, or you can buy Wick which is specifically for this purpose, but if you don’t have which you can strip some wires, some old wire like this. Get a little bit of flux on. Them and if. You apply heat to your wire and then rub this on. Here a lot of the solder will wick into this extra wire, and you see how my wire now a little bit is thinner, so we’re going to be a little bit easier to work with after I’ve removed that solder there. I’m going to do the same thing over here, just a little bit. Off but wrong side doesn’t have flux. And then. And you want to put flux in your Wick. That’ll help this entire process again, my rule is more so you can see on my Wick just change color a little bit because it took on some of the solder from those other wires. And those are good clean wires. Now I’m not going to have any problem getting those. Soldered on and hooked into the new switch. The new micro switch. So, the microswitch you receive. Is most typically going to have three contact points on it. You only need two of those three contact points. I believe you could leave the third contact point on and not have a problem. I typically go ahead and clip them off. With a pair of wire cutters. Just to get it out of. The way to some degree. But you’re going to be using these two outside contact points. OK, so I’m going to go ahead. I’ve got some shrinks wrap right here, some heat shrinks. I’m going to put it on my wires and I’m going to push it down. Well out of the way of my soldering because if my soldering iron gets hot. Here these shrinks will melt. And I’m going to go ahead and. I’m going to install my switch. There are holes in the switch and tented for the wires to go through and then hook. You can bend them. So, my little. Hook right there. OK, so now I’m going to go ahead and solder. I’m going to add a little bit of. Flux on that. Again, the rule my rule of soldering is more flux. Always going to flow easier if you got flux all over the place, you little bit smokier but. I’d rather deal. With a little bit of smoke then have. To redo soldered rides over and over. So, I’m going to go ahead clean. My solder tip again. A little bit of Sauder on there should be pretty good and I’ll hold this out and just hold some heat under there. Let it flow. Pull it off. You don’t want to hold it on. Too long, or else you will. Melt the inside of that, switch them. Heat will go. Right up that blade and melt the inside of your switch, which you do not want. You can tell the Sauder flows because. Everything will change color, it’ll get shiny. And then when it is. Cooled right there. I’ve got a. good flow when it has cooled it will change to a map color. You can see that matte color right there. And that’s that for the solder I’m. I’m going to tip my iron. I am done with it, so I’m going to tip my iron and turn it off. I’m going to crush that down a little bit. I had that I didn’t have it crushed down. As much as I would. Have liked you get that out of the. Building there we go and then me. My shrink will go right over there. And I will use me. All right, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to shrink the put the shrink on these. I’m going to do them both at the same time. Come on there. So that’s done. Now we need to get the switch. Back into this housing, the way that. It was before. I can’t remember which direction it went, it looked quick, things like that. One mounting hole right there. Remember, I think that wires went up here. OK, and then we had one small screw which goes to. It’s that loose. Bolt on the opposite side. Nearest interion OK, I’m going to get this clamped out in here and then there’s the one. Screw that holds all that in. Was the smaller screw all the other ones I took out were the same size? I don’t know. How relevant this is because every Shark is different, so when you’re working on yours, you’ll want to pay attention to the size of the screws that you’re taking out because many Sharks use multiple different types of screws. And it’s important to have the right links in. Otherwise, you could potentially push through. OK, so now I’m going to. Get this thing set back in here. To those of you who are considering replacing this hose on your Shark. It’s a pain in the butt. Right, so that all is set safely out of the way now, and if we. Look, this goes up. And we’ll depress that switch when it comes back. It will UN depress that switch. So, remember that we had a one side plate here that fell off when we. Took it apart. I’m going to put. That back in again and then. Also remember that we have this one wire that goes to the light, so we’ll. Need to plug that wire in down here. And then drop the top cover. Back directly onto the top, and that’s good and tight, we’re. Going to hold it while we flip it over. And then. I’m going to put the center screw in first, so everything is. So, nothing shifts on me. OK, now we’ll get all the other screws in. All right, and now I’m going to go ahead and put the wheels back in. These just simply pressure fit. I’ll line them up right because you’ve got that felt on one side. So, you’ve got to. Kind of. Line it you and then you will. Press them in. So, one side isn’t quite in. Usually have them in there. You go. And those spin free. Right and that. Is that that is how you replace a Shark vacuum brush roller micro switch. Thank you for watching!

Best vacuum cleaners for home in India

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task. Here is a list of some of the best vacuum cleaners for your home in India to find the best pick.

10 best vacuum cleaners curated keeping in mind the needs of the Indian household. Before you decide to pick one, it is essential to understand what your need is and how you can utilise your vacuum cleaner for the best results. Today the market has a surge of products each promising to be the best, and often it’s hard to decipher which one is truly the product that you need. There are many parameters with which you can decide your type and model of vacuum cleaners :

Carpet and sofa cleaning Stick vacuum cleaners
Deep cleaning of your home Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Quick cleaning of dry mess Canister vacuum cleaners
Mopping and cleaning of floors Robotic mop vacuum cleaners
Emergency use only Handheld vacuum cleaners

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner to mop up your carpet, wooden floors and hard flooring as well. This all-in-one robotic vacuum for your home comes with upgraded technology that is perfect for making everyday domestic cleaning a breeze. The vacuum works with a simultaneous function of vacuum and mop making it a two-in-one process which provides deep cleaning in one go. The Smart robotic vacuum cleaner can auto-detect carpets and switch off the mopping feature to prevent them from getting wet which makes this a must-have in any home. With a powerful suction and a 110 minutes battery life, this will make cleaning your home on days when you cannot very simple. Connect it to your phone through the app and unlock all the features with ease.

Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum-Mop 2Pro

This Alexa and Google-enabled robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution to your home cleaning woes. The Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum-Mop 2Pro comes with a powerful 3000pa suction that makes it one of the top picks for robotic vacuum cleaners for your home. Fitted with a 5200mAH battery it provides a 213-minute long battery life which enables it to take on the most deep cleaning tasks as well. The robotic mop can be programmed to do many different tasks and can auto recharge itself too making it a hassle-free gadget that does not need your supervision. Schedule it to get to work after you leave the house for work, or while you take a nap. It is that easy.

Once a niche consumer device, robot vacuums are now available at every price point with an incredible array of features, all to help you keep the grit from sticking to your feet when you walk on your floor. A robot vacuum cleaner can function with just a click through the mobile app, making it a

Karcher WD3 EU Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with a 17-litre capacity tank which is perfect for domestic use. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can easily clean up both solid and liquid dirt making it the perfect tool for deep cleaning your home with ease. This 1000 watts powered vacuum cleaner comes with multiple suction tubes, nozzles and filters to help you customise your cleaning experience and make it an easy task to get a clean home. The perfect vacuum cleaner can go from indoors to outdoors without any issues. Click here to buy

AGARO Ace Wet Dry Stainless Steel Vacuum Cleaner

This 21-litre wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Agaro is one of the top picks for the best vacuum cleaners for your home. The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful 1600 watts motor paired with a 21.5kPa suction capacity which ensures a quick and easy cleaning process. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a blower function and comes with wheels which allow easy movement as well. The easy-to-use deep cleaning machine is perfect for indoor cleaning and your outdoor areas like the terrace, balcony and other spaces as well. Click here to buy Here is a list of some of the best handheld vacuums for your home :

INALSA Dura Clean Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This 2 in 1 device from Inalsa can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner and an upright stick vacuum cleaner as well making it very versatile. The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with an 800-watt powerful motor and a 16Kpa suction which makes it perfect for daily use. The vacuum cleaner has new and improved HEPA filters which are said to be capable of cleaning over 99% of debris and dirt in one go. The multiple attachments add to the utility of the vacuum cleaner and make it a top pick for the best handheld vacuum cleaners for your home.

Eureka Forbes Sure Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes has an 800-watt motor which is powerful and perfect for domestic use. The vacuum cleaner has both suction and blower functions making it very handy to use and get even the dirtiest corners clean in an instant. The attractive red body of the vacuum cleaner makes it an attractive pick and it comes with multiple attachments to target corners, carpets and more. The vacuum cleaner comes with an auto shut-off technology that prevents it from overheating making it work Smart and safe. Click here to buy Here is a list of some of the best canister vacuums for your home :

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner

This canister vacuum cleaner for your home from Eureka Forbes comes with a powerful suction with a 1200-watt motor. The vacuum cleaner comes with 3 free reusable dust bags which make it easy to use and re-use consistently without any worries. The vacuum cleaner has a 2-litre capacity to store so you can clean your space with ease without worrying about emptying your dust bags immediately, it also has an auto cord winding feature which makes it easy to maintain without worrying about entangling your cord. The multiple attachments and features make it a must-have for your home. Click here to buy

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01-Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This powerful 1900-watt vacuum cleaner from Philips is the perfect choice for you. The vacuum cleaner can generate up to 370W of powerful suction to do a quick clean without any hassle. The vacuum cleaner comes with the latest power Cyclone 5 technology making it a very updated model in the market. The bagless vacuum cleaner comes with an easy open and dump style dust compartment which is easy to clean and sustainable in use as you avoid using dust bags regularly. The allergy H13 filter ensures even the most minute dust particles are captured and ensures a clean environment.

Do you always have a tough time cleaning your carpet? Have you tried all the best manual ways of doing it? Even the regular carpet cleaning will often leave your carpet looking fresh and clean. However, you will require the help of a good carpet vacuum cleaner to get the job well done.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Considered one of the smartest cleaning tools on the market, the Dyson V8 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is perfect for everyday use. The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with 115 air watts power with 110000 Rpm and 40 minutes of run time after every full charge. The sleek and modern design is very easy to use and you can easily change it from a stick vacuum to car vacuum with ease and each component works specifically to make cleaning a more easy and approachable experience. The vacuum also comes with a push-button style dirt releaser and is easy to clean making it very handy. The perfect housewarming gift for a loved one. Click here to buy

Proscenic P8 Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless vacuum cleaner from Proscenic comes with 17000 Pa suction power and a 2200 mAH powered battery that allows you to use this for over 35 mins after a full charge. The portable and easy-to-handle vacuum cleaner comes with a smaller attachment for sofas and cars making it very versatile. Perfect for everyday use and can be easily used by people of any age as it is handy and very simple to understand. No complicated software or technology makes this hi-tech vacuum cleaner a must-have.

A good vacuum cleaner will assure you to have a clean house and surroundings with minimum manual efforts. If you thought these appliances were expensive and unaffordable, we second that thought. Here are some of the best cheap vacuum cleaners available in India.

CANISTER VACUUM CLEANERS Less noisy when compared to other styles of vacuum cleaners Require storage space
ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANERS Very handy and easy to use Short battery life

DISCLAIMER: The Times of India’s journalists were not involved in producing this article. The product mentioned in the article are subject to change with offers.

Philips FC9729/09 PowerPro Expert Bagless vacuum cleaner 650 W Bagless

Developed for high-performance dust recordingThanks to Allergy lock is included in the self-fine dust filterThe Philips PowerPro expert was for the first-class cleaning with excellent suction power. The Power Cyclone 8 technology and our tri active n…

Developed for high-performance dust recordingThanks to Allergy lock is included in the self-fine dust filterThe Philips PowerPro expert was for the first-class cleaning with excellent suction power. The Power Cyclone 8 technology and our tri active n…

PowerPro Expert bag-less vacuum cleaner

Developed for high-performance dust recordingThanks to Allergy lock is included in the self-fine dust filterThe Philips PowerPro expert was for the first-class cleaning with excellent suction power. The Power Cyclone 8 technology and our tri active nozzle deliver best results on all floors.Powerful cyclone systemThe exclusive power cyclone 8 Technology provides in the cyclone chamber for an enormous acceleration of the air from the dust. The powerful eddy maximizes the air current and power for remarkable cleaning results.

The Tri-active nozzleThe Tri-active nozzle performs three cleaning steps in one operation of: 1) The raut with the specially designed bottom the carpet-friendly to low-lying dust. 2) it takes large parts of their greater opening on the front side. 3) it takes dust and dirt long part of furniture and walls of your two air channels on the right-hand and left-hand side.

Allergy filterOur filter system for clean air provides for a perfect sealing and captures 99.9% of all dust particles, including pollen, animal hair and house dust mite-for allergy sufferers and people who place a high value on hygiene.

Allergy-lockOur Allergy lock system is via a sensor, make sure that the dust container completely sealed and leak-proof before it start the operation.

Simple and easy-to-emptyThe dust container can be removed with one hand and controls dust with its unique shape and smooth surface.

Integrated accessoriesIn the device integrated accessories: always within reach

This text is machine translated.

Highlights Details

  • 650 W, Radius of operations=10 m
  • Filter system=Allergy filter, durable washable filter
  • Collector volume=2 l
  • Additional nozzles:Crevice tool, small nozzle, integrated brush


  • Accessories holder: Integrated
  • Standard nozzle: Tri active nozzle
  • Handle: Top and front
  • Power control: on the device (electronically)
  • Pipe connection: active lock
  • Rohrtyp: 2-piece telescopic tube made of metal
  • Radtyp: Rubber

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner FC9728/61

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner FC9728/61

The Philips Bagless Vacuum PowerPro Expert features our highest ever suction power. Make supreme cleaning effortlessly simple with PowerCyclone 8 technology and TriActive nozzle featuring 3 optimized cleaning actions in one.

The Philips Bagless Vacuum PowerPro Expert features our highest ever suction power. Make supreme cleaning effortlessly simple with PowerCyclone 8 technology and TriActive nozzle featuring 3 optimized cleaning actions in one.


Jessy (Singapore)

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is easy enough to operate. it is light and powerful. The size is a little bulky though.

Nikita (Singapore)

Nikita (Singapore)

The product was easy to use, amazing suction power, while light on hands. Was able to reach corners and difficult corners easily. The bagless container is good, compact, easy to clean. I could efficiently work without spending much time reading the manual. Great product with ease of use.

Ena (Singapore)

Tan (Singapore)

Tan (Singapore)

A powerful vacuum cleaner. Bagless hence no need to replace and change bags which makes it more environmentally friendly!

Alice (Singapore)

Alice (Singapore)

It is definitely a powerful vacuum cleaner. I like the strong suction power, plus the ability to set the power in 5 modes. Also adore the storage of smaller accessories on the cleaner so I dun have them lying around. The downside is the integrated brush which keeps slipping down when I’m interchanging new nozzles. The tube connecting the floor nozzle is heavy, though I love how it can be extended (vs old school ones which have like 3 of the tubes for connection). Love the bagless dust container, I found very fine dust particles after vacuuming the sofa so I’m impressed by the cleaning power!

Jen Ying (Singapore)

Jen Ying (Singapore)

Susan (Singapore)

Susan (Singapore)

I’m impressed by the exceptional suction power of this vacuum cleaner. My house is near construction and really windy this time of year. I was pleasantly surprised after my first use as I thought my floor and sofa were already cleaned recently. The fine dust particles picked up shocked me!! I was only using the mid setting and I used the small nozzle on my fabric sofa. Especially at this price point, it’s really surprising. Really great value!! I’ve already recommended to my relatives and friends.

Felicia (#18-174)

Felicia (#18-174)

Dyla (#09-255)

Dyla (#09-255)

When I received the Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, I was sceptical. Bagless, with bag, big bulky vacuums, small vacuums. I have tried them all. And this one doesn’t look promising with its small, compact size. It also claims to picks up and locks 99% of fine dust. Ok, i thought. We will see. So I gave it a shot and boy was I impressed. At its highest power (you can control the suction power) the head was uck to the floor, which tells you how strong the suction is. As I used the vacuum, I realised how lightweight it is and even my kids found it easy to carry and maneouver. At the end of usage, I opened the compartment where the dust accumulate to clean it up and I was surprised to see all these tiny fine dust. So yes, it does live up to its promises. I am very satisfied and happy with this product.

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner Review FC9352/01 | How good is it?

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

We only recommend products we’ve tested. If you buy via our links, we may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you. Learn

Generally, people depend on user reviews to judge a vacuum cleaner’s performance and utility. Therefore, if user reviews are the primary criteria for selection, almost every home should have the Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01. So, is this vacuum cleaner that good?

I have used it and found it delivers a powerful suction performance and is easy to use. It has excellent accessories, but you should be prepared to bear the noise. But if I disclose too much in this intro, there would be nothing left to review. So, shall we jump into the review straightaway by discussing its pros and cons?

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Our Opinion

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that comfortably removes dust from inaccessible areas like window railings, atop fans, room crevices, and below your furniture. However, a blower arrangement would have made it more convenient, especially when cleaning the gaps in the window frames.

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1900W motor, but it requires you to use a 15A power source. I would not recommend using an extension cord connected to the 15source. Therefore, the machine does not rate well on the flexibility quotient. A more extended power cord could have made the difference.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

You expect a 1900W motor to make noise. But even if it makes noise, it delivers a jolly good performance. over, it is good on the pricing front. So if you require a decent vacuum cleaner that is affordable and performs well, the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is the right appliance.

So let us start our honest review of this utility appliance.

Design – Let us unbox and see what it has to offer.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

As I opened the box, I was impressed by its cute design. Though I felt the machine was heavy at 4.5Kg, it was nowhere near the earlier Eureka Forbes machine I used. I struggled to drag my old machine all over the place, but the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 was easy to use.

However, I found the hose length small, but the extension pipe allows me to cover an extensive radius of 9m.

This vacuum cleaner has large wheels to deliver excellent motion control. Maneuvering the machine around my room is convenient.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

However, the power cord is short at 6m. Since it requires a 15A power source, I suggest you install them at convenient locations in your house to extract the best out of this machine.

An exciting aspect of the design is the dust bin model. The transparent body allows us to see the dust accumulate inside the bin. However, the best feature is the emptying of dust. You can remove the container using one hand and empty it without causing dust clouds.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

I found the telescopic extension pipe long enough to allow me to reach the ceiling crevices. Besides, the tube is bent at the perfect angle to hold it and comfortably remove dust from the upholstery, furniture, fans, and window sills.

I would have loved to give more points to the design, but the short power cord (about 6m) and its limited utility forced me to give 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Accessories – Sufficient, but Philips could have offered better options.

In the olden days, vacuum cleaner manufacturers used to provide multiple accessories. However, this Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 comes with few, but they should be sufficient for our homes.

The list of accessories includes the following.

  • A bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Plastic hose for flexible usage
  • Telescopic extension tube to reach high areas
  • Turbo brush
  • Multi-clean nozzle to clean floors
  • A removable transparent dust container
  • Soft brush integrated into the handle for convenience

Since I expected more accessories to cater to multiple cleaning jobs, I am inclined to give it a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Suction Performance – A good performance, but a blower would have enhanced it.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

This machine’s highlight is its 1900W motor which generates excellent suction power to remove dust from the most challenging areas of your home, like window sills, upholstery covers, and fan blades’ upper portions. So, it cleans deeply and thoroughly to collect the dust and debris in the transparent container.

Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 uses an exclusive Power Cyclone 5 technology that accelerates air in a cyclonic chamber to separate the dust. The decisive swirling action maximizes the airflow to enhance its cleaning performance.

This vacuum cleaner features an advanced allergy EPA 10 filter to provide a fully-sealed filtration system and capture more than 99.9% of fine dust particles. It includes pet hair, dust mites, insects like spiders, and pollen to relieve allergic people.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

The exclusive dust bin design is simple to empty because the Power Cyclone 5 technology has already separated the dust. So, it minimizes dust clouds that usually lead to sneezing fits when emptying dustbins.

Philips states that the maximum vacuum power is 33kPa. So, it contends that the machine removes 25% more hairs and dust. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner can suck dust from a maximum distance of 2cm. That should rank as a good performance. Besides, it has an excellent airflow speed of 37 liters per second. Though I have not calculated this machine’s suction power, I find it satisfactory.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

While the suction power is excellent, this machine needs a blower facility to remove air from inaccessible areas like computer keyboard gaps, window railings, etc. So, though I would have loved to give more points, I restrict myself to 4.4 out of 5.

Usability – Versatile but not very flexible

Philips offers the minimum accessories necessary for a thorough cleaning job. For example, the Turbo Brush is excellent because it removes 25% more hair and dust from the floors, upholstery, and walls. In addition, the Turbo Brush rotates inside the nozzle to remove tiny dust particles and deliver an excellent cleaning performance.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

The multi-clean nozzle is perfectly aligned for cleaning all floors, including carpets, wooden flooring, tiles, and marble/granite. You can also use this brush on upholstery, walls, ceiling edges (to remove cobwebs), and other multipurpose utilities.

The unit has a soft brush integrated into the handles that are ideal for removing minute dust particles, including pollen, pet hair, dust, insects, dust mites, etc. This brush is perfect for cleaning the fan blades from the top and sucking the dust in beautifully without spraying it anywhere.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

The telescopic pipe is a good feature, but it is available in all vacuum cleaners. The active lock couplings adjust with all accessories to cater to every task efficiently.

One of the best features of the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is its maneuverability. This machine has large wheels making it convenient to move around. In addition, the rotator ball in the center allows for changing directions abruptly.

The plastic hose has a decent length. In addition, the telescopic tube and the plastic hose offer an operational radius of 9m. That ensures proper and user-friendly performance.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

However, the machine has a short lead wire. Some of its competitors offer extended wires making their models flexible. Secondly, Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 requires a 15A power source. Though many people use extension cords that connect to 15sources, I do not recommend this practice. It is better to use the 15A power source directly.

The machine weighs around 4.5 Kg. Though it is not heavy as some other peer models, older adults can find it challenging. The 82db noise is another discerning feature, but a 1900W motor should make that noise.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

So, this vacuum cleaner is versatile but lacks the flexibility required for a perfect vacuuming job. However, since the appliance is user-friendly, I would love to rate it at 4.5 out of 5.

Maintenance – maintenance but does not cost much

A bagless vacuum cleaner like the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 requires more care than the traditional vacuum cleaning machines that feature reusable bags for collecting dirt.

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 has a unique dust collector equipped with Power Cyclone 5 technology that separates the air from the dust, allowing it to settle comfortably. As a result, emptying the container is a straightforward task. But the bin emptying frequency is high.

best, vacuum, cleaners, home

Besides, this vacuum cleaner has a powerful filter that traps minute impurities. Unfortunately, this filter can get clogged frequently, leading to repeated washing under the tap. But, the filter needs sufficient drying time of nearly 24 hours before you use it again.

However, the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a durable device. In addition, Philips offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. So, I rank it 4.6 out of 5.

Specifications – Figures at a glance

Specifications Figures
Machine Weight 4.5 Kg
Cord Length 6 meters
Action Radius 9 meters
Noise Levels 82 dB
Motor Capacity 1900W
Suction Power 370W
Airflow 37 liters per hour
Vacuum Power 33 kPa
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

Wrap it up

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a versatile appliance that does not require replacing dust bags. This machine works well on almost all surfaces, including carpets. Though the sound levels of 82 dB are high, the device delivers an excellent performance. So, it is an ideal choice for the average Indian home.

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 does not require replacing dust bags and works well on almost all surfaces, including carpets. Though the sound levels of 82 dB are high, the device delivers an excellent performance



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